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Boomer Esiason talks Pats/Jets, Tim Tebow and the Bears big win vs. the Lions

Nov 14, 2011|

Our friend from the NFL on CBS recaps the Patriots win vs. the Jets and the rest of the weekend in the NFL

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Welcome back to a patriot Monday joining us on the AT&T. Hotline get at bats with forgy rethink possible is Boomer Esiason conversational Boomer Esiason has brought you by Cumberland farms copy. Coffee with boomer digital copy this morning after late night last night boomer. Well above that five hour energy to support against it you know I'd -- I kind of dozed off in the middle of the third period I woke up the next thing I know the -- -- complete -- -- -- last night and you know it's it's two things that I -- the other thing would not rule on complicated boy it's a mug on anywhere then and number -- Rex Ryan having to go back to the drawing board because as defense and offense plus my work. We're just over Iran and I mean in that was about a typical former legitimacy from the patriots sure thought. -- very few people saw this coming Rex Ryan as you mentioned probably the top of that list in your estimation what is more significant what is more impact -- the win for the patriots or the loss by the jets. Well you know it's requests and dog argued that the problem populist group because -- -- the directors for the last two weeks and look where the jets put last week I thought that the jets were put -- a much better fight. I of people lost by the jets was really significant because it's in their building and all weeklong where Ryan was talking about how important this game was how much they're gonna put into this game. Trying to rally the -- he wanted to have made an atmosphere. Like Baltimore's the last couple of prime time games they've had down there which jets have had a to deal with that environment and you watch this game last night and you watch some of the moments where Tom Brady was gonna back in early in the second half. Without anybody near him I think we're trying to get a lot of questions. That they asked about his defense and the way that they play the patriots and little -- wake -- call at all. You know we we yeah obviously no one saw this coming as the you know said we can't be surprised week to week in the NFL but Ballmer it seems. The division is a done deal with seven to play the Bruins patriots have an easy. Road here they own the tiebreaker with the jets the bills are fading would you agree that the patriots are once again gonna win the AFC east. I would say yes right now but you know as evidenced by yesterday in the NFL. I mean I can't remember. And unpredictable week like we had this week and an unpredictable year -- -- this year I don't think anybody I mean figured that you -- Of the Green Bay Packers are going to be that yesterday's Super Bowl representative but I only know like it's an active and you know their problems on defense and we -- week all these teams about and one week you know they'd be able collective world beaters in the next week they get supplies may get shocked. And and it's great evidence to that is the Seattle game yes they would fault yourself. I would say that it has been over the patriots division. Taking -- look at their schedule next replying. Can't city team Oman the united there's just absolute disaster out there right now after that I -- they turn their season around you have to believe that yes. Over funny all pass rush and pressure on the quarterback and hurries in -- allows known names like I had a bowl. White carpeting and mold and Adams more and got to my -- to say those guys included these guys. -- backup player plays so well in an -- the justice sixteen point that pressure is a good thing. Well a lot of it I think you have to do pupils -- quarterback who could -- a -- like -- right now and the other sponsor you just gotta take chances you have probable although what you play makers. Make a play it for you and you have -- October territory on the appeal Libya. And I think now for that matter. If you're afraid to pull a -- you wanna see guys completely wide open you're gonna ask. You're your marital problems and I thought that more church of last -- even though he threw for over 300 yards you know. It just does not ready could be -- prime time player that we all thought that he was going to be but this time and nothing I I think -- exemplified that more than the disaster at the end of the first snap a pick -- -- and it was as simple as point of football right I think Mike Smith owns that. Want one thing I'll know -- Dramatic case for Mike Smith you can't make a case for Sanchez. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's too let's let's use the clock to our advantage and try to eat up as much time as we possibly can. And not give them on the walk back especially the situation. What we goes no huddle and he can carve you up what you. You know what Ballmer really did expose Sanchez could you just don't see those kind of brain cramps from the the great ones -- film Tom Brady and Manning and and now on Rogers you don't generally see them lose track of of things the way Sanchez did. And what struck me is. Sanchez can't beat Jim -- I mean he doesn't scum to align the way Brady run doesn't -- demanding an even Eli Manning this year recognized the mismatch from recognize one side overloaded the other not and you know change the play and and make a decision on the fly. That is that that leads you to believe that he's one step ahead of the of the way that Tom -- he just a meaning it needs a running game needs a defense he can't beat you on his own. No I you know I I would agree with that I mean there there are games where he played efficiently there's no question about that but in the game where he had to go out there you have to broke 45 times and he has you know throw for that triggered shipyards and -- course in order to be you. I don't know put a little -- but to set up or their expectations of what the office -- -- -- -- fact that is good defense that head coach you. Really likes to play good defense was proud Damon and try to you know out the clock -- you know how much of that impacts his overall performance. Only he knows and only did you -- did you know I just pick -- inaccurate throws last night you know have been applauded his game since he's gotten to the jets. But to me when you have a defense that is so beat up and -- -- missing so many slaughters and that has -- struggled the entire year. Getting to the opposing quarterback and stopping downfield throws. You have to wonder what in the world they pick -- about last night and I know that today in New York. The -- lot of talk about the other defense was quote but I notice also for mortgages uniform. The quarterback you can catch a lot of heat here because you know to go total -- Tom Brady. You have to be spot on the beat him and and Mark Sanchez was just not that webos two counties to eighteen pointed. That if you're Sanchez looking at the film of those patriot defense getting ready for this game last night aren't you licking your chops aren't you ready to pull the trigger archer credited to take advantage to the white -- Shihab. They guys are so different in a populated you know these two teams are headed in different direct him that the -- cheap too over confident about where they are over the last three weeks. They're performance last week in buffalo intimidating the buffalo offense. You know Tom Brady in the pictures coming off of a two game losing -- probably lose in -- regular season game at home last week to the giants. You all of you know that Albert -- -- the -- this week. You know whether or not Ochocinco was going to be some sort of -- important there's so many questions. But you know what I also there's there's something about being a professional football player especially -- quarterback. Wish you all are the reason why you're king went that I don't always mean that about his performance. But I do mean out about his demeanor about his competitive spirit about his desire to be greatness desire to win football games Mark Sanchez were not there yet there and that's a learned thing that you have it you have to go through some of these. -- arms and come up the other -- got to fight and that's exactly what -- that last but I the defense played good there's no question about that but I thought the offense -- into the person that. Promise article what can and you could see that with the poverty that would be competitive Tom Brady that has won as many games he has for the patriots. Who are my intent here is not to throw a wet blanket on this party and ball 3716. Feels good here in New England it should be pointed out that last year in their second meeting the patriots won 45 to three. And what good did that do them in the playoffs. Well it doesn't do you any good but that the fact of matter to -- to -- the right office. Which is ultimately the the most important thing don't tribute. The regular soon the other the port thing obviously is not to lose any significant players. In -- hearing about companies so looking around. The AFC and starts and well -- and 73 Pittsburgh seven Parikh. Knowing when we'll get to seven after I believe next week next Monday night. You consider that this was going to be a fight for the number one seed go all the way through the playoffs you take a look at really be used -- -- take a look at deployment schedule. -- that I believe that OBB two teams so we fighting would be the number one spot overall on the playoffs. It's going to be tough for the jets to beat the patriots in the playoffs if they don't make the playoffs I'm just. Yeah yeah understood agreement not a crew brought through judgment in my -- speak sensibly. You know offensively they should be a little bit better with BB. -- emergence abortion and just the third year and all that stuff. But their defense obviously last night you could -- Doesn't have and that doesn't -- -- the giants you know the giant. A tremendous defensive line who could put pressure on. Without having to blitz. The jets can't do that when the jets do what they thought exposing some of their other. Witnesses and those weaknesses are exposed especially at the safety position and linebacker position when it comes that's covering. CNN's -- I -- you sit