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Ian Rapoport talks about the no-name Pats defense and the importance of Wes Welker

Nov 16, 2011|

The Boston Herald's Ian Rapoport checks in with D&C to discuss the Pats-Jets game, how valuable Wes Welker is to the Pats offense and what has to happen to ensure the Patriots win the AFC East.

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Our fourth Dennis and Callahan WEEI FM 93 point seven joining us on the AT&T hotline get it faster with four GAT and T rethink possible. Our friend for the Boston Herald Rappaport. Covering the patriots beat and you can check them out on Twitter at rap sheet the morning Ian how are you. -- got on -- it was the performance by this known name patriot defense against the jets accomplished systematically. Out of the brain of Bill Belichick. Or was it just upgraded effort by a bunch of guys trying to make a spot for themselves on a football team. Or think balloons. We definitely upgraded effort I'm easily in net. -- -- sort of get their vote to do I think that that really. Take care a lot you know there's going to be no improvising from sterling war. I think from just start Indian you know these guys. Pretty simple jobs. -- course during the war we basically don't know about the big play. You know darn what people that you are. You know and and he did projector opinion you know. He basically capped have would be offensive player along situation light and other unknown gotti's. It's very very little defense and eight or nine or ten year career. And we used to be used to be solid and know who was in. It was in simpler than we've seen lately we can't just did their stuff. Those guys listened when news. Almost as our. How impressive was. Did Albert pains were its departure play any role and a performance whatsoever 'cause he is a freelance sure in the few plays that he played he wasn't sticking to a system. Well it it really didn't mean the only the only thing that it did was. You know it. It's basically guys. Better effort guys on the played uniform and tribal Andre Carter Mark Anderson will work. And the injured double teams and he had a good motor and you don't appeal to Carter's action. And you know when you have -- salon and and you know that are going to be going hard on evolutionary. Lord you have to block them for longer I mean. You're registering in Carter's instant. You know he was basically in better shape and take D'Brickashaw Ferguson -- -- -- for peace action role in the fourth quarter. Albert you are obviously counted out but analysts say he'd be in better shape than anyone server makes a difference. -- obviously when you look at their schedule they are all set they are most likely gonna win this division and have a playoff game probably here in Foxboro in January. When we try to think of you know what can go wrong and everyone focuses as long as Brady's upright. I think Brady can stay upright pretty easily doesn't get it that much god knows he didn't give him much at all against the jets the one guy. Who's. Not almost as important but very very important gets hit a lot and keeps getting enough and I wonder -- Wes Welker another play with fire when they roll over the middle he gets is -- rip off. Week after week does he come limp into little locker room during the week are you amazed that he -- -- up every Sunday and just keeps plan with the way he gets hit. Yeah I mean are really and that they're actually. He he got hit more this year that I can ever remember he usually does such a good job of a hidden at church and avoiding being hit in. You know just he's never he rarely just real. The -- and it happened a lot I mean you're actually pol -- -- tried to -- the face off. You know that was a big one. You know I think a giant really focused on. Allowing them to catch the ball and just. In the tribal. -- to describe them into the deck. You'd hear it you have done that in your Alexis. He's put together well. Notre he kind of like a Sunday and the technical fault. You know. Because quite a lot I mean he's got the rib injury now. I mean. Some big news. He's definitely injured there I don't know it's broken or Amber's or what it definitely playing with companies in the neck injury. I remember talking to his mother a couple of years ago and she. -- tell me she's still function every time. You know you get hit while it's about a -- confuse. I flinch don't even know the guy I think he gets the last three games he's got just clocked in every time he does you hold your breath and say. What if he doesn't get up do they still go to these you know AFC championship game -- they still get to the Super Bowl whatever you think their ceiling is. It changes if 83 doesn't get up is there anything else that you look at when you look at this team other than Brady and I guess Welker. He said that has to happen for them to -- the complete this deal to get to the playoffs to win this division. -- It will -- and feel you know it's weird he's really not happening. As good a year as he usually does which is -- because he's got all these interceptions and lot of publicity but the production really isn't there and so packet is that nothing to duke. All of back and we watched the first -- last picture yet. And they took what about the field for the sixth or seventh place in the row in the first half. And the difference lawyers. And you know I -- who played the actual look and -- -- the drug war not a huge if you pick right. Could out it will look at tackle that well neither defense tackle got double teams and suggestions screwed up the field. You know like. Like it was easy. You know and and -- and they put will look back you're an actor I think six plays and you start getting double teamed again. And the linebackers can fire on a little more and -- it easier for everyone. Just having him on the field changes everything from defense I think that's essential. We're talking with -- Ian Rapoport from the Boston Herald -- what was Julian element doing in the game at the end on defense LT wants to know by the way too. Danny Tomlinson. I mean he injured right yes he did he. You know cut the -- -- right so as to the end McCain but on. You know. Everywhere and there's so -- -- issues on defense in Rome according goes down -- -- -- actually trying to play a little better so that hurt. And ease shortages -- players. Put what I love is that you -- Belichick about. -- former college quarterback now as a receiver and returner playing defense. And it kind of -- like that are something we do in practice from time to time just maybe think about you know. Where who else would like to see different positions like wolf -- guard maybe Gradkowski -- defense today and and you can open up the possibility you know maybe a bull market could get interest control. -- as a defense about an ambient about Haynesworth as a -- in on the old Richard Seymour -- in the lead blocker but he said I don't feel like it. There are. He just didn't get enough when he was here to talk about injuries and bruised and battered and all of that does seem a little bit inhumane -- teams play Sunday and Sunday night and that are asked to play again tomorrow night. Yeah yes. And understand I mean the jets are gonna -- I think by thirty. Although our second gambling you know so -- offer prediction you know notebook. Got a lot of a lot to do that. I mean spirited or not to play without T -- there's a turnaround to quick brightly this is going to be hobbled. A minute ago I think if you go on the road -- yes just in Denver it's you know I'm sure that rather sympathetic. Thought for patriots and -- -- beyond the welfare. It is Ross meant strong clean out his locker. Yeah milk is lockers is always ready. Would just stood it -- and it is though that. Fourteen time or something. About it whatever it. I'm so he he relished that added data -- labors to each time they bring in -- of Williams subcontracting. Well like one day on the practice squad all waiting for -- chose to return the whole thing is it ridiculous by. You know he's actually he actually played a couple of -- invaluable as you know -- cut and expect. A up Marcus cannon now four months removed from his last chemotherapy was activated. He's recovering from non hodgkin's lymphoma what do they expect out of his rookie office of Lima is you -- to contribute this year. Yeah that I didn't cool story of the whole year just. He's a good guy he's fought -- he's happy and yeah. It's the coolest thing that they actually gets to play. But now he can't stop being you know that got political story and you know recover from cancer. If your reasoning activated him I think it if they think they really need you know -- Triple roster spot you know now. If you take -- -- aren't got a clear waivers. I think they're gonna use him and if you wonder where. I think -- -- tackle even though they actually played in college. I think that didn't guard somewhere. The black fullback he's the new block everything. Do generally I -- that over like that. You're an actor you're -- expert that's why we have you on here and give us overview of Tyler pal -- career just you know yeah highlights the low lights you know what you expect from. It -- -- -- in the NFL yeah and the -- -- believe. You a felony except for well something. I hit they've talked the other picture of them for the blog at go to bad sign. And two of the network is scrambling to find the one he says Tyler Balco. University what Pittsburgh Pitt Pittsburgh. Yeah think didn't he start over -- -- yes Williams on the team with a dollar out of the starting but I think black go I think he was the reason -- -- transcript. Move. This thought also correct everything is my favorite thing about it fracture in his correctly and get into something you put. He's left handed Andy he likes long walks on the beach and believed to hit a lot of he's a Scientologist. At but that's a fascinating guy. Much everything about. About. How are those that lady -- recorded bought her tackle talking about them. Ethnic hatred came to appreciate in here referred it was outgrow the actual movie to replace. Placements Shane Falco -- just there's nobody you could call on the earth and not by anybody. Think he can come in the Foxboro and win. On Monday Night Football this -- no no chance I mean you know. Funny hearing about -- yesterday I had a good off the patriots are Brady got injured in Adelaide and then it ended up winning eleven in. I don't think change upload it -- be like America. -- Matt Cassel not like Matt Cassel. It wasn't it was a yards a game -- -- that he wasn't going to be him there's no way that chain Balco and you know. Now there's no way and it's amazing how things open up for the patriots I mean you know they went from being lost in the wilderness you know looking at three straight losses. And now. Think it's not the easiest schedule you know remain under going forward -- in the in the top to a -- Ticket. These exactly what they are now and finish at worst quote for -- on. Don't play a team with a winning record until 2012. They don't. And in the off the world would show up and Matt Cassel anymore right preparation. Pretty soon you watch Ben Roethlisberger is gonna likes that but from a boss and my thumb in my still play but I. If they are getting all the breaks the record Ian it's the biggest point spread on the board Monday night fourteen and half points featured your favorite who Ortiz and half are pretty good -- and you'll talk to next week. I thank you Ian Rapoport for the Boston Herald check them out on Twitter at rap sheet template -- bar Aaron yes we get that Lavar Arrington went off an idea -- -- -- -- This would be like squeaky from speaking out against Charlie Manson one of them. Guys from linebacker you wanna linebackers who played for sandusky airs it out on send -- let some haven't.

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