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Clay Buchholz speaks out about the Red Sox clubhouse problems, Terry Francona and Curt Young

Oct 20, 2011|

Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz joins Mut and Merloni to speak for the first time since the historic September collapse. Clay talks about the drinking and eating in the clubhouse during the game, if players drank in the dugout, the diagnosis of his injury by the team's doctors, the Sox relationship with Terry Francona, his thoughts about Curt Young and John Farrell and if he'll be back to 100% for Spring Training in 2012.

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Final hour -- and -- Sports Radio WEEI 937. FM we've spent the last couple weeks pick Norway through. The month this September which is so I dragged on for the Boston Red Sox in the post season. -- come out. Talk some of the guys who were involved including clay buckles He joins us on the eighteenth -- hotline AT&T the official wireless provider of the Stanley Cup champion. Boston Bruins play Mike in Lou here in Boston -- you. Or rather -- So I feel it right now and and wants a wanna know how close you're actually pitching at the end of the season. Actually build good in the water after the that there's in Baltimore headed back home got to Boston. And CEO and curtain. In Q -- Goodell ordered. Two. Just lecture to people my and I guess the developer of 67 innings let -- everything -- -- good velocity was back to work -- and you know there was nothing there's not set back today after actually get. We surprise clay how long it took you for not last time you -- for the Red Sox in June says not pitch and again the rest of this year. You know by the time -- -- that it was. Whenever it happened you know it felt like it was just the most ordinary and and you know our problem -- deal for two weeks would have. We're obscured everything and I've been back pitching that you know it. It did or go like that we in the -- a couple diagnose Food Network. Let you know that that we didn't get it all right so it was a it was just. A matter of that bad month that it took. To figure out what really -- in order a couple different doctors and that was the month that. That I could have been rehab important -- I have been -- fiction. At least midway through August so you know just had some not so something's happened differently than we expect to -- this was the case with us. Yet as I still felt that. If you guys have gotten deep at the post season and a top level that you wondering maybe out of the bullpen. I don't know I just yeah I know you kind of have that rubber rom I still felt He could deepen the post season I can still see you want starting maybe -- -- series even. That's the you know that's what -- what I wanted to do you know -- been bred to be a starter and it's a different animal controllable and regardless of of what situation is expressly opposed to runner in the post season so and like if He would be in different and that's what I was working up to. To start and you know everything like that the body felt good when I was -- the -- and let these people can regain those thrown open the season this year and then. Just confirmed it will announce for a -- in updated it nationalism terms of their. It a lot has changed -- your organization clay since last time we had a chance to talk including the managerial situation. Terry Francona will not be back and want to get your reaction set to when -- heard that Friday night that that Terri was gonna move on somewhere next year. Who knows what's it going to be different and he's been all together and I've been in this organization so it's. It was good it was a little bit of shock at the same time and and -- Not sad that there -- in disorder and think about it for a little bit but. You know that's in the same -- players you know players just shipped out every everyday from different teams and it's. Not just related to business sometimes roughly got to look at it but you know. -- somebody to come -- you know He was either very Newton willing to listen to what I had to say itself you know no no ill will against you know at all. They use their long time minutes sometimes over of course eight years you get to know you manage a pretty well. Jon Lester spoke last week of Leo may be at times we pushed the envelope we knew what you you know Terry Francona was about and and He admitted it. That the pushed the envelope a little bit did you think that in that clubhouse guys knew Terri may be too well -- -- point where -- are taken advantage of the -- using his managerial style laws. You know I don't know I don't know where it doesn't -- it took advantage of them I think He treated her body like command then. And that's our Bible to be treated and yet maybe some of the decisions that were made. Not a right or -- but you know you've got to live with their mistakes and -- foaming move -- put everything else in life and but I don't I don't think it was to the point where. You -- walked all over. You know I mean that's just. And waited and people -- can explain and