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Bill Belichick talks about what went wrong Sunday against the Steelers and how to fix it before the Giants game

Oct 31, 2011|

Coach Belichick breaks down what exactly needs to be corrected on both sides of the ball so they don’t have a game like Sundays again. He says the Steelers played a very rough, physical game and pushed the Patriots around for most of it. They need to do a better job getting stops on defense in third and long situations. The onsides kick they felt was a good call if it was executed the way they practiced. The game following a bye week is always a concern because you have to get back into the rhythm of the game.

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-- no nonsense conversation with a coach Bill Belichick. Do what Tedy Bruschi did have a simple a no nonsense conversation will this be alive about protecting your team and old. Would affordable dependable life insurance call 888 get past the L. What's up coach and New England debut -- to see you thanks coach I would do. All right and we bounced Tivo in the lobby and we just drag them -- my levels and radio for food accomplice out the -- -- We're talking about this earlier bill you'll look at that game yesterday in the way you guys played it was hard to believe. That you were in the game and we were talking about specific place at the end -- you can actually. Win it you've had an opportunity now a ticket to look at the the film did you -- Anything on and looked any different than what you saw during the course of the game yesterday. And on -- out too much you know they did a good show we. -- And got behind early in you know fought to catch up -- never quite got there. This was in here earlier and he said. He thinks the problem defensively can be fixed and that the problem is right now communication that some guys see one thing and other guys. See another thing out there. A fairly accurate is that what you're seeing. We'll show us some -- insurers in the no we just go he was go to work -- do better job coaching knew that it -- plan. And a thank biker events I think it's fixable. Communication. In the -- on the defense so ball is a secondary is the linebackers as a linebackers to. The pop up at different times. On the new -- Coppola is in the game words and one or the other or both teams things this. You know -- gonna do a better job of those insane thing making the occasion get the call right now and and enacted and that are. Brutal thriller broke out -- when they're doing your mourn the mornings when her persona getting timely he changer communications there's a little but the transition there. Those other guys have been doing it with this there's been -- there. On the gronkowski touchdown. You didn't get a chance to get a review and part of that could've been from a from a TV director's perspective. You and hurry up offense so that he wanted to show that the replay. And missed the live action. What what we what were your thoughts two and of going to a hurry up offense in that situation. And it didn't ever cross your mind -- aren't we got we got to Telesis. Well look like a close play -- and -- fifty yards away suddenly have a good to look at on the goal line and now if you don't have the evidence to overturn them. I don't think that's the kind of played you know it wanna challenge are specially with the time -- indictable the end of the game in the situation and so. -- if the evidence overturn it and challenges that now than. You know it's it's close -- it's close. But because you don't Ernie can't see -- or whoever's looking at about. Nobody had an opportunity to see that replayed and see the replay until two plays after that. And but you're not gonna sit there and suddenly go away from hurry up offense at that point I yeah I mean that would that would have been the decision if you. Needed evidence to be able to see the play you would have to go away from what you were actually. Doing out there on the field guitar. On I think if if he did agree with the play it then than just challenges. We use resistant have enough evidence to support that which. -- watched -- play again today on on the coach a statement you know let's close -- that's. You can tell from there. So. Was there reasoned that the next map took so long time -- -- a remote one foot line is a reason -- -- close. -- my extended period of time to get the playoff. I think initially -- thought about run the ball there and they they -- of -- no Millen around as we were in the and they they've attempted look goal lines of defense. We're in multiple receivers so. You know I just don't know if people really secure the formation there so when Tom solve. Then he you know he got a -- of running play that would run and you know an unblocked guy come you know similar to the you know those the player that it in Apple's ran up the Indianapolis that absolutely made the -- on you know if you look back when they didn't have a -- Heather sure is your goal on offense. And this -- fears and so it it looks like we just didn't have enough blockers there to be able to and the ball from inside the one which would have been fine. But when they jumped at that low key thought that -- open. -- -- They able to have so