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Which Jim is to blame for Handshake-Gate: Harbaugh or Schwartz?

Oct 17, 2011|

At the end of the 49ers/Lions game yesterday, an altercation between the two head coaches over a hard handshake almost started a fight. Mut, Lou & Troy Brown discuss which coach was to blame.

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Jim Harbaugh -- A little field late music comes across to -- it -- shift towards. Who did not appear to share quite that enthusiasm. And Schwartz and hardball are not jostling. As they get off the field and to be quite blunt Jim got a little too enthusiastic -- Jim Schwartz is now being separated from Jim Harbaugh. Point graduate to coach or going to shoved out of the way and then. Can expect a can expect insanity. At that point so arm. -- sort of surprised may -- and again. I didn't really revved up and that's Giuliani I I -- had -- heart that really went in and He really strong. You know kind of slap. Grab handshake usually goes on -- little -- answered there. Now as short -- -- -- listening to all that He is a laughing his ass off period studio it's much lower choice Sports Radio WEEI. Jason -- and four NFL network just tweeted that Brandon Lloyd who is rumored to go to the patriots. Well knock on the New England he's being dealt to be St. Louis Rams nfl.com FL network have the story but. I'm Jason -- and for a break in the news Brandon Lloyd is being dealt to send rams' Josh McDaniels. -- ago and they need help a wide receiver that they benched their top guy yesterday Mike Sims-Walker does -- DNP coach's decision. -- at Saint Louis they need -- brand -- like he's headed to Saint Louis he's not -- to separate sisco or Detroit Troy. Where they had that issue yesterday and -- laughing. As -- that what what makes you. -- in your business out of a little sarcastic bill on Monday at a at a it was a really strong and I've really Emil Estrada was -- it is -- -- -- minute segment. I don't know how washed it several times and you know it wasn't pretty firm handshake and in the slept in the back. First sought out so maybe that was a little too strong with -- eleven to back him in velocity again as in David -- was so bad in the west against the yen was little strong and habitat but. You know it is just delayed reaction vessel wars and then maybe thought about us that it. Known as gas given off -- to the couple's gifts we start run and and you know and I don't know our border where you know I don't know operating system a few times but it. You know He seems to be high energy -- In Iraq Al I don't they -- -- anything by it. Leo and maybe -- to -- the wrong way now mom from producer remote as well climb out of both of those guys on the greens -- the spectrum but you know I mean. And they may be felt like He was a security was slighted by that no hidden a bank and -- and -- what got him going -- yeah you look at you saw a different. That's what that's I saw the shake and a promise you that it -- secure ones yep but -- I almost felt like -- tobacco someway below bush -- -- currently move in almost like -- them. You know was like that it can almost -- them a little bit that was kinda thing that. Not always -- -- -- from my feeling an indictment hit the island bit. But I felt like he'd pushed the guy you know like He -- the little about the way. You know I don't know what it says that the words that were set short of the goes after him. -- was kind of with a quick it is based are bought used garlic staring off. Staring off like you know I -- is that while he's yelling enemies looking straight and it was it was it was an ought competition I don't bowling Schwartz let's not really -- -- an emotional game. Because -- that aggressive -- A show proves just the -- umbilical they'll calm down low but it's one game middle -- guys later in the year but I thought they had to do with the -- on the back that they'll like it was a little bit of push and you know you can't go around. -- I mean it had to be something never got to see much with the city. And that He didn't like -- like He set a whole lot to womb and resist maybe that that extra room has started to skip off becoming like -- come along with people a couple of -- and skip the long running normally you you know. He sets up enemy and I think it was more celebratory than anything I'm like -- gone back and forth on the she watched the first I'd like okay. Com -- Schwarz young pop up the brakes on get jacked and pump over the as a guy. I watch it now a hundred times and I come to this conclusion. Harbaugh has got to probably pop roll up there Jim Harbaugh is an is that the national isn't -- -- -- -- league's -- pop Warner. This is not beg your kids' football game -- exciting got a -- about the billion dollar industry here and you're -- over there you get up the guys faced has lost a heartbreaker in his building aren't a fear that -- up five and one. And you're basically given a hearty handshake which used a casting about that as you point out correctly bodily slap them on the back. They said any such running away in his building. Was gonna go up he's got to be responsible are watched. Handshakes the you know -- going to be bad Belichick Mangini mcdaniels. And they walked up to do the -- should they move want after some pretty damned big wins in the NFL. Harbaugh