understand differently about the way understand -- an excellent people don't think it was. There's anything like that it was just you know. Some have to know the business -- I believe in. -- -- -- Was the manager Terry Francona any different to notice a difference in him this year towards the end of this year -- Well we're really -- -- -- he'd never even never really. And open person wouldn't be in the club -- are go democracy and hang out on this reminded me talk to me they're not talked to him back it was never really. I wasn't like running an adult can of the office every day asking questions -- -- so was you know -- like -- that it is that I needed something not so I'd talked on this. And I didn't do my own thing and then. Some markets that some came up and animated talking that's no reason I've talked Simon and that's the way He resting and there was. Deal with a good took me because I'm a -- close personal anyway is normally talk the more people so that's just the way up look at. Those rotations pretty much come into a lot of fire here and and the leader particular Josh Beckett. Populace they see him in September it looks like He gained some weight and conditioning came into play here. The duke has listened for five months Josh Beckett threw four ERA but did you. You -- different Josh Beckett at the end of the year anything different that you've known him all the course of time. Absolutely not a pretty thing I would think just that it was different and a good way this year. He's. He's -- a -- who have always looked up to regardless of what the situation cause He knows just got that. The killer mentality of of going -- and what of the game and he's doing he's really been a bad move if she doesn't win a game so it's you know that's. That's together almost looked up to need more of the hardest workers condemning. My -- -- -- looking miniature on the cover anybody but but it's. Even the club out every day early got his work and -- to develop stop them you know there was nothing that. He's the best guitar came this year means that it would He didn't He didn't know that furlong W is the best deterrent in mr. regardless of of solvency and in the -- things well. And sing us a signal that Gillick priorities change a marriage haven't I have a baby coming because it did it did look like clinic gained He gained some weight did you see this face. To stick -- in the same. Well -- gain weight gain when you used older brother perform -- mean it's not. It's such as what legislative. In this game with the unity warming may be more than 750 yards up and they'll let you know about such. You know he's he's still around there's w.s gave -- it was just wanna gamers someone out there and the only thing that's for the starting pitcher. When you look at that pitching staff is as Lou mentioned it's -- a lot of fire and the perception here is that the starting pitchers and you've been included in this play -- separate from the rest of the team is that a fair. Assessment was their separation between this pitching staff and the rest of the club by September. I think. -- that you would do we did I think ally that's what -- about all the good thing up was. You know if if we went to dinner and -- in -- -- yourself and we are we invite each other direction -- not not they would invite everybody else that. That always just seemed like there is pitchers in the honorable thing doesn't show up -- In those guys there they're gonna be lifelong friend now because of that camaraderie that we had and -- that we didn't -- know a lot I mean it was not everybody have a family but you know on the road brought to -- Mean that's just -- we don't know within it was not started it started pretty good relationship we did. We didn't mean that it was over with each other for -- persecuted those who insult. Plural like your body than them have to be or might not want to be. Go with Terry Francona said in -- year you know Yeltsin meetings and that gets really cared about each other -- that He would have liked I talked about this the 2001. Red Sox team that we aren't apps Luke Massa was an open book and things commodity in this season. Like this year some things that are being leaked out is it. Do you think that those guys in the clubhouse they cared about one another to -- with a respect to where we would keep some of these things coming -- was -- a problem and there. Not think I mean that's what some sort of baffled about its. Something about the club also understood. What everybody is trying to do is Mitt what Mike. Guys are going up there and told everybody -- -- to try to lose this game because older Brothers stopped and immoral you know it's just that. There but the thing about of the -- specially whenever. Everybody on the team knows how much money there may convert to -- other land and that's what the ownership in the front office didn't. Last offseason was -- but the best you know -- the wind so. Everybody -- responsibility and in Arab anger but has respect for each other in the clubhouse regardless of who lives in you know I think things have gotten. Little bit out and with a