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Did Rob Gronkowski tarnish the Patriots brand?

Oct 27, 2011|

John and Gerry disagree on if Gronk tarnished the Kraft name. They discuss this in the opening segment.

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Sometimes I feel out of touch. And old and removed from new trends that I'm not aware of and then other times I think. Still that crazy person that was at Kent State that didn't think that whatever this guy did was so bad. That happened yesterday and today with two separate items. On one hand looking at the gronkowski stuff everybody had a good laugh corporate apparently he's embarrassed. He apologized. He met with the owner probably met with Bill Belichick. Double talking to. Had to apologize to everybody and said things like I love this organization. I'm not trying to put anyone on the map for anything I'm just here is whether it was or not and I think you're probably right was necessary. Was there some sort of -- see and hear. I mean did yes -- -- that He that He loved her too much where He killed like OJ Simpson didn't get no. Yes there was it's a simple question of judgment. That matter the secretive and with twelve boards does all ones. When you break out the patriot Jersey and smile for the camera while standing. Short lists with the ports are your judgment is called in the question and what they did. Was call him in the office Hugh Grant what when you think it's not. Not say it'll put up 22 and it can -- here that will not be as as what what is that old you are. It doesn't but I did -- CI a moment your wave like that but does absolutely ridiculous part ultimately you know first of all He admitted very very clear He did not have sex with -- Honor. Her people patriot jerseys all the time of players on the thought it may be all right just the other jurors yet they did DeOssie brought this up on Comcast was that He. Had -- within because who's gone back to Arizona who's probably gonna give it to Arizona it is for some exhibitors something a lot of players do they bring their jerseys back and got sidetracked and got sidetracked. Do any people like why -- -- why isn't -- Jersey to a points that's a good for a stock that Jeremy gave it to -- your official put it doesn't matter I think the whole thing doesn't matter first ball He was naked that they crop that on -- -- to make it look like He was He had pants running at a -- off. -- a six pack like got out of Musharraf as well. -- teel takes a -- off. I think that it's is gonna do an interview takes -- shirt off sits at his driveway and a setup and takes his shirt off so take a short office is no sin in my mind. Mean obviously she's not the most savory character you could spend a weekend where body injury spent -- -- -- with there's been a few minutes whether trying to get us pictures. It is the guy who defended Belichick for benching. Wes Welker yes. Yet your best player -- benching Welch went right welcome for a very creative and funny. Press conference and you know why that that offended nobody knowledge right but our defense Gradkowski proposing for a picture -- a hardcore porn star. -- who's wearing a paid to read your I guarantee you that what Welker did was far more egregious and bill Belichick's mind -- what gronkowski did I wouldn't be a bit surprised. When gronkowski met with bill and met with the owner if indeed He met with both of them. There are some yup they are there wasn't this stirring tongue lashing there was -- yelling and screaming or saying don't ever do that again I'm sure there were some you know. Little boy little not little little punch in the shoulder and say you know but think about it next time -- and you use some better judgment. The Welker thing was far more happening in -- CIA serious. Intel Czechs mind because it it it crossed into the give the opponent an advantage give them a little bit of bulletin board material but it -- give them a reason to play harder to bite us. But it did but other than that in -- -- -- except it didn't. You think the jets were motivated by Welker did -- Belichick thought they could've been. But. This could have -- porn star did nothing -- too upset or potentially upset any kind of competitive balance with the next opponents dealers and neither did Wes Welker Wes walker it was cute and harmless and and funny I agree but build. Belichick didn't like I'll guarantee you if you if you gave -- sodium pentothal. Belt object would tell you the Welker thing in his mind in his rule book was far worst -- what gronkowski. Koehlke didn't give any opponent and He kind of -- the negativity -- motivation didn't tell anything that they shouldn't. Been privy to it was just goof around with porn star bad judgment. Probably that I don't think that's up well. It wasn't. Ask your friend Robert