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Jets win, Dan Wheldon reaction and Nick Saban goes off

Oct 18, 2011|

Meter gets you up to date on everything you need to know in the world of sports -- Jets win, Dan Wheldon reaction and Alabama coach Nick Saban flips out at reporters.

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You know that's a good defense talented defense over there we know they're gonna come around expired they did. Just took us took us a little time again. But once we got going we were hard to stop. You gotta think there are few moments in the first up on Rex Ryan Paula you rather drink a few pizzas the -- offense moved the ball you mean those first 24 minutes -- out of that that sex of the game yet. Lost that game last night because He was trying to be the anti Jason -- early in the game let's put up let's air it out my third and inches on the forty yard line of new York and -- decides to go to -- for all around undrafted fourth round draft pick against do you think are -- if we went with the conventional offense that they -- -- this one -- well in that particular there's the first drive of the game for -- -- just He -- this this -- -- low probability that. Us it's that'd just the sunglasses I think next week she go with the full grown to mass markets -- with the know knows He must actually -- Talk about a Dead Man Walking -- market news out and what wanna criticized Steve Ross for Colin Jim Harbaugh. In the offseason to try and replace Tony Soprano do you think that was -- We'll move you know what yeah the problem aide tried dammit. How about the past -- that more through it was picked -- by readers -- -- a hundred yards I know Jon Gruden was insist that the easiest hundred yeah return you've ever seen when He walked sat virtual last one yards sort of indicate -- the dolphins. -- decided there was some assault see that yeah I suspect can't can't -- the middle of field wasn't even jogging resort an ongoing illness and that was harassing -- is pathetic. They are sonic and for -- and you know what Diego Jerry who's been much more ripped off -- assurance that suck elect -- if if if after He threw the pick if it but at the jets. Anymore design. In the in the vision for six windows just. Good news it's Michael -- told they cannot move the ball Revis is 100 yard return that and have a hundred yards in the first that what was first quarter 175 to -- right they tested ten yards on nine plays in the opening quarter a lot on the jets struggle at home now angry gadgets as the -- ads are hardly that was jointly edited the may be glad -- yes army army did get a soliloquy -- -- -- -- those. If anything else any better than that similarly -- picnics in the -- with a with the spikes generators and zone when the raiders are on the mean by the way. Some of the -- is gonna go with the kid whose father -- -- -- -- -- because that is so emotionally or not the issue first failed DS -- -- believe He threw out the first -- and -- -- -- and if he'd if they do that again that's that they win a game one at -- an amount that when that game came in the superstitions. That might -- it. What is so much for Brenda marsh again kicked out He didn't indicate although we did make it drops He should it is a fundamental idea enjoy him -- look pretty you're. In new England and then maybe number five which still is on the team because the rats are immigrants the pages could not acquire Brandon. Loyal they they they think He is the practice -- in the Tweeter to 4 -- trade deadline today Lloyd goes to the rams. Josh McDaniels is the -- to coordinate He just wants to win yeah and -- about. Yes and the -- released would be a good option that they most of the rams and his contacts at the end -- That's what He wanted to Denver it's almost like -- -- -- it would let him extend them money right. The graphics and the campus about it that in politics and religion just routed out here. All right so the jets win the rams acquire a Brandon Lloyd. Nick Saban is a total debt and I knows the product can -- Dino is -- big game against Tennessee did He do now but. It just one off from the media why because they asked -- -- Missouri -- in the SEC -- how this might disrupt their scheduling down the -- He felt like this is not the time to ask -- questions. Do you view all creates only problems come and I hate to just start on this book for other guys are going up for the draft that. It shouldn't even be thinking about that right now whether we're worried about the Heisman Trophy now worried about playing Missouri rather Tennessee sometime down the road pocket given. About all that excuse my French. I mean come on let's talk about the game. What year are we talking about what we're not someplace Tennessee. 225. I'm just open and I can still go to the lake then it's still to walk around and then go on a -- Barack. Oh well we will you know race that it jumped and got to take out the lately -- dusty appropriate name of the boat anchor management right yeah. Yes yes. That's part of the Belichick tree on saving the large part of the bill given subsequent to give you that -- -- would you say. That is definitely the need to say well probably -- -- focused on the Steelers. April would go off for now I'm off wouldn't do you know swear. All right thank -- sorry for. Yet. Little bit sideways with all the day but I'm not met anybody. Punished this big game for me. You're 28 point they've they say -- goes chicks catch. -- -- -- trying to grow tired. And roll tide did JT the brick address that the Al Davis suspension for throwing a towel on the floor and waiting for some grown men -- cut in the JT said it was just such emotionally beautiful weekend on an Oakland with the buyer in the -- -- could see him wrestling with. -- -- John Madden in. And this. Jim auto -- mark felt the right collectively the thrill to not a clean up this issue comes up. Veteran and I was worried for this and it happened yesterday I hope that expire spreads and Barnes and that we Austin. Did we all know passed away but it is indeed not your purity -- in a fiery crash head injury head injury yes that's natural causes I don't think that's natural -- Auto -- no not well tolerated -- different standard commodities these -- -- has been advised that even in recognized and from the rest of the body was -- all -- of fathers out there with his Brothers yesterday what did He says. Daniel's forte right so when history they left just doing what you have to do conception champion. The gentlemen on his -- words cannot describe how much are friendly relations. So many from the world is a perfect place because of -- Though EMI and the gap. I guess in today's theme would be rationalizations and in. And in agreement. Its economy wide berth yes but yes. I can't stand died doing what well when He love that's true. I don't irascible -- shouldn't -- it did get all the love this. Do you apparently loved it as much as for the same realm Hezbollah family -- on burning alive. But competing in doing this you think it makes his two little children feel -- of course I had had died -- just do you think it's a true statement that the that the father of the grieving father said about his son yet and I think it's true you could say that about her taxable windows by doing what they love. But of the Unix is too little kids feel -- obviously -- a -- one of rooms just to that the deal ones like six months. He has that it won't know they won't know what happened never knew there all right doctor Brad Kevin Tim -- out -- join -- we'll take a quick time out about the way tonight a nest and the Bruins go for their second straight win win the Carolina Hurricanes blew into town. Yet it tuned in live it's 630 Bruins face off live with dale dale Arnold and read more at NASA dot com slash Bruins I'm going to house. The media wise. How it. For John not Jon Lester He -- spoken Josh.

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