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Bye Week State of the Patriots with owner Jonathan Kraft

Oct 21, 2011|

Jonathan Kraft hopped on the phones and joined Michael Holley and Rob Bradford to give us a bye week update on the Patriots, including thoughts on the divisional race, plus Ochocinco and Haynesworth's progress as Patriots.

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-- -- Brady's second down a lot of Time Warner over the welcome Hernandez over the colts got away from -- -- Every guy knew what He was talking about strategy numbers of Tom Brady this year have been off the charts. -- that in 2009. Tom Brady's first season back after. Being out pretty much all of 2008. After that -- nasty low hit from Bernard Pollard joining us on the line right now. Is a resident of the New England Patriots Jonathan Kraft Jonathan what's going on there. Michael wells how to rob Bradford to. Though would have required I don't know if that's the nice hello I -- you have to I didn't -- Or at a lot of him. -- -- -- I'm not allow. -- -- that -- didn't. It's -- habits as well say a Muslim last -- if it's pumped to stuff the Google that it. The advantage Iran or brought it about it. I legit questions but Michael we. Know how it'll ask you personalized asset. In the old days Jonathan before the red zone channel. I just would have been depressed this weekend with a bye week I'd I'd prefer to watch the patriots play but now that I can bounce around with Scott Hanson. On five hour energy drink I'm not so I'm not so depressed how you feel about this team going into about a week. Bills are here. Reform as it's going to be somewhere after six weeks in the next the six dollars five and one so. We feel we feel good obviously there's a long way to go in the -- and obviously there's a lot of art in in there were rules. -- looking strictly had a more mosque record weren't exits -- and and it's a stretch coming -- You know struck him before He came on about Wes Welker. And before it was easy it is just to say -- -- all these catches all these 100 plus. Yet seasons because he's a slot receiver He has proven through the first six games that he's much more than that. Fortunately for him and perhaps unfortunately for you his contract is up at the end of the year. -- any conversations about. Extending Wes Welker to make him a lifelong patriot. And armored and -- we're we're we're so lucky to have woman and you know what. Players coming up with something that happens every Saturday at 63 guys on the roster so under contract from up here and and that west is somebody. We hope and believable if stitches were. Hopefully the rest is rare but at least. While our maps so this is. Speaking of a wide receivers since the -- contracts I -- -- -- chosen your take on Ochocinco so far. I think Chad. I know lots and written. But I think Chad. What you want out of new players some music then. With notes to the grindstone and and works Arden is out on the practice field. Making all the effort very solid effort to try to. Learn what's going on in the system it's totally different in the locker room as a force. That's that's a lot of what you want it yet and clearly you wanna see production on the heels. You know that fighters capable of then I think from our perspective Chad. As. The first two in spades and understanding that this subsidies and was so. And the other Nazis and in the lead at somebody committing -- they have no experience with we knew which I'm. I believe that -- this season is over. We're gonna see a lot of -- out on the field this. -- and I think. Chess games -- true. Really nice -- in Rhode help extend its product that was important. The it was in the third order him and I promise more of that and happy to have month. You know a -- a fair point about the lockout it to everybody off not only players in -- coaches and Helena and owners to and a team presidents but. You look at Ochocinco in his career. The type of offense He was in Cincinnati that I shouldn't -- type of offense. That type of game He had me Jonathan this guy who as you know win over the middle and could go deep. I just thought it would be a natural fit coming here to New England a little disappointed but I mean He surprises me. That that not be able to produce like. Like usually don't. Let's look back at the end of the citizen and and world I think you have to understand about our offense and you you were -- team. So long stretches Michael I think you know Tom Brady. As a master of this crap and in in in west and beyond. No warm cold and and guys like BenJarvus. And and -- and Aaron I mean in and hopefully we'll be back in these are guys who. Either have been all in the system from the first day and yet that -- and old talent and so it was going to be. Or have bitten in our system along time and knowledge and when Tom goes out there. You orchestrate. You orchestrate something that I think there's more complicated. And more -- act. At the line -- -- that most other teams do it made it if you. Spent the first ten years of your professional life. Speaking. English that -- The language of men. All of a sudden in your eleven year after -- very short when I'm actually made it you start. Doing whatever that professional thing is in street term. So the -- the what you're doing and the language is totally different it's gonna take awhile for. And -- has worked incredibly hard. And and I think everybody's in the locker room and around -- -- here but let's look back you know this is -- and and and start. Analyze it and judge things and I think I think everybody out. I'm drive there those are fair points and added we've seen in the past where guys have been slow to pick -- this system especially coming from another place. But what we're less were left with the terms of the image of