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Erin Andrews interviews the Honey Badger and Les MIles at LSU

Nov 3, 2011|

ESPN's Erin Andrews interviews the Honey Badger and Les Miles -- and we have some fun with it

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-- ever have -- of these. -- -- Keith Clinkscale you know I noticed him the other night at the end of the Chris -- -- knows his -- swear to god does -- who produce that yeah. And he was one of the guys aren't yet what he was ESPN's senior vice president for content development and enterprise. He recently left the company to become an independent producer. Apparently there were some troubling things going on with -- delegates who was a bully. He had anger issues he would scream and yell and and but then it got even stranger. Shortly before ESPN's announcement. That he's Clinkscale. Was leaving the organization. Is this is just it's -- this is this is Desmond. Dad's been received an email from the spouse of upper level content development executive. This place is a -- show our tipster wrote. The group has been dissolved to get rid of Clinkscale whose transgressions. We would learn -- -- in conversations. Allegedly included a physical altercation with a co worker. And an incident of masturbation. In front of sideline reporter and keeping victim Erin Andrews. In front of her out well yeah we -- she mine oh yeah yeah very much because I mean you look in the people do two years in prison right. What happens when you do that. -- it was -- more trouble element Bieber this guy that. The complaints about Clinkscale were all over the place at ESPN some complained about his creative input and -- lousy show ideas. Some bits that he was an incompetent manager -- was stretched too thin. Some report he was they -- to bully with rage issues and often said inappropriate things. Once he openly fantasized about slitting the throat of BSP producer making -- slashing gesture across his neck. But here's the Erin Andrews story. Earlier this year Clinkscale traveled to LA with Erin -- operate work related event. Andrew sat in the middle while Clinkscale was sitting on the -- it was either first class or business class. What happened next was related by Andrews herself. To the tipster and ESPN anchor staged deal to Erin Andrews told two people this is what happened. At some point during the cross country flight. Andrew -- Clinkscale source masturbating in his seat beneath his iPad. On the planet on the part of our friend I was choked and -- -- is -- my life clubbed a mild action. He was masturbating in his seat sitting next to Erin Andrews beneath his iPad. When he realized it's been caught. Putting skills panicked and muttered to -- you know I'm one of your bosses. Andrews still scarred from the very public people stalking and the devastation was angry but inflicted. She shared the incident with a handful of people a network but refused the suggestion that she go to human resources. Would it anonymously then she was advised -- declined she just wanted it to go away. She the next seat yes. How -- -- -- was elect rubbing up like you know he had his iPad -- arm like -- -- She was in the middle seat on the -- so how it is some time with someone's in the next seat that that you do there fighting over the cameras yeah there really fat like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to stop it. It after -- it was on the that Dancing With The Stars yeah -- he loved it. That sounds criminal more than -- -- that public indecency yeah so very definition of Green spills out at ESP yeah -- is -- -- yeah prison no no no no he he resigned to two after a stop to become an independent producer. To pursue other opportunities if it's a at. A I was the government with a mile high club -- that's very good surrogate does it count Alex now so now. -- was feel bad for those people that when you get off the -- have cleanup is stuff things in the in the park in the seat funny in newspapers. Have room of the need to just. Drop stuff and you can't pick among they comply Nigeria you're supposed to help. The combined with the bat -- the bag at the end plastic bag taken newspapers and the rest browser to go through the Internet bubble bottom. To go to the plan. At turner plan and twenty minutes yet come on let me ask you to help and and I think it'll in the film you can keep you -- like people against us and practices and they. Forget their cell phones in Poland live up phones parliament behind toppled from every every -- -- most people calling. -- -- in fact an ambulance. Remember how we remember how we met them slang. Idea one on the Aronson I read and one of his books and thirty pages left. And I left it in the secrecy beat them pocket -- in front of me. And -- it was hard cover two and I'm too cheap to buy another one and I said