there you see Rex Ryan and you assume that they have a pass rush but they don't mean last night they don't know pass rush and that's obviously a fatal flaw when you're playing against Tom Brady. Right now watch watched him sitting next week and Romeo -- obviously all remember Romeo and you learn from you know Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells -- -- -- -- up. He uses so non Credo he sits back -- -- as 34 -- appearances. You know -- forty -- nickel defense and they display coverage they've -- birds that are very rarely rushed the passer. And they have some pretty good defense the bands and they have a pretty good us. You know linebackers -- They they are not a -- And Rex -- is aggressive and are trying can't help himself. And they don't get to Tom Brady and they don't get to him with the bullets that's where you know his take these -- really exposed to save these are average. That bet they have they're very little range they're good tacklers but they can cover anybody one don't want so that's what we think that when. When you put it -- you're gonna have opted for big plays down next we're going to play Kansas City. You know actually any of that and you should be on the explosive very. You know shaky secondary -- A boomer as we give -- -- -- for the most fraudulent team in the National Football League obviously Philadelphia wins that thing hands down be on the Eagles a two teams we -- going to be good which is the bigger fraud buffalo or Detroit. Well you know are about the ravens have -- -- yeah well this schizophrenic on -- I don't get that I despite you know about midnight -- Flacco. A one minute Joseph Flacco and Richard estates and be ready to take the next step in the next minute -- cooperative prospects are obligated yesterday let's three -- Seattle Jacksonville Tennessee right exactly I would probably say. You know to me the most to supporting human league is going to be the Philadelphia Eagles I don't know anybody says you know on and having to bench DeSean -- yes -- from mr. meeting on Saturday. He's got to show you that you know you wonder. If Andy -- time in Philadelphia is coming to an end as -- is you know is nor heard time coming to an end in San Diego you know sooner or later. These coaches -- shop lights and they'll go vote check has been able to buck that trend simply because he's one. Three Super -- up there knowing one. You have to wonder about these other coaches that have been in place so long that you know all the players still heeding the message that they are giving each and every day and talk about two teams that have a lot of work to do and have a lot of soul searching to do I'll probably say Philadelphia incentive. Would you have as big a problem when Mike Smith. If they didn't just run the big guy in the line of -- did some I'm bootleg intruder -- Tony Gonzales or did some kind of creative something creative would you wish. Would -- me on TV when the decision was made the government ago -- you need more TV I was. Exploding I was explode like what are you doing you know and I understand his thought process but -- There's one coach in -- and a belt and has that type of credibility it happens to be in the morning. And you do it good depending on how the games being played out you know we saw go about circle for a port arrogance treatment he has been on the sidelines. That can have that particular game he's watching Peyton Manning and the offense moved right down the field against impeachment so as the game's unfolding. He knows how to games being played out there for his decisions. Are gonna be made. By that particular game not buys up and it happened three years ago four years ago -- -- like games being played out. Yesterday the Atlanta defense had a pretty good shop for the most part. And they had already stopped the norms offered an overtime once so when you're on your own thirty yard line. You can not why not just go for tool. We scored the last touchdown or something you know I mean yeah about the kind of mindset this was and arms lower the Libyan rebel. This is one of the better you know keep your playing injured division and your home. Maybe maybe you on the road but not appear on -- You don't do that and ansari Obama Obama player pretty a lot of talk and don't want answers I want to know why my coach. You know I had no confidence in me as a defense and -- held it would make good decisions. Well I mean when when Belichick did it Manning needed at touchdown when when Smith did all Brees needs is -- field goal. Another reason another reason why am I'm discounted this it makes. Absolutely not I don't -- that would have made it I would've been sitting here today and I would have been ridiculing him because. That is a careless decisions. That should never ever be made in any game that I can ever think character who value placed on your own forty yard line no way. I can we get the latest on on power because I'm pretty sure it and they will be offers what do you hear we'll cower and -- Miami doesn't make sense. If your Miami Dolphins to bring in a big names. I'm Tony right now I connected -- an -- each and every week got to become very good friends with them -- socialized do