much success is -- particularly on that first drive with Heath Miller across the middle and it wasn't. Tight coverage it was wide open across -- -- it. Yeah obviously -- to -- In a mystical place thing's been consistent and can play that way you want -- -- -- -- that. They have found to have and that -- we Leo was in the some things. Third down situations third and long seem to haunt you again yesterday was seen that in the past. The third and long it was a killer yesterday. Now we -- in now they're good they're launching. Well personally but you know statistically. But we didn't. There again didn't do enough to island at situation. It what was rubio thought process with the onside kick you had to retreat to timeouts left. Boy before the tumor warrant was it a nod towards your. The Pittsburgh offense moving the ball -- -- And you know we worked on the play a lot of practice and and really it's it's a good and and I thought the we had a good good chance get the ball. Unfortunately it and then work for long game so. And though wasn't the way we wanted to go. And as one of those signs Houston. Just in half in the way that we we hoped it would. You know than had we made those the stops defensively. And not give up that initial first down. We have got Campbell a lot more -- did -- them -- -- picked up the first down on the full background there were so close call. Then but it'll -- much time. When he onside kick decision made from the sidelines or is it something the kicker CO RT can trigger. Is there anything he sees that you can trigger. The call changed the call if you receive their their alignment you see something that they're lined up with. You usher you can call off. The net you know we had a good look there -- -- based on what we're trying to do the assistant -- -- their and and so -- you know -- when he went -- kicked the ball we thought Moses. You know bigger shot here you know if we could've executed the play the way we've done many times in practice and Justin. Except obviously. The internal polling that we wanted to. Do you just topple ball went on that would might pitch in which many many times in the -- And the same thing about seven yards or want to go bought by -- -- just -- just topic. And don't topple ball will too much. Well yeah I mean that the -- let's -- -- -- and -- -- you know when -- practices -- he's done a great job with -- -- go far enough. It was it was a little surprising. On Friday here the news that Leigh Bodden. Was released two Y a not necessarily -- released but why at that time Friday before before the game. Although we're told to come off of both BP and you know in the end with all those. Those offices for the team. And his performance. Gone down that much and this is to Gaza starting quarterback for you or or. If not a starting quarterback I was touching the top three quarter four is it has performers really. Really dropped off that much to get that point. Well we women does is -- -- with -- for the teams that. -- -- Those decisions made purely on. How well the guys playing bill or do you take into consideration if the -- not happy and his role any. Seemed to be playing in that slot. That if a guy's not happy in his role that maybe that creates the environment that you don't necessarily want I have. -- figure than consideration and he says dude thanks lesser team and that's a it's a weekly thing it's -- monthly thing let's -- at the daily thing you know when you -- decisions. Each day on how to practice what to do well who put on what. Rolls so forth so these two things that. Was draws are going just in four. The IR. Was that all taken into account to with the with the release of bought. Oh -- at the time wouldn't know that for sure but. BES not available for very much of the season anyway so that that really you know wasn't surprised when it came down. -- since you look at -- in the second half. You went to little more under the center with Brady was that the factor of the noise or did Mosley just seeing things over. Well figures in things that if -- -- -- -- that -- that is. To see my little more than them them before or after so. Now. Some of don't you know we've. No state was definitely you know alive is no question crowd was into and and and of injuries and his -- as a planned well that a good leave and so we. -- try to get I think you know here in a summary of lot more options offensively in terms of the running game and quick passing game you can sort of play action deep passing game -- in the shotgun near. It can still do some of those things not as easily and and you know -- You back there for a reason you know generally it's terrible so. We fell -- -- Of that that's usually where we wanna be -- -- doesn't situations so and we. Wanna get back to that second half. You guys have played in big games before many big games in and played many loud stadiums were you surprised to see so many. False start penalties. From various offensive linemen yesterday. -- that's not some that we that we want unfortunately we've had. You know too many of those all year from all the positions offensively so that's the monthly we cut down on. Those false start penalties that's. Let's keep off balance from from Stan and you know favorable down and distance situations