so I just leave it hang in and and not. Go or so ago people suggest Google library. Do try to bust the blockade go to looks don't just read it and put back on the shelf. And I couldn't decide whether I should invest and hold the book is it was good yeah only at thirty pages left. And he got wind of baton and took good care he sent me a whole new copy. That's when he was and that's when he -- little. You know. Semi regularly. -- on the street I was before and came in a static and personal calls and Clint. And challenge. Yet Clinton shot they call them at home he became the one of them that Iraq today yeah his -- and I used to just be a rate. It was a Reagan -- driver. At the -- -- it's an outside the park right as a and write long hand -- the old didn't type and at least just the normal regular guy anomalies. Now he goes to the Oscars. Two to. Extras that masturbating in front of Erin Andrews was not -- steele's biggest crime. He created bin Laden to market up and I. It was his idea I think it might have been -- -- show still on Manila. I do I Roland you keep I don't know. Yet still is that still -- still there is as close to lick at the tweak it and listen a little -- wrote his father is -- still that he still there while still -- home. I just saw the video of the honey badger -- the snake -- -- nasty animal that is pretty impressive poll lead met somebody who's the democratic rhetoric is how -- you Matthew. Diplomat in defense of I thought about it just deepens the Vietnamese -- -- does -- -- a -- -- Polamalu. -- -- does everything right -- there's a maniac he's he's all of blitzes. -- recovers -- summer's full -- holes blocks -- is Heisman candidate and these these objectives shot but you know -- -- that gratuitous defensive player yeah it was in the mix of the I was -- with -- one but that's different that's different -- they never went to Woodson. Which they only want -- is the only only to principal. The only defensive player Winamp let's play is not win it this year. I've already -- my ballot said in a room and locked in after being USC in the overtime and that's the kind of reports in the mute and -- -- Heisman. You -- that one on national TV. As every one career than it and everybody has a lot of people don't watched him for -- much does -- through it right. Russian East Coast and in this game so good you couldn't hear about the Austin and plus he beat USC and and is nothing what channeling it. Gore -- and again that's always. I now understand why he likes to be called the honey badger. Here's the Wikipedia on the honey badger the animal. It's also known as they -- hell -- -- like John retail. The honey badger does not closely resemble resemble other badger species instead during a more anatomical similar between weasel. That's not white probably took the name. It is primarily a carnivorous species. Has few natural predators do with thick skin and it's the real ferocious defensive abilities. There you go the honey I. How did it sounded kind lame when you first turn these tiny bad certificate at home. It's -- completely a little bit about this phenomenon that's catching on worldwide here. -- -- -- You've been nicknamed best I teammate touted this story go out. I think this thought it -- defense. You know intent -- seeing this you know brought it up and in the means you know kind of let it simply like kind of invented. So lot of guys on the team around them. She lost the talked about. Talk of talk about this talk about -- senate caucus and I mean honestly. I cringe for her feel bad for. You know the real journalists. That the when he excellent mix and there is all in the Jackie McMullen and all the real. Female journalists have to look at this. Bobble head who did the thing with -- after. Stuck her ass company and yes it look at her. -- million people and that's say well I don't like the objective side. No I've never manner but that's the definition. Of a objective like yourself. Well again and it dies stick it on a bet on a bad idea now. Sticking gas sexual Jerry engine and actually stood up at a certain joy it's a it's issue wasn't. But mean she gets the plum assignment on this because. Taken that seriously. College sports but he checks in now with players ago kinda like well. How do you actually kind of see it all happening in kind of kinda like -- still how do you actually kind of how often do you think about it. It's not illegal it's frowned upon like. Masturbating on an airplane. I'm pretty sure that's -- -- yet maybe after nine elevenths everybody gets sensitive. Thanks a lot bin Laden get after -- he's not -- I didn't exercise that gets yeah I think it with the -- -- -- this -- to opt. Out. Don't think I -- none of -- of course I -- on the plane nesting and look how often do you think about it.

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