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Tues. October 25th Whiner Line

Oct 25, 2011|

Welcome Ben Cherington! And beam me up John Henry!

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Music music -- and breast blew my mind these aren't likely to keep proceed -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're really really failure there -- and now we've got. All these so called the band. Supposedly behind your -- -- and you do. I'll buy you one thing I don't forget and -- and get this ball but -- don't break -- and police show up every day. But WEEI. Whiner line. Because -- there are there -- Chicago the they had begging you might. And right downtown and Friday. Dial 779353. -- and. But I don't do well -- let my players go destroy everything and be quiet about -- little giggle I'm able to show us the mother. And good or bad water out of the game there are gonna get the government but -- want you want to go out there and you want your love -- -- -- -- and working yeah there -- no matter grandmother. And number one but the flyers and then He got giant fire and people vote -- -- the gun. WB one here it's believed three years -- -- and this over one of little kids to learn how to use profanity and throw it out there -- it -- by -- -- got the pin this product you're joking look you to. -- I'm actually fine about just a little BP he's sick or you're sick connection and are working hard Somalia don't want I don't know walking around -- but they'll always. You know I do stuff on weekends unlike you guys -- -- and do appearances in place and we'll really Newsweek. This recapping this Saturday night where -- at a -- election and sought to -- -- -- to about -- hey I got it offers fun. Mikey it's Saturday at. A bar -- about -- really nice bar last Saturday night to -- -- Austin I don't know he's going to tell. It's coming in and tells us that He has he's a little more gentle look tomorrow. I don't you know work more hours on the -- than any of you go. Mikey did you know you don't rub it in a note yeah. Never bring your dog I don't work whatever. You didn't work but nobody in his radio station worked so where's yeah where's tomorrow's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What part of town it's -- Their small -- apparently he's doing the morning shift tomorrow to discuss Jon does is -- did you see that it's gonna ask him. Just install and you know hours because those dictionaries is high school picture of the team. They asked to take pictures as one of those guys. Submitted to each signature and I'll submit my picture got a pass and I really hasn't come up with a bank to raise half restaurants -- -- -- Why don't like powered by HT TW EI lot available to derived under android Blackberry device brought to you by AT&T let the debate in right here. AT&T is the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. At a faster with former GAT and T rethink possible on and it lets them around. Yeah an update on how could see this whole battered by the Port Authority. And now. And why did you have that I was still shall I had a -- as He vowed never called the station and we moved off. And realize you've been FM signal there occasionally quite as if people don't stick to their promises aren't pulling tail warns don't. Fall here you know. -- -- Celebrating it without catching a lot of what aborted last weekend. Well I'd better that tactic crap what a girl like -- talk husband and I love about. It is. We -- know but more. Upon -- absolutely. Tom Brady. -- -- -- -- -- -- But and crucially here and -- -- have detonated but not much more often players and but the -- -- in the red box. And especially he's on some out I'm not sure it's Rushmore -- Bob Burton what about climate bird visibility of mount Rushmore yet has got that happened. Well that's a tough omission. This -- build -- its. -- Don't hate us but we. -- -- -- -- -- And I didn't like you long ball. It. -- Then we'll. Look at it. You -- But they killed bowl game it's. No bowls. But. And -- that out status. By had to pick one can only I had to have one I take carper overkill. After about -- I would I would take him on -- always opt for just -- I think you're a little unfair yes I am. Yes got -- time. Joe -- -- by the way. Usually it totally -- -- you don't we believe that during the game He believed that -- was actually stalling. Okay stalling at the time when He abruptly and Ian out of the bull and this'll stall. So it takes them Mikey your full of lead rider works we longer -- our guys yeah He always does even all right just writers and writers that writer what do you excuse unbelievable. What. As -- at what I've educated here it right yeah 6 o'clock yeah these working on the show. So that's -- today's -- readers asking us what you do your show tonight at six. And I know we tried those of right before the show he's working on -- and Ari does is it sums -- -- organization now happening checks on the Internet. You know. And write a book they go kid picked -- The video to prove it they go to. Because everywhere round. And -- fifteen