on weekends and -- Cult Horton is the coach in the NFL and and and I think he had a great on. I think part of him wants to coach. Unless somebody throws some ungodly number and -- -- the only reason why I would think you would go back and coach. I think he loves what he's still I think you look like come Monday morning -- bottom lip and his wife is -- to be separate group and you know gruden has a great job -- -- -- a lot of money ESPN has made -- -- so far you know culture all these quarterbacks and he's talking about all their performances and everything else. And you know what he wakes -- tomorrow morning -- -- -- this comic of you don't have to worry about. You know what player it's something stupid or what players not living up to his. You know his -- or what player mr. -- you know they're gonna I want people to go back and -- I don't blame -- that assume you see him when he is like a couple of cocktails in the months at a night and Arianna you're. At. And I will want one and you say -- -- numbered dispel collar really need the money I'm this I'm guessing he's doing okay. You don't OK if -- got through you don't look for getting off the white. And you can't rule. -- veteran -- some talent -- and I want to cut them out the other candidate. Went out to dinner with them a few weeks ago. And I'd hear guys -- finally is over that part of it there's white. He looks great he's he's genuinely -- happy person right now. And I don't and you know I really don't see him go back to outline pockets of what somebody says here's fifty million dollars or -- And it's such a stupid offer that you can interdependent and articles you wanna. His first question would be can I bring my -- boomer with me that I don't like the smartest thing NFL coach and can do to guarantee good long Enron and real success. Is that pick hitch his wagon to a -- -- quarterback I think you'd agree that. You know if your if your room Tony Dungy the best thing it did was. Have Peyton Manning as your quarter Don Shula or don't know Bill Belichick the smartest thing he's ever done is have Tom Brady out there -- in the often. It language that's about one guy is I mean you know problem he villains are not true blood cell output. That's through them and there but and so somebody. Is gonna get Andrew Luck -- of its Indianapolis is it a new coach to do -- And the delay led Jim Caldwell coach deal with that Peyton Manning come back and Andrew Luck come an end. Well you know that's. The fifty million dollar question Tom I think Peyton Manning -- want to try to get at least onto the practice field you're. Lightness -- -- show Indianapolis what he has been and he can play up to the next three or four years. You know to me if Indianapolis and drafted into locked and kind of sees in him a few old monopoly wanna double the one thing that we don't know though. There's -- to Laporte Eli Manning -- John Elway. And stay out of -- I don't wanna go to Indianapolis don't draft me. -- I'm not complying with you you know that bit that's always a possibility although I don't predict injury respect kind of kid. But you made up -- -- but whoever does represent him might tell him otherwise and to listen. We can't have these certain you -- a rookie contract where you know four years from now you don't get a chance or negotiate this year hadn't played. So other a lot of very able to go -- this. But I would think so wholeheartedly that if knowing but I mean at Indianapolis does not want a game they will draft him or worse. Don't trade him for bulk load of prediction maybe some of the players. -- -- Green Bay Packers go one night and I'll -- Minnesota. You're gonna you're gonna. I had a terrible terrible but I army and felt -- today yesterday. This is there a wacky wacky season. I would think they're gonna -- and I don't know. And -- would say they're gonna go to I don't know but by come back tomorrow night or tomorrow morning -- -- -- And they've it was a game what what I'd be surprised if there was autonomy and publishers are just not. A quick question before -- go Ballmer I'm sure you double that as much as we have here. In whatever year it was when Maryland offered the job to Jerry sandusky where you behind that did you support obviously we didn't know what kind of. I know I wasn't I didn't even know he was offered the deal accounts with -- power also the top of my two cents and on the this opened up about states it's. It's gonna get worse before it's better and I wouldn't be surprised you're got Joseph Paterno us that you've taken down. That's how ugly this -- -- -- one thing I think we can all agree on. Anytime children are involved in a negative light. There's going to be hell to pay -- membership thing. A -- thanks for the time will see you appeared to England next Monday night correct. Yet but it got -- out reporter. AT&T hot -- get it faster with four GAT and T rethink possible. Our conversation -- -- sizes brought you by Cumberland farms in a little surprising your -- and had a Cumberland farms. And -- -- surprisingly delicious farmhouse one copy it just 99 cents any size now through November 20 theft. It's free on Fridays.

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