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Heath Evans on Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno and Penn State

Nov 8, 2011|

Heath Evans joins the guys to talk about the Penn State scandal and his work with imavictim.com

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Final hour on this Tuesday -- reloading Sports Radio WEEI spent the first three hours the program. -- the scandal at Penn State and that keeping updated on the news and what has gone on here today joining us. On the AT&T hot line get a faster with Ford GAT and T rethink possible or patriot Satan. Miami dolphin Heath Evans who is so long been part of the Heath Evans foundation dedicated to fostering hope and healing and lives of children of families affected. By sexual abuse and recently launching I'm a victim dot com he does Michael -- Boston good to talk to again you guys. It's it's under different circumstance the bringing up talk about the patriots and their defense have both seats but this has been. Something the you have been a proponent of the education and the fostering of education and helping. The lives of children and families affected by sexual abuse. I got asked or your initial reaction to what we heard this week -- last couple of days what wanna Penn State. You'll just sickening thing is it did surprise me at all it is obviously disgusted me. This slight surprise came from as we've realized more what. Jewell college educated about. Even resist it this far back is you know 982002. That shocked me knowing what we know about this man or I should limit to what we thought we knew about him. But they abuse the scandal. The Koran itself it doesn't shock me at all. Your heated Bob listen to a lot of people say why joke what did what he had to do we. He talked to a superior -- this is Penn State first up Joseph Paterno probably got more power than the eight the all the president. At Penn State party -- magazine thought I told them let them handle it and not follow this thing through. You know what it tells us a lot about the man period the end and I hate to say it. You know what I'm sure I'll probably have desperate by the Penn State a moment everybody else but. -- -- Yelp grandstanding here and Tim Curley and bearish -- that they work for Joseph -- period the end we know how it is these football powerhouses. -- clock was the president he was the head coach he was the president of finance he would everything be end all be all until. The bottom line is is that this was his daughter his grandson things would have been done different or at least let's hope so maybe not maybe he would have been. Just like the normal parent that does sweep it under the rug and -- -- -- think about it that's why these seven foundation was created so all the abuse my wife went through the -- had on late night. And you know here we are -- -- that it takes a national tragedy. That one of the most storied programs in all of college football to really bring -- To the front of people's minds that detention of really what's going on our nation. But just this is culture there and and the Joseph -- question I'll come back to Heath you know did he do enough is he going to be. Should he be allowed to sort of walk away from this because he quarterly call total superior. No that's not not kick it. -- -- -- there is there's a difference between you know hiding behind it the letter of the law on the intent of the law being pivotal -- to protect. It needed to make sure our children are protected indicted properly nurtured properly so by the letter of the law Joseph Paterno -- and he. He probably will will be five should he be allowed to step down resign and in good standing. Heck no he should be fired he should. Should be removed now the fact that they canceled this press conference today showed that there's guilt you're not worried about what you say when you've got nothing to hide period via. -- you know Michael McLeary here to edited grad assistant at 27 years old. Back in 2002 walks in sees this going on reaping other kid in the shower. Notice is that both the victim and sandusky sees him and walks away. And walks away or ten year old boy who sees him. -- and get great he goes to Joseph Paterno but this -- stayed on the staff. I don't sleep at night. But I don't know if people get crazy Mika got mad at him I'm mad at the janitor I'm mad at every one that had some know how a what was going on it did not think. This African platter was still on Penn State weight -- -- early or late last week and what is the problem with -- state. It's like I look around people are upset nickel acutely this happened. No this is awful we get about one out of four young girls before the age of 181 out of six -- nationwide are being sexually abused. And we just stand by because of her loyalties to pay and they are loaded -- Paul. No this is ridiculous you are the law enforcement the Penn state university police department. Everyone should be fired you need to clean house beat NCAA doesn't need to hide behind -- fact of all this is an -- issue of some -- coach was stealing drug user. Do we stop and on the side. Of love in a college program they shirt stepped in but no because of sexual abuse that party waive their their white flag and said no that's. We have no luck jurisdictional ground Internet that's -- -- -- to step in. Put their nose in business from want to they have a right to be introduced some about this. CIA I believe that -- joke was needs to step down is no way -- -- weakened as we start again discussion about the players in the locker room now call the NCAA handles. -- of this program what to these guys do other some guys that it's -- I don't wanna play this weekend for him but then again there's an 81 team you know holidays these athletes you take it out on these guys here now how can you play for. A guy like Joseph Paterno right now you have it's one week I don't even care one way. Particularly athletes now the good times of these athletes -- -- Bourne like in football for ten years I played at a high level for ten years. Because of my lack of athleticism and lack of probably stellar ability I had to out work -- out perform and do everything I could. To get to the upper Echelon and stay in the NFL. But there's bigger things in life than football there's bigger things of life for -- commitment to Joseph pollen to the that Penn state university is