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Dan Duquette talks about his new role as GM of the Orioles and looks back on his time in Boston

Nov 15, 2011|

Former Red Sox GM, Dan Duquette, joins D&C to talk about his new role as General Manager of the Baltimore Orioles.

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In the -- after a nine year hiatus away from baseball league baseball in a Major League level Dan Duquette captured the Orioles general manager job last week. He's got a big job ahead of the orioles' last winning season came in 97. Since then they've endured fourteen consecutive losing seasons and -- -- joins us on the AT&T line get a faster with forgy AT&T rethink possible congratulations -- big job ahead would you agree. You know I thought there's a computer. Good Dan congratulations to -- at the scene of the day. Yeah I believe it could get another opportunity and they are disgraceful for. Don't generally -- the outlook for the big challenge because you know the record straight we need to change -- -- and different leadership and our territory have ball or -- on the side lose perspective and I'm grateful for the Serbs to sort of -- murals. What did you miss in nine years away from a -- -- there's an honest man. A. I'd I'd be I mean that people -- media the relationships. Are we thought the best part of the job -- sort order. Aren't there and and didn't know the kids in the family and then they'll have a media player. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I do get some of that or help from -- support for me in his studio is. Right currently -- the first armored its big week in thirty years. Cocoa producer in America. Vote but are there are. Is it they're all remember berries or -- -- well -- How has the landscape changed in the game and the job itself been in nine years do you think. Well the -- there would be don't dispute the media is that the problem. And you know our sports information to other that's just incredible and Joseph the world strong so -- percent -- all over the world. Watch a 100 there goes -- -- biggest changes. You know that I seeing. You know the change in the in the Baltimore. In the other it seems that market outlook little bit bigger challenge of Washington right there. So. You know it -- that they've got a picture on your -- on the city last week not a great baseball. Good beautiful ballpark. Can't believe it's one year anniversary Kenyan heritage your model -- open for brought. And then you -- -- in -- more than just aren't for seeing you know in third round cheer and it wouldn't mortgage loans. Every time if you go to the park where you see it on TV and you see that team you say. Why is Baltimore sock I mean it's it's a good market right it's a good ballpark -- tradition -- a good manager now. -- why he's had been such a bad team for so long man. Well. You know. You know. Didn't agree -- -- -- knew about it is that they've been in the top ten teams are drafting. Like. Look -- users and but it reported on one quarter. -- You know I would get a -- the first thing I look at it looked out -- development and you know look straight through the Orioles haven't done what they needed. It would be competitive global warming or. They're what they do every great character this cute we -- up. Yeah indeed Dugard in the field and developing as a field general. And called a game that extra power from from both sides of the plate and so you have Easter -- Pagoda built in short very short good party views. And then Adam jones' through the center fielder and you're gonna -- garden. Architectures where the government. He really blow -- -- electric and have them. You know we're we're dying for Trojan program. I told her and look on the record back. And on the rebels to build within that are great here -- -- adult children. Or in their receivers in Baltimore. And you're part of Europe was involved in Milwaukee. -- -- work well -- guys. You go to war probability of you don't really need. Pitching and pitching and pitching. It in a program admirers. Who can devote some. Do you worry at all Dan that your out of the loop did you have to convince Peter Angeles that you can get back in the loop there's all these young GM's -- -- them a camp come from the Red Sox organization. Are you gonna they'd all be on your speed dial and we -- do you expect to have a good relationship with -- all of them. Well you got to do a question -- -- gonna work for a little while ago recuperate ward who put that some projects. -- -- -- -- And you -- warm editor -- forward go through exercising. In the international scouting -- holds barred it from old world. So you market where you'll start -- our relationship. I kept intact at all a lot of -- Lot of the young guys. There are -- so -- overall well. But a lot of them have you know the background -- going to. You know eastern schools so let's say exactly our current programs that you know. All right -- play the Amherst -- you don't put the Amherst card now when you deal with the Red Sox. Well automotive debt respected bureau in the regular student has Betancourt there -- Garrett and -- You wanted to work but I saw a couple -- let let Peter lord for we're working. Trust them don't to a sovereign guys can fit into that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- or -- so go to