was out of control and -- to be chased down -- -- Maybe you'd expect him to be excited about this team going into a place and -- the team a -- Lawson on that that was a big way for us football team and you know you always -- players about you know acting like you've been in that type of thing and yes -- about. -- I don't know if you could be if you wanna consider our balls actions out of line and but. You that you go back that they bowl last year. You know we want him pretty hard about it to get knocked on the ground and didn't been pumping it is in -- up toward Belichick and honest so. Maybe look at it from a standpoint you know you gotta go appointed -- He needs to. Realize this is not Stanford are some comments yeah and where you can -- of open stance and it's doing is on the field and do -- -- AFL and NFL they want to the professional and organized on the road trips and you know -- -- -- And I say -- stance on the ground a player did naturally you wonderful player did anything like that where He got up winning winning defensive player goes open. Runs -- -- quarterback and does something like that He would be get ripped pillar to post across the country on Sports Radio panic. There's a cultural going to be back off. And immature plants Atlanta the -- powerball is at fault connection because I've felt like He canopy pushed a little budget so -- move. It felt like it was more ratio and now people get -- what's for chase him down. Mr. Bolton he's both of these coaches I think I've been doing a great job of -- by the way too. Changing the culture both of these organizations rights and for immigrant or wherever the toys -- one forever. Have a problem with what's going after news of what's -- team. Toasty when you can get pushed around anymore I told you guys then pre season and it's not gonna happen I'm -- -- pushed around. Went -- and get pushed around now have a problem people wanted to give both trying to set a standard that neither team was seen in awhile. It made it but here's what I noticed about source still. This team. Especially -- president elect a little bit of discipline. Because I've seen some dumb things defensively and and they haven't connected yet He didn't say a word to only do it and column to this and it looked come down what are you doing. That's in a mere few quarterbacks and they come also as a and and not got to the ground. Get a flag and they do some dumb things. Nickname should it cost them a few games down the amount of days ago a good football team overcame them but. They don't seem to have a whole lot of discipline is pessimists out of the football. It's interesting and that is players do you do that but as a coach you've got to be different and as a coach you've got to -- it. And gone back and forth on this and I just look at it at the end of the day Jim Hall buzz at a certain standard this is not Stanford. You've got to be better than that when you go that handshake it was such a arena that we have always. You like use the policy ran into -- and on Estefan and bumped into a -- it was a it was a strong back he's it was just all NC you know and that type of the deal but. I just -- I mean. Now amended to slap in the bag thing I mean if I was there and saw -- it just didn't have that Bennett sounds and you look at it again and in -- looks like He kind of humanize the good looks like in the back. Are stuck to do Rick he's in a truck Rick what's going on. What's up what's up guys I don't go to Eric in I've never heard out regularly checked like this reports. I want to light of the situation here -- two men aren't sure what Troy has never said police had him too hard. I'm sure that you want to talk it's not -- to a -- -- -- anyway I don't wanna check into that the that duke it out. I think I think it's ridiculous tech -- check it -- you gotta be excited. That's what you are on the -- I get excited to. You know every game you play -- game -- game. It was to her -- because. A lot. -- you would coaches but it but it got reported that it over and rightly so. -- -- -- -- Let me let me tell you this I have complained about a -- -- -- when I got -- -- -- There's a diamond in this out of the rain and you know to go you meet these guys and it's not the size you up you know and they want me to become over the -- and they got to give either. The hardest thing a significant must throughout below us we lately and that that -- know their real man known as -- they mean business and and they have to me like bad times and Wendy in this tinkering with the sentiment finger and I'm dislike one -- -- in this deficits and and and -- -- -- -- My you know I know -- -- come down with -- -- you know but there's just this ridiculous -- me and him and but it SS -- bill yesterday that he's. Reason I have two older guy after the game at a out of money the cycle that asset that they're both trying to set an example exit may be Schwartz side maybe discipline his team a little bit more but. It isn't it comes to -- over the culture you gotta. But I think the bottom line is we missed the biggest point is that was a great football game greatly. Two pretty darn good football team right now when nobody talked about that really at all Derek Dave -- all your phone calls are brought it here right back to you keep it here.

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