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Bill Belichick on Patriots’ WR Julian Edelman arrest

Nov 2, 2011|

Mut & Lou discuss the reporters at Bill Belichick’s press conference this morning grilling the head coach about his conversations with Julian Edelman about his arrest for indecent assault and battery.

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Our two it's Butler Sports Radio WEE we started with lot of football patriots giants this week able get into. This matchup in particular and also that Julian Edelman news some further things it will get to a Bill Belichick most of -- we just was asked. About -- settlement and his press conference over Foxborough here's what coach Belichick had to -- Coach I'm on element. You have any comment at all on on -- arrest and what is his future with the team as a result. Comment that is the percentage neither common and considering that. How's he posed for a picture -- sports stars you're not a young player out late. At a nightclub getting arrested or discipline issue on this team. You know. There. Feeling OK okay. Those conversations -- private commercial player absolutely. Must be disappointed in him. I -- get ready for the giants. Spoofable injure or get rid of the times. Big gambles on the. If you play backhand. Including those players that we can't for the game like we always do. Won't be any different this week and I know -- How do you determine. As a coach. How players' actions off. -- -- -- -- -- Hi how you size. Photos or that he had to decide. What's a -- haven't come play off the field you know it's. -- apparently -- Thank you look at -- situation. Look at each situation individually make good decisions based on whatever all the information you have this whatever that is. And everyone's different office of. The internal sanctions. I guess -- gronkowski or the. We never publicly -- -- internal team discipline. So we would change that policy. And doesn't -- and general. Boy. He tries to run that whole thing to pick the best -- would you run that whole conference YE. We just maybe we gave the best part of that sort of run the -- and then. That is incredible. Moments of course when he's asked and he talked to join Adam of course like Kate you're an -- reporter. I'm not gonna answer any question to ask my -- an element but of course I talked to. Of course I did. The one upside let me laughter but the one question teed up there about you know what -- decide. The side what -- long answer kind of bought out kind of -- they've been around about it. Aside what. Well this'll biggest play I -- yesterday odds are. -- of the day you know when he's yesterday -- -- yeah we need to get all the information right -- need to go information no idea. What happened in that club you know is Jonathan I'm all go on after him there is the innocent -- eventually. Actually no idea which you have to be a somewhat concerned. -- beat -- -- future with this team and and they can sit there and come back and say you know it's a football decision guys fall out of favor. At a -- a couple of years back last year seven catches a lot of drops special teams guy now. It's you know you have to be worried about it and we talked about this yesterday it's the reality of sports is it right now but superstars get different treatment. 2008. Pittsburgh Steelers like stories -- 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers take -- -- Cedric Wilson. Exactly why -- fever is that real NFL player senator Wilson to watch your Pittsburgh Steelers come up the season meeting eighteen catches stars' careers separate -- sixth round pick can gain a Pittsburgh 618 catches and 10060. At a relatively -- -- I don't thirty catches a year before us. Whatever extra wide receiver. He was released this report back 2008 and march 2008. He's released. For punching his girlfriend in the face and a suburban restaurant. Dan ruining its CEO during the chairman of the of the steel comes out is -- been disappointed. -- do not condone violence of any kind especially against women. The funny thing is is that while they released Cedric Wilson. Earlier in the month James Harrison. Was charged with hitting his girlfriend. And now pretend -- and that hearing was going on an all pro linebacker at the hearing that -- going on. -- and hit his girlfriend. He got released due to pick -- gay artists we don't condone punching you know especially woman. Rudy comes ounces no way to condone -- condone domestic violence of any kind. Each incident must be considered on case by case basis in the situation which games he contact us immediately after the incident. And it's taken responsibility for his actions. Was it really the case all was that we don't really need Cedrick Wilson. But we need James Harrison is an all pro line America we need to terrorists across that we really need you so much. That's the reality of sports. It just days. It just is. And that's just the way most Nikkei compare what Gradkowski did go to -- is called a -- view not even close allegedly. Accused of but still this is just the world of sports and unfortunately you know doesn't happen but unfortunately you know and maybe the high about a football decision on to a -- off the field he wasn't playing much force but the way it goes sometimes I think in this case. Settlements performance on the field would certainly be be worthy at least considerations cannot be hearing more when he gets to -- wears a wide receiver. -- healthy scratch. The patriots could hide behind as you just said the idea if they release him SA football decision. But I don't I certainly not enough information from the off the -- -- number armory in the Boston Herald story today. Is of the apparently surveillance camera there -- story bill there'll look at the surveillance camera. And try to make some sort of decision -- reportedly reached under the woman's party -- at this party and grab a Regina. Has it right near the Boston -- while they were on the dance floor according to that police report. So. That they they look at this story. And if he got cut people would say he got cut because of what happened off the field. But on the field -- rap sheets hit today at the end saying this is a guy it's not -- -- was helping scratch. And make -- hide behind they were cutting him because he hasn't played well. So either way they're going to be helped protected here and again it's it getting rid of this guy connects -- see it's going to be left up to us his fans to figured out. You will he get caught. Based on the information we know right now I have no idea this is not I have no idea if the -- line. We haven't had any added additional information about of the camera at the surveillance camera he's not due back in court until January 10. So initially when you read this story. It is it clear cut to you that yet team should -- -- team should keep his night it's good hairy guy to guide a girl with a -- war against settlements and a video camera. That may or may not pick up what's on I can. Tell you a gray area you -- -- think it's a. It's a pretty crowded -- if you go to the video right. It's a crowded dance floor crowded brutal Telerate -- -- say it's Halloween. We unit you know I don't know what happened to slip and fall just fallen some a lot of people if no -- -- what's gonna