Ochocinco is the last game in getting on very few plays. The last time -- thrown to it was a miscommunication. At this point as far as we are into the season would you expect that He would be this far behind or. Do you think -- -- did you think this is what we're gonna have to go into the biweekly. You know I -- I'm not in the locker room and in the media -- every day and I think the question of where it is relative. Active development. Would be some in the pillar believe would be better dancer than me I can tell you that is an organization. When we look at Africa were still on. Is the right. Let's talk about another one of your new guys and that's Albert Haynesworth one. How do you think he's been doing so far in two I know you Robert John and Jerry on her part of the interview not the whole thing maybe they asked you this. What was your thought what was your initial reaction when you were told hey I think Albert Haynesworth. The NFL's bad boy when the NFL's bad boys I think He may be a good fit for the -- Every -- and Jerry and I chart. For the citizens started. And as I said that day we. 11. We started talking about this Robert and I. Thought it was important that we view -- Albert or. It was finalized and have a conversation. With -- just explain. What from our perspective it means promises his uniform and play here and I. I thought we had a very good conversation that I thought in the conversation having never met Alpert war I Lewis. I enjoyed the meeting and it. Even the media perception of the and that wasn't what I expected this city's use very articulate intelligent and it was also where these passionate about all and they. He wants. -- music competitor and I think sometimes. When people get in the situations they either weren't what they thought they were going to be you war war on. The competitive situation that they were all important things happen. I am not making excuses for Alberta wasn't at the other places with them but I can tell you that from our perspective everything. Committed to commit human. You more than without Q and and most of all respect here. I've enjoyed watching him play I can tell you that last week I thought He had huge impact on the game and look at. Carter's second sack you're watching sort thumb -- middle engaging read guys and -- got Romo just hearing -- and Carter comes from. Backside even know Romo -- room knows -- Help make that happen I think He felt -- shut them running game and what are. Where were happy to have can be a part of the human again much like Chad in the locker room. -- not been. A great number of. All you Mets who -- pro am curious because obviously was sent to a strong group of guys of veteran guys meet. Had been mentioned so many times when you bring in new guy in that those guys are held accountable by this group of leaders leaders and a lot of those guys have left. Do you sense in the last couple years at that leadership has been able be turned over a little bit to guys like male or whoever else and that there is still that foundation there. I yet there's there's definitely -- great veteran leadership in the locker room. Whether -- Insert Jerod. We know where I'm. Spencer side of the -- Offenses. All -- -- guys like on. And bought him. -- and -- and I've visited there's a great veteran presence. Locker room and I don't know what other locker rooms like around the league but I I think. Having -- one. As a great ability. Police itself it was issues -- short of expectations. -- -- Houston. And coming players and it really polices itself. And when you talk to guys who come apart from other clubs. If it is it always makes us feel good and I realize that players might be inclined to say nice things because they're playing for art human. And air but they tend to say it's different environment they've experienced other places and workers fortunate that night. I think bill doesn't. Get enough credit for helping to Foster that environment -- -- you explain the veteran players. If -- expects and wants and and the system works and under works very well. Speaking of bill every year Jonathan. I ask Robert about -- contract every year He. He had to flexor. Does flat out says I'm not an answer that question but. I do wonder. For a couple reasons that obvious reason that. He's the best coach in patriots history that's one -- them to. We've had something in another sport here in town where. The general manager had one year left on his contract of manager had some option years left and they both wind up leaving. Uh oh what is bills contract status is He. Toward the end of his contract is He in the middle of it that you think he's a does He have a lifetime contract can you tell us about that. We don't. There we don't really talk about the -- built contract but I think it's safe to say that -- is the coaches agents or. Or as -- foreseeable future. And and we're very fortunate to have him as our coaches are depressed -- they. History I'll I'll say I think -- raiders coach in the history of the game. There's moderate Arab world that's free agency is at the all the hurdles associated with having sustain. Excellence on the field it's very well and use. You really good at managing exceptional man roster the -- And the yellows and all personality issues. And football coach and we're fortunate to have -- -- -- it -- it. Number leaders in the future. Speaking of Belichick but veering off a little bit I don't know if you heard there's a lot of controversy going on with another team as Michael said regarding the Red Sox and and a lot of chaos and everything else. And I was just interesting to get your perspective on what it was like to go through the compensation for the coach and obviously right now the going through with Theo Epstein. But both in the Parcells case in the Belichick case there