Kraft he's the one that needed to call him the brand the it. Are you joking I mean I guess you know we want wanna sound hip and cool. And say it's a lot support -- She took a hate preachers to input on this hard core porn stuff and I love when the networks for reported the -- -- film actresses and oil has an adult film actors mentioned the 100% slot right and and and it's not their fault that probably into the research like I did my research and and learn what kind of adult film actress she is she as -- as hardcore as they come. I think I mean I've never really seen video. Ports does animals Mecca -- India but with Mexican donkey show yeah I'm Steve one maybe you know should take you know maybe this weekend but. I get I looked away some of the stuff -- and become. Going soft but she is so hard courts it's at times can be discussed that may be the case it was partly covered Jerry but what it -- picture Jersey it would be worse that He had his shirt off and she was naked I didn't get forget that what you -- -- that. Let's talk about what she does for a living let's talk about the attention He drew to a really really hard core points. Look at that that the number Twitter -- she got. Just from -- bad. Publicity right they've been able to help each other out of that -- -- -- and I don't -- -- and write in in all your shows -- I was talking about it need to -- deals that would -- only TO round of one you know that room whenever. All the shows talking about it. She got a bunch of new Twitter followers and that's just not people while her. -- readable widget for breakfast -- people know which He has for -- -- conservatives if Jimmy Dean sausage yeah isn't it if I thought they occupy our. You get to see what she does relive an Andes hard core right nobody protect the brand like the crafts nobody -- the Bramlet Belichick. And what she did what does bring a whole new moon group of people -- -- the tent and which I assume. You gonna see her and it paid teachers the form the time being you're gonna see her everywhere in -- pay teachers this was the mother -- Jones was -- -- -- at this was. Do we raise -- -- what's striking gold for a hard -- points right. Imagine how happy she is about the so lucky she feel when it's. That was his girlfriend and pitchers. When nothing on underneath the that it would but that have been a huge issue of shoes naked with a -- -- -- on thousands drove Hollywood ignited with a patriot Jermareo you know what I mean temperatures -- -- -- answer is no. Okay so it's a clear double standard just because. About double standard. It's all the -- Who she is what she does I understand how to deal with the fact that He didn't participate. It's about who she is and what she does okay. -- little funny is and now Andy in rod Jonathan Kraft world funny and just explain it to you we laughed about it you know. When we reacted -- Monday when we talk about as harmless heart out my notes and -- yeah I don't -- -- -- -- the office and you start at call in the office by Belichick and He was I think it's harmless Belichick doesn't have to you've got the welcome home was -- Belichick didn't think -- -- Thompson was funny was creative and funny. That was brilliant infect them. -- book was that mark but it broke a cardinal rule and Bill Belichick didn't now let of course it did what a game was that before was -- before the jets the jets. -- 02 jets games. The -- Regis -- -- which it game that was the playoff was the -- -- today to Belichick -- -- that game by benching his second best -- no yes no well a -- -- cost -- a clear motivation by having those players say Europe may look like -- -- edition of your grass that had -- known and ever you know they never -- -- and you know they never thought that lets you don't -- bulletin board and Belichick created between him and -- you can't even believe He did on purpose. We went out -- the eleven references that initially didn't while action you did and we did but the big -- didn't and we played their cuts and they all thought it was accidentally -- -- A lot of people Ottawa won two and three a lot of us looked well like for like the guys in the big show they said that's not possible so it was so -- and so creative. People believe it was by accident. Which was -- but anyway it didn't mean anything until the coach benched him the coach created the problem but that's beside the point this one's. This was desecrating the brand use -- serious He -- sound cool it doesn't offend me I'm no curative on the road. His Jersey on hardcore porn stuff. You know Bob Kraft as well as anyone right. -- unit that plays in Bob -- office John crafts. I think publicly He would prefer it not be the case but I don't think He was grossly offended by it. I think probably there are some part of the plot was gonna kind of funny but probably