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Newly named Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington joins the Big Show

Oct 25, 2011|

Ben Cherington, fresh off his introductory Boston press conference, joined Glenn and Michael on the Big Show.

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I bet you're the big Shelby transition. That's what it is it's a transitional day here Theo Epstein introduced earlier is the president. Of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs in just stood here in the last hour bench area and introduced as your new Red Sox general manager and He joins us live right now from Fenway Park -- congratulations. Thanks guys I don't we're doing well they're pretty well I don't know it's time for you man you've been. If you've been around for forever before a lot of the guys came in here and I wonder looking back -- it. I -- saw jedi warrior guy that you world. Cold general managed for three months go on to bigger and better things as a general manager you saw Josh -- -- even go to a general manager did you ever wonder. Whether you're day would come and why don't you think it's. -- -- soma. -- else thought -- commented in my path is that different than those guys who knows then that would mark time and scouting and player development. Sometimes in those areas that it takes longer. To make it different to announcer put your foot print on things. And so I -- and you going into it did you know I was involved in scouting players element that is if I want to be a general manager in maybe longer. Well generally believed it was the right path. I felt that background in areas really helped me be not just to GM is have a chance -- GM. So. I certainly. Hoped it would happen you know thought believes it would happen and when those gas at those jobs there -- no one happier and I was for them certainly -- -- -- that I hired -- and we we remain really good friends and which amount it. I'm just I'm I'm ecstatic to have the chance to do here in and Ford. Many more Red Sox -- -- a more records you've done so different things within the organization over the years. Were -- not aggressive did you not market yourself is that part of the gate that you've got to market yourself to it to get one of those cute. I used to -- joke with the and again as an office. Now I'm He -- a guy that was more likely locker -- barn and -- girl out and anti current -- a lot of the bar. I've -- much more likely pick up -- by being in class of their for a couple months. So -- just it's it's it's it is part of my personality edges I think I felt like. Alice felt like the Red Sox with -- right place to be whenever I consider leaving. You know I I and I did consider leaving a couple times but. -- felt like the Red Sox for the right place for me to be and I also believe that. -- you know looking at successful. Not just GMs but successful leaders whether they be in sports or other companies. So many of them come from then. There's something be said for. Really knowing people that you're gonna be working with knowing what's in place knowing what's working what's not working. And being you know hit the ground running because of that there's huge ramp up time and join your organization does not say can't be done and and people have done successfully. But I files though like -- my personality in my skills. My best instigated GM was to do here we have a lot of baseball questions but I'd like -- -- -- -- feel the Marcy. And my keyboard -- just can't -- yeah probably -- -- you know that a lot more success that it. Why didn't you did our our -- yourself to -- -- -- We -- let me let me ask -- has been you worked -- did -- you work for Theo -- -- -- -- look at it if -- want to be simplistic about it I would say. The Duquette did very well in free agency -- -- Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon. And field did better. In drafting inning getting those guys the big leagues that He did in free agency -- and I would think that is and deal would probably say it is -- that is one of the weaknesses. Of his tenure here -- that this big time free agents to big money tree just didn't turn out well. Why do you think that happen and in where you part of that that decision making process to bring in. Guys who haven't really -- didn't pan out -- who aren't panning out like John Lackey Julio Lugo a directory index that are. Yet you know we we are all part of it all part of the mistakes in there and in the good decisions and certainly over the last couple years and even more involved in -- freezing process so. Some we need to get better at you know I think that's fair to say that that's an area that we haven't done as well and then. Part of it is. That free agency. In today's game. Is just it's just full of risk and and frankly -- downside. The guys that you'd be targeting it appeared to be. The best the best players the best that's the most powerful players. When they get to free agency tend to be you know at least 303132. Years old. And sometimes older and as you guys now that's typically that's Italy this -- players downturn not not the start of an upturn. They're sort of buying its its sort of buying high that's the ultimate buying high exercise. And and so across the industry there's there's failure in free agency but but we have to look at -- -- look at ourselves critically and figure out. Why we haven't done is get a job in that area. Part of it is you know really identifying -- that the players either whether it because of their age. Rick is something about their their physical. Their physical make up. Have a better bet to he'd slowly. Have a better that it -- skills deeper into their thirties that's part of it. Part of it as -- said today in in the press conferences. You know doing a better job balancing our objective information -- objective information and that's my job to make -- -- A scenario need to. Grew -- certainly -- want to follow up on and I heard you -- that a press conference and I think the phrase used was getting some different voices are listening to some different voices. Who who would those voices He will