happen. You know but I'm just saying defect is -- with a but the Steelers did is that right thing that's right -- Israeli sports. But it clubhouse you -- I eat the Red Sox could -- gotten away with some of the stuff that the superstars got away with. Absolutely not. If -- done some of the things that the you know that that the high priced superstars and the Boston Red Sox did. Out of and gone out been shipped -- to -- for the seven -- seven is -- But I mean it just it would of happened -- been released. -- -- -- I don't know I mean we talked about a little off -- will he be released me from this from the story off the field. I don't think it's not -- -- recede this guy's got to go he's a distraction at the first 24 hours of the -- going -- about it more Michigan's out. And the video camera comes out in football and dealer. It's as you just said little and he goes for the gravity goats that play might be easier to make that decision right now. I don't know -- Regina. That's that's that's right your videos and he jumped -- -- -- -- is -- can we say that I have no idea Munich I yeah I get leaked out for a lot of stuff out there Regina up to be able that's -- it's on page -- the Harold. Right there -- -- Talk around the reportedly did. Now would be some sort Keith Hernandez -- felt spitting incident if what you said happened that he sort of fell into our. And a sand somehow went up projects when this happened this alleged incident that -- physics like that it's a falling down and go up and you've got to make a play -- I don't know about that I'd rather Regina -- -- -- Wednesday whatever. So juvenile -- so juvenile try to do on the shore. Sports show attended to every day and you'd track has vowed to your level this text messages love it though. Well what. Using the word vagina is at its word. Let's use that word before and own radio and summit Chara went on what's your what does that our elected and sailor I can't say. Listen Vijay I don't know if they don't have you know whatever you want match I have no idea what we can -- -- really don't. Well I just wrong with you like -- -- a -- it's all good critically I would go about that Laura. Riches in late he'll be joined this. Very good your conversation hi rich. Radar and I'll let you know most loyalists -- not -- -- -- and you guys can work all day long rich thank you -- we appreciate that and just. I'm a defender I love bill -- -- I like the way he handled the media. Effective you know ethernet occurred around in the thirty people down there -- -- looking get a word out that we like about -- that protects his book bulky. Protect its place. You heard it and and that's that's -- appeal and if he -- in California radio station. Nobody will question too far because people culture. You know. He's not gonna give up I mean is not is is -- sit there the longer he pauses after question in the minority stake in and it's come up with I have no comment. But it -- -- he's up and give up anything I'd rather them folks on the defense. But I can get that'll change in the in the we -- yet. Can't count on the most loyal list and I wouldn't have a goal but you don't turn the bad guys that'll let the other you're Smart man these markets. Tactic too many people trying to be like -- and that there are and get. You know you'll follow -- -- dropped out chuck and I don't understand why -- think it's something you guys just trying to you know maybe compete with the other air station. Real quick drive look at this team a real below -- defensive genius I mean. Honestly at what point what's been the downfall this patriots team now for the last four years. There's -- -- offense has been defects. And those -- the defensive genius you know Bill Belichick and everybody you know. -- -- Much of -- -- rookie give room that's all of saying number to beat buyer but you'll get some help. Defensive coordinator there but he tries to -- department a blood drop the guys everybody works hard at all yearlong. Bring them and maybe should maybe take on too much meat that's the point. -- we do when it just -- do well no I don't because I really do believe I'll watch his team is defense pisses me off it spent for some time I love ritual loyalty and I appreciate that he listens and it's awesome but that the think that word -- saying something just to say it or have an an agenda. That's not the case I and that the Bill Belichick draft conversation off the air and on the are different stations for years. I think it's unfair to look at it drafted a three months later it's -- really missed on this guy in my -- but a couple of years down the road. It is a very fair exercise and make a lot of sports fans probably do what the south at a bar can you believe we drafted him look at -- week I'd do is all the time. And right now -- the point where you play into one mold and Phil Adams to six and that's secondary. The other day rate to six when you traffic is Butler Clinton Edwards will -- height and had gold down ballistic guy you'd drafted. While the sun work good enough and you think mold and an Adams and the answer deposition. That's a valid conversation to me. And the guy on and on a fortunately but in this gate receipt -- Belichick about Belichick. Who's the guy make in those picks. Spell check how is that not a relevant conversation piece right now that they're down a -- and Adams. They got lit up ten for 163 down 300 yards I would help sort of what eyes wide open. And a coach who coaches the defense also picks the players. How is that not relevant after what we saw on Sunday there's sixteen games we spent a lot of panic is not 16 -- You know NO Brandel analyze Red Sox -- to -- football if -- -- sixteen games. What's at the same thing going into the year. Well it's about the wind velocity had a better defensively -- improved in the postseason while the seven games they'd better defensively than they were last year Ray-J think they are. Don't put your hand down moron. So there was would you expect no -- -- -- they're not better -- -- -- they're not you know and that's that's the -- Mean he's up -- pick in the guys. Audio and we need to trust some other people do need to stronger voices in there to see bill now listen. Trust the guys that -- scouting these guys for years trust these guys. You know let let let's let's trust the development here you know the scouting department. Let's listen to some other people are doing decent strong voices and its ability to wrong I think you plateau -- wrong but it this guy's better. Maybe that's just been lacking that's solid as. You know because he can't do that things defensively that Kenny showed a pass given the talent and make some things happen but the talent isn't there. In you have to look at him and -- though he's -- 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. I'll talk to Brad Marchand is gonna join us at the at 120 here today. Ought to go to FaceBook dot com slash WEE IR post up there about Brad Marchand 'cause picture -- bottom Marchand goal and added. Question for -- want to post at their FaceBook dot com slash WEE I'd get a good -- middle asset along the Brad. I would join is that 120s to golf have a chance to win Bruins tickets -- -- you listening at 120 here today not -- seconds back to your phones.

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