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Tom Brady talks about the Giants loss, Ochocinco and Gisele and the Jimmy Fund

Nov 7, 2011|

Patriots QB, Tom Brady, joins D&C to recap the Giants loss and address what is wrong with Chad Ochocinco and the Pats offense.

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Our pitcher Monday interview with Tom Brady has brought you by northeast electrical distributors brightening your day of electrical solutions capabilities that can assist -- in saving energy and reducing costs and -- auto trader. Compare brand spanking new cars and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com. -- you with the quarterback brought you by Dunkin' -- America runs on Duncan good morning Tom how -- American morning taking a standard answer that we hear from the podium and in the locker when the microphones -- in front of everybody's faces we need to work harder correct our mistakes and make more plays than they did but what you do work hard Tom and plays are made. You know the reason plays -- -- do you know that. Our. What it's a bunch of different things I think we just. -- -- in the individual would you look at which she did on every play and and you try to figure out which you could have done better so. Based on. Only your expectation with the team and expectations are. For you on a particular play and then cumulatively over the course of the game. Obviously the work place you've made -- the better the outcome for the team. So. You -- so we do all of I would sit around and we think about all the things we wish we'd done better and if obviously if if there are few things that we did better than. That we could come -- when yesterday. Government accuracy standpoint would you agree that you had an off day yesterday about talking about the interceptions -- -- the fumble but even on some of the completions balls were had to be reached -- down four behind her little higher low would you agree with better disagree. You know obviously I wish I completed more passes but they are here you know little played out there that which we I wish I could hit. In those who want to think about so. You know they they they made a lot of plays there you know it's a good defense. You know we're just we're gonna keep fighting -- I think that's. Really what we've done to this point this season and then there's a long way to go in the we gotta we gotta get back to win and we got to get back to make him more good plays a bad place. Did did they do similar things to what the Steelers did the week before do you worry about the the the blueprint theory that one team can just. Look at the film and and do just what with the giants that are with the Steelers did you guys. Well you know every week we don't win in the end and we are pretty good idea what they're gonna do it and we -- pretty good idea what we're gonna do against themselves. Both teams may have a blueprint for us well you know we think we have a blueprint for that haven't. We can't we place so. I don't think there's any doubt we can make good plays. When we don't know fees that we are incapable of doing that. You know we just making too many bad place in in the pat -- her -- what it should be. I we we're we we've been asking every week but this is kind of a benchmark eight games in. Is is Chad Ochocinco ever gonna get it comes you ever going to be on the same page with them. Well you know we're where you were definitely we'd make improvements every week it's just a matter of you know ultimately get -- -- in the game. And you know that's what we're. Every week -- more confidence and in what we're doing. I'm with him -- in which can then -- and in this system matter let's give up there doing it on the field so. We've been ruined more fresher than -- and -- that and we talked after the game though you know what we need to do to get better and -- Woodward's gonna keep doing we really don't know the other way it would -- sitting here feel bad for yourself further. You know we're we're five and three. As to where we wanna be no it's not let you know -- we gotta go do something about it in the and that's. That's what fifteen votes -- about. Rather make a bunch excuses and point fingers were. You know all of us individually are very important and try to perform a lot better and see if see if we can we can do better job. Tommy said this of the week you find out what this football team is made of can be more specific about that how how might go how do you think it will go. Well we've we've lost two straight in. You know we've. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's been getting tougher than men that are big. You know that's funny nice stage when you do we can watch where you're the only team player. You know we're gonna we're gonna if you are futile battle we're gonna see you know at that level of commitment that we have and it's been good all year we've. I think that's why we're in these games in the games we've lost wait until the end of the -- collapsed. The last -- No that's for the taking and we don't we don't have a -- -- team that's about the character of the team. And in order we have guys that -- mentally tougher or you're gonna make excuses you know we're just gonna go up there and try to work harder. And don't prepare harder and ultimately. Try to do better job. Now I know we you know in -- them place point the finger placed the blame on on your receiver book one drawback is Ochocinco. Usually where he's supposed to be com. Yeah he doesn't mean he's he's. You know he he certainly is in -- you know it's there's a lot of things are going to our offense and timing of offense in -- incurable and played eight games together so. And and that was really look at abbreviated off season in -- It's like I think that we're if you don't we talk to each other the Google mail got to. You know it's frustrating cover up the field and it would make it a place that we're capable of -- income. You know I know that number I'm trying to get in the -- trying to make -- a part of the offense and that's that's just what marvelous about really when I think about it what I need to do better and they're playing those things so -- caught up with. Regardless of what they need you know familiarity that I need to scroll ball but I need to make better decisions since I gotta make fewer. I gotta make fewer and fewer. Bad please you know reaching. Will the term avoid that and always be uttered in. Foxboro this week getting ready for the jets Tom. Yes it will be you know let last week and and -- -- we do a good job that it's. And when you lose to good teams and you lose and -- their very close games and you don't play well. You know you Disco guy we you know we need to play well that's different if you. If you give everything -- you played really well