WEEI>On Demand>>Tom Brady talks about vacationing in the Bahamas, his thoughts in Tim Tebow and his plans after football

Tom Brady talks about vacationing in the Bahamas, his thoughts in Tim Tebow and his plans after football

Oct 25, 2011|

Patriots QB, Tom Brady, joins Dennis and Callahan to recap his off week and opines on a number of non football topics

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Our conversation with Tom Brady's brought to you by northeast electrical distributors. Brightening your day of electrical solutions capabilities to assist -- in saving energy and reducing cost and by auto trader. Compare brand spanking new car and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com. Poppy what the quarterback is brought you -- Dunkin' Donuts America runs on Duncan good morning Tom Lauria. -- -- pay out with no patriots this weekend the owner told us last Friday. That He would watch games on TV maybe even go to what college game. Were there any football related activities for the quarterback over the weekend. Sure yeah I watched what from the game on Sunday. Yeah. There was no NFL or some particular spam by -- the but over the nationals game -- to land a -- San Diego. -- -- jets San Diego are a force in Valencia. Highlights of results and Broncos which little game and so they're -- your thoughts on the sit back and watch. Know the difference and play your little treatment and and certainly orchard to beat cop in the game leader commentators -- You know allow ports and so -- For barely started Sunday afternoon. How much more ignorant are we be watching on television the television coverage of the game verses what you're able to watch when you watch game film. Well it's really hard work -- That you were sure understand what that team is trying to do on. -- someplace that you may you know go running back to stop provoking them you know you know there wasn't much -- well there's a reason why there wasn't much or maybe. No one is. What were called by an offensive -- -- this communicated. That a poet. Middle linebacker -- it's the strong side linebacker. You know they're -- like that where. Even the commentators don't know and Leo that's -- hard part about -- very much. -- scratch and don't really get that are watching it keep you copy a game like I'm just. And a follow them all on there which is what -- have to -- -- efforts. Ergo -- -- -- came within a game. On the football -- their individual -- -- -- -- -- player by -- basis that ultimately. Put about the boat together and they and you know you're -- stop him from court points or opera or. Tell what really struck me about that San Diego jets game was the last couple minutes when Philip Rivers was trying but not succeeding and running -- two minute offense very very well. I know you're -- corporal Phillip rivers under the bus here. But elect compare and contrast how was you were able to minutes and 31 seconds with your guys to call every single play seamlessly quickly efficiently. There were no penalties you went eight for nine you were looking at at at at O'Brien saying hey what's the play. -- what we saw Phillip reversal by most accounts is a pretty good quarterback struggled to get it done in the two minute drill. Yet so look at the end recorder back and they've got one of the best offenses -- -- their electors so. You know I don't record set I don't I don't know what what happened and what was going on our notes the situation that we were caught on a weekly basis and you know what what we practice it's usually how it goes and again and that we quickly communicate well with. Whatever maybe and -- -- her voice commands or communication are the offensive line only communicate in general we do really well because. Ever want coordinated federal warn you when the right track where and when it's not a one and I don't want them in other guys are saying it's it's hard to execute. As -- excuse you know particular yard target are allowed to scrimmage at all eleven guys are on the same page. That's simple although that they're currently you can have a guy it's throughout the night and look and other light streaks -- -- quarterback and it really doesn't matter ostensibly. Are you care if you can upload on the play and expected to our. Eight and Tom we once asked data sector easily you know when he's watching the game in the announces sand that was a cutter that was two seamer. And do they know what they're talking about He said they have no clue even in the former players don't know what they're talking about. When you watched do you think the announces know what they're talking about and if so what are some of the -- who are some of the guys. You think makes sense and and understand what they're watching. Well yeah under a -- like I think a lot of commentators do a great job at it. I'll come -- like I speak two languages English or poke ball and because acquired its own. Language and I can call play -- tell you that you can -- recovered and no one would know what I'm talking about except. You know the -- to the way the guys that communicated that I put. Verbiage so it's a lot of time that on the substance and that you're a lot of art in. You know I'll talk to him about it He said you know you're. You really. You can't use the football -- can't use cover two -- you know I never used cover Q what you are really figured he'd recover till. You know every single football player -- -- -- Richard talk about where. Market if you if you don't get quite know what time it harder they're spending thirty and that and -- double covered on this receiver which -- -- -- and pretty much understand that. So. You know a lot of it is you're you're watching it and certain other commentators really -- -- -- much deeper than that but not like substances. But backed out and you're watching -- and -- -- because like accept your relation with those guys over here. What's something that an odd thing in my head even maybe it's from move you know