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Former Red Sox strength and conditioning coach Dave Page tells his side of the story

Nov 4, 2011|

Dave was recently fired as the Red Sox strength & conditioning coach and he wanted to clear the air with Mut & Merloni. He says he was surprised by the firing and is wondering why the Red Sox waited so long to do this. He also mentioned that there was a Red Sox player who did admit that he did not try as hard during the season to stay in shape.

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Patriots Friday -- -- -- Sports Radio WEE yacht will get back to your phone calls joining us on the ATP hotline get it faster with Ford GAT and T. Rethink possible former Red Sox strength and conditioning coach Dave page joining us here. David Mike and -- loss and how are you. Already got we're doing good other circumstances which were talking to you in a different circumstances. Dave obviously what happened this week when you confirmed. Yesterday guess I'll start how surprised were you when the Red Sox -- told you that there we're gonna look at a different direction for strength and conditioning -- for next year. Purse prize you know. It was a it was a tough thing to hear what kind of shocked me. The fact that they waited this long I know they have some some bigger system for I was. The -- he'll situation keel all that stuff but in effect that they waited. Who knows what was the third street 34 days from the -- -- the -- do you know. It let me to believe that things are gonna change in. You know it really kind of limited opportunities to Portland -- -- -- so it was hurt it. You know I think since this whole thing's over at Dave you know a tugboat Terry leaving in and deal leaving with. You're pretty much at least here -- most of the blame if not all the blame on the players and how they perform down the stretch in there was a a lot of talk about conditioning and whatnot and in your name would come up. They're not in particular but the strict conditioning coach. And to me it's you got a motive you motivate these guys but it's gotta be within them and as a player. I've always had a strict finishing coach political work but it's up to me to go and do that did you find your job challenging it differently than maybe this year than maybe years past. You know -- times reports that -- -- Olympic any more than one. Had been passed that -- you know little I was there to secure it we didn't have a whole lot of roster turnover. You know every -- -- or you know seen guys get plugin but it's the same guys every year. You know I knew then that you need you know they go through things are on and off the field. You know I might not all about that may have limited that. And most -- I didn't really see anything that. I didn't -- conversational one per one player in the near Baltimore that really yeah. He can open. Eight -- -- on here early on. And like people put a little bit you know why is he looked down the -- back. In -- I -- I was shocked you know. -- a player on the record tell you that you know -- basically admitted Dave -- he didn't work as hard here down the stretch and may have affected his results in the field. It was a lot -- -- those. That's where I want to ask from from April to September because all of this is is in September. Was there a difference in how maybe some guys on this team and you mentioned one player but more than one that may be work differently in April -- -- -- in June and maybe they did in August and September down the stretch. Not a whole lot not a whole lot you know it tapered things down as we get towards -- -- hear it in pile up that's a lot. Games get behind this we we we make changes every. No monthly changes in the pitchers which at church and Adam it'll change things up every twelve starts so we kind of reevaluate where they -- our. So we try to kick things back so toward doing that they're not doing much work has had passed anyway. Beginning of the year because just simply. Volume on the selective. So we can look back on. It on the worsen. -- the kind of feel the back we're not but. Where I would've liked to. For the most part in a report earlier this. A lot of -- that reports to reserve is Josh Beckett the only look at him visibly did a year I looked at a got to gain a lot of weight reports commodity goes through all the weight programs every month checking in. And it looked to me like here's a guy that looked visibly. Gained 1520 pounds and and to me -- -- centered 62 games that's difficult to do. Did you see a difference in Josh Beckett how we reacted. -- just introductions always work parts or really he's. He's been probably one of these guys that we wanted guidance out to emulate eagles' interest coming up and the guys that. That you -- default and a everything he does and you know he did. Expressing concern himself in fact he brought it up -- -- and other members were strains. That you felt he was. Get a little sideways. So to speak honestly. -- I don't think it was something that wasn't just noticed by outsiders and you so anyway. Today was Josh the player of the talks in Baltimore. Not. When we talk about these players it's been mostly on the pitching staff and I I think you you said you weren't sure or what some of this happened that a player said he's not sure why happy as a group. Did you notice an apathy specifically. With the pitching staff in terms of their work. In that