seconds though. And apologists use professionals but -- -- -- you can you know the -- are today it's questions Osgood today that Ted Kennedy guy on the day their Ted Kennedy died. And -- look -- Are you yourself -- throw that out about it on -- on a day where Ted Kennedy dies of scratched up. European Court no -- Leo at. Recommit to cut the and -- know -- -- whether compact. Hot market and -- you know kind of -- copies. I decided have a count how kind of day. The packet that we can get put out all the fans and I bet a group of Oprah Winfrey and Michael good. I think they'll -- -- -- adopt an ability. It's a new apartment it is now next stop him back. Back -- half way by -- I think doll. -- Workers art gallery that you can and keep up there Rahm Emanuel and that's -- carry. Those people do. Stuff that's out scrap it is you don't like it now it's almost. No it's awful it's. It's. A -- a huge problem weeks. And crust pizzas. And -- losses was just. Average twelve. Accurate the wrong place. There's also great popcorn please it is a great uncle -- a Michigan. Or -- That they yardage our borders and equipment that team roast -- It's that the right. I don't know -- that would be great spirit out of dot com. How exactly how -- you and how quickly gonna bring a World Series. Yeah it's I'm a little bit about itself and how would you pick it up and how great -- you and a -- -- and let these borrowers with up like that. The fact. And they are excited about it and looking at any of the warts I don't know I'm not looking any of the -- do you think we would look at the -- so we came in here and meet people that will build -- opponents like this there's they had yet to watch it hadn't won a championship in. Eighty plus years in the -- can just put yourself in a position -- it's 18 plus years underneath Obama boy Rick Morrissey says. What makes you think that you can command and chain turned this around nobody else has done. He'll probably had to show some restraint and know the history of Boston Red Sox and -- person I've done -- you understand what they'll seek yet. But you know it being okay is. They have had been okay -- -- -- Well it's been endorsed you know let's stop with black vote that way -- road. And that brought this is a better one out what was the federal we had a couple days ago it was the last week. Pitching coach -- -- don't prepared young in the trash. I. -- They have the question and and and that there I don't know like the -- -- that it and as what -- keep them from you know. What they had definite I'm not gonna find about creating a. I'm not have to. Very -- He actually did give up with a good answer without a Europe that. -- -- -- we can't. In what wolf didn't. Pension benefit seven that a guardian -- it. And at that point. That -- -- the drug. Rehab that doesn't mean well don't go out and message. Outlook decided. Kind of said it's got like Africa project and -- and that. I think it's having a problem that after eight. Disaster. -- -- comeback the Red Sox can use the 25 anniversary. Of the ballpark so nobody provide. That make this major about the. And message today that it didn't realize I didn't realize I'm over. -- -- -- have like graduate. Heroic. -- have a -- And I'm not sure. It does look a little like -- -- -- solutions. Of Mexico. -- I don't think. And message. Took a five minutes just our Republicans at your paragraphs. It was not because today. I have good I would hate on the left -- three years ago to actually. It's oh. Apparently -- and actually in baseball but the world out a way that would mean at what I -- however. They actually bode well and I'm really. Terry tank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not to mention just on the list of people that. -- And Matt thanks. Thanks. Again. We already know exactly how of the -- -- an error is going to be remembered. Going to be remembered. All sides back Oreo while. Bench and I commuted leveling multi track -- -- -- pure -- And secular values that I looked at how our military looked up is that real or I -- I what did I swear dictionary.com. That never heard there were thought He -- antibacterial. Mall effect tutorial. But it plays its -- use it right this scared it really is a war. -- But I'm concerned there's only one call -- of the pack right back after the last thing has and then in an. That we can listen to very -- column -- -- co owner of the destroyer contained here and rent every year. And -- -- -- -- beloved dad don't change don't change a -- -- -- I don't. Tumultuous time and I -- -- okay. Better right now and job I don't like now. Sorry very heavily in my own. I don't -- -- this phone call on. -- constantly and you cost more fine. But Cleveland. Become an advance. Well. After I move by Eric. And products. And I hadn't. And I crashed and and -- want -- -- and call up my birthday. And I know that that'll -- -- try thank you. -- -- -- -- Part of it this. Let's hope that its net benefit pension whiner line it's marred by AT&T get faster with orgy AT&T rethink possible.

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