listening and company you over the years but. When guys say things like Terry Bradshaw said after the cowboys won big the other day that this is what they're striving for balance all the -- and Romo only through 25 times. That's how you win an Olympic and the only for 24 times because they have a lead and a board come from behind and they were -- -- the clock and they were. At reacting to the defense when we look at the office when you hear guys say that all the time liked it his famous you know got established and run a stop the run. I'm like that's not what to do we have throw the ball if they give you -- -- load up on the block she gonna throw the ball this is Mike Ditka. A coach a player a hall of Famer. When you're watching what is the one thing that they get wrong most of all. Well I didn't like it says it it's it's it's part of trying to import spyware -- their audiences. You know like send a lot of people may be followed the game have a little bit more knowledge than in the very hard all week and stand by. You know it's like you sit there are two great -- -- -- when they load the -- you don't pull out to me here. Hundred different -- to load the box. You know. You know how that certain that the guard down in the front. In order to stop the run sports quarterback the political sometimes it's harder to throw the ball that would. Due out sometime in or you'd you'd rather see a religion their own defense and -- and where there are -- in the box to stop every every. Every game plays itself out very differently so what someone that. Stop the run. You know and and you gotta run ball or not are you win games or the defense. You know win win these championships you know that. -- -- -- -- different things that you talk about it generically yes I -- over the course of a long look policy and balances very important number certain where you wanna throw the ball. It's 70% of the time Alpert certain scenes where you want -- quote 40% of them are based on what their strength are what your current start so. Generically. Or you can't come -- -- one saint over the course are seated but you're specifically alien. Developers and -- I get the response that I really would tell -- you know when we run the ball like 25 plus times. You know we have some ridiculous. We and the locks. You know ratio per -- -- Mike. -- okay so that if He embarked on her 25 plays in the game and don't. Yeah let's Mike Mike Ditka says you know I run the ball you in the game and it's it doesn't work that way does it. Are you guys you know what game and you see the situation a plate and make a mile a minute want to turn over -- turn over are very important but look at you. -- give a third down play and and you know you have got guys open and you mix them to me that Paterno. Though -- their separate I mean. You know the -- planet Iran and you know you have a ten yard net -- or you have a twenty yard interception -- -- -- factor in the game. You know ordered it you know the -- -- well there's a lot of -- -- so I await the game and you gotta watch. It guitar game play out so that. Are you there in order further certain Campbell played an -- turn the tide and every game. But if you can't pin one thing down and say this is wired this is what. It's on the physical tools of Tim Tebow and how they will or will not transfer to the National Football League have been discussed and dissected. I'd like to go beyond that we view where -- Tebow right now. After one start in the National Football League with his mental grasp of the game. And it's the civil legal where would you be one game in what I -- is a more things He doesn't understand that He does. Well you know honestly I have not I have not had a chance to see him play very much we haven't played. Many here the same opponent. So it's hard for me to really evaluate I mean I I obviously coach coach coach -- -- current Urban Meyer an urban. Comeuppance He -- you know we ought to have a lot of -- so are a lot of Florida game. On over the years and -- -- -- Aaron Hernandez had a great relationship and then. In our hearts are accurate certainly when you watched. You know to retreat highlight Eric and this is the reason why hire. That is eaten at the you know John L they're gonna be whoever made you know it's -- the one game I know. On myself in my secular that -- your second third year. You know on your -- with what -- gonna be at the player not I've learned so much -- still learn that our twelfth here and her out of a game that. I played in the and I also learned something that I don't gain -- books period -- -- It's a long process -- quarterback and you know we're all trying to get better on a on a weekly basis -- -- important part for quarterback and not to regret. But. Apple greatly in one week another crack you know an action you know the level it consists of consistency and credibility in the quarterback position. Is extremely important area that's okay because you've got to be able to rely on quarterback. On a consistent basis through the right -- make the decisions. That are gonna help -- win because. Or already here and every single play and you you gotta be against -- in most of -- being so. If you're making that decision but the Balkan hearts and political outcome. Tommy -- dealt with rivas the offense has your soon to deal with Polamalu could you compare and contrast those two players -- -- like -- -- different. Yeah they're very different player. You know Troy is phenomenal player and I watched a -- Other highlights without coach -- there are on the eve. He didn't get it in ever paying you fly around the field he's incredibly fast and it is. He covered a lot of ground out there so you have. You drive problem on every flag saying he's more compare what Eric read them eat at -- previously that -- -- reader. I think it's got out of the game. -- -- -- -- -- It's not as much. -- culprit so he's gonna go on -- Away and when He should be in one part of -- -- -- -- quarterback never