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Kirk Minihane Calls Out Nelson Cruz and Says He is "the Goat"

Oct 29, 2011|

Kirk Minihane of WEEI.com is in on a Saturday discussing the World Series and the Nelson Cruz mistake in the field in which it appeared he was afraid to hit the wall chasing down a ball in Game 6. Kirk isn't shy about calling out Cruz and putting a good deal of blame on him. In fact, he says it's worse than thee Buckner play - Blasphemy!

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I wanna start. Or at least get to -- last night's World Series game and really more game six game before when means now. Nelson Cruz -- Bill Buckner. -- I think -- plays worse. I really do a populist gesture is solid for Lou with Mike Komansky. The -- play -- fly ball was a lack of effort the Bill Buckner play was not a lack of effort. He just made a mistake he made a physical error the ball went through his legs he was there. It happened. The game is over. Nelson Cruz -- You know he saw the ball in the air and go after hard. Moreover mr. front wall he was scared of running into a wall. With two outs in the World Series that he makes the play he wins the World Series final out of the game. Nelson Cruz makes the final catch a World Series win the first one ever. The Texas Rangers. But he gave up on the ball scared of the -- watch the replay up watching a million times you know part about -- -- trouble Bill Buckner. He took he forever about it and we gets passed capital 407. We're running about Walt trust renteria but there's a kind of player to run head first in Google. Nelson Cruz gave up on it and now to me now we have the Texas loss in game seven. I really believe this Nelson Cruz is every bit ago more so. Then bill -- was 25 years ago. If you're Rangers fan and I know people -- here this round here that loss if you're 25. 3035. Year old Rangers fan that loss. Hurts just as much as different -- -- 86 that's all you know your Rangers. You grow put them you care about 7080 years later when your whole life you've never had a world's yours and I had to take -- away from -- A large part of it is because Nelson Cruz did not wanna run after a fly ball. -- wanna go to a wall. Other millionaires neck games you name Ron Washington manager terrific game and all that stuff. But the bunker play was a fluke. Our Odyssey should play revealed that -- -- over times. -- -- was terrible baseball play. Awful baseball deport protectors probably MVP he -- the -- might be right. But there's the food you play -- a dog play advocate told you a lot about -- -- If your fans are hard -- -- -- understand. You gotta be discussed it with the guy right now he said you know what I wanna -- -- I don't wanna run into that wall. One of the World Series and won the World Series that much. Not that much I want to her myself. To be a contract in the future and I what I respect. About an aborted on -- you guys. My agent their thirties and younger member or older rather repair Bill -- yet the ball went reflects five but he was it was a hell. The tough baseball should have been in the game John -- -- -- We all time -- moves reason in the game because. One to have that moment it disabled has to be in their publisher of the debt defensive replacement -- well. Recruit but yet to meet. I took crews about buck from -- tangled Buckner finally and around here like I said. -- -- -- gets passed -- he should but nationally I think people still a popular sort of potter's equated. With a don't I don't think it's fair now I think. The torture be passed Buckner. To cruise pass it over Bill Buckner it's over you're fine at a Goodyear. Point five year anniversary nice profile sixty the other that I saw Asian election with -- sixty -- a pretty good when the other night. Not a good is that Scott hall profile oh million you're on that was unbelievable tell. Doctor's wife by the way I might -- Still slightly -- terrific in her early fifties which I was impressed with some good for him she stays in shape -- -- or some good. A tremendous. Inning guest performance level walker. Now is no longer the person you think of when you think they go. World Series play have to hand it over to Nelson Cruz has Nelson Peru was unlike -- did not have the stones. Make a big play that's its historical play that game six means so much for the game seven. Just like 86 nobody remembers game seven etc. nothing some people forget that Mets came back no one is remember last night. All you need me on law. I was actually the -- that reference close thank. Remember this game seven last night. Watch a game over our. Game six was the story. A numbers game 76. That's come back mr. Roscoe throws -- made the air charter is off off well and upper. Forget the fiscal -- same thing right numbers game 775 -- right I'm sure Billy does he give up the run Tony Perez but you're right. Game seven much more and nobody remember game seven in this -- 62 cardinals -- it was a Chris carpet lots of guts to give him credit. Game six remember that Nelson -- for me gave six plays dramatic as any history and -- -- play. Is the player going to remember from again. That is always on cruises legacy I don't care to hit 315. Home runs next season. I'm gonna remember that play that is playing remember most. No -- from Nelson Cruz. He's not Bill Buckner. But it is don't if you know I mean because now the torch is passed is a go of this generation. 6177790858885250850. 937 FM -- McCain here go to 45 BC football. X 85850. Here's one textures I tried to help yesterday -- again crews -- -- plays are not comparable. Excellence that catch if Chris catches the ball game as Taiwan botrus missed exactly know you're exactly right that prop up yesterday another excellent point. Ought to make that play. Throws at two Stanley to get the fuel -- game goes on. Except like it's over the -- talks to wash a million different ways after that cruise makes that the Texas Rangers win the World Series Michael Young said last senate thank. We were in the World Series of Nelson -- six inches tall and now and then. You executive Nelson Cruz has dots -- -- Was even close and apple. Ron Washington apps would not problems often -- a couple of -- is right about that as well so did the World Series. We get the Red Sox up against talk about the Red Sox up I'm more of a as everybody knows. Look forward. Take a look forward here it's open up and Sherry didn't. What has managed going to be you want Papelbon back you -- Ortiz back Youkilis out -- a great piece on WB I dot com yesterday pig case for you course you -- was gone. Josh Beckett got to talk about all that's up so we can't doctor and a beer no don't say those words we can't talk ticket and -- You wanna talk chicken and here a couple of touch it and -- talk video games won't talk about Lackey deductible Lackey again.

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