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Last night’s game between the Cardinals & Rangers was one of the best games in World Series history

Oct 28, 2011|

Mut & Kirk break down last night’s game and why it was one of the best games in World Series history. Is there any sort of comparison between last night and Bill Bucker in 1986?

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This ends up working out pretty well overloading off Kirk minute hand here a -- loose Sports Radio WEEI for those who miss the sports Saturday extravaganzas a couple of weeks back. There was a point where it was known to everyone. That was listening to the show doctor Jeff and everybody else. Another video that you spent just doctor Jeff. You spent party your career you started out in LA apparently many right yeah -- have -- to write a book chasing Steinbrenner via -- consulting with you you're kind of like is editor buddy who's working out Nellie try and your screen that are up there I was the that was a failed street just like every all the service. But that's not what failed you gonna make it big I was I was failing you edit your -- story written about a high school basketball player was bitten by a bat and bat is going to be a basketball guy at -- -- of that work out expect a yet it is the reason I'm sitting in this this beautiful studio -- OK and I just it didn't work I set that up because people miss that sports Saturday I'm sure they didn't know it just to refresh their memory that you rotten in LA is -- Hollywood screenwriter right. If I pictured the David freeze story this are you buying. Megan Fox maker. Yes I can make that happen at some point when he's now stories -- and our -- -- -- -- we can -- make it. All this out to be a family fun film Disney's got to be happy sailors I hate you that it was -- -- -- sister I'm not that's not for now I mean this is on this is I believe in store credible humble and if you have not read the entire David free story here is the brief synopsis. It is a star. High school player. Right there in Missouri right in the shadow Saint Louis this western Saint Louis suburb okay. At a high school decides to quit baseball I'm sick of baseball it's running my life I can't deal with that anymore he heard these guys burn out before. He burns out goes to Missouri state college. -- return to the party's hard for year. After years to you know lack kind of like the robbery and it's baseball I'm gonna go back goes to Saint Louis community college. After a year there -- a scholarship to south Alabama couple years they -- a six drafted by the Padres. Cardinals trade -- -- his heroes Jim Edmonds for -- they acquire him. Two years later they call mocked him a couple coffee and then last night the game tying hit the ninth inning game winning home run in the eleventh. The son of saint Louis the only local time of that team. And he gets it done last night for the St. Louis Cardinals in the best World Series game that I've ever seen on a 3031 when I. I don't remember people go back I heard some of the other talk today Kirk for me now is the best World Series game I ever so baseball. Oh yeah I -- that's right up there -- be in my top to retreat for sure you know it's tough for me to say was the best. Played baseball team. Quasi built the organically the first half -- -- was but for the every drop the ball -- -- -- -- little leaguers catch that from the seventh inning on Joey are you know one of the producers usually start watching the game the seventh inning -- job by him. From a seventh inning all the way to the end of the great start sobering up center about it to be -- about it after the to the end of the eleventh any Timmy you drop -- -- You have to put backing up -- -- to think about this situation World Series game it's right there at that picture up there were twins cardinals it is. -- twenty years before it would braves are twenty years before that up there with. With Red Sox Mets I've obviously wasn't -- 75 I imagine it's right up there were decades it's weird all the great -- sixes. But yet it's it's a big write up their top two or three I've received no question about it. I appreciate all the ones they're going through here today they're talking about these great game six moment and Joseph Carter was a game six in 9392. -- I'm member that very vividly the talk about the -- came in 1991 that you referenced but in terms of the the back and forth. And Jayson stark has some of the numbers here today yeah you're falling behind you some of the first that we saw in this game last night. First World Series game in history where -- team got down to its final strike its final Brett twice once that I want that that they come back and win. They're part of a game last night which the any team trailed five different times did that the cardinal team came back to win. Up part of the game or team found itself losing in the -- an extra innings double digits by the way. Adult who runs that she's been found a way to win. And finally they should be talked about the fact the first team in any thirteen 130 game history the post season to score the eighth ninth tenth and eleventh innings and the way it happened. The drama of it I. It happened so late at night maybe it's not these -- for -- would miss the game but. I wouldn't put anything up against it was back into the game and it was well played -- as well managed knows it was that while manager Ron Washington today you got scratching your heads they'd get tonight. Not that I cost my team a game at that might team in a position where they weren't -- best spot to win the body did that multiple. Plus I think you did -- -- for me sort of highlight were talking before the show which stands out most to me and you could do this forever with this game a couple of chances to win final out. Number future wrote this morning I agree with them. Zero Nelson Cruz -- the Bill Buckner Texas and absolutely no question about it listen doctor's error. Okay which as we all know it was as physical was a matter of dispute physical problems he got to the ball. A ball through his legs it was it was a mental you know it was a mental thing we suffered cruise last night. Was a mental error and you'll watch three point 034 times got to make that catch. A routine play dot aware of that situation he dog -- go to the ball. And the ball goes by him. To me that -- is right up there right next who just as bad maybe worse. And about to play because he gave up fought Purdue because it. Knowing that he catches that ball Texas wins except play the Red Sox don't sort of win that game crews kept it up all the game is over all is Bill Buckner. He's Bill Buckner if the cardinals went. That you have to get this obviously a fun argument we'll talk about it today because they are the are similar. In some ways but if the if the cardinals lose in the Rangers put up a ten spot early on Chris Carpenter or walk away win -- -- Nelson Cruz things becomes. -- Aspect in this world -- course if the Rangers lose this game. It's gonna be right there I can't say what you said. 1520 minutes ago that its war sourced and as far worse like his idea of doctor I did -- -- pass at the time. Because -- was hurt ought to went -- -- he made an -- it happens what's an easier play to make the Buckner -- -- -- -- -- workplace yes of course but plays -- art was not the heart play. Grocery team I did not think it was our what we got a bad -- he's slow he's not a great defense of right field and rustling or public -- have to make employment situation. He thought was don't pass I'm not giving him a pass was awful play him apart was the doctor like it's right there but to say what the Saint George let's take a loss tonight even put it. In that category from -- standpoint. God that was an awful play you've got to make that play for your Nelson Cruz all the wrote he had the ALCS. Cannot chase that ball bell cannot not get there I predict -- -- Balkan knocking out -- and -- and runway and at at that point you see the wall. And -- you know there's a chance you might get hurt. Talking about winning eight World Series that Texas Rangers that as one of the top ranked up. Hey yet if -- -- testicles you make a play and you have to run that there's there's no there's no debate is giving up that's wire Major League player. If you're afraid crashed in the wall play in a situation I understand April gets Kansas City up nod to meet them and run total I understand. In this situation last night there's a wall you -- a World Series you run through the wall. -- at a loss to the student did. Your subject. 9:59. AM this morning. That is the worse and his and tell what athletes and the mistakes they make and how we go back and look at in Norwood missing field goals for The Beatles and all these big. Moments in sports were guys screwed up. The ones that as a fan Bobbie the most and it's a player's got to stick with you for ever. Is the one where you watching go I didn't give my best effort on that play. Got plays the could've won a series won a championship. And cruise is added to that list and and it is unforgivable that he didn't lay out in that spot. But the stuff that they carried around a Buckner. And 86 and go on -- to lose that came in and how close they wore. Germany to go exact -- far -- but it's. We'll sit and all right play by -- you're right Texas where -- eleven to unite nobody remembers that loses eleven through tonight become the -- so this Ron Washington making his decisions. -- else is seeing Darren Oliver in the you know in the final inning last night is something that you know that's a tough -- Colby Lewis Batman fan started to look. Any time you're agreeing with Tim a carver or not it's not good times and even Tim McCarver sit there next Joe -- last -- is questioning. What does