be another part of human quarterback goes there and then you make plays that. Very -- actually can excel. God I really enjoy playing against him he's a great competitor. One of the nicest -- you'd ever met in south. And then. Which had some great games with them over the years so. He was -- it was find I'm sure you've heard 101000 calls for calling his wife on the cellphone the teller he's OK after a head injury. Does that make sense to you. But a lot of signs -- currently there really don't have much control over so you're gonna be careful what you say about five -- -- got fired Larry. Players talk about five we get -- and so. -- we. Has that got to keep I'm not sure. Would you ever do that would you ever consider you know like it on your wife in the game maybe just chicken and just with honey immediate thing on the way portal built. Now that you're gonna get out of Bulgaria and as well enough tax. They talk we we get kicked this little debate around earlier in the week if you're gonna start a defensive team and can't be a patriot you're gonna draft you can draft any defensive player from any other of 31 teams in the National Football League. Who would be your choice I assume the candidates would be a Pall mall a -- a -- aware. Maybe somebody else we haven't thought -- who would be your first round draft pick the pluck off of another team. Oh my god it's it's simply not possible they're. It's a -- impossible to answer that they're now one player that makes it's -- and that. I played against you know who are acting like soaring yen and Jason Taylor. Are the best players on her plate and to have an impact every game but you know look on the quarterbacks so you know the abstraction. And then force the quarterback to make quick decisions is. That's that would be a -- itself. I'm sure receiver -- could care less about perhaps there are more worried about. Quarterback did not jetliner -- more worried about your interior -- -- And it's it's too except that there. You've often told us you'd like to play India forties you know thoughts about you know hang it up any time soon. And why would you book everyone thinks about what they're gonna do when they're done if they're smart. If I give your choice is to follow other quarterbacks retired quarterbacks into a second career would have beat. TV like a Boomer Esiason Dan Marino also assumes would be coaching like your fellow Michigan man a blog -- -- Or would it be business on being an entrepreneur or like Drew Bledsoe or Roger Staubach are so many others which which way which ago. Well they all and all those guys they -- And I have watched them Reno three years -- and -- John Elway and now it's it's. Truly could go front office like Elway that would be ago. Yeah look at work pretty hard and it will be except America are Hewitt -- coach Belichick in his level commitment. This team organization. And and work mister Kraft -- job and putting it on the you know. It's all day every -- you know and you -- -- where we got a pretty good thing quarter. Replete prayers or we'd love -- and we get quite a bit street chimed in on the off he's. You know. We players are certainly doubt people get paid a lot of money it's there to get much better -- whatever. IQ did you have to play it's not gonna be and what I'm. Anything like I'm doing now I'd love playing and I loved it electing about the every -- it -- only become more fun for me over the years. I understood more. And it's it shook the great you know the more the more you understand it no more you learn about it. And and that it changes. From game to game a week a week. You know it -- the -- -- I don't aren't any desire to stop on any time soon. Could be a long time so and I are out there never either really thought about. After I'm done playing as an -- that Lanka and on the road. -- surfing in Costa Rica and like sit in on the beach drinking beer. That's pretty good good economic it would be that now. And and think about doing -- you know currency by the behavior not. Quite appealing elected director. You know two weeks and get back to train and well. Everything is it out -- their -- about what we learned over the years -- to be a bit more balanced in my life and and that has really helped my. You know not not -- pacing yourself that haven't a little bit better perspective and and knowing when you've really got to approach for for over a barrel. -- love the game so much I assume that means you'd like your boys to play football. I'll say yes you know low -- or says they're gonna be what they're gonna appeal which of course that that is that your -- of the mind their own. You know they both look like and so it's going to be hard to keep my elect. -- what about a goal a bucket list and the goal when you get when you're done would be to get. You handicap down -- like Aaron Rodgers. Broke park this offseason I don't know how a guy does that during his career as a get to scratch during his career. Would you like to do that is that a goal after you're done. Well. You know. I -- lectured gulf about golf but you know I don't let it. America took the Kerry got a letter that much -- get -- and -- -- and hobbies. You know the play. A week you know it is sponsoring. They're more Nat what particular like you're you're every day is trying to get radio play. You know it's. You know the critical policy in the six months it every day of the week it here either. Getting her hair or your catching up on things or you're getting are actually opponent or the week after that point. So. It it's your work on a treadmill that's all pretty fast and lecture -- stop notes -- brought. About that's where you'll like -- -- not he's an early bird no desire. There are great data along terms saying it's. It's really. I endured so much what I hear that you have to think about also Alexander and work hard -- have it it's darker really. Actually out. -- what I'm doing now so. Tell what was a non football highlight of the bye week for you. Our -- parts here. You know we weren't real -- -- -- Obama in out of my life my kid justice you don't play it. There are built an outlook on the beach you never can you be as much -- to realize how much your mom and dad really let you. You don't hear it -- just sent them out your -- No we memories that. I'll never forget -- Did the paparazzi spot you on the beach a look at DMZ right now and I can't find any fictional. You'll find anywhere earlier that it stuck it out yet there. But there we got a lot there's my side and we've put a lot certain well -- you pretty cool that you're. Put a lot -- -- you cry you or hear a lot. Of Arabic we have the pictures. Are reminded that over. Speaking of pictures to -- gronkowski pictures. No but I heard you never -- debate. I would have guessed there'd be pictures of him yet somehow. But they sure the airport and some liked it so I'm glad I'm no longer. The other one that people are aren't they -- -- on -- you wanna hear the great market but only. Older -- here. Would you be surprised if when rockets back in the facility -- as a coach elect speak to you about that. -- walked into coach. -- you -- when you're young and single did you carry around your game Jersey just it should be met new friends get in a. Regard regard out He traveled back. Dirt -- and that that football to throw around the actual hard doctors aren't worried about their yet mark on anybody but -- daddy doesn't. You go -- -- party that. You think I mean I know you guys have some laughs but will someone above you above your pay grade. Pull him into an office somewhere down there and have a word with them and say listen and you have a good time but you gotta be careful. Does that happen. Yeah -- and Brock is he's. You know he's like he's single he's harmonies -- you know he's making his -- decision so. It's hard for coached -- He talks -- every time. You know we had out for an extended vacation about our decision making and so forth then. He. -- sure -- let them rob. You know the fires or tried -- -- -- you know more detailed. You know Richard that the Euro ourselves like that. Did you eat that lobster and did that really horrified to hear about it at the. I know I know it I don't think He correlated those two between what I eat out. Yet that you don't like it so much that they would move around vote He He jumped out to -- Bryant. You know we need to jump in order to trying to. All of them make sure apple -- so it gets more about the experience that you had that yellowish remembered as. Now the first time we ever got -- to be liked it that there are a lot. -- conversation. Good luck against Pittsburgh we'll talk it next Monday. Are -- a conversation with Tom Brady brought to buy northeast electrical distributors brightening your day with electrical solution capabilities -- this issue in saving energy. And reducing costs and by -- trader compare brand spanking new cars and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com. And by Dunkin' Donuts coffee with a quarterback brought to you by Duncan America runs on Duncan He joins us on the AT&T hotline the official wireless provider of the Stanley Cup champion Boston in the -- Brady should I or Brady what I would do when I'm done and Alec. So on the beach street -- so I would do just what Larry Bird did and Larry Bird is the smartest athlete government radius up there. It's He went away for awhile and piano and played golf via a lot in the got bored of it and said okay and now you can play too much in play and every day. And got his handicapped had some fun I'm sure He went to the beach into the sunburn here in narron probably went -- and did all it was just gulf. It was a life of leisure for what 23 years yeah. And that's okay I'm done and when He was away He became more desirable as -- As it fixed so much of yeah -- am opera TV guy I'm sure He would TV opportunities. In in Indiana. What you I think some guys are so. So famous in in their sport that they can do that -- -- way. And they're not forgotten palm would be one of comedy and think what He would He go to Brazil Argentina in Paris in LA and serve and fish and crabs lobsters. And golf and Pebble Beach and it would be. In my -- more than two or three years to get tired of that but I'm and I would like -- I'd like that out test that right that you can play too much golf form who posted on the be brought their element He sees a Belichick works He sees no while Robert Jonathan working is not necessarily at this point in two wanting to do. 141618. Hours a day big Elway does that -- Health Elway does but he's -- you know probably doesn't have to but tonight -- -- -- -- well well sure. It's not lazy. But Elway was a mobile card dealer he's huge in Denver guys dealer and -- all that and wanted to give back in the game yeah and if you're that -- -- star you can say. I don't want a coach you know I don't wanna be Harbaugh was an assistant. And then a college coach you worked his way back into the spot. That takes real I think that takes more work and be in a -- be -- takes more commit more -- time. -- be in a way -- Brady's more in Austin and Harbaugh He could skip a few of those runs at the bottom of the latter. I think he'd be great on TV don't you think and be in like boomer yeah Aikman yes. Be one of those quarterback that would be something he'd stay in the game and you what's three days a week right. A much of boomer -- just need the money. But do you think Aikman and boomer needs among them and we don't know what my my what is He beat that would necessarily need to be an entrepreneur or and just -- tons and -- adult He would not be financially drilling just whatever needs to test your I would say when He retires there will be no player no athlete ever. In a -- -- -- Michael Jordan yes and Arnold Palmer who is more financially secure -- to -- -- will take a break the -- and talk with you 677790850. Toll free 8885250850. -- -- --

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