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Tom Brady does it again: Another comeback for Tom Terrific

Oct 17, 2011|

Mut and Merloni chat about Tom Brady leading the New England Patriots to a 4th quarter comeback for the 32nd time in his career. The guys discuss the playoff-like feel to the game and how important it was to enter the bye week on such a high note.

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Butler Sports Radio WEE I can imagine what talk radio is like in Dallas and just. At the top woman -- we keep an eye on on Sports Radio in Dallas today -- quit like role -- three who read watch ESPN radio -- slowed the Rangers. -- Mobile relatively well it's -- It's about Romo and Garrett and away that day coached that team in the final drive just absolutely. Gutless. I can't imagine root for a team that covers up and portals like that on a final drive and named Al. The Rangers -- the World Series that up our shot at Mike get to our fourth. Lately power like a buzzer beaters they -- -- show might be by the way can rats the Rangers Jon Daniels and all right get back to the World Series. Choked out let's imagine that was here and ballot check and whomever Brady -- just can't imagine. Watching the team you wrote for cover up and -- like that on the final drive your game run a broad panel the broad plot. And sit there -- missionary position as Brady year old. Down on us and the final -- to run that first ball you you to the two yard loss ethics are floppy try to get some kind of past seven -- eight yards try to get third and short that I think He wanted to gimmick He said. Texting notes third and eighteen what are you gonna do of course had to draw written all over I think the biggest thing came out of this one and I know I talked last week Obama's game worried me. I didn't think that this team could stop Dallas but my knowing to put up thirty plus points. The defense the defense for the first time you could actually say -- showed up now wouldn't know what we learned against the jets -- that we did learn a lot. Transport turnovers and get six points off of it. Say what you want about two year old auto that first pick. Was -- -- fall back what's the old employer depicts them often -- ago this guy really is gonna five picks and a day watt of that. And -- interceptions. But the Patriots defense stepped up multiple ethic that front seven that put pressure under current too big sacks acquitee jump everything is defense showed me a lot. This win may be for a lot better but -- -- this was a playoff type when you gotta make mistakes in the playoffs four turnovers for God's sakes you gonna make mistakes. But it defense has to step up in your profits as the ball late game -- he'd do exactly what you think Tom Brady often should do you go down get a game winning touchdown. Game winning drives. That made me feel good about this team going into the pilot after a lot better than it did. Going into this week lot of people yeah you said they're gonna lose a dead because they showed me anything -- showed anything. Five weeks in other 41 they -- -- look and you're not supposed to win games where you turn the football over four times -- Michael Berger a producer tracked this yesterday. He went through the first six weeks of the season this year it'll end tonight with the Monday night game. Patriot became the first team in the league this year the waiting game having turned the football over and four different times and is because defensively. Those sport turnovers told it to just six points. Do you think about I'm looking now at the Dallas drive chart. Where they got the football to those. New England 23. When I'm 32 they got three points out of that now the other turnovers the fumble on the -- here in the second half. It was in deep in Dallas territory she put some of that on the offense and specialties but again. Punt and field goal you'd turn it over four times -- defense comes up with field goal create a fumble what Tashard Choice punt and field goal. Dude that's a win you're not supposed to win games in this league when you give it back four times the opposition not post any. It's about the offensive Brady's drive for the first time all your forget statement -- -- we commodity -- the defense you have and what they were able to do. Yesterday and that's -- I think. I think you should feel better about this team and regret that it wasn't it pretty win -- it was a pretty ugly win the aggregate Leon ugly first half what it was still it detaining. The typical back and forth -- a ball up. It just it just seemed like. The patriots I'd definitely get the ball back title -- publisher of the ball with what three plus minutes ago didn't feel good about that game at all. But even if they have lost that game at that point it down sixteen -- thirtieth into the defense showed up. -- actually feel good about it because I what you saw that listened to it that was to me there's a lot of talent at Dallas Cowboys name. But you can see some of the reasons why they're it would do. All right it wasn't just Tony Romo that it was not Tony Romo you know that hunter we just stupid penalties. Stupid things that -- they have ten. In a game -- it was the stupid football. But the -- defense showed up big Vince Wilfork was more than a speed bump on -- got to show and Brandon Spikes but I thought had a great game to. I know we oppressed and there's some -- -- shore tackling they get the what bye week is walk it back the fundamentals -- according. In particular tackling not pretty at times. Which -- five and one going in at a bio -- but that was a good good -- talked to a brown about that advocates -- same way. He will join a spot in the our 1030 is toward brown always does on a patriots Monday Deion Branch