last month month plus of the season a double the starting pitchers in particular. This specifically. You know we were little little cup lookup and toward unity in our Josh had that ankle thing in the war lacked that line drive up machine and you know there are some things that we're limiting got to -- -- -- Most of the guys did something they did they did -- back groups specifically. -- and sort of for a lot of reasons that via. The team in general you know we just. From physical fundamental and mental preparation. We just didn't have a every -- -- that was one of the things that we speculate on it I mean physical conditioning being prepared to go to a grind for six months you know as well as I do. There have always talked about in my personal trust -- but a bank account to go do deposits because it's -- withdrawals all yearlong do you think -- the years some these guys maybe conditioning. Just where we're ready there wasn't there for them to reach for -- there before. Yeah I think that. That I think that can be. But the good analogy and how horrible it in the past used cottonwood would still Nocioni gets older -- -- but that's what -- -- so warm. And I think some cut right now -- David terms of you said aide told Peter Abraham the Boston Globe here today there were a couple of red flags along the way here. For you as they start to get dishing guy what were those red flags and he said not a lot different this year but red flags when you look at that what were those. And get some guys are remote power structure in my -- here. Figures that if for a minute that you guys use it better now. It better now and you know what else about that as a state talked to Pete Abraham and the globe and and -- -- -- red flags about this year not a lot different but some red flags -- What we're those red flags the you saw the course 2000 lab with this team and their condition. You know or we do we do a lot of testing we do a lot of I wait on our guys from. And a lot of different things you know always ask that awaited win body comps shoulder. Straight shoulder mobility. -- -- current single we do look pretty solid battery tests and we just in the -- year where. You know we had four guys. Without being -- -- guys that we saw didn't. Make that -- where we thought they hope they would be one position player an everyday guy. One pitcher starting pitcher to open. For the most part everybody else had either stayed within where or where we want him to be or. You know that they were there they were. What we expected. Now it or. If you guys not not doing you know part of did their work as far as a sick conditioning wise where where do you turn how how hard does it go what was the voice do you go to and say listen these guys and get it done. Well I heard a report every Sunday morning. A weekly report goes to. Everybody pretty much and our front office. It goes to all our team doctors are in circus trainers what does -- know. Her young pitching coach. I think they're thirteen fourteen people that senators are more so that experts it will. What everybody did the week on. So it wasn't you know. -- what -- record and actually everybody knew about every week. And that just helps me keep track is not you know you don't that's so the fourth player and -- and responsible for a lot of people. You know we don't just work with -- just senators are just characters and we -- whatever. I need Evan has a record. And that allowed me. Basically is to let everybody know we're however but it was doing this sort of suitable preparation -- And so everybody everybody. Red Sox former Red Sox conditioning strength coach Dave pages -- joining us at any point this year Dave. Did anyone in the Red Sox front office coaching staff come to you. And expressed concerns. About either the condition of somebody or players. The nutritionist some of your players and really. I guess your job in general that you because you he -- 3334 days. After the fact did this come up at all during the year was aired a sort of a warning. From anyone on this team. You know usually if it's an issue I'm gonna I'm gonna be together initiate a conversation. So for the most part any time something popped up that I until Carl would have heard -- -- Dallas. Prepared so where I thought I would go I would initiate that conversation there have been a couple times where political front office or. One the other uniform coaches from the means some. -- the most part. It was me or have them and you know. The guy I'm having trouble reaching its actions in recent backup here and trying you know use my words in your voice it would up. You feel that backed up was there at times we think you lacked at times it may be kind of felt like -- left on an island it was someone that -- beach was reacting to you. I would say is it's. Spent a lot that are in the past. And at -- with some witty look at it now here you are a month later you know you lost you lost your job -- -- the -- in the senate said this may be a few media select few it's 341 whatever it is you guys it. That let you down and he puts you in the situation. You know I get a text message from Montclair the other -- the surgical. That he detection that I feel this is all watchful. I don't -- say who was just -- that between me and him but he did say that. When you look at other players have her mother guys who have contacted you Dave since I guess is became. But if -- -- found out Tuesday but I guess it was confirmed yesterday of other players reached out to you about this decision by the Boston Red Sox and opera you back. Yeah probably. 