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Brad Marchand on the win over the Senators, his fight with the Habs' PK Subban and the Bruins' slow start to the season

Nov 2, 2011|

Fresh off the practice ice, Brad Marchand joins Mut & Lou in his weekly appearance. He talks about the state of the Bruins and how he (doesn't) restrain himself in getting in to fights with opponents in crucial points of games and when it's appropriate such as his battle with PK Subban battle last week. He also touches on the Bruins' slow start to the season, where he says they are reviewing tape to narrow down what they need to improve, and talks about the win over the Ottawa Senators.

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Our conversation -- Brad -- every week Brad like a little power you. Always relate who -- in there it looked at. How has practice they give us a breakdown how things go. -- didn't. Are feeling better -- and that. -- -- sort sort of boat there ought to insult our -- You -- better mood and I read your comments before the game last night we said maybe the word frustration was creeping in to. Not your -- little bit how how does that Brad manifests of the guys talk about it is there. When -- three and seven out of the gate before that game last night is a pretty public knowledge that you feel like you're not playing all that wells a team. Very public here or load the we're much better -- that are here. But brilliantly victory in there are more like. Like we should be electric and it you know it. Showed the way all throughout very -- Cult hero yesterday and said you know teams right now than engaging casino we feed off of that and and as a result maybe -- discipline. It's a penalties against us and look like last night ought to look the world to engage with you guys and got -- at the game I think that you guys enjoyed. Yeah that it. You know they bail out of our little low rent you or excitement -- -- -- yet. -- guys you'd select fairway and you're. It -- be. You know you're that are here you know look I think you. That they're really there are so -- -- -- or. You mentioned -- -- getting engaged how hard is that when a guy like Neil -- last night Brad it's electronic. The gullet you'll watch it on TV and thinking OK let's see if we go through debates it because the -- Your purse string and they are -- how hard is that not to want to go after a guy when he's trying to goad you and it's not like that. I important here. -- you know because the army thought Google we're desperate here. I would liberated they're moderate they're -- and. -- X -- do an interview DJ being here in WEEI and he made a comment saying you know you're trying to stay away. For some of that stuff getting under pull his skin early on in the year in just -- -- -- -- he admitted that maybe gonna give back to some of that was that what has been about in the last couple of games for you to get back to. To be in that kind of got to get under people's skin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're we're looking here and not an -- but there are some aren't here -- -- -- markets are better but governor you have to order. I pursche brought a guy that used to playing with Tyler Sagan has now skated with your group now for a couple of games give us. A rundown of their -- do you talk to CA sake it's what are your best friends of the team -- you skate with the not their high to think that line has has played together -- I hit paralyzed and say look these. Her he's not very good right it's not like he's not -- Taliban sentinel. You -- a lot Howland lotteries and immediately. Start third. It triggered Ali. -- are. Great I let you know Richmond facility. I think you'll oh earlier lot and think all it can get better that it appeared. You know I think or hear her -- -- new character Eritrea to be acting like. You know last night you lost this first period first two periods really and you'll see that's similar frustration in -- -- -- a couple of key bounces a couple of goals. You guys miss some some big opportunities but it seems though the game plan was just fired shots on Anderson. Now they've won six straight but really look at his numbers three point eight goals against save percentage -- there was -- investigate things keep fire pucks try to grind this thing out. Yeah aliens or -- Christian or Newark and all of and -- we -- out there with secure rhetoric that's serious especially oil -- all third Alter a lucky break through there really gathering and not so. You know if we just got pushed a little earlier in earlier period you're -- little -- Rob Marshall Jones every Wednesday we talked to a one button -- Sports Radio WEE I know I gotta go back we haven't talked to you since the -- great Marchand PK -- bon throw down at six days ago. Take just take us through that I'll start with before we get to the actual altercation. First it that you read that Montreal Canadians jumped -- -- kind of stop the thing that arrests jumped and why why don't referees what this lets you guys go in the first place what does that become. Hey lets just get the softwood pulp got to go each other here. I don't think here -- -- -- after the whistle the -- -- the jump here is that cardinal rule. And not lies. They came in second are -- -- I don't expect outside of injured in -- and is there gonna let her career eventually able to go -- you know I'm not very got you early for that. May get a media is -- kind of build up some penalties towards that once you guys go you meet coming right out of the penalty box. It what's it what's the role that you guys opened the gloves are dress and elbow pads off the merits -- certain kind of okay we're gonna go let's make sure we were all on patted here to get activists that. Are either little -- here -- that they a -- there aren't all. Sure to come. Out let's say -- -- And -- answer our other cultures are out there but. I don't know the result and adults are the spirit. You know and so it's you know we got over it and I got like that. You kind of liked it and find out -- to cut you kind of friendly with India itself like it was. Just something you want to do this implicates about not a guy that you dislike -- hockey player guys actually get along off the -- Go to -- your orbit you know organizing and -- -- I think when you're on the base unit Java. In general and ukrainians also that there. Don't argue that you've got so so so it. Having the Brad Marchand at Tuesday big growth because everybody Bruins fan wants to take a swing -- case who won at this point. A ship and so last year. I think with a lot of guys that some receiver Ochoa that's without political but. You know I didn't use -- -- I -- or north and Goldman -- And I thought that -- but apparently it. Well thorn right now is on pace for about 72 off site as a -- on the season Sosa was gonna. Pick him up. -- -- already getting a rubric of yeah -- get our now. It's bot took some big swings it to you -- I got maybe help a -- over some big cuts you like he didn't. Never fought before just throwing -- makers try to connect there was. Yeah I think you built and -- -- and that there are over there would be that it. Well it is so you know the leaders -- in -- and -- and doctor -- a lot of people it. I see you guys -- last night play the game that everybody thinks you connect capable of one game it's a new month how important was that kind of just changing it over it guys talking also -- new month time to start fresh that's put October behind us. Especially. -- -- -- that guitar and try to look at the change in our new month and you know come in there really -- in the lower north it will. On the subject threat. Arm. In order to get overwrought and that voter -- Did did last night's effort have anything to do with may be. Hearing some whispers GOP dish really talking hey maybe we'll play into it we are right now -- we have a sect changed that the things up -- making a move. The -- impacted you guys talk about that at all. All. -- it and regret very singular -- now we. Officials Lauren aren't. You know our players that Torre were to trade less -- surmise that. They're they're Barroso. We we know that we normally and then we -- -- -- that. Now we asked about Bruins fans to get -- on FaceBook Brad and and it's some questions for in the -- I want to ask you was Andrew fight who said. You know what are you -- -- to make it teammates trying to do to make things better on and off the ice during this -- slower start to the season. We're sharing their a watch video incorrect. Continue to do a little bit more a lot of vicious effort focused. At you know we focus our -- -- -- you do it -- all the Gator bit his -- -- -- -- You see you boy Tim Thomas will TV commercial action he says. We're just thankful. It's. Actor lots topic perhaps. Not a bad -- as he sat next year. Out of order here it real. You that are. Are we dude -- that's why we're here -- we appreciate the time enjoy the trip to throttle -- the next week. Area Brad Marchand to this every week here but -- Sports Radio WE BI he is presented. By Brennan's smoke shops the very best tobacco in tobacco accessories. At the very best prices in Massachusetts customers must be eighteen years or older. I check out that Thomas and good for tamper proof. Yes -- net. 6177790850. Till 388852508. Bit you'll get back to your phone calls big show at 2 o'clock portrait.

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