was compensation involved and and how difficult was it for you organization to come to an agreement regarding that compensation. Sort of triggered questions about both were emotional times are different readers and in the case where Bill Parcells let us. As the jets. Com. It was an emotional. Eaters I'm because of what it transpired over the few weeks or when we were in the Super Bowl. And some of the distractions that are consummate -- -- division and we were still. New critically Leon Hess who on the jets as a grandfather in the league -- tired -- the deal and that the mediated. Week. And vaccinate the I'm. Because we really felt we had been -- -- During cars you can now look that's a long time ago and as I said He was a couple of very emotional -- -- met some awful. And it afterward and about one was a cult was very difficult emotionally in the case of war time. Bill joins us from the jet. Bill Belichick I did the fighting is reported a bigger prizes that Finland ourselves -- doesn't do -- -- -- I would argue it. Belichick hearing was cleaners situation but in that case even though the public in the media wasn't crazy about the as we tape we at CNET. Bill Belichick and let Robert in. Secular who's got it is always right there's when you have -- gut feeling you -- analytics the windows because his gut is telling them. And I think. I think in that case we -- We wanted that'll be our coach and and at that point it's just in negotiations to try to do that -- that do. -- make it happen again belief that in that situation that was the difference circumstances without one. About one what you were much happier when we got Adam we were much afterward we got him and the -- in the days. -- pay the price and get ready to move on. The first quarter -- highly emotional and I I don't know what it's like the in the -- are issues in and situation. And I don't know all the details. I don't know which those two situations that would there. Would more -- to. Water is I guess it in the red size case a lot of us to do with leverage in one -- feel like they have a significant amount of leverage. -- -- -- -- Did you ever feel in either case it there was leverages swayed so much in one side. That it was not having done unless there was mediation. Quote the first in the first. Situation I think we have the leverage. Erratically and police dropped to step in and I want them a straight about the Emma bell. Is. But. The management of the league -- -- in the central authority. And just getting things resolved and played out as much -- can probably isn't Orton and I think when you're in the middle -- -- you don't like it. But what you wanna the other search teams watching the team's critical and it is the office. Dealing with dealing with things and extraditing them so that. What I would consider extracurricular. Stuff doesn't get it played out publicly what I would tell you is knowing. Knowing John Henry knowing Larry -- you know it is it they're pretty. I think. Basic date that they deserve a lot of credit for what got accomplished here. And it it they'd have leverage in the situation. In short they're command -- the result they like I. I'm not burst under the what I read in the Paper. -- in in the business site value you can rate -- members operate. These stories there's always actors. That are known in the public. I don't mean principles involved in the situation really aware of and sort the end of the day I I have confidence in him in those two met at my guess -- they'll -- belt with a you know I was right. -- before get you out here that clip we played as you were coming in that was a clip from NFL network so football life. You're talking about the fantasy numbers from Tom Brady but not just that what did you think of the overall production. You're starring role added bill ballot judge -- you're dead what did you think of the whole operation. I'm embarrassed to say I haven't seen mobile and yet but I know after that -- -- films I'll tell you that that comment. Was too -- or people who is visiting us and I won't give him his personal situation. But it hubris He was excited to be there at that game and you -- Tom Brady and I was trying. We're starting -- from the minute I didn't get an editorial approval. Again it's not. Comment that I would use it but that's who I was addressing it. I think NFL films as an exceptional. That much everything they do it and Rodgers threw. Was I've seen the first hour I haven't seen the second hours I actually -- on an airplane tomorrow -- watching it and everything Kenny Rogers. Exceptional and I've been -- I think bit. Having the ability. Who watched bill I've been very fortunate to somebody that was huge oil and -- is. Don't watch and work with bill a float the during the watched him do what all of our. As a lot of ominous some music loves sports viewers some issues such a seminal figure. -- as well I think it. I still less watched alien and I think it. This film definitely -- Would otherwise in that regard your. Michael you view it. Your record you've probably seen on the films -- you go. Your you know what it's like watching an Israeli. When you and development and in the spacious comfortable. On watch is really good quality. Are bigger that now Jonathan so are you missed glad today descent to tell not to take some medium off days. -- -- -- Bad -- it's always nice. Aren't you Michael and that's probably the first time I've talked to rob on the Ayers or -- -- I tried my best to field to plate a not so bad guy he's got some ability but I don't they. Aren't. You oh -- field I doubt that accident. Shortly what did you mean -- publicized but anyway APEC delegates Jonathan -- -- room. Jonathan -- to the patriots that we're your phone more your phone calls after the.

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