90% of our roster. Clearly and other teams coaches on other teams a lot of people in this post. I was I wasn't aware that this would have in fact it did but. That's exactly you have proper from a lot of people. Yes it does this -- that just these bad taste of -- it bothers me because it. This this is part part of the job you know when when you son -- be professional at this party job to take care year old business and moving moving forward now mean to boot. Is there anybody then maybe -- would without naming names you'll you can if you want to -- moving forward that you would be concerned with moving forward say. You know -- new year changes dial or or maybe even next year I don't see how would change. -- there are guys that aggregate page as the agent Robert Ehrlich. New issues prop up. But that now. That's in you know the guys that are moved on you know -- in this propaganda move on you know and check in ever -- an apple and for the most part you know. -- -- that are very highly motivated become our next year. With a better physical and mental mindset. Is this think it left that that is a lot of people mouse. Way to end it and a no I would hope that but that's just been you know. David terms of that Red Sox clubhouse for Maine I guess non strength and conditioning you've been around you live round you've heard all that the chicken and here. Conversations we've had -- on the show and across Sports Radio. How how prevalent well what was there that divide because the the feeling is that that the deer in the the chicken was a starting pitchers thing. And that there was a divide there in the players maybe took offense to the pitchers and you're talking about guys not doing their work. The junior from players talked do you did you have players conversations where. Guys are upset about that starting pitching staff that click that they've formed and so are breaking away from the rest of the team was that an issue in September. You don't a lot of grumbling about you know -- innocent I think that old chicken and -- thing. Done a lot of -- -- Unnecessary place to -- concert I really didn't see. Chicken in the club -- all that often and you know I'm I'm not. You know I'm in and out of their life has been the first 23 innings every night get ready -- post -- stuff logged in my. My computer stuff so on the -- -- the venture located on so. I really are rarely start again if the beer that American spirit probably upstairs. You know. I wasn't out there. You need to you'll see the -- appear. On our game star pitcher Mike -- that's pretty common. I don't do those might -- it wasn't elected as -- as I made out to be. Do you think you have been their long time to -- Terry Francona for a long time the is that there are some guys maybe tuning Amani taking advantage his managerial style. Towards the end. I've got to say I'm. I'm you know I'm not. You know try to stand my own little there irresponsibility is sort of -- expand them around sandbox -- there. People is you know. Over the course here you gonna have. Issues somebody is bound to happen where -- each other and what are safer. 99 and a half months you found out things I didn't hear anything more than normal. In -- final month Dave do you feel the results of that thing in the weight sort of the beer and chicken thing is and you think the you were made. A scapegoat anyway for some of the results of this baseball team in September. You know. Yeah. I think you probably say I don't mean. The bottom line -- you and we weren't. Ready for the play. Physically fundamentally or mentally and the way we should -- with -- championship you should event. You know the one thing that. It kind of highlights. And saying it is. It won't hurt you on that side they put you're talking on the -- to -- that refuted so they asked me to global. Somehow they're negligent or -- game you know. To lock -- on the first six innings and a couple of games at Yankee. Out of there. For sixth inning we had eighteen balls in play where eighteen else. That we seven times the guy who took the ball never mean at first they. He'll -- before. I cannot you know sit on the other coaches and we're not play -- part you know so -- trickled down a lot of places you know. Internet access so a lot of different ways. We're really. Really trying to. Opened my art so maybe what -- in the next week. David's. Very -- your -- c'mon here talk with us about this and know it's been a tough week for. Arguing your family I know that this is something you certainly didn't see coming a month and a couple days after. This season and we thank you for coming on and and given us your take of a what happened there with this Red Sox team in 2000 -- invest a lot in the future to reasonably well respected in the game and nine and get a good friend to Macs -- -- -- -- after you that they -- in and some of the monster come here. So our premier -- -- former Red Sox rank and conditioning coach. Eight page joining us here on the program -- get your reaction at 6177790850. Told 3888. 5250850. Verizon cellphone pound W week -- it's a free call it text doesn't. Many of you did as Dave was talking and that's an indication of the response here to be interest and ATT text line at 85850. Mutt and loose portrait.

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