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Tom Brady recaps the win vs. the Jets and talks about Rob Gronkowski and his offensive line

Nov 14, 2011|

Patriots QB, Tom Brady, joins Dennis and Callahan to recap the Patriots win over the Jets and his look ahead to Kansas City

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Our conversation with Tom Brady -- -- the quarterback brought to you by Dunkin' Donuts also by northeast electrical distributors brightening your day with electrical solution capabilities. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you know it's it's definitely. A different feel when you win we we got killed last night and there's a walk in the locker room celebrate with the guys in Korea -- A tough couple weeks and and you know he's been battle and you know very good team last time that some tough. Conditions with with with with their home stadium it was -- Where does your uniform he would be washed. I don't think they'll that you got. Roughed up very very much last night. Now we've got great protection you know he's got great protection on -- you know district or offensive our offensive line. And you know the way those guys battle with light load in and Indian -- stepped inferred. For Coppola he got hurt and Brian Waters is played phenomenal. He estimates older middle they they put a lot of every week and their coach -- got a great coach started Scarnecchia that. Works those guys you know every day -- date they've worked her tail off and it really shows up every week because we rely on the -- for so many things in the communication between. Myself and them -- -- down by down basis in her ability to perform. You know with the entire gamut of the playbook whether -- run play action screens draws trapped. With screens we really have those guys to do everything so. If they were really they've done a great job all year. Tom when you get around to watching the film and you take a look at that scramble where you bought the time and he took the gronkowski it was -- eventually overruled. You gonna wanna by Matt led a nice steak dinner -- he -- your ass on two separate occasions on a scramble. It -- That's -- yeah that you save -- as many terms with the so you governor as those who took two very long list of them moments. There have been just like that so. He's a great player may have hit a great to have them out there and he's he's dependable he's tough and you know he's everything you look forward to left tackle. Any of those guys surprise you Tom we know you know we know what to think of Logan Mankins and Matt Light that. And I guess she didn't know Brian Waters till he got here and you and you didn't know what kind of center. Dan Conley would be able to any of -- the play great but who took you by surprise with how well he's played. Well I think the way that Bryant stepped in to their role. And he he's he took a true professional and you feel like I've been around for her. I think this is his hope you're living here. You know and played really high level I mean he's. Kennedy's playbook constantly. Goes over is lucky she's. And everytime you see him sort of blocker in the cafeteria that you he doesn't mean he's prepared and it's just. Are you wanted to show the young guys looked just -- you have to -- you look what he's doing you know some guys getting some guys don't but. You know prior to great example for the young players of of what it takes it to be professional. -- is undrafted very small college. And north Texas. And has really made the most of every opportunity -- got -- -- it's because he's been prepared for certain it's really a credit to him. You know I know you've tone down the rhetoric since she told us he hated the jets. But is it fair to say that you really don't like them that there's a little extra satisfaction going on the road. And just tearing them apart the way you did last night. They haven't had that figured it would look we we played them five times now in the last you know. Fourteen month basically -- and half months so. We know pretty much president teams that we play. And it's been the very meaningful games so. You know it's like before you could just get -- report last week I'm like okay no we're doing. It's. You know it's just that this is the jet is that there are these the strength of you know these are things that we can't play into and they're very good that they cure -- -- -- that they don't give you anything. And you know we find some way to make some very good played between in the passing game -- the run game we kept locked out little bit with their tempo with our tempo. There in the second half but. You know we got to be sent to turnovers which was huge firm and you know when -- Intercept that -- and -- in the end zone that was really. -- economic because we. What's it like before the game did you play the disrespect card that we've been talking about -- nobody. Picked you mean nationally locally. Everybody thought you know you guys were real and you struggle and they were Roland you were on the road that you weren't gonna pull this one out do you feel like it. -- you were genuinely just respected before this came. Well it's it's you know -- what kind of right right the waves in the end. Both good and bad and you have to do that -- and it but I think that the players are -- from don't do that and -- And it happened every week in the NFL like you look at put that the scoreboard during the game and or you know if because we played on -- -- And we saw a lot of those games you know and it's like -- how they lose or while they beat so and so. And issues. One team one week looks great and then they play in a team and it. In the Packers this year and every team has just and the 49ers. And you really don't know what you get every week and and that's it for the ninth week of the year so pretend American protected person mothers but there's still a lot of football left to be played. And every team is still gonna make improvements. And so these are just gonna continue to cut. You know just. Right up to these and then in that particular picture but that we want to be one of those teams are released -- build him. And getting better every week and I thought last night for the good step in the second half of the