not until we wanna do -- exactly. Exactly now -- now we're working at a company that if we brought that points -- and here -- Wouldn't -- your arms and it's yeah I went all out and out west so that those old days -- used to you know like porn stars on fire and we had no rules you have a good time and you know we rules and we can't do things like that. And would you sit there if we brought appoints them in huge but He EE. Did this and those that would be our calls they put it -- -- shared -- And then they call this in the office -- How most fun would you say okay I understand the brand is sacred here we don't we we shouldn't do that all that brought publicity people talking about it people log -- and bawling her Twitter account I think that I think Jason Wolfe will be fine with. Would be fine with it the other it was a rhetorical not that nobody don't you gotta be kidding now first of all we couldn't have -- We couldn't help what with your hypothetical if we had -- an adult film star in the studio we were talking to her. And shoes you Wear -- Dennis and Callahan teacher or WB IT shirt. And the place blew up on the track wrote about it names and faces wrote about it we would have two weeks off and I don't want to -- So I don't know this welder now who give me a chance against -- announcement some time occupy -- Boston how's that gonna do and that's good idea this weekend of the weather going to be. The -- the Rex will be diminishing as the dead -- for by the way that they seek tough via our. That forty -- would -- -- -- rated output it. You're you're wrong about that too we will be called in and scolded. We're not allowed to do those kind of things anymore. And you know -- -- she's covered she doesn't take it off she's she wears porn star -- hardcore porn star does sixteen guys want pictures of books of porn star up on our website nobody said anything about it though it's on the producers a lot less he's covered it's gronkowski if the patriots shirt on but that's -- porn -- to win in that sense. We were affiliated with a porn star know let's stat. Doesn't this doesn't shed any bad light on us. I must be attending these beatings by myself here and it when we get called of the copper for various things that are telling you called it carpet. -- -- hashed -- -- -- you look at the -- we can bring that chick and she was spectacular should have been. A lot and their fire Eric eve do you regularly Erica He back -- and I know we couldn't cover. Not not not what she did that that's the problem pocket to now we could just because it is what happens. That now we can happen. First first look at Ronald what -- do your skin. Let's anymore. It would be frowned upon mr. -- will be from the apple apps all absolutely not then let's get mr. Smith to let me aggregate commitments to ski and terrorists are trying to wire I'm trying to make up America 80 what would be allowed here old ESCO -- kid makes a living by by talking about having on its website all the film clips of women who appeared nude or semi naked we've had a on many times he's been the favorite guest here and you think now the tatters changed around here. We -- mr. skin talking about I don't know some some woman naked in some movies that that Jason -- put frowned upon. Let's call Eric -- pattern and and before she let yourself on fire. Little -- wall -- was -- yeah yeah. It was a little slower at that I was in here with -- -- me right up Louis are so I kind of Felder who was co host then aluminum -- what annoy him. But we had a good time meter smoke -- -- a throw -- favor and vote and some people the station or in an uproar. Let's just do this what's this called the boss asked him if He thinks we should have. What's this. Baby -- and I'm BJ MTV Jones on the analysts she would love -- Albert Twitter account. Task picks up again ask let's see if He would rather have less well his choice 820 -- prickly. Or BB Jones US the -- that question. Give back to -- I'm opening the way come on -- -- the welcome the U. You finally want socks -- you know. Now at a take a break and we'll weakened back in this is related directly to this gronkowski situation. And one of my favorite shows and I haven't set up as a as a recording every single day as you know is will want and Kornheiser on pardon eruption. Kornheiser -- I think is. Parliament and -- football would very funny and very engaging on the show said without question. The most open. Comment I have ever heard anybody say. On any program on any network about any subject real about that and you watch the -- and let retired -- -- but our hope and about ten minutes on dot. The most stupid. Irrelevant. At least thought out statement you have ever heard in your life spiked to record all like can't wait when we come back.

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