be the profile of the people you would be listening to going forward that maybe. You didn't listen to enough in the past. Well I don't have anyone's that it can mine outside the organization. I know that for me do a good job as a GM. I need to have strong. Voices. From different perspectives and we have an abundant amount of talent. In in the front office people are really smart creative look. Figuring out new ways to do things figured out new ways to. Analyzed data and performance and we use a lot of that stuff Stewart managed. We have some good really get -- -- raiders from one of them is Allard Baird he's going to be. Very close to Meehan and part of my inner circle as we move forward. And we asked you know we just have to determine whether perhaps another strong voice that comes from a little bit more of traditional scouting background would help us create that balance that. That we need so you know -- if we're gonna do that we -- hire the right person and so that's that's our job to determine the right person is but. It's really that balance that we're trying to create and in -- something's fearless trying to create this is not a new idea. I think we have to be honest with ourselves that perhaps not quite there. I'll back in February Theo made a statement. When He was asked the question with Dennis and Callahan. What He could with what He concerned himself with looking at the 2011. Season because everybody was talking about it as you remember best team ever whatever. There's very astute at the time we said we only have eight or nine arms maybe. We need ten or eleven starters so we knew exactly what the issue was but during the course of the season. -- didn't seem to be remedy a solution for that you just talked about. Pitching depth lacking pitching depth something -- to work on and you refer to buying low acquisitions. How do you do that and how do you avoid. Having the same problem you have last year especially when you know now the John Lackey is out of the equation for the next year. Well what part of it is is focusing on. Focusing a little less on. Sort of what. Might have the most an immediate. Public appeal. And focusing a little bit more on. Making sure that. We. We do we re allocate their resources in a way that it actually turns in this -- on the field next year. We're gonna have to that the bottom line is we have a very good core -- Corbett pitching staff for turning. And we've invested a lot in that. You don't think that. I don't think it makes. A great deal of sense. Ago. Invest a lot more. In another starting pitcher because we are you have the core of very good starting rotation. We need to round out their core. With with with some more depth we need to create competition for the back -- partition. Some of that competition -- is RD year. -- -- -- Kyle violence we have guys that now we're in the bullpen this year that. Could start. So we have some of that competition here already we need to go acquire some pitching. And make. And and and expand that competition that's our job this -- our best you know I've. I mentioned SN listeners in a press conference. You know and you -- Ariel was our best acquisition in the offseason. At least when it comes to go up bang bang bang for your -- no question we knew we need to do more of that so. And if we do more of that and do -- job whether it. You know we don't need a number one starter we have them -- -- we have number two star Rihanna number three starter. We need good depth we need guys that can come in duty job keep us in games you're right we ran of that at times this year certainly in the year. Meaning you better job of avoiding them. You have been the last time the Red Sox looking for a manager your finalists were Terry Francona and Joseph Maddon not bad there. And I think -- the -- the group the serious group was about five or six. How about now how many guys do you wanna parade -- here and talk to them and in how. Quickly do you want that process to you to be settled. Will get going on quickly I don't want the an endless line and interviews I think if I think we're not doing our job. In advance if we have to bring in you know fifteen people to figure out. Who who list of finalists will be. We need to do good enough job but there are researching due -- to figure out people that we think might actually have a chance to the next manager. So I wouldn't expect more than a handful of interviews I don't I'll put a number on it. And we'll start that will start that's soon I don't like the idea of using interview process this as a sort of information gathering exercise. I don't think -- only we have time for that frankly I don't think it makes sense. So the guys we bring an interview will be serious candidates for the job and and we're close to. Or close to at least an initial list. Of candidates -- -- We'll probably try to start scheduling and abusers and would you eliminate. Our president manager for another ballclub right now there's been a lot of talk about John Farrell obviously the blue jays have reacted with a comment today. Eric wages name has come up would you eliminate somebody. Asking another ball club for permission to talk with -- present manager. Are you asking me if I would eliminate yet would you eliminate them from the pool would cool would -- Paterson would that be somebody on your list would. Would you be adjusted and asking another ballclub. Permission to talk to somebody who is already employed as their name like John -- like John Ferrell -- when I was I was Anderson question I was confused that -- -- said today it is. We haven't asked permission anymore. And not serve -- here you are gonna answer the information there is Iran that's it's across whole efforts are probably -- out before it actually happens. Yeah I was confused just in in the sense that they had. They had been on record prior to that saying that they had a policy of not standing in people's way in and they. There reacted or counter countered that that statement with the with the with a statement today. Without. They're being actions that would. And have. Have and catalyst to be that so that was