bought. Young guys in the game that some sort of try to block on him that epic built so be helpful logo good to be -- here. They get it's my observation and others as well that your personality the last nine years your approach has seemingly softened tone of your people skills somehow mellowed to beat. For nine years after you left. You show up and let our people felt pretty. The -- doesn't talk so yeah. It's the pressure -- and you know when you're out there. -- -- -- -- Mortgage rates up and and frankly. You know I I needed a rest and that the other. -- some things that I can do better this -- around in Europe. You'll be more territory -- earlier people. And those more problems. On American effort to do draw it drew good. Your manager buck beat us early one to be the nice -- good cop bad cop right. Well you know -- or regular. The -- -- -- children regiment. Prepares flawed. And that BA accusing him. Steinbrenner and you know through the organization computers are. Spent a lot of time in the field was -- super chargers before it started slow. It is an interest in team building. And you don't drive and desire to secure or can actually get to reload it. And you know the termination team together and will be your. Do you expect have a good working relationship with the Red Sox and how about the -- same thing. Well I don't -- worker which it will all the gains be at the end -- -- you know people. And hard you know -- or some. -- jet order Granger -- and the other knowing -- guys are able. A lot of what similarities so public order -- or -- there I don't there are certain Berenson. Your example. Eight data -- -- the smoke or -- acquires a guests on your part any theory as to why Papelbon couldn't wait to get out of Boston not even entertaining or engaging the Red Sox to make him an offer before resigned with Philly. We're value these speculate that mark part yeah York district by observing over the years we regard the gap between. You know perhaps that valuation of what -- thought -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in little. You know been surprisingly got treated to the went through another market because it seemed like they always -- you know there's a difference of opinion on what is what you ordered. Do you use a 36 year old left handed DH who has done it under pressure for a long long -- there's one available. Well I attribute a lot of -- remark well you know that this report. Affordability and -- now. And you know I don't know that that's good. I -- that and it seems to me like a larger right now at all the other. Work we need to draw -- voters -- him. We didn't like Borough course last year. You know I must first start most Americans who have. Oh lord here. -- -- -- -- Somebody amateur market and brought turmoil -- -- and you know we're gonna pure or those or. It was through Harper's future. -- -- -- -- -- You're on don't get that do the best talent evaluated is really baseball league history. It. Of course the only one. I really appreciated. It and let me look it. And -- up from 87 million dollar payroll last year for the Orioles is back on -- I don't down. Well. You know it could be seeing. It through growth remains is. And they're created and you know those -- right. And what it looked very. Do reverend. Similar to a Red Sox to a day of -- networks -- sort of rituals or or. -- and other. Revenue. Generator. -- put Iraq are I think it it's probably before this year. You know pretty epic duel between -- -- excited more people are. I think they'll have more resources and resting. Mr. Angelos. Wants to Evelyn came. But we're committed to warn them. Or literary and oldest -- Danica congratulations on the job good for you and optical drive up to Sarasota in February and say hello when everybody convenes in Florida. -- congratulations Dan -- with Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline get it faster with forgy AT&T re think possible. Quick timeout will review and dissect what occurred last night on television what Jerry sandusky spent about seven and a half or eight minutes talking with Bob Costas why we're not sure. -- too many good we're sure about that answer is no. I don't think so animal arrogant turning. The least savvy child molester I think I've heard from yeah yeah yeah I when you're at the end of it was common did you say. He's gonna he's going to be sluggish mood he's going to be Smoot or what this really this was his access to Penn State football that's what was smooth. His access to locker rooms and weight rooms and the program and the sidelines and in bowl games and all those kinds of things that's where his mood this originated. Anybody can give out candy on the back of land right on the playground. And maybe that's the next shoe to fall when you see where it lived in the playground that maybe he he did indeed about candy and got -- with -- you're right. The plan and we set it for the last two weeks. Is the guy was diabolical and he was brilliant I mean he knew what he wanted anyone out and got it and it worked for. Twenty something years. Didn't need to be a smooth talker and -- prove that to you when we -- and I assumed that he was pretty slick pretty savvy. I learned differently last night -- book costs global review that on 93 point seven Dennis and Callahan.

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