that we we've just had. A tomatoes this year we -- into their child was allowed them. That's latest on the -- again so we just we have to. Don't what do you do at this juncture of the season. If if you believe you have personnel problems that guys aren't strong enough that certain areas that he had depth chart. What do you do that situation do you look more to practice the squad players I mean what else can you do is there. Are there are other a lot enough good players out there that you could bring in at this time of the season ticket pick up your system that -- Well I think if you felt that live up. Those pleasure talking about that he priority done. -- -- a bold -- -- -- defense with his defense game -- anything different than we've seen in the past from from Pittsburgh. I don't think they did they thing that that we haven't seen him do before. Let's say it's little more manned coverage in the game than they normally play but. It was not not any coverages that work that they they hadn't run before just -- little more. We'll have more of them. They said during the broadcast that you had some concerns I guess they were talking during the production meeting and you had some concerns about the -- we what were your concerns about the patriots coming out of violent. Well I think any time you don't play again you you know you wanna get back in that rhythm -- plan weekly and when you you -- -- week. -- you're rested up and there's some advantages that those same time you're not an adequate and that weekly playing mode if they could get back in the so. On the that's no different than. Other situations like that the come from time to time with a long week or. Sometimes list for season in a panel here playing time is for here Samir players. Playoff sweep that kind of things and use them tickets company got to make became aware of and India practice for. I guess that the step they used yesterday was teams with three and nine coming out of those and now August that's three -- -- at least have to consider you know factoring your team. Is there -- consistent thing for. What happens in that buy -- for those teams have we knew they would identify okay teams are doing this. And that and that week following the -- that is preventing them from winning games. Now while math I can't speak for all the other teams to say you know for our team. But we have to do we correct this. Both on the bye week which is short we're real violent practice one day that we. Don't moral walk through and and we had a good week of practice this week so. When says that was really you know -- big issue. You know -- just obviously we could start of the game better and what are the reasons were on the we and we. Didn't didn't do their job on the first kickoff coverage the first defense after first offense after so. What what all that's related to. Was finally went -- we kind of know clearly we definitely need to. Analysts are -- -- down ten of them in the first quarter and three plays so. You know it into good enough job there you know hopefully we can improve that next week. It to manufacture offense in that the offense was how are in the field. For so few plays in the first half that you don't get into that rhythm and may be even more so when you're coming off of a bye week. Now well it's our fault -- Offensively if we don't produce them we're gonna keep the ball very long and the pencil it. If we don't get a multi field on third down then we're gonna stay out there so when we -- that discipline is there. Sunday the New York Giants come to town a team and and a rough first half yesterday but certainly rebound in the in the second what's with the -- He's been playing very very well as of as of late seems to go through periods but this seems to be one of the good ones right now. No other got a good football team all the way around you know all three -- again it is nice job and and a strong physical play hard. XQ well Leo Olympic play our playmakers. Got some guys back on defense stimulus plan well -- could run again transplant well good offensive lines. Before Bolton questioned in this strange to see when your former ball boys sent. On -- this government is a guy that -- that you know it's into little kid is at a that make you feel older -- anything. Don't you answer that. Nasdaq's denigrates Chris what's in play and in high school with and Andover and and then brown in them. Then threw cold and there have been -- peace. Arizona is a really had a good career most of global last year as an -- -- uniform recognition they deserve so. -- I'm -- he's -- is this family and all this former schools and proud and instituted after the giants in just on. The snap in -- also known coverage teams. Forgive -- coach makes me fuel on the that -- -- forget that play for your team to do or when I was more most of you know very active. As. It's a the giants -- giants seem to be what we could both talk him and nor and then the two seem like. Makes him the defense in a much more aggressive and when you watch number of games this year. Both those guys on the field that one time. Simply picks up the whole defense of energy it and do does that translate to film sometimes. Oh sure and and then you put. You know two PP and their anew and thank you and Luka