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Carson Palmer traded from the Cincinnati Bengals to the Oakland Raiders

Oct 18, 2011|

Mut & Lou discuss the latest news that Carson Palmer has been traded to the Raiders for two draft picks, including a first round pick next year.

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I gotta get to some breaking NFL news because ESP NN and Jay Glazer of fox sports. Reporting that the Bengals Cincinnati Bengals Lou expected to trade Carson Palmer to the raiders. For 21. Round draft picks. Do they get 21 round picks they're gonna get to first according to sources that ESPN. Two firsts for Carson Palmer. That's is like a large hole for quarterback who last probably year in and -- has been. At the top his game their first rounder in 2012 conditional 2013. While the can help Davis back from the dead let me and we know Cheryl this is -- as of right now the raiders. 2012. Did not have a first -- second and third a fourth. And a seventh round pick. -- -- the raiders don't have 881 second third fourth or seventh round pick next year to got to find a fifth and the sixth apparently. -- get -- they'll find some value there in the fifth round. What's the can just do it Terrelle Pryor throw prior. Well -- that knocked him back now good lord what happened. I used the future. Is they with the condition is to that for the thirteenth round pick me they get the playoffs it's a second first topic seems like a lot to give up for Carson Palmer. It was kind of moved around like a dinosaur back their and Michael Brown out there in Cincinnati. He got a first round pick may be too for Carson I mean a first round this year -- probably the second round next year right maybe a first a precaution Ballmer. Amid this guy's retired you -- a guy out of retirement. And you've got to for too for -- actually 21 round picks for him up on the waiver wire or forum I might have to Michael Vick situation in the same boring and about in this week Jesse Ralph Donovan. Your phone calls can -- to get reaction to the Jon Lester comments yesterday and we'll continue with that in your calls next.

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