year but obviously. You know the weak start again today and we got to move on to the next game then and start getting prepared for a team that we have played a few years. Thomas may qualify as Maya Moore not a question of the interview but a lot of people -- ask yet why not run the hurry up more often or all the time you're so successful with it why not do it more. Well we do do it and we we do it every game at some point and sometimes the like we turned against Pittsburgh and we got our butt kicked so. That didn't work too well. That we try to get Dallas that was worked a little bit and it works of other times against giants we used it a little bit did work very well. So I mean there's there's there's weeks when we use -- -- obviously wouldn't work. You bill while well you know that was good would stay with -- -- it doesn't you want that how we do that for. So a lot of it is just you know field for the game and what we're doing -- and -- made it paid off. Is it physically possible let's just say hypothetically. You come out of the the locker restart the game here in the hurry up right to start the game is working very well is it physically possible to do it for an entire game. Yeah you could mean the reverend shoot they did that right you know the colts could pretty much normal the whole game. But. You know -- some teams that work better get some others some some teams it's it's it's more successful. You know parliament itself. No we future we're gonna do we think is best. You know every week we try to sort of the game senate takes advantage of the things that. That we don't think they do very well. And last thing you know what might we we we are doing core of the game saying they were there to do all of this no -- that just happened that we got into the game. The second half we changed tempo a little bit and it seemed helpless so. We stayed with that on occasion other times you know we huddled up and we made some pretty important place huddle and up to. We just spent the previous segment of the program before you called in trying to determine the four stars of the patriots game in order. Try not to be your diplomatic self here and say it was a team effort we -- the four nominations but Ninkovich Carter gronkowski. Were Tom Brady. Who would you name a star of the game what order who -- be the number one start don't be diplomatic now. I can't pick who you that you guys you don't together in fact it's. I -- April Paul -- -- team sport it's in order to win every week you you know -- -- -- single guy and I'm sure there's guys that. Played last night that a lot of -- -- -- -- her -- You know guys that were making tackles and plays and they go and that -- well -- -- everything we've -- ensued after the game last night you know was. With a big part of the way it. And you know Andre can't do what he does without the work I've -- -- with. -- on the other side Russia and incite racial and help us. No broadcast gronkowski can't do what he did without all those as Clark informed it. You know in other guys running you know route that. In some ways give rubble so it's just -- Andre would have a seminar drew a problem that was the new format fact that's. I thought that -- it's a team effort to keep it's a team game and I think that's that's the reason why it's so fun to play the game is because. Every week you have you know it when you win you celebrate with you know 52 other guys and coaches that are. Just as happy you are and that's that's pretty cool experience. John wasn't being completely honest with it on the exercise was -- three stars of the game. And he picked Ninkovich Carter and and -- -- eliminated you as he grew through the QB Brett on this -- -- the time. Hey I you even aware of the record you set with -- chairman and I don't spend a lot of time no personal records. It's not really personal view and coach 116 wins topping Don Shula was seventeen I mean millions. -- don't Shuler and the Dan Marino. The game you ever think stop and think about -- you'd be without Belichick. Well I -- I. I believe I appreciate. Every date shall have to work and have it as as our head code governors. There's no coach I'd ever want a play fort and I just. You know he gets -- prepared every week and I think. As a player when you going to show up pieces -- do things we need to do and this is just do your job. There's so many things Cutler put him over the years about mental toughness. And and his ability to state. Relief even keel you know through the wins and the losses -- -- of the years have went undefeated. You would never so we're gonna feed you with so we're on sixteen in the way that you -- And you know last two weeks have been rough which you know what he never -- Faith and that's a compliment to what we're doing he just said look we just don't do better so. You know he doesn't he isn't right those -- -- and then he comes in every week with with the goal of mine and I think all of us all the guys who play -- really appreciate that and appreciated consistency. I appreciate it. By the way if you lift the team as well you know it's not like. He's ultimately the one that makes the decisions but at the same time he take a lot of input from a lot of people -- so. You know everyone feels like they're part of that -- That's very special for her to be like that. Second quarter Tom what capital the premature snap the backed up to the end zone and eventually led to the safety. We had a miscommunication. You know with with you know when -- these -- so because I wasn't ready for written. So it is just one of those things that happened in. We got on the ball they'd save them from getting on the ball. Will gronkowski here from the coach or somebody about the the in the face spike that cost cost fifteen yards. Yeah I'm sure you're -- I don't I didn't see it at least I think every time you -- so I don't know that. You know flagrant -- work you know. Don't -- spike in every time you score. Yes -- happened but once every three years. When crosscourt and duplicate tests are here despite the ball in the -- the ball which I loved acting like you know that the play the ball put. But -- -- that football because he put everything he can post -- Where you paying attention when your counterpart called timeout