that was confusing. I wouldn't American economy and any -- because again we haven't asked permission anymore I would you -- -- asking for direction for our somebody was already managing for another -- I wouldn't rule anything out now and I can not put ourselves in the boxes in terms of any particular. Demographic. Or anything like that. But you know again certainly. People under contract -- teams certainly news that we managers that are under contract with the other teams. I'm not gonna comment on publicly. Because it's not fair -- them that when that team. There have been -- been a lot of stories about the Red Sox that have come out here after the season Bob polar had a lengthy piece in the globe talking about drinking and in some other things that. That. You wouldn't be happy about it -- the general manager of the team pay. How do you weigh how seriously do you weigh those those statements that we're in in that article and subsequent articles. And be. What has your. You're you're researching your interviewing. Your investigating. Revealed about what happened last year with -- in the clubhouse. It's revealed mostly to things. First it's revealed that. There was. Some activity in the Hamas this year that was not. Consistent with our beliefs not consistently -- what we. Expect and have come. Trust from our players and that is. That they're doing everything they possibly can to. Put themselves in the best this and help us win games. And so those things are things that we do take very seriously and and and will address if necessary with. And private. Directly with players or whoever was involved. -- also -- -- second thing I've learned is that. We have a core group of players in our clubhouse who really do you care. Who are motivated to the 2011 behind them motivated. Prove. That day they are worthy. Not just our trust as we do you trust them but the fans trust. And you know are just gonna go prove it and they know they just have to -- that's doing making news -- -- it they can talk this winner but really what they have to -- news or prevent. -- their offseason work in spring training and then certainly as He had in the season next year if you have those type of players that you just referred to. Then it leads to the next question you probably have some players that don't necessarily. Follow along those guidelines do you have to make some changes. In that clubhouse with personnel just to to change the dynamics of that room. While in others in the -- manager. So there's going to be. That changed it -- and and and as you know you know and you measure as. As a strong. Impact mr. hand in shaping that culture. Of the clubhouse. Specifically early as it relates to. Accountability in different areas on the field so that's certainly going to be changed. You know as far as the players are concerned you know who will certainly -- new players in the club -- because you know we'll make moves this offseason like do it every offseason. But I believe. I don't believe others. There's that putting talent aside from putting their service fit whether there's a fifth on the team from the town standpoint and from. Skills standpoint putting that aside. I don't believe there's anyone in our clubhouse. We just fundamentally can't be. A part of our team moving forward because of something happen in 2001. It's. I don't believe that anybody should be judged by one moment one action. Him. You know one. One incident behaviors specially when that behavior was. You know perhaps drinking beer. You know maybe there's other behaviors that we would. Knew where we have to take a harder line that doesn't mean that we condone that behavior -- -- and I don't like a sentinel thing in keeping with what we. Need -- our players expect former players and I don't think native based on the conversations. With players in the season. But again I believe in the players we have I believe there's some work we need to do with players and respect it. -- culture in the level accountability have their clubhouse. The manager will have a strong say in that. But I believe in the core -- we have and believe that this core group absolutely can be. Emeka. Winning team playoff caliber team a team that plays in October and you know can contend for the World Series if given a computer Anemia. And I. It's funny again one of the guys do whenever developers. As this has gone on with the you know over the last couple weeks we weren't we weren't quite sure. What day it was actually -- today that He would leave the office forget. He isn't that apparently according to his restaurant so. So one of our developers. One of our developers -- put together this voice in -- minute animated feminine voice. Massive and each day so as easily us out as He stated messages little different. And He got a lot of laughs. But Carmine -- big part of what we're doing but. Just to set the record straight it is does not and it's an inanimate objects. Well as Michael and I were talking early would never noticed in talking to you in person that you ever sounded. Just like field but we've had all these people texting is is the Prescott -- our allies thought that there was a computer erupt they're actually doing the press conference. Both press conferences and it was the same person you -- on the awful lot like you when you're you. You know on the radio unity. Austin Lotto Lotto waking hours your -- it's usually celebrate our -- enough of them that are maybe sounds like you -- -- there you -- take it. But as rough around banned by the way with -- -- -- to -- after tickets -- -- -- -- -- -- it has very admirable special closeness you and analysts say congratulations and it's gonna be a fascinating offseason you know will be watching about it no watching it and talking about it. And hopefully we'll get the opportunity to talk to you in the offseason as well good luck to them. Okay yes thanks argument that's commensurate and your. He's been in the -- -- general manager of the Boston Red Sox will get to the phone calls coming up next your reaction. 6177790850. Toll free 8885250. Agency.

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