lot of -- lot of stuff going on right now but you know. We didn't really improved we can do what we had to -- on the killed in September and you know I guess it might be a little bit our fault so. We said the pitching staff spent a lot of time together. Part of a story that came out the Boston Globe. Had your name included a group with Jon Lester Josh Beckett and John Lackey. As guys who were drinking beer eating chickens -- in the Red Sox clubhouse Jon Lester has since admitted that yes He. Was one of the guys drinking in the clubhouse said beer has been a part of baseball. And reference it that way. A wanna get your reaction were you up part of this clay -- was that a fair representation. Not in this story and did this take place this year. Yeah I mean it it did but it wasn't. It was and to the extent that it's not -- dimpled. It's well the whole chicken thing. If it wasn't like guys sitting there like dominant -- order order chicken today it was we come upstairs there'd be checking on the table it happened maybe three times this season lucrative. It wasn't like an ordinary days finger every when they -- the order chicken and one weapon one like that my whole beard thing it was more. It was more -- rally dripping in dad might not have been right but it was. Up -- like there's two other into the baseball about a proper stuff like that that's not. Not that not a big bill to the world -- they've grown men constantly making those decisions like that very bass organ and -- didn't didn't happen to be getting paid the principal in the clubhouse understand that. You know David. Maybe it's bad so there are part of the by the -- for the other got a little what you've done it and learn from them. You know -- -- let that happen again because it's. It's a lot bigger another buyer opposed the. So as a group you guys up there are due date should not pitching go up there and and and grab a beer. Drink up and it costs. Gentlemen my -- there was like a more broader one might -- first thing -- personal best and to get a -- what -- that it was -- There would have scored -- Roger who will win this game no role. They're very noticed one. Now -- that the latest report is that maybe it started earlier -- -- -- the sixth inning Josh would get up and good on the stairs and walked up to the clubhouse with the group -- -- and say it's about that time now. And then bring beer back into the dugout did you ever see Beers in the dugout whoever. Whoever they never came back -- of the starters came back with -- few Beers than it's ever start early as early as the sixth inning. Not I -- not know the guys went upstairs. Our god the one upstairs every every game what I have -- after I've heard in the third inning fourth inning to do treatment on my back in those things in. There was never any traffic throughout the club about now learn how to -- for at least two innings of. Do you think it's sick as a lot people in the track ball beard I've said this this and if guys if these guys are doing something like this -- they are drinking beer during the game maybe. It's not about the drinking. In during the game -- it up pitching that you're affecting -- -- -- it shows is maybe a lack of commitment to their profession. Do you think -- that if that was going on would you would you agree with that assessment. I mean to a certain extent I wouldn't agree fully what that now because I mean it's. Guys -- I don't know -- clubhouse all game and there's there's guys in the clubhouse doing nothing imminent what is. Better than college drinking in the -- output. It. You know I think everybody knew we'd knew what this team wanted to do everybody -- to women about America's battle. Okay are we don't -- well you're ready to go home so it was. You know quite upset over the destroy it was in the statement. Of -- by the gonna live with and learn from then don't go forward it's in the mean it's over there's -- you can do about it now. Place hitter but He on the same page did anyone on this team made a transitional players ever confront. Any of the pitching staff about this act of a drinking in that clubhouse during games. Wouldn't I was never. Part of the competition -- little. You don't there were guys that that I never heard about it now. Do you think lot of people questioning Johnny come out talking about guys like -- quarter kinki think that there was in leadership problem on this team care. A lack of. I mean I don't I don't think so I just think. What -- the big the big problem this finisher was. They're balancing knew how good we were. On Paper best in baseball probably. In the last ten years whatever. And -- to asserted that special when we were playing what the best team in baseball was and what we goes double until we win a game and I think that's. In -- you can even me like god even whenever -- sit on the bench and watching these games in I'm like oh my god book -- on right are we losing these games. And they've they've just like expected to go walk on the -- win and -- what's happening. And I don't think anybody knew what to do so I don't think leadership -- not. Not a big problem