with -- 124 left giving you the chance then that. End of the first half scoring drive. Yeah I hate paying. You north side and you Clark was right and he called it pretty quickly side so we're fortunate they're right I didn't know we call that has. -- wins with 24 seconds left on the play clock. Whatever went on eighteen or something like that 21%. Yet are we called it and then now when I heard you called and I was. I was good news. Lust and all these heroic performances all the ones we just mentioned with you know gram can Carter in an -- image. That last drive down for the the touchdown before Ninkovich is interception. What he had came up big little ground and pound of his own legacy to me any ground and come with wood at three or four -- -- to keep that drive alive. Yet -- it we're very good run in and you know he -- hit a great team threaten. And you know he's been doing since he got here last year taken over for when Kevin got injured he's. He's a deportable offense he's very dynamic Specter first to provide. You know he does stuff the run game -- -- came -- and Kevin Kevin have a look if I hadn't Kevin back here to his. It is often because you know Kevin as you know the most. One of the -- to -- most dependable players I've ever played with along with probably Troy west. And so -- know those guys -- just you know Kevin. Everything that Kevin says an important certain team is an offense he's you know he's the longest tenured player on the roster. And he -- -- -- and you know he's always. The words of encouragement from young guys in the when he gets about three steps does he always does what he's done for this team for his thirteenth here so. It's great having him back to. And when Tom if you're walking through the locker room today or tomorrow Wednesday and or -- and trainers room in the lunchroom and UC Jeff our opinion are sterling Moore do you know them do you know their names and. I do I do have much are you guys. Okay how about number ninety linebacker. -- credited. Oh it's got it is that. -- -- -- -- because the south side note people played for the Broxton in in the heat and Seattle and excuse with the -- training camps so. He's a you know he's a good player come right back myself walking -- or -- because preclude him back. I just learned how to -- now got to learn -- -- video. Famous and -- that it does it get confusing and I mean. -- you know it happens every year remember last year toward the end of the season we had some injuries and we're bringing guys in and I suspect that fact and there are more and and I looked over at that home. The bad. You know it can happen because you know on defense to listen I don't you know gonna pay attention those guys because pretty much. North of if you look at during the day Israeli clock meeting squad meeting and I practice. So. You know if they -- a guy or someone's hurt I don't know I don't pay attention of that so. You know what that when there's a new player that's in the air you know you'll see event practiced but there's no number certain and other known names on the back after you practice so. If you see about the pregame your name cause you're going to let them know that you know but. That's just part of the NF every team deals with the injuries and we had a lot of guys to step in my mind filled some pretty important roles. And dignity. I know you're popular shed any sympathy tears for the New York Jets -- while you have seven days to prepare to play Kansas City at home Monday night. They have three days to fly to Denver and play the Broncos Thursday night that make you grimaced -- -- think about -- it up and -- around again on Thursday after when Sunday. Yeah I mean that's that's that's a tough turner and obviously both teams are doing it and think about that I say is that if you do win that game. It's a great event going forward so and I love those Thursday games and we got a chance to play them because we have one. So you know you've got basically like the second bye week right. You know moving forward sometime truck Friday Saturday Sunday Monday tickets -- -- a chance to kind of get. -- refocus so. You know if you -- -- a different story but you know if you win you can really. It's it's it's a positive for your team. That's sort of leads us to the question of the week brought to you by auto trader now compare brand spanking new cars and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com top wanna know. What's the reaction in the locker room and the value when bill says after last night's game he -- on Wednesday. Yeah -- if it's -- it's pretty it's pretty exciting every week we've said. It doesn't have very often does something that you know you much like the NFL channel and in week one it felt like Eagles want him and -- -- respect if you win that election might have really. You don't for. You know confusion if you -- armor on a Monday or Tuesday and it's it's it's nice for the players so. You know it for the quarterback I had it on Monday and Tuesday. But it -- it's more my schedule them on and on the team's schedule so it's like Herbert that you referred to a bit -- How many other guy's head in on days off. Quite a few -- most the guys will at some point. And I think everybody at some point goes into. Work out to get treatment or testing and start getting prepared for next week it's not like literally got choked on Wednesday morning. Not on this give at least maybe some other teams but our team but it's never been like. I -- I almost forgot. When a trustee Tom Brady's arm is sore rumors and speculation by everybody. Not feeling good I'm feeling -- You know it's it's typical season so you know what we feel -- next -- a little banged up but I don't get. All right enjoy the people talking next week Tom. -- I thank you talk to Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline get it faster with four GAT and T rethink possible. Coffee with the quarterback brought to you by Dunkin' Donuts America runs on Duncan. By northeast electrical distributors brighten your day -- electrical solution capabilities this is -- and saving energy and reducing costs. By auto trader compare brand spanking new cars special offers side by side at auto trader dot com.

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