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Jon Lester speaks out about eating chicken and drinking beer

Oct 18, 2011|

Dennis and Callahan open the show discussing Jon Lester's media tour yesterday. Lester addressed drinking in the clubhouse, eating fried chicken and playing video games.

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Red Sox left handed pitching and used this term loosely pace. Jon Lester would like -- take away from his media blitz tour yesterday. To be one thing and one thing only we did not. Play video games in the clubhouse. I don't even video game my wife will tell you let them play the video game in years. John I'd say it's up in the video games would be the least offensive all the stuff going on. You know they tell you that's good a year and yeah -- -- your reflexes. As carpal tunnel though they don't say that about beer now or fried chicken by the way. Someone's got to capitalize on your retirement -- -- in view eaten here. Drops that's what's in there. I want bucket and I want bucket ask extra crispy spicy and think about that doesn't it got to think about that it puts the nodding your head it's crunchy a law juicy and it's 6 in the morning that piece of good right now -- -- -- agree with that. But the -- -- -- always -- that rally -- let's -- -- on buzzer -- buzzer beating undefeated -- a lot of column buzzer -- that's does it make you wanna eat fried chicken -- that you know not me says that permeate. That's the day but I love -- and I had a couple weeks who doesn't about it it's it's impossible it's like it's like ice -- -- a ticket like -- can go yeah. Who says Alaska that's so so He wants to take a way to be that they did not play video games. For me an amateur in what order would put these. -- My take away is Jon Lester said Francona did not rule with a iron fist. And this particular team probably needed more structure. -- was a perfect guy for the team for a long time but I think He got burned out. You talked about leaders He said we did not have the vocal leaders that would step up and say you guys are screwing up so He knew they were screwing up it's incredible. Grown. Ass man as Easter. -- we need more structure. I'm not saying you didn't -- structure but the idea. You look around your team major. The 33 year old -- there you'll -- Ortiz and -- and -- We need more structured -- cancer chronic control I just assumed that. You got that structure thing and it was developed -- -- -- yeah this mean if if we're talking about Ryan -- on ways and you know I'm not sure. Google -- this whole process of being a major leaguer. Things -- world champs these are veterans guys making ten million plus. All we talk about make a million bucks. Lester and Beckett and Ortiz. -- and you'll clueless amid all the old. Established major leaguers and justices. He just didn't give us enough structure. We you know Heidi character and it's like it's like if we had showed up late you know work today yes it's of the boss didn't give us -- structure now it's like a week during. I didn't do -- show -- and read anything. It's the bosses. Tell me tell me to prepare for the show. These are children that's that's what I come away with. I I guess it's sports where you grow up locker room close team and you look to the manager coach. Leadership -- but you really Jon -- you really need a manager you used to run. These two things antithetical Lester said when asked about needing more structure. I think we're growing. Eat enough men to be able to police ourselves and not have rules. And then the previous statement that I met that I said. But we did not have the vocal leaders -- would step up and say you guys are screwing up. So on one hand He says were grown up enough to not need the extra structure -- structure that is we don't have leaders Telus were screwing up. -- all they were up yeah but nobody rhetoric and this isn't such a good night. Yeah they did it anyway I guess it's not like the on the drug addict who knows crossed the line we can't help himself. And you know we've already go over this but that chicken that is irresistible in effect and just you need someone us. Yeah -- -- the pocket away now saying spell more -- I note Jon Lester believe she's getting bashed about the head and shoulders prior to his mediatory yesterday and then since because there was a lot of response to his. Description and I guess trying to give an accurate description out Terry manage manage -- style was it became a process -- Euro frat house. They made other phone calls talk to other people -- Settle that down -- it will give him credit for this these two quotes of these two paragraphs -- facetious or sarcastic. This is what He should assess and that's about all He should've -- with the exception of the effect yeah beer and -- video games in the clubhouse. When all said and done not at this was Tito's ball. -- -- -- The fault of Larry John Henry worked -- Warner wasn't the -- -- the assistant trainers it wasn't the strength coach it was not. There fault it was our fault. That's the message on trying to get across. It's not about beer about Tito not about whether there were no rules it's not anything its performance and we didn't do -- for that I give him credit. Guess that yeah. On point message that yes I I was asked Josh Beckett Neitzel yeah when Josh Beckett finally comes up from his hunting -- make some phone calls or. Maybe not two shows up in spring training as speaking -- spring training. This is a nice moment. Spring training I think a lot of guys you're gonna have chips on their shoulders next spring training. -- -- -- on this children will live guts are hanging over their belts that's the question. I mean I still think there's a some denial in their -- that the beer in the chicken had nothing to do with the collapse that's true and it's it's more it's more enabling just like you got from the principal owner John Henry that all these guys -- out of shape they -- busting their butts. It's a simple and an idea of some people don't think it's appropriate that in on the globe had reported the you know what that -- the pain pill accusation. Allegation against Francona. But they were careful I mean a whole knows what he's doing -- that stores affected steam sources thinks bought it affected his performance. It's not about beer and and fried chicken is salacious. Literally is that maybe it's about. The performance. And the job of the media the job of the baseball. Writers and columnists on the beat most of try to explain this historical yeah. So I got bad news for Jon Lester and Dustin Pedroia and John Henry there's a connection you can never separate the two the beer. And chicken you know on the in the in the pain pills in the in the failed marriage and all that that there's a connection. According to team sources. According to our eyeballs is a connection when it comes to Beckett Lester and and and Lackey. They went 720. UT is as -- -- Dustin Pedroia is in the tried to do is make it about you know poor performance and -- in the kind of collective slump. He doesn't work you need to go to the next level say how does this team the best team ever the team everyone thought was going in the world -- How does have this historic. Failure in September. Well one reason is the