though a failing PD -- you leader David leader -- never -- -- they -- -- any different than. There what they were in the seventh when I was up and we won the World Series knows just. Just things that happened right you know. Claim got a quick got a second break come back and talk about more about this -- So quickly buckles is joining us we'll get right back to our conversation ninety seconds keep it here. -- buckles joining us -- and reloading 937. WEEI. Clayton talking about this season you mentioned Terry Francona He felt like it wasn't that different for immediate notice the difference here. At the end of the year -- work and not to get back with this team. Were you there as part of the meeting up in Toronto that Terry Francona called. Whatever. You're up there with that norm for him was that something that the at Terry Francona would normally do call a meeting like that after. A fourteen nothing win that David Ortiz. Are calling a meeting also in September. Let me have. That's nothing that's hull and I've been apparently it's been about -- -- speaking wherever everybody does. He does a couple meeting here you have a meeting in spring training or talked everybody and there's usually a meeting there in the middle of the season and things are going Gooden and they're you they're usually meeting whatever your playoff -- so. You know what that different from me -- pelican need to talk to -- It -- what He had to say and then David I mean David electricity was viewed as a leader -- -- -- -- -- meeting upstairs and just don't mean it was just about a playoff or -- needed to start doing their the little things right instead of worried about what everybody else do them. It would take and give what you can do them in -- -- -- elsewhere about ourselves -- sort of what they're both developed. Glenn you've talked in the past about John Ferrell in the relationship when He first met some what intimidating kind of guy need that you dealt with they got over that a little bit last year. I'm wondering -- do you feel at this pitching staff worked his heart for Curt Young as it did for John -- The it was a different personality. Kurds Kurds really laid back guy who -- on anything bad to say about curtain. Neutral duty -- treaty talks maritime and -- to talk somebody about whatever. Obviously. Have this season that was. Just talking and working there there might be talking about playing long talks on the wouldn't talk about pitching that. You know just two different personalities -- was like that laid back and then. John it was. Run whenever I got called up there was little girl talk too much after an obscure. But. I mean yet there's different there but it's. Or was it more lax. Yeah upcoming un and maybe I mean I guess it wasn't like I said Delahunt and it is more intense sky news. Straight cure -- Certainly there's a student personnel and. Here you talked before about the stuffed in a clubhouse and it was wrong and you guys you admitted you move on and everything. Is that something is just this year was that also like last year -- a pass with a guy like John Ferrell being your pitching -- at that stuff happened in the past. I mean I'm sure they wouldn't like that Saddam is that there. Wasn't much bigger the deal to me in my head whenever it was -- on our movement. Now looking back at -- pride like -- that brought what the right decision but yet -- I think -- probably there's more than baseball. Have done that then people know about them. Which is which is fine I mean I'm not trying to call anybody else but it's just. You know why it's so bad decision got to move on what that -- Started -- has happened in the past -- Go back seat you -- John Ferrell vs Curt Young -- different personalities different coaches. And that may be you worked harder when John Ferrell was their clay. May be taking advantage of Curt Young knowing He wasn't gonna hold you to the fire the way John Farrell they did. It pictures in your mind maybe take advantage of that part of his coaching personality. I don't think anybody took advantage of them are just saying there is there and there was too they're just -- coaches and there was. It's hard compared gather. For the complete opposite side of the spectrum because everything about that everything -- can -- about the difference. It's. I don't think anybody could manage them I think everybody. Sports car like a Senator Biden knew what their job was they were. They go on every fifth day that starters and nothing to do that pitch every five days and then they're gonna go rather try to win nobody -- going out there and and plan while opened number one this camera didn't prepare gonna have to do is irrelevant almost that wouldn't be -- for. At least through to have for -- so everybody knows the job as move. One person come -- and not gonna not gonna change -- -- about a job. -- a lot of people talk about actually John Henry came on talked about a little bit how. There was little disappointed may be with the conditioning and team breaking down it's up and He wants to look into. Just one because I know a guy -- works very very hard. Beijing's -- respect about -- -- Dave page and have as much cold weather guys kinda doing about a little bit more in the past or was everything the norm. No I mean I'm up there where our -- up their work out -- the starters that's what are. Apparently at 1 o'clock on fifteen and you know everybody does everybody do their work I think this year was more actually more committed than. In the last probably years as far as the conditioning didn't work there and weight lift weight lifting and everything I think that -- this year was. Exactly. A more standard every day you'll get more done in the New -- and. You -- -- Young as your pitching coach Dick Curt Young player be back next year with this Red Sox team. Well that's. -- LaMont does not it didn't bother me regardless I think. Norton about to do after it. Training or heard resulted in -- to build -- stay healthy for full season in adult and it matters you're pitching coaches within northern. Helping earlier innings in -- -- England and you can you can do what you gotta tilt but that weather wouldn't bother me at all. Just record back here is the guest is taking is that a lot of heat is viewed as a ringleader AMIS and John Lester is kind of viewed as. And yourself below -- as somewhat of a fall following this leader type of guy -- wondering if you. That talked to him is He aware of what's going on and now he's being viewed back here. I'm curious as -- like it says He. These -- the best the curator of our staff for all season I mean it's hard. Are -- did you put people occur to criticize people that are have nor do -- -- how to play a -- season in Major League Baseball. Innovative what does He do the best pejorative for for this past year. Then I mean it's like it's hard part for me the grass people are so hard on her virginity and knowing what to do this year in -- record and he's not a two for ER it's just sort of baffling to me. We think pretty much sick of them to since September with Beckett and Lester and those guys you know one in five Donna stretch people wanting them to be the stoppers that didn't happen. Something's come out they try to put the picture together here saying well maybe didn't put there work in a sort of ran out of gas at the end of the season you think that's unfair to say about. Yes there sued Jon Lester throw the best picture ever been around in my life and I think He was a scoreless for the little -- -- a little bit more pressure on so very Tony went up because He wanted to be -- got to stop the bleeding in you know does that happen and they were jostling. -- started the tour goes up there and you know little kid you wanna be the guy that turned around and that's coming. You couldn't. The other competitor going out there every five that you couldn't. Tell yourself what you -- want to do that go there and do that you know it's it's just the competitive nature of but everybody -- -- annual stats don't. I would do they know the answers from the. Not the other guys taken a lot of heat here collate not you don't up John Lackey and He had a bad year on the mound. He seemed that there -- this players when He pitched a goal and after god can make a play in the field from your perspective in the year you saw from John Lackey. Do you think he'll be back with this team how did you view him as eighteen had a guy on that rotation -- Yeah I mean aren't I hope he's back he's he's I think he's gonna have. Turn around I think you could look a lot of stuff that your as far as. What you're certain -- little bit and then. Stuff internally with film and everybody else -- it you know warming things happening the other. Go back and look at the years that you've got a pretty good track record so why wouldn't I wouldn't doubt about right now and these. He vehicle about sky is more about you guys you'll ever -- your life and this you know an unfortunate to see that He had bit. I can sort of -- playing in no way that -- bankruptcies and didn't get a chance to finish the season the English because I was I was cheap so. At it as a potential double play him so you know women and -- -- belt back had a couple good season -- -- -- -- so -- You know toward the part of judge a book about covered -- He didn't He didn't like that -- have a good -- -- -- -- that it's really become come back connection turn stuff around. Ya I know lack a sought out there in Anaheim player at the most there at the angels but I couldn't. It started to bother me a little bit with the actions -- and always a competitive guy no shows lot of emotion on the mound but it seemed like over and over and over again you would. The -- beyond -- time -- because you just catch the ball and and I know He comes in the next day and it's listen to my bad I'm sorry but did did you feel any position players did you ever see anything of semi see an eight He can't show me up like that. All I mean. He's he's live action there He did does what it does but I think everybody's sort of thanks to the -- -- on not a bad night and see anybody can go we talked about now. But you know -- That's the way he's been conducting implies something everybody