a prime opportunities for these kids are realizing hey. What about these eight kids or -- for the last decade of their life. Let's let's step down screw or 81 Q what do the right thing I'm not even playing for Joseph Bob not a good -- at this university it's fraud it's sham. -- I only wanna be a part of it that's what these kids should do. Another they have experience that I have dealing with a would bet there. No but people -- open Verizon six. This is a huge national epidemic in again it's that it took them state in this debacle here to bring it to the forefront of Vermont. But something has got to be done it's constantly swept underneath the -- And we wonder why the statistics are just growing and growing and growing. Not talking to Heath Evans or patriot can check out to more what he's talking about the heat -- foundation I'm a victim got dot com what you want to talk about here. You've dealt with this for a long time -- been an advocate for seamen have better a background because I just assume. My very cynical side says there are gonna be more victims stepping -- -- our report of a night the victim. It is that is that just -- throwing it out there is there in is -- track record here when you look at the history of cases like this that. We're gonna get more victims all of this sexual predator Jerry sandusky come forward. You would boggle your mind the statistics are under 20% of actual abuse victims that ever saying anything about that ever step sports. So do the math if we've got eight now. What is it going to be -- a year once people gain a little bit of carpet on all my gosh I wasn't the only one that this creep was doing this to I'm not alone I can't step up like can't hear my voice -- campaign that got -- across. The nature Iraq been held in Iraq to the jail. You know that's the aspect. Of what we need done but the truth of the matter is most of the victims probably still won't come up the young man that was seen in the shower with cocaine -- -- He still hasn't stepped forth if you hear my voice are not leaving him to step up there's no. Shame in saying hey this was done to me this is an innocent young man we've lived in this day and age we tell our young man. You can't shall -- you initial vulnerability educational weakness and we wonder why we live in this world so screwed up. You're there with the second mile and Jerry sandusky was involved and every single one of these kids -- the you know it wasn't you want it was year -- this guy -- On the weakest link basically it's novel we can prey upon. Be it in this this disgusting thing and that is why it's so hard to raise funds and everything else but I I read about the money that I was able to raise and I wish I had that might for the heat haven't foundation. If we can do amazing things with. This guy is grooming the week of the week -- you know this the most. But the kids that don't have a father on the kids that don't have a mother hole. Indicated that really don't even have the intestinal fortitude to stand up against a program like -- these -- the -- -- was sprang upon. He does the name of charity does the name hiding behind capsules of our great country and everything else and he's really just grooming these kids along promising and so many different banks. In the worst part of that surprised me because that's what these -- do they they've they've they've been explained that really had a -- their kids who would stick. -- can do is is is grandstanding you're Tim -- Gary shall control -- these men out of one of the greatest universities never that they were literally. Helmet that they were willing participants to the continued abuse of -- Jerry sandusky over these innocent children. You mentioned the NCAA and and ask this question earlier -- I don't know the answer but what should be their role here because to me if you're gonna put. Jim Tressel on a cross for tattoos. That his players were getting. This is a billion times worse and the idea they're gonna raise their hands. It's -- that's not our bylaws sexual abuse this is not part of our program. That is a jolt they've done a lot of dumb things BC yes and -- keep going on here. Did not get involved you're not put some pressure on Penn State to get these guys out here would be it be travesty Heath. -- that you got in the movie law abiding citizen. No I haven't with a -- tonight's. Guilty. I'm not gonna kill anybody but you know all complain that movie the main characters says I'm gonna bring the whole corrupt system down it's going to be built local. -- that will be my canopy NCAA doesn't step -- and do topic. They stick their nose in places where it doesn't belong they put people on death penalty for payments and cars and houses and we and everything else. This -- the lives of innocent. Children it's ridiculous and optical -- They're gonna hide behind the letter to the wall but the intent of the bylaws of the NC double -- to protect universities protect its protect student athletes. Protect the character -- nature of the game. Then state university its leadership its head football coach at its defense of coordinator have sham this game addiction and the NCAA in they have heard. In abused children period the end what are their bylaws for. Step up. Do the right thing like I said before this was drug yourself not they'd find a way to -- their nose in it and come out melancholy would sexual abuse and they want shy away cycle talent -- and a lot of. You -- clean house at Penn State heat -- in the football -- Hampshire go away for any amount of time as part of any sanctions against Penn State if he does come coastal like here. Definitely yes you make a standard for everyone across the world to say if you hurt his nephew. Dare do this again. This is what's gonna -- The biggest issue we have with sexual abuse is we've got these little risk is justified judges. That were used to punish -- predators or the NCAA to step up sex or heard of that every single one of these athletes transferred whatever school they want to -- are innocent bystanders in this too. But we're gonna ruin this program because it's the right thing to do. Noise to get me fired up and a lot of Texas to asking got to like donate the -- -- -- -- a victim dot com. And what exactly you do with that. I live at the dot com you like created because the hardest thing for victims to do is to tell their story the hardest thing is that dissent