starting staff -- that didn't get the job done they didn't have the endurance and stamina the desire. To get in the late innings. And we're trying to figure out why I guess. Why is still a question when it comes to Beckett why He gave up. He says Jon Leicester city seemed real journalist whose full same guy all along he's obviously full of see how He got fat. Right He got slow week amendments and did in the sixth then you could watch his last start and it is blessed are you touched on three days' rest. And that's if that's your excuse for not getting into the sixth thing that's -- that's good that's only three days of chicken and beer no threat to the usual for so I think that's a good thing. But you can never -- got a bad news for Lester. And Henry in the guys there's no separating the two always going to be a buyout. York. The way you carry yourself on and off the field. I -- Jon Lester quit when I hear Jon Lester say we had a tough August 15 or seventeen games raw on the road in August wanna hear somebody else say right now. We got in late and eating habits change because we had so many Sunday night games and we got in late we have bad eating habits -- get to the hotel room service and Buren chicken or -- -- supposed to lose your whole body and -- Jon Lester says this -- like honestly tell you. But I was prepared every five days and so were the other guys to go out and perform we were physically. Prepared. To perform. Now that's a flat out -- yes that is left outline I guess I'd like to say if it -- back we're sitting here Lester were sitting here in May blunt the opportunity before spring training hopefully if not then then they'll join us at the picnic table. I would say can you look me in the high Knuble bees -- and cameras in the and say August and September or June July August and September or September or any port any point in this in this season. Did you do everything you could possibly do with it -- human powers. To be as good as you could possibly be. And performance what was you can possibly why I would just say the answer to that and unqualified no aren't all. Why nobody in how they rationalize it on my day I did -- -- my days every fifth day on that day I did. Now did they the other forty supposed to do it everyday and they did not clearly that it did not. But I'll bet -- in their mind they sit on my day you know I got my rest in life I. Breakfast He said He was always into the game we talked to channel four last night and He says only one Beers the honest. We're always into into the game we always know what's going on. You know be want sort of glimmer in their feet. Beat. Via drag and you know what that's Cincinnati. Numerous times. And then asking similar things back to us they're backed me. Source comment you know somebody's always -- -- yes I drink one beer. You don't know we -- drinks one beer well those securities and you know it's cliche in -- country a lot of people don't believe us but that's true because Australia. I don't believe you. And and you could say -- -- -- one Richard now you can occasionally I've seen many people do it -- launcher whatever. But. I do I think Lackey and Beckett and Lester had one beer and is said and then -- -- -- of political ones there and and the games droning on into the -- than ninth inning. We talk every day about -- slow and tedious these games get. Sometimes they drive me to drink you know. In a fierce in the clubhouse and you have a cooler full of the year and your pitch for another injury Josh and the leader of the staff is as indulging. The you're gonna say well multiple mine my limits one I don't believe it at all -- compares it to have a Coke. -- in the soft drink. That is another. Sports him and that's another well we're in the annoyed pressed them about the disingenuous but on that one because. You know as as we said early you know when you're doing right doing wrong you know when you cross the line you know grab -- that beer before the game is over is wrong. -- -- act Coke is not simple black it's black and white and really is when I like to know He talks to rob Bradford. Well also. And I found this interesting and maybe you can help me out here Andy's rationalizing the beer drinking. And He says you can talk any people in baseball the -- it's going on it happens there are people who drink while they're playing yeah say there are people who are drinking while they're pitching. That was not the case for us we did occasionally. And what's not what these people say ones. People drink while they're -- I -- dock Ellis that -- yeah ever heard. Recently I mean we talk among Babe Ruth or something like -- -- Beirut hot dog doesn't stop between at bats that you can't do that He can't do that if he's gonna sit that would media was first thing their -- drop the Babe Ruth reference yeah. That was like a long time ago Jon -- we expect. Today players the state and in shape. And so -- While they're pitching Verlander looked like He was wasted timidity wasted your business ups -- C. J. Wilson WB like -- -- game won the World Series the idea. That you that is such a weak gas rationalizations there -- guys who drank while the plane. Preference follow up question -- One man -- -- throw us off the record doesn't know what's -- you wouldn't know somebody on another club the drinking beer while they're pitching but nobody else on the Red Sox club knew there -- chicken and beer in the clubhouse during the games and they're gonna talk about his team and He said not on the status -- not here not this -- maybe their people. Also another lame rationalizations. Is this reference to Milan RO seven yeah. That was different that was this ceremonial shot -- went down trio let's go get them. That was not clandestine that was open you know let's -- -- a rallying point that was a rally shot right this. And Lester knows this wasn't a rally beer. This was a quick thing -- quitting on our team and teammates. We're not sure why they quit -- that I guess the road trip yeah it is in the -- -- ousted him. And they had yet -- their headphones -- -- -- -- hadn't gotten yet and get ahead on so they had a bill and little red mask on -- little angry little. Pissed off that the if the team in the league the sport whenever the schedule. And Beckett didn't get the side who fell on this idea race that pissed him off so they had little reason to be. Ornery but. That doesn't play -- team we don't know why the whole team quit on the whole team did we don't know why everybody who quit. It must say it was a blue moon we have a beer maybe that was the brand Beers -- a -- Alexa Arturo and a doesn't really drink whoever. And now he's He regrets that -- -- -- you are right we are taking a second time out and open the -- lines and talk with you 6177790850. Toll free 8885250852. Things I want to touch on when we get back. The process of rationalizations. How it works how it makes you look good how it makes you look bad and then how it extends and other areas that you don't even know. That can hurt sure. Let's see your pitching performance in September I will give Jon Lester credit for this. He had a better answer. Then global Kentucky's Don Adams when asked how much He had to injury will have -- for you we get back.

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