is sort of took you know that's just the way is type of thing. Place your -- come back and help this team there was a double header that apparently affect a lot of people -- -- of August -- in Harry comes in. Red Sox won a scheduled doubleheader there on Saturday Dane -- The report is that the players were pretty upset about that and that that head -- It reals a bone of contention the tire much of the year and players harbor kind of an anger of the way that was handled by ownership. How did you view that was that's something the guys talked about were guys pissed off about what went down with a double header. I don't think there's trouble guys would that work. But -- wore affords -- in the sent back to the trouble go to work for we're together we're helped him time and everybody else has heard the plane with an injury. And you know I think. Panel meeting sit down and it was basically like they would want me to tell because we can neither played at the -- veteran and maybe risked losing a couple of guys that are. I know try to try to be helping -- make a playoff round in that. That's what we recovered from a -- that all we don't wanna play because we don't to -- point two games and we should not play -- under it was there's more based on the on the effective. Try to keep the team help people what it was them and make a play off thrown out months so -- let's roll out coming home. We'll select -- try to get back to watching that collapse happened right in front of you I mean it. What did you put your finger on anything now you're out the season is over can you look back and put -- perspective and say this is why it didn't happen this is like -- and. More battle now than I think the the three weeks four weeks of have baffled me a little bit more economic I really don't know it was a really the most unbelievable thing I've ever seen. When you look back Pete talked about may be made some mistakes and an allude to the drinking their nickel about it at any point clay did you recognize that maybe you were being. Disrespectful. To either your manager or your team is taking part in that did that ever cross your mind. Or mean -- if the delicate little they would have been don't have -- it's it's one every sit back. After the fact and you look back you know like okay we'll product life would like a third -- what the best decisions. Over the years so. But no we've been playing -- that wonder what might that still think a lot of it's. Been blown out of proportion little bit but that's just the way it is and you know like it doesn't work -- -- -- -- -- moved forward. And in your mind did that divide the team at all this year I don't think. Note that what Terry Francona -- He has gone. There are certain type of manager that they need to bring in the something need to changes at the -- maybe more rules more structure I think is Jon Lester put. I mean it's that's what the Republican governor got gonna bring his whatever you want to bring to the table you know sort. Of think it should be. It should be double -- rule like actually you know curfew and everything like that -- You know there there's there's certain rules. Don't -- officer owners think that would that would help Palestinian that. To get on track and in the start over for. -- spring training and and next year and during the season and you know I mean I don't think anybody would object to it. When you look at your manager and you read those things that were written about in the neck little piece clay I'm sure you read it by now and they brought up. Some of that the things that happen with him in terms of pain medication. And everything else how did you react to that part of the story that's from information. Getting out for a guy you play for. I actually do have not very thankful. I mean are sort of heard about it but I didn't know what that played stayed away from London greeted. What I heard about it it was you know I mean it was. Misfortune got. Like -- that He would never do anything wrong to me and that's that's where my respect for him -- well. And I don't know who wouldn't let some like that about him in there. The deal is a player on their teams have bought the you to know that that this has been an absolute mess to be perfectly honest with the last three weeks as -- -- you to know that. Did you seem to be leaks everywhere nobody knows where it's coming from. Dollars and -- no no turn out -- old. I mean yes that's what about where or under a microscope for. Everybody says they want belliard but it's really twelve months earlier -- It's. It is what it is you know you go live with what with what comes out and I mean it's. Not always the best so does that comes out they covered every team. If they had the exposes that our team hasn't announced anything bad about that could have exposure. I think there'd be so not everything that would that would come out. What's coming out the way it's coming out Clady oppression I gonna speak collect myself is that there were guys did that that didn't care about each other this stuff to come out the way it has in the last three weeks and come so foursome