and you still lose -- and you go -- -- -- -- we can do better world we know what we can do better. There's a lot of things we can do better there's a lot of things that I need to do better. In the so that's. That's one in the world traveler without prompting a month from the -- -- a place that I need to make to help working with. Tom -- have -- analogy here and tell me if if you think it's accurate or or fatally flawed and I am making analogy between New England Patriots and Tiger Woods the golfer. And and the patriots and tiger were very much similar they were feared psychological edge before the contest even started. Work hard. Better than the opponent in every single phase of the game. And just went out there in one and dominated and now for whatever reason I don't know what that reason would be it's much of that has gone away the swagger seems to be gone the fear by the opponent doesn't seem to be what -- was. Me the confidence level is down and and both tiger and the patriots are searching to get that that ingredient back is a flawed or accurate analogy. Well I'm not sure you know I don't I really don't know other teams you -- -- thing we've ever taken an approach that you know we have -- -- -- -- -- every game I think courage comes from. Our preparation and our ability to work hard and our ability to perform under pressure. So. That's something that needs to be developed every single year I don't think it's. Rodney Harrison of those guys don't have any effect on what we're doing now. You know they're great players for this team and in and we had some great years for it to take time to none that means any safer. For this particular teams so. Those particular team were filed in Korea straight games record that's not where we wanna be it's about where we're expected to be. But Ecuador Cuba could do anything about it -- so. When -- sit here and bitch and complain and in making excuses and point fingers at each other -- there and try to do a better job and see if we could. If we can do a better job that's that's what it comes out. -- most people picked you guys to win not that -- -- to you would -- to win yesterday and and everybody said the same thing they never lose back to back or or lose at home you'll lose at home but. Never losing back to back come I'm guessing that -- it took pride in it is there was there an explanation for column why were you guys so. Resilient after losses. Well I mean if you if you turn the ball over four times and gave -- -- -- chances to win it's it's hard to win and you fortunately so. You know we leave we brought in Pittsburgh are assuming they're playing well and then you know just -- turn the ball over four times. Earlier put the other missed opportunities in the first half were -- Where we would we really got no points on the board so you know -- market -- very slim -- the second half we made plays. To go up in the fourth quarter and make it competitive and and they made enough plays at the end to win and so. And I don't think back to back there you know what we did last week had the effect on this week's game just like this week's game one have no effect -- next -- -- so what's. The most affect the Mexican and it's how we play in and we can't turn it over we got to be better than earlier and we got -- better on third down and guess that we can we got to keep making that please and and make for good place. You you. When you last faced the jet to -- them there would have been there for. There in the second loss in a row they were circling the drain their back -- a time when you guys is it a different team. And you haven't -- immersed yourself in the preparation for the jets game but is it a different jets team in Tennessee Sunday night than the one yet. Beat up on a couple weeks ago. Well I mean it's the same players and it's the same scheme and -- good team they always play us tough they play -- -- home. You know those who want to we got a -- we got to win and get a win tough games on the road against good teams I don't think we're. They're not going to be a good team and if so killer on the road so. -- big record setting up the same players -- at the same players now for a few years pretty much in this and it seems skiing every year since record has been there so. It's a tough place to play. -- -- we got to go out there and if we gotta go without try to try to play it in error free game and see if we can. If we can go up -- get a big win on the road. W aware of or made aware of the Haynesworth pepper Johnson confrontational sideline in the third quarter yesterday. Now -- and I didn't look at. We generally end with the question that we brought you by auto trader now compare brand spanking new cards and special -- side by side of auto trader dot com. This is much less a question to -- a comment an acknowledgment of something that took place yesterday the -- a hand in. Point nine Jimmy Fund teenage young ladies in treatment. Dana Farber. Had a weekend. Out together and it ended yesterday with the day of beauty salon PDI on Newbury Street. With nails and makeup and hair. And the highlight without question was not just a day of beauty. But when the elevator door open and I introduced I told me all the beautiful because there have your hair and make a dozen nails they'll look like supermodels. Wanna not have much of what we bring thirties thirtieth supermodel and and when your wife walked off the elevator. You could hear the air just get sucked out of the room as they -- I gotta tell you Tommy should be very proud of her. She connected. A very personal. A very one on one real loving bases with these girls. And the sadness that is in their eyes often times was gone for the hours that she was there and it was quite a remarkable thing that you did. She connected she made everybody feel at. We have -- really her pleasure in it and she got it. This that much out of it is the other end as the young girls it's so I'm glad they had a great time and it was really great experience for her as well. -- it was emotional I told we're going on and I said would you leave here and go home gonna wanna hug your kids a little bit hot out a heart a little bit tighter after you see what you're gonna see here today it was great. Yeah both were great and -- it I'm glad it went well. Thanks -- -- good -- we'll talk the next Monday our -- talk -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T rethink possible brought to you by arbitrator dot com now compare brand spanking new cards and special -- side by side auto trader dot com. And by northeast electrical distributors. Brightening your -- of electrical solutions capabilities the assist -- in saving energy and reducing costs by auto trader. Brand spanking new car auto -- not be right back.

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