will be by on Ricardo would -- car will be. It just to got to talk to today you could -- is hearing from him the frustration that He was starting to have with his defense and trying to. To spin it in terms of all we're getting better making progress but admittedly saying Lou the progress on defense He knew it we know it's measured by Sachs. That's a guy yesterday it was all over Tony Romo and it it's a two sacked emea the -- -- -- committee and that's what you went out got Andre Carter for you put up against the other acquisition the patriots may be authors -- Ochocinco who will get to Robert Haines worked who was. Hit or miss and what I saw yesterday -- him. It much more bank for your buck out of two and a million dollar investment on recorder He is a prototypical. On the yen for three defender I'm gonna beat might tackle and beat the guy trying to stop me. And comedy this quarterback for launch and we saw that yesterday his pressure on Romo not just the sacks but the team's -- getting to rubble flushing out of the pocket. It was the most consistent pass rush that I can call since the opener against Miami. We know what's happened there -- Miami Chad and it was the most consistent pressure we have seen an opposing quarterback and they didn't have very and our very way. It Carter it's like He talked about. They just got after Romo got more of that the picking through the brought up. And that picks sort of set the tone for the way rubble player -- -- majority that I came to pass. Before that to the completion it Dez Bryant big gain across some of the same way like falling back -- -- pass an accident. Well that was a smart NASA worked out pretty good and comes back the very next play same thing. Goes miscommunication Bryant and up Americans in the right spot but Jurassic you just saw. More guys attack and -- mobile guys in the line puts a little bit more than you've seen in the past that is a great job. With with Witten that the great job with a lot of these guys Miles Austin got is a little bit but nothing. Nothing big nothing major. As -- it's a big man. It still did a great job get after these guys it didn't back their final drive at Dallas Cowboys. You'll run the football well all day long this team I think is lasting NFL rushing. And it is but if you're gonna run the clock out this is too much time. Mean at three minutes to go pitchers that time much if it's human awarding. You just say -- able gonna run the ball here to take 2030 seconds off the clock it would give the ball back to Brady. Boy you got a second guessed that you gotta go for that first down missed it can't run. I can't run -- football get the first down that way -- very much still moblog a five and one they're -- With three wonder what the hell's going on with 336 ago and Dallas at their own 28 yard line DeMarco Murray minus two. DeMarco Murray minus one acre burn their first time not up to 47 ago. Get that it was a tree on Smith on the false start penalty sat back and probably change what they want to do. But a third nineteen. -- choice will hand -- rockets eight yards tackle at that point you know that was. We third -- -- to -- was gonna I thoughts -- screen play. I thought some sort of miss direction something to try to move the football after opening new meet -- and I've just taken an eight. The easy call run in that situation your your bag in the patriots used the what's second of their three timeouts at that point. No even attempt at Dez Bryant running Dez Bryant did not a huge game but when He was active and -- shocked Gary Guyton -- one point. He still picking up as uniform pieces. He's as big as athletic as any guy in the league in -- at least give him an opportunity. You say all you knew that on the football I didn't know I was up thirty Tina said. But how I was shocked that it makes some sort of attempt it was just it was cowardly football. By Jason -- -- weapons on that team but they were so you all back to any doubt your mind the Brady was gonna take his team downfield and a worst case scenario. Yet after Google without much time left. And that set -- -- -- -- -- You know -- -- the Brady was gonna do it we've seen it before -- -- is actually haven't seen in awhile. It is -- opportunity. Kennedy Albion -- want lot of gains recently here the last couple of years. -- I wasn't surprised about the first down run third eighteen I was surprised the ball that either army and gaining eighteen yards at a screen pass that you -- be ready for that. But the draw it's ready for screen passing type material given up I mean you're just completely -- it like well white flag and at that second call given an up to me second to all of you given up. You run the ball again for months one -- that that's given it up to me. You know because you -- a second told you gotta you gotta throw the football they're seventy yards to -- can give the ball in Brady's hands although. You know Rob Ryan is defense and show that property companies that you know we stop them for the most part then all game long. We can do it again. Note that rob Bryant defense is you know you watch that. People talk about that Cleveland remember watching it everybody up running around him and at times doing -- coddle new to stand apart instant together that'll sent. All up that line of guys stayed -- up running around everywhere trying to confuse Tom Brady -- -- it -- a good job that Rob -- defense is very confusing to blow up against Tom talked about it this morning. Maybe they just say we can do it all game long we can do it again. It critical president defense -- the -- give it up with -- it's time off the clock but there's just too much patrons at the time outs to rewarding. They got what they deserve you sick. All that it's in their defense to me much more