from all sorts of sources. The oppression is it that that was. What it was it was a sickness there there was some sort of poison. With that group the month of September did you did you ever get act as the way it's been in the idiot -- -- come up. It doesn't look good it doesn't look like this team was really -- team by the end of the season. You have me up like if did things that come out that that betterment fortunate that it's. -- -- -- I think it seemed like -- said nobody was going out there and and trying not to do their job Airbus parent do their job this. You know I think a couple of guys were. About medical people seem never heard in the organization are there were mad about the situation of of the team that won independents. Looking like they're not trying to your -- would like -- they haven't been. Work in there to get to the point where they consisted of Joba in up that's. It distorted as I guess -- -- for it. And I guess that's not with a doubleheader yes ownership John Henry through. But typical party for you guys in his own ball -- beautiful willow said headphones. What does that relationship like as a player now -- I was here for my first year and last year 03. -- walked him on what -- -- relationship with ownership with John Henry with Larry looking did you see them in the clubhouse office. I mean burner down again I think. It's it's tough for them do because they can't they can't be friends with with all the guys because it's a business sort of say you know -- -- it that would be. Interfering what it would with the business of the game so let's. That it won't read it. What if the owner of come out say to call Crawford's never really wanted -- in the first place pretty much -- publicly. Already last week. Well look closely -- what a feud. It is still felt that way but during the season what -- you buddy buddy with imminent said that nothing that would cause more problems than -- not really knowing. Each other you know so. Delegate that was comical about that a couple times and ultimate on the road a couple times but yet not there wasn't -- an everyday thing now. Clay eleven new manager next year at this Red Sox team how much change has to happen on the roster. To get back to where you guys wanna be. I mean like a -- But in the beginning of this conversation on Paper this team is is really good which is cut. But -- got to get your priorities right sometimes and then and affordably at standstill. What about in baseball regardless of what happened this past season and I think everybody's gonna come -- campus your little bit. A little bit more -- to do we got to do because you know it's not buddies sometimes. To just be good on Paper that -- -- -- you're gonna get out on the field so. Annulment prepare a little bit better this offseason and try there'd be helping purple -- 62 game -- You know He rarely does. No it's it's it's the -- -- spring training -- -- could be a you know and that group of guys highly motivated the April a lot of people wrong -- is being said. And He got a group of of media members that it may be reading some of these things to be very interesting spring training you seem to think that guys welcome back. Motivated. Us to put things team against the world type of thing attitude. Yeah I mean that -- I think it I think it I think -- -- -- -- -- Telling anybody given. That's going to be the same people that that we've said that this you know the again that there were big central command and you know I think everybody you're gonna come in ready knowing what's going on then like so be ready for this mr. -- sources. -- lasts on for me physically. It looks like -- had a couple of of misdiagnosis to finally figured it out. Is there anything that would keep you in your mind for being healthy -- To be their spring training and on track -- to be part of this team to Begin the year help. No I mean I. That's why -- the doctor no way He who is probably the best in the business and He Saddam 100% when portraying roles are also expected reduction and. -- -- -- -- -- a very will be your new general manager real. -- that relationship with him does that change -- thing you think moving for for the club. Well actually me and then you'll really well it is not clear development. Governor -- got drafted so. I've known him the whole time I've been in this organization so. Nothing gets the -- but have upheld -- a good relationship appeal to whenever I needed talked to him but. Yet been penalties and it'll be good for jobs which is that that does go through. -- -- jet very gesture at the time today mail monitor and a lot of people wanna hear from all sorts of Red Sox players and I appreciate the came on and I talks in baseball this today look for a senior spring training. That's who got no problem. -- -- Areas Clay -- Red Sox starting pitcher joining us on the ATT hotline eighteenth -- the official wireless provider. A -- Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins a get a break will react 617. 7790. Late fifty toll free 8885250850. It's not -- -- -- to --

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