Heath Evans foundation an -- -- -- -- opponents say hey. I need to free of charge anonymous counseling with you guys golfer I need would you were able to give your wife that banned the so I created a web site. Where they can go on there and they can anonymously just kind of blog out there -- story. But why they write their story they can rebuild hundreds and thousands of other stories on there. Of other victims just like themselves so they -- by the -- that this just happened to me and -- ball long list of one had a four point 5%. Of our young girls before the age of 181 out of six males -- victims you're not alone that site was created for you go their blog out your site tell your story. Give a little better relief by just getting off your chest. In start the process of healing and when you have the courage to call us and asked for help but ask for counseling which you desperately need. Didn't make the call worked there for you again it's free of charge it's anonymous and you know what I hate that I had to learn about the way that I did my beautiful bride was ravaged for a year relied. And and honestly in the marriage an -- with everything else it's still have to remember back -- 05 our foundation was just starting. You know we had money in the bag beautiful cars in the driveway a beautiful house to beautiful daughters -- husband loved her and I -- -- from offseason work out West Palm Beach, Florida. And my wife sit in my closet wanted to end it all. She -- everything in this world that you need to be happy but emotionally she had emotional cancer because a -- of sexual abuse we -- to get the answers we found the answers and we exist. The victims that don't have a voice that are gonna stand -- form. Moral stand up and fight we're gonna provide just a free of charge and on the victim dot com is just another avenue for people just to gain a little bit of strength by getting the weight of the world off their shoulders. -- I'm wondering you say anonymous bloggers how many go on now website see the support see that it's not choose them see that it's not their fault and maybe. Take an anonymous out and come out and tell their story. You know what a lot of people right but when you do Google Linux on the web site it's funny most people that hit the web site just rebate don't write it and that's what we're trying to create. And environmental freedom my voice is obviously big and strong in regard to this I'm trying to create. An environment where people know that they're not alone and they don't need to be ashamed of what happened to them. They were to -- once the thing about sexual abuse has been victims end up putting the blame on themselves. Because of the predator the predator makes -- think that it's their fault. They were in some way shape or form. Helpful in the process of being abused and so therefore they turn it inwardly and they blame themselves and and the the emotional cancer stepped in because when you blame yourself when you're angry and bitter yourself what happened I mean. Everything. Everything follows down around you and then the before you know it year old -- you have no answers the drug and alcohol abuse amongst sexual abuse of our resolve the charge that suicide rates off the charts. I mean that I read somewhere that 26%. Of girls on our country under the age of sixteen on some type of anti depressant which tells me we're just Medicaid in the symptoms of sexual abuse or not fixing the problem. -- you mention I'm a victim dot com may be more importantly for for some lesser title we donate money you said he could -- lot of good things is money in the people texting in here. Are asking the question how do they donate directly to your foundation today. You you know -- -- dot org it's plain it's simple it's safe it's secure. But here's what -- what people don't know what their money's going to we provide obviously free of charge professional count when the best of the best in the we pay our councilors upper 200 plus dollars an hour. Because it's on providing went out -- to provide for Beth and I didn't ski company corners were cut any corners when I came to get investment. The best help we can get and that's what I do for these families of these victims. But also we're in the process now creating an online curriculum so people that will never gain the courage to to pick up the phone and call. To ask for help I'm creating an online curriculum that will be age. Gender specific -- mom can get on with their daughter or a a sixteen year old girl can -- by ourself for young man and his team can hop on and taken online counseling course without anybody knowing. We're gonna have on my -- Skype group counseling sessions. Everything anything we're gonna create a web platform for victims of sexual abuse to get help in -- freedom. Online just community that the arrives on. On being there for each other if -- beating this epidemic but it stark with punishing predators and make an example people that stood by and watched it happen. The website as he's Evans dot org I can check that I can donate right there and he's down -- we'll talk to patriots the closest Super -- time in please let us know. How we can help you of our producer Joseph -- number we appreciate the time here today at a educate and talk about this up Penn State's scandal. You guys are the best I appreciate you not shy away from a. Areas. Heath Evans who's been -- frequent guest us to meet. He was he on the weekend shows here are called up this and he would kiss on the air he sent him an email to come on point -- talk football and this is something that. As you guys have Texan and about he listened and driving around you know that he's very passionate. About this and I hope that I think he's good guys driving down -- Penn State right now the text reading and -- s.'s -- he's the man tellem if you need to former military medical stealth given mine number of people -- run through -- wall right now I could see the passion that he has with this. And I'm a victim dot com and it's everything he talked about needs right now with everything. Boy updated -- said NCAA stepped up and I think they joked some about the Heath Evans dot org you wanna check out more about -- foundation and your chance to donate there as well we see is still lined up will get right to your phone calls. Ninety seconds -- --

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