and than their physical offense they can run successor they've they've got a good. You're good defense very different there very active in Republican senators in whoever it singled up. And they did that show -- on one match that you can't double -- and put you know three or four guys out there that are really dynamic test mergers. Off insulin and other transport. You Jason Jason Pierre Paul is awful it out of our strategy around struck off the air ball on JPP that's fun to. What do what have you what have you seen from him. This year that maybe didn't have. Last year. Well I mean I think you saw as athletic ability last year speed is quickness ability change corrections and and his tremendous athlete you know just leap over people and finesse quickness but if he's more experienced. On it really had one year college football. And very experienced you know gain some experience now I'm more confident looks like he knows Luis. You recognize things quicker and react that are so. Like like most guys doing their second year NFL cities he's gained that as well as the as a said the atlases on the that he displayed in college and and certainly last year as well as a rookie. Ahmad Bradshaw was the news one of those Boehner backs in the NFL. Oh sure no question they have good good backstretch those. He's very dynamic player -- quick and open spaces the Houston. Corson and -- running game in the passing game. Very good screen back loose -- check announcing expecting to -- You know two or three yard pass in turn in the long run very good and feel strong. And he's got good quickness goes in this. If French and it'll receive. Announced his retirement today you talk about going out on top. They have just a phenomenal runs down ten and a half games on August 27 they come back they win this thing. And he calls it -- quits first of all your impressions with. What he went through here and the fact that he's going out on top did you ever envision the way. You wanna go out his or certain time frame that you're looking at the same and package witness. It's that won the Super Bowl -- -- -- from the distance electing him out of here. -- thought too much about the equivalent ounces at a more about Honda. He'll beat Pittsburgh up until today announced on -- unbeaten giants so that donors at a tremendous career. What third third when this man interval timer it's like 33 championships and -- he's a tremendous career and Denny's style laugh again baseball and and is -- close personal front so. He's certainly deserve all the accolades he's skin them and I'm sure he made the decision that he feels those shirts -- -- -- foul -- tell you the entire month and that's from you know -- we've both been very involved in currencies as. Good point I was actually build a whole collecting five. We had the foam problem. Out to the bullpen since he gave his answer he said that I just screwed up I didn't say it correctly I didn't hear whatever circus coaches on the but the reason nobody seemed to believe him is he such a great manager you sit there you go how could he missed this little tiny detail. Now. -- I don't know I really. BI filed against you know stuffed -- World Series and we're trying to get -- forget all that civilians in I really don't know about -- what is -- The other -- is trying to forget he's such a great manager doesn't make an awful lot of mistakes that when something like that happens people have trouble actually believing him and what he said. Because it's sitting on or so it couldn't have screen and maybe some guys screws up like this -- doesn't grow up like this phenomenal group. The wealth from just being around them it doubt spring training. You know visitor from various points and here he Cisco tremendous knowledge of baseball and just watching them hands on work with the team and then. In it was in the dugout within an intern. Exhibition -- things like that unease he doesn't -- -- some level of respect for Tony and and learn a lot from watching and he certainly. You know got out of and to talk and sports who have coaching and teaching and panel player situations all those kind of things -- these are different. You know we talked. Last week and it was about the 2001 patriots in the horse race the crowd -- horses analogy anybody could win this thing and then. Who separates from the -- You gotta find a way to use this to when he eleven cardinals. As an example of you know never giving up. Of what it the power of teamwork you thought about using that team in some kind of coaching way or some kind of coaching point out of the story is pretty amazing. Well and tremendous. A tremendous finish of the season that's that's room and all condolences. Crunch time so. -- salute that'd Eckert which of the game game seven you saw a little bit of it right. Four -- unaudited I was those of Friday night game zone. -- thought that you know cardinals went well and you know corporate pitch well so. Wasn't. Pro wasn't texas' best game but you know there was a lot of pressure and again. And colonel's mind plays -- the night. I've bill giants on the on Sunday we'll see you back your money have a good week all right cents -- aren't thanks but we'll check ready for the big show.

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