Colby Lewis still doing in this baseball game really if you want to go Lewis -- in that game he's cruising I get a but now what one more -- -- Your your bases loaded chance to attempt how mapping open with a one base that you're gonna score two runs for -- getting -- it's three. Knew what Colby Lewis back there and maybe the biggest body your season very strange he's managers and have not. I have not been great in this thing they're -- guys will Russa and Washington bowl. Will be questioned after it matter who wins it and the criticism will likely be fair yet and you know all these people who drive ban on the year calling -- regulars here -- here that -- -- in the Boston he would drive the -- so crazy about week with his moves he's a great success this whole career that's fine. Tuchman over manager and Washington yet the -- all of the cute thing to send out to me last night. The bad situations due to deal with that situation include the pace is there you think decades over. Is it a situation where he's gonna blame not knowing that not being so used the National League rules that he's in a National League park and just kind of went with that. Now some doesn't somebody have to say to rob Washington on that bench you cannot Michael it was bad it got do you guys available that we just had a rain -- at the outlet in out top player for game seven. We let that when this game. In their ballpark. They get to have a game seven here and say -- somebody's got -- problem -- Washington and the fact the government in actually knows it's just made mistake it was a terrible decision Archie said a Nelson -- play as it stands now worse -- -- Of the sports benefit more offensive. That that I agree and the magnitude of August a look at definitely the magnitude of it. Cannot reach Buckner stratosphere until the Rangers lose decades when it does that put him back to back to -- certainly different but from effort standpoint. Well not climate effort I have like cruise's work out and out and he went up like tonight I read this morning -- right now got some sort of tight hamstring -- -- it is about -- out here to actually say the government's policies -- pass -- who you've got to make that play this and again this is this the last of the world so that play -- the World Series on the -- catch wind. The World Series for your team ends it all game you don't get to David street now that crap matters tonight then you -- up all doubt you somehow find a way to make a play. We're talking about Nelson Cruz and acknowledge -- not great catch but makes that catch what he's in the ALCS one of these blossoming players now. I don't know what to talk about Texas but some it's gotta be Nelson -- not make that exactly -- -- -- 6177790850. Toll free 888525. 0850. Got a Verizon cell phone. To free call you guys know that pound WEEI the ATT text line always available for you -- -- keeps men and entertain. Over the course of four hours at 85850. Will get into the World Series game last night you put the Nelson Cruz play. I'm -- the Bill Buckner play the way that Berkman -- wants to do here this morning. Yeah. But that is the great Mike Shannon. On the call KM OX in St. Louis Cardinals. Rangers game seven. I am rooting interest going into this thing and I really don't tonight I hope Chris Carpenter pitches and have a chance to work do some stuff with Chris in New Hampshire to New Hampshire guy. Some sort of rooting for him but it is baseball fans. Looks argued watch that game last night the bad job do you your if your sports -- -- halts. You've found a way to watch some of that game last night you had to listen and now we get game -- tonight. It's -- don't. Give you were okay work for you barely work for let's be fair he barely work for. Its agreed to work. Certainly not now right so I mean you stay up til 1240 -- -- host Don as you of the computer. -- some people have to step up to get up at 5:36 in the morning and go to work boots on go to war against six. Series and I 1242 okay. -- the excuse I hit the -- seeks to spot that decide per second write your baseball fan. Who didn't have to get up itself ungodly hour 5 AM and it's portrait that ugly time a day of 5 AM here -- going to cost and all that. But if you have any other excuse other -- to get up early. You're not a baseball let's say you're not a sports her band that pitcher and I understand Bruins Canadians go back and force -- by that statement I IE seven and finish a sentence. Really going to upset. We can then you going to watch the did go back and forth when that game and you watch -- -- the schemer actually write you know other excuses. You watch the game at the Texas systems have real jobs okay that's fine if it that speaks not that's not counting the working man. But it cured if you're diehard baseball banging it with our -- today and videos or our bigs that they BIR seven and I. At the weekend ahead do you can have