was a lack of confidence in his offense and maybe even. Lack confidence -- Tony Romo. But I'm to a for a Big -- let this guy drop back and -- the third and eighteen. We get a first Alec you know this thing on the team and warning the patriots let the operate there timeout at that point. But they're so scared Jason Garrett is so worried and wary of what Tony romo's gonna do with the football. And that place at all -- hold drive said L Ron Ron penalty Ron. Yet no tighten their quarterback no wait a minute in a tough spot. He's gonna be alone make the right decision that he's gonna be the take care of the football. It was a scared way to coached that game. That's what's the Rangers are back burner today in Texas -- the back burner I that would edit -- -- -- starts. Pace in the way they Coach Billick had a chance to go on the road and beat the patriots at Gillette. And instead put their foot on the gas and trying Ted. And that they need choked up the patriots. -- -- they punted. Again typical Tom Brady zoom zoom zoom down the field or cal ski Welker. Hernandez eventually for the touchdown in it was vintage it was vintage Brady all right down that Dallas the. Well in Rappaport tweets that the patriots still. The 32 rate total defense in football lot seeking He can't make up a lot of that week but the last two weeks I think you know we weren't sure what we saw in I was all over. Okay and it's a deal at the jets that I was more what the jets did it with pages and I still think inactive ones. This -- to me was different. They all the pages to -- guy at the ticket win this football game I predicted that they would lose a critic and a high scoring game I pick points we still win there but. And work goblet. -- of -- with the over what came in way under but we joked about down on Friday I can't believe it's only what 55 cent a title like that out there idiots in Vegas. We can get this thing got put your mortgage payment on the older articles spectacle like you said that the conservative how much was that with. With garrison saying you know -- trust Tony Romo we've seen this act before. It is -- thrown interception right now give them the ball the thirty that we run a few times -- -- goal -- -- serve regardless of rub on to say because of Tony Romo. It was up like with like eight training wheels on -- just the true. And it's like a father behind at -- the plight with the training wheels saint's -- wait He gonna get your home safe. We're gonna go about half mile an hour pushing down the street. You're gonna look silly -- -- -- gosh we're gonna get Johnson and at that help me you have on the shoulder pads the elbow -- you're gonna be safe sun that's on -- it would brawl ball. Was trying to offense. -- run -- broaden. Back Brady then good night. Nothing I love this game yesterday from -- Campbell get the Brady -- -- going to be your 1030. The no huddle offense at times yesterday. Troy Aikman -- Hall of Famer himself. Says I've never seen a no huddle run this fast before watching it before He said it. The I -- over the patriots won attack quickly they would wanna play and it was doing a little check re one of DVR six seconds later they would -- the next play. On somebody's no huddles and -- a -- twelve men on the field they got caught talking to each other defense what they're trying to do. Of which is the case of it was rob Brian wanna keep that defense on the field goal. The make its would you like to do but not the fastest. I've ever seen that that no one else is doing a lot of it's due but I I think that a patriot side of it I think the quickness of an -- lot of loss was all had a lot to do what depression they're put on Tom Brady. And it's offensive line in their front seven getting to Tom Brady -- accused trying to slow them down -- tire them out. Because -- put a ton of pressure we -- on this game -- at the offensive line at times struggle I think in this game I think it's going to act quick no huddle. Let's inaudible a quick no model I think try to combat some of that try to slow these guys down because they -- get NAFTA to lumbering. There's no question about the markets where -- DeMarcus Ware is an absolute up east a lot of times -- see -- they showed on -- Take a late in that game to set up is that the middle and inside linebacker to standing. Watson Tom Brady. And then go with the position we want the he'd do whatever He wanted that game left rights -- in -- use comet from everywhere. And it trouble stop in the -- what the tech quick no -- loved it we're trying to do that the current slowdown is defense. Is that they'll put pressure on the personnel that was coming okay noble personnel wouldn't give do we want offensively it would -- try to -- you guys down. If you've beaten a lot we gonna talk Detroit -- about that because. In some cases it was just Brady -- in one word -- to a wide receivers the gold or whatever that. But these people don't realize this you ever hear anyone it is the calls as much easier from Tom Brady alpha snapped the ball -- Every single parent it's a -- here every single -- Hussein some of that the fox production. And I I think got I put fox -- on Iran is much. You can hear quite as well -- but then like this they they Mike interior -- fox likes to get in there -- 92 that sound. Did hear a lot of what He says they change delayed heard alpha go every time I forget of Adobe -- gold you heard a lark you heard. I ever mall down I got a sword you heard sort of budget times I mean you heard everything it was funny -- -- -- the -- -- no question but you gonna have to. When you basically when your quarterback is Michael across the TV. You got to change some close calls. I was amazed and actually Burton was talking about before I agree with them. Same thing back. I couