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Harry Manion talks about Jerry Sandusky and if the case will go to trial

Nov 15, 2011|

Harry Manion of Cooley, Manion and Jones joins D&C to look at the Jerry Sandusky case through the eyes of a lawyer.

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It seems. That if all of these accusations are false. You -- the unlucky is the most persecuted man that any of us has ever heard about. Oh. I don't know which to a -- site. I don't think there's. This -- done in the past it is in my life. Bowl and they might get worse they might get -- jurors sent a ski. Our friend Kerry Emanuel is the founding partner in the Boston -- for locally Manny and and Jones. -- lead the team to 35 trial attorneys his practices diverse and extensive. And -- He joins us on the AT&T hot. AT&T with four G -- possible good morning Harry lot of time no talk how are you my friend and your leader Harry. Overview if you would as a jumping off point bump from last night let's start with last night what was in it for this attorney. -- Jerry sandusky on television with Bob Costas. I yet preempted by time the brilliant color of two minutes ago because. I spent a lot of time thinking what the possible. Upside here that it didn't -- -- and you pointed out and the hypnotic tribal case. It will never be tried it can't be tried it's overwhelming evidence and it's just at the beginning there's going to be. Doesn't and doesn't have credible. Would help -- witnesses that will testify to a pervasive. The pervasive inconsistent access actual. -- committed by sexual predator on little boys it's it's not tribal it's not tribal and LA and it's clearly. That -- in not Pennsylvania and then -- -- Pennsylvania. It is -- tribal -- you know it's not tribal so what are they doing. Time is right on the colors right they're sending a message to the co -- this is all about a conspiracy to cover. What's sandusky -- at -- sexual predators a -- And we don't need to hear anymore and we're gonna hear a lot mark. So what do you do it why do you do this I didn't get publicity for yourself that -- the attorney. Surely you get from month on television would Bob Costas what the apostle in the center studio -- athletic director. To -- -- return to the university. The let's let's let's circle the wagons. I'm gonna go with -- I'm gonna go -- it didn't happen you're not gonna believe your eyes you're gonna believe me. -- -- like Roger. -- Clinton the talk my way out of every in my whole life on the talk my way out of their trust me on the regular god that he knows that they're never gonna do you know you're never gonna do it. But send that message don't. Brink -- now and start talking about all the meetings we have. At all -- intervention believe that all the conspiracy that went on -- 98. To 2002. To 2010. To 2011. Now. What assist and a pervasive conspiracy to cover up and cover this guy existed. So what what what -- the order Gary what's the best that send -- -- can hope for 67. Is -- going away for the rest of his natural life. Absolutely. It. You know that your I don't think he has any any any chance of a of a defeating us here. Here's whole situation here is let me just sort of play either Al. He can -- -- Last -- wields. Stop him from completely changing directions six months from now. It's saying you know -- need help I you know and I -- come out of my mind he can change direction at any time. All we know it's his legal team. Maybe this consultation and other legal team made the decision last night to circle the -- How that plays out we'll see but that was the decision -- -- it last -- it didn't happen. -- couldn't get it right he's seen now. The other misheard me the cops who Robert let's bring Oden or eavesdropping in it certainly I didn't say that are -- Marines -- You know my bracket I have been around thirty -- here in your -- hundred. Our clients and witnesses charged with wrong to. And I won't tell you our listeners interview now several times. And this guy is absolutely. Lying I think you know. When you when you sit down with him and take into the store and -- essentially. And -- -- directly about the key question was passed. Are you sexually attracted a little boys by -- Instead it they had absolutely not a lunch to Britain and righteous indignation. Obviously what. Wrongly accused you know it -- you've pointed out repeatedly questioned guilty Itar if you are -- Are you were sexually attracted. And how it looked he was -- in turn into a single language in what is it conditional -- -- My recollection at all like it's -- -- of course the self pity. These are all the hallmarks. Of a person that is. Absolutely. Line I don't believe he's divorce the act in any way to capture reality and actually get caught. He couldn't control it simple looking at cotton or try to play it -- that Oakland is eager to say it. Don't talk -- -- bought W isn't about to start talk about all the meetings and a what a joke pot in the president and how. You've -- came over burn it to get help and all the other stuff they don't nobody wants to go there and it was a message I think he -- but very. If if he pleads out and just doesn't go to trial. What is in it for him what does he gain other than burying the victims of having to testify as we know he's concerned about the victims. Right it couldn't hear it all I know it right but but -- car the truck it'll will be an absolute. A bit faster yeah you would it out it's and you know what it he really put. The east fifteen -- the -- -- front of the grand jury prepared be it in the twentieth important. Can you put the mother on and you put the editor on and you put the query on. And put the administrators aren't. And and you in the trial witness after witness the event after event. Think about we get two weeks sitting here to -- twelve juries think about the media how can anyone goes through that right. It'll be it'll be impossible to listen to that and it is that. -- -- -- And and in in the world. Here's the graphic details. In living color of what he did -- nine year old evil last three days in isolation. Isolation -- he won't -- street. That's good that's good here and I like Kelly ending story to let. -- already re arranging for Joseph -- to be transfered in new and he is automatic but. Tell me this -- technical legal question. In what. Circumstances under what circumstances is hearsay admissible the say the other janitor who talked to the guy who now has dementia. Or or my aquarius father how would -- There either neither is admissible to prove the truth of the statement. It is not admissible to prove the truth to vote by what you interior decide that I rhetoric like you testified it carries. But told me that he -- rhetoric -- rhetoric like -- UK to cross examination. Statements though out of court statements made by that certainly didn't. Like he made it last night. Admissible and so he is now like our friend Roger Clemens when he voluntarily took the -- and told congress leading to his indictment. He is now voluntarily given prosecutors. A baseline to work with that at Indy V8 product. Where in the record it's not on the evidence starts coming out is that he's gonna get killed that. It doesn't matter Jerry because it. It can it ever ever ever. -- that the New York in New York Daily News does the legal angle and talks to some law professors and lawyers and they say. He forfeited his fifth amendment rights he no longer has it right -- he's already. Incriminate incriminated himself. You know if we ever looked at -- and that is sticky complicated thanks so I don't -- opine on that. I understand where the prosecution would take that position -- that the defense which they know that was a limited way for Hillary. And what he didn't that was just as secretary Eric evident cherry -- is bought. Hey here's what media he he he committed himself. Two over a minute you exported out he's guarding that it Hitachi image or right it's a much of a leap to say yellow -- -- And so. You know they're just there are no. Different here there's going to be notre. Case is real and it's not going to be about and as -- garnered a questionable. What what kind of the -- you don't have what kind of how it's an end for him. Whether it's going to be in prison on which a very short stint before he's taken care of winter doesn't insult whatever you gone. -- question as though. How this happened for thirteen years in and attend stage and and how this was because these guys were very early on put it out I agree and all the callers. I would listen DNC finest hours -- -- associated with you guys fifteen years I'm very proud the way -- you've been and how accurate and it's just a pleasure to be -- you hunt and and I tell you this is going to be. About Penn State and I think certain. Previously. Joseph Paterno is not out of the woods and criminal charges he is not out of the woods and -- and just because he got -- So far in the initial return doesn't mean he can't be charged with obstruction of -- statue of limitations there does not mean he can't be charged with perjury if they go with the query. Because there is big disconnect between what he says that Torre told and what McWhorter recently told and that's a big to. That's what they chart that's why they charge Schultz and -- correct that he lied about what McCrary said. -- -- Right -- and if you're definitely query. And year to alleviate gee you're gonna get a -- now that you fired he's not he would he would use it is is deteriorating by deteriorating by the moment. You know what would be a big big the Big Ten the big twelve under the cat is it taken an -- beyond certain respect it's coming down and political AG is gonna say wait a second I want to take a look harder what do we got against -- Because it and we get we gotta structure maybe a -- our structure just this would be aquarius a supervisor and an extra protection so he had a duty to come to I. Not the 82. It's their little a law enforcement to a legal authority is what the statutes that. I think they're gonna have a hard look at Joseph Paterno and and then and then it. If they take that action. You know the civil -- -- cares about those -- they'll play out for the next been out thirty years. But the liquid metal is not in any way shape or form six. We're just gonna see that the -- over the next. Mark Few months and year. Use the attorney the paternal hired for himself telling him to lie -- don't say a word don't do any interviews. Absolutely yeah and that's the only thing could possibly be -- and end her -- -- that he -- that. For the reason I think -- -- -- -- -- to send out yet bureau the loose he's not he's toast he's -- into anything you -- milk. Allied himself up and it's in his front yard East Coast it's just that would matter what he says. Do you think he was trying to help Paterno and did he. Even in the short term when he's said he had no information about what I was never called me never drag me and never -- never ask you what I did. Right so -- let's assume we don't know this but let's assume based on our common sense. But after the mother -- to the police came at the university police in the GO it's a big problem and that ski. He he touched the little boy an extra hour the mothers all over as we eavesdrop on and he pretty much admitted it he wanted to get insult which. I'm sure we get a big problem look at. It's hard to leave. That this is your longtime friend that you don't do something. Which you don't go to the Atlantic the director tile floor right even though wait a second this is real serious stuff. Thought god knows how long you think suspected and that the lead it looked -- her and that with the queer. And you don't do anything and you let it they have access and he's a professor of merit this in your department of the PE department. It's hard for me to believe that there wasn't a lot of clock meetings. Interventions. Disgust VW what are we doing little cheer. And I think what you say and joke they on the sidelines -- -- sure we'll get through that. And they may get an -- can help you get through this otherwise I don't understand why you would do that now I'm not a joke and get a code and I agree with the caller. He is are good and great friend Harry Manny and as always Harry were a little smarter after we talked with you them before we do things are Mad Magazine time -- and we appreciate. And you guys that -- Perry met him but that doesn't Callahan. A AT&T hot line get it faster with forgy AT&T. Rethink possible. Harry doesn't think there's going to be a truck no I don't think it. That that's a chance but -- he was funny previous caller to -- -- yeah. The two guys charged with perjury they have the know within days he was telling them stick to your story let's let's. -- try. Triangle offense right on -- -- right you know will say where mention. Acts and wages will right. You help me I'll help you in the amazing thing is I think Paterno didn't get his story straight he disposed to say. Or play he said fondling and sexual nature to him what's the difference even care that has kids went in theory you would care industry was killed them laws and don't get anything on him more your phone calls Dennis and Callahan 93 point seven FM.

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