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Cory Giger reports on Joe Paterno’s end-of- season retirement

Nov 9, 2011|

Cory Giger of ESPN 1450 in State College joins us to talk about the AP report of Joe Paterno retiring after this season, the mood of Happy Valley and what seems like a 50/50 split between supporters & non-supporters of PSU’s head coach.

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I joining us on the -- hotline get a faster with four GAT and T rethink possible sportswriter. Altoona mirror and host of sports central quarry Geiger weekdays -- state college PA. On ESPN radio is scoring Geiger joining us yesterday. -- Michael appreciate you joining us here today I'm gonna start with this press release have been reading and and sort of mocking your last hour or so. Did the Joseph Paterno press release go out with any knowledge from Penn state of the school the board of trustees have any idea Joseph Paterno was going to release this statement today. We don't have any information that day -- specifically. It was doling out -- they might have known that something was going out but I don't think they had any knowledge directly of one it was going to say we have seen any evidence of that and and I'm guessing you've got have been talking about. Pot -- one line in the and they yes statement that says. At the moment the board of trustees should not spend a single minute Mike's status yes yeah and I I think that is -- very inappropriate down. It I think they will continue to discuss is that it because I don't think he could go to Saturday. And to me while I don't think there are automatically devastated by the development. Yeah I agree for the children their family and I pray for their company released. It goes I think he should say I think he overstep his bounds. I bought it in that comes across as pretty arrogant to say to -- Turkey should not in a single minute that -- -- say that -- the coach Mike easily allow. Well it does it ain't gonna work that way at this point you made it work -- work for 46 years. But I think I strongly believe neither him nor my queries should be -- coaching on Saturday. Has anything changed down there we see the crowds showing up in this house chanting. You know Joseph pa I mean it. Has as Isabel and as far as the attitude toward Joseph -- whether he should be the head coach this Saturday has anything changed and she will one way -- the other. And most of the students seem to be heavily against Spain here. But there still may be in favor Paterno it's. You see -- Lucius change. That the global public opinion can change there's been a lot of outrage around the country for Joseph Paterno and I would assume they're still live. But then now I can't get to this point and you'll get to protect its people to blindly loyal people will come out and -- vocal and at this point -- you know. That there are still students are who are loyal to -- two people and around the country who are loyal and I said the couple god they got I would Allah that anyone. This question if you're still going to blindly defend Joseph Paterno. It W York ten year old son was allegedly been raped her ten year old grandchild. Your ten year old brother or that it can use. At ten years old who had been raped. And would you be happy with. With the wake -- Paterno handled the situation legally maybe. Lately maybe get what you're supposed to do and backing off his superiors the would you be happy. That. BP and all albeit official -- and they did not do every single thing that -- -- -- it is morally orally can make sure that justice -- -- yourself out -- you. They were eight to ten years old. If you're defending Joseph Paterno. -- and that. I Heath Evans said yesterday without -- -- certainly would have been a much different handling of by Joseph Paterno. Court Geiger joining us from ESPN's state college in debt at Penn State in terms of the -- trustees now because to meet -- there. They're now under some pressure here they cannot allow Paterno. To walked out on his own terms that dictate that he gets to -- lot retire how this home game this week go to Ohio State navy's Big Ten championship game. What's happened here allows him not of that he lost any right to going out in eight a respectable way. Will they move up that meeting from Friday is there any conversation that -- act sooner. The waiting for this weekend or letting Joseph Paterno statement stand by itself here today. I agree at all that they can't just say we're gonna let him go out on his own terms. All we know the right now that that the -- these lately I've followed against the night they met deep into the night last night and Ed the last night they were still scheduled to. Maybe meet by teleconference against the night so we'll -- -- goes on but does the governor Tom Corbett is is expected to be here on Friday I don't know at going to be moved up. -- could potentially could. But what you guys -- right. Doctor and always has the right. To go out on his own terms. When you want 409 games and two national titles that you built the university. There's no telling how much money you rate this university you almost can't put a dollar figure on -- 100000500. Million I've heard people say that he's responsible. Four billion dollars. Of -- for oh and -- -- -- sixty years. With everything he's done their cell the goalie has the right that he had that rise in longer. He made such an egregious mistake in 2002. By not pursuing this as much as he possibly could. Morally. I don't think he had the right to just -- wave a magic wand and say I'm gonna keep coaching my team and I'll I'll do the way I want to do with the way out all done. Or any chance they'd take. A couple of wins away from Joseph Paterno has to mediate this record this legacy was put in front of human life is more important in human life. I'm just wondering again look at this borrowed nine this is all about the chase. Limited time and when the story came out any chance all Bobby Bowden there was when's taken away from what he had done any chance Penn State she gets the same treatment. Allegedly -- under NCAA rules mean -- is important state committed him at a major academic scandals that and that black implicated one of only a bleak story I think Stanford. Boston College lady northwestern three or BCS schools that never been found guilty of the major NCAA violation they're very proud of that record. They're very very proud of success and honor. So I don't think they'll take. Bad way as you wind delay I don't know -- -- -- -- -- you know what people on the -- You know a moral violation or what have you take went away but -- that -- -- -- honor. A slogan that they're -- they hold so deeply and proudly -- state. I'm not sure that you can really. Ever say that again about things that. The court last one for me if in some way shape or form and buy a New York on -- called a miracle Joseph Paterno is allowed to coach out this season. And I again I don't think it's going to happen any does the midweek press conference does the post game press conference -- guy who covers Penn State. How are you supposed to cover this team and arrested against the Joseph Paterno said coach without asking about a hundred different questions of what he saw what he ignored. During that rain of sandusky terror. Excellent collected football not really important this week we're not talking about what. All of this week here. But you know we're what are we gonna ask him next week hey coach how do you think your quarterback rotation will work against Ohio State defense patty baker linebackers will be able stop. Will they be able to stop -- boom parents how do you think. You're gonna be able to do billion and get Russell Wilson you wish Russell Wilson -- account and they play quarterback for you. What what. It didn't matter in light of what's going on national football appointed by changing the Big Ten. -- titled what I mean really in black in the light of everything is going. No it doesn't matter and he's going to have to face in the again they can't put them in that situation. You know what you gonna do coached -- the facto coach -- rest is not talked to anybody. And the years that it it would just be so irresponsible. For them to allow him to continue to coach and they mean it is this week because of -- -- If at all -- given that right he got have to address the media. That. I don't think that's happened nobody. Beyond this week -- barrier responsible to keep him at that. A file Corey on Twitter record Geiger to follow the breaking news in this court appreciate the time know your busy we'll talk to you soon. -- areas -- Geiger who nice not to give us the latest from Penn State as a continues to break down 92 break your phone calls -- and -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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