all those. Before -- actually -- during the game. Dave -- in war and mass it's a baseball reacted the patriots as well it is a patriots Friday hi Dave. I -- for a long time -- north enjoy your show but I was. Back to the -- now talking to myself about that game last night and the rave reviews its getting at such a great ball game. And not including you -- but an -- and you make my case about Nelson Cruz letting the ball over his head. And Darren Oliver pitching in the tenth inning. The losing pitcher was the guy named low. And what Derek -- Cameron it was mark who pitched forty I've been all year the result over managing Washington under managing. In the in can be made it a difficult game to watch more than anything else the end with the -- of the game. With the the meetings that amount and -- coming out to talk with a pitchers and granted the pitchers -- pitching terribly so. You kind of have to do something about capital bullpen but to me that game it was just really difficult to watch. There was there was too much going on in between not enough actual baseball action in the baseball action was shoddy at best. That's just how I felt about the game watching it. Why not that the drama of the seventh inning on supersedes. A lot of what you just said from -- Davis a sports fan what happened from ending seven to eleven. Encounter racks some of those slow periods in neck games on the bad baseball that we saw I don't necessarily need is a fan. You have to be clean and played you know no errors no mental mistakes -- to -- Great drama that should I understand your point baseball four hours 33 minutes my god UN at twelve for -- -- bad marketing tool or your sports. Let it. Ballpark and the score was nine to ten. And Tommy those runs were unearned run out how they get picked up a third base. But just which advocates. Like I -- let that happen you know hopeful all the prudent at. I agree with. And again. This is probably open be up that would build bucket to collect if if the -- loose tonight. Because that was that was inexcusable. What has to be -- and excusable your right -- no there's no question. Has to -- the for the right the mex but right now -- month it's up there were Bill -- to meet at its worst place about America's Buckner tried to try to -- makes the play the raiders went. Up from ex player talks to my music not raised in taught these next up mark and -- -- many hands here -- -- Good morning guys I don't morning right. Ed out an exciting game last night I kept trying to go to sleep but cardinals can cut it back palatable exciting game I've ever seen in a long time. That was tremendous that the back and forth to have yourself trump like couple runs in the ninth in an extra innings to come back and win it. I don't remember a World Series game better wasn't all that well played the from a drop respected -- routine keep fighting back the way they didn't. In the clutch hits from guys like freeze Campbell team -- Texas side. I can't find a real good compare -- about humor but the pocket and curry -- 91 of Plexiglas -- -- that I haven't got that he had the Arctic is better -- that it is better in the game seven more smoltz can just that was one -- best World Series games ever won nothing at the -- last night's game for me. Now the much longer history you with the stuff most exciting baseball game I've ever seen a lot Mike is in Westport mass the morning Mike. Up and and it got all the president by saying that it now ball late. I found out about it on the radio you -- early in the more -- Understandable looking got to work work and and paying the bills is gonna go ahead of sports and in pretty much every case. Understandable they -- but there but are -- out there -- and expect I'm idle I'm out all of the data watchdog barely any playoff. The content so disgusted about the -- stock. On that from what I did I as I mean in the Islam. The sound often because if you'd expect are the game over right. Yeah what's up at a rangers' World Series team we're talking about the Rangers being a team to. To look at the American League going for the team it's best set up long term now to not be a dynasty to be the dominant team and now they got. Up their -- against the cardinals' best pitcher Chris carper albeit on short rest and they got to beat that the cardinals again a cruise makes that catch. -- -- Our nor do I I'm -- severance so there was games I mean we still had another chance I mean. And the Red Sox. It is red yeah merits a -- -- -- -- -- -- nothing league games and that back to back home runs so I mean -- and like you said. This first things forgotten and he said Texas goes outside the top six in the first it's carpenter nobody cares and it becomes another story. It's -- so you know I'm a fan of epic -- actually. It's this sort of and a summary and -- part of John Carney. The kicker for the saints when he missed -- -- -- sentiment or nausea yeah I was not I was pretty epic but I don't know if that's pretty much -- we're going out. Well you talk about epic chokes me kickers in football I mentioned Scott in order earlier was at Anderson. Who missed that kick for the vikings they had a ridiculous year Culpepper and moss and Anderson I don't think you missed a field goal all year. And to win the game basically he missed a fuel editing is at the falcons and Jamaal Anderson right they don't get into that the Super Bowl back here. This is gonna be on that list may be prepared Monday all over the weekend when they started it make the list if the Rangers lose this thing tonight not. Nelson -- not make in the catch is going to be added to the plays the you've seen on the old Marv Albert blooper -- boasting don't exist anymore but. Plays that should -- admitted he'd. You're right it's editor and let the laughter you Marv Albert. -- they're bullies and I those and that's the thing except people forget personal Buford and there's a rained out the game after game six Red Sox Mets game seven -- lead bulletin openly. Raiders go to -- for one -- something -- lead late going to be. Right up there with all the -- epic jokes of all time said the Red Sox their in their yankees' final four in there which soften -- it's -- all these things are gonna be right the medics. Now let me ask you this now am -- being too critical of baseball by pointing out that a game that was played in the central time zone. Did start after 8 o'clock and that if they start this thing a little bit earlier that more of the country sees. What people call it getting what -- -- caller today. One of the great World Series if not the best -- -- your game ever a strongly called the greatest baseball -- report. The greatest baseball game ever played again I think you said made him making. Tweeted -- -- there's a thing started at 705 last night yet. The game is at 1140 that a couple people yeah people so that means he can't he can't win I heard the -- orally -- he's right I mean. Fox. Fox wants to most people watch a game they think -- -- game it'll five or more people are gonna watch now targets assuming an answer to be true that the -- and have a good point the world DVR. -- things have changed. They think that that's how it goes again its its a problem I know I don't know anybody -- real baseball -- and -- casually watching 191215. No. Just walked -- of your sports department you walked -- to open its you know it's it's a tough spot to be and I heard a Jay Don -- I guess at this on Jim Rome is burning last week about baseball subprime baseball seven right now. Is that the from a social networking standpoint a Twitter FaceBook the -- nobody talks about you know and an NFL game is on -- Sunday. -- they're -- stayed locked up next as our bottom he's got a power rankings you're. You're hanging out with all the -- the writers over there it would drop as the game -- wants tweeting about the games they're all across the NFL Sunday afternoon well at the do. Backing him last night. There's not that same sort of both sport and baseball. Geniuses that they are in other videos on YouTube. So any videos that drop out of Nelson Cruz get. You can't see any you can't go back to watch and his stuff what you mlb.com it's a hundred ads -- -- three SPN this morning. It's a game run by 500 year old man to -- it just is it really is and there's nobody sort of -- I understand it it you know David Stern's old I think -- twenty sixers open if people -- -- -- understand the social media world. Baseball does not they wanna get in. Competition with these eighteen year old kid he's 25 rockets up losing -- had a Jersey Shore ratings that demographic. But oh well at least I'm back and the -- -- right I'm going to stand up I'm saying they're going you know it continues he's about these 1825 people get older they turned 4045. The subject you're a baseball -- trouble to trouble I grew up on this argument I'll soccer in this and that you are getting our thoughts -- -- -- a from a right now what's. Biggest in this country bigger it's social networking it's Twitter writes FaceBook people I don't know what their friends are doing its. Forget advertising for second people are gone -- recommendations of what people they don't respect they're telling them. In real time puts your sport is dead let's be -- to talk about the current my last night if there's a Thursday night game NFL -- -- the authors and I can put on last night. There was two really good teams point. This game and if there were two really good teams and a citizen and money making -- well lost the baseball but to really good teams the patriots Steelers last night. Forget this market for a Pittsburgh beat them nationals like Patrick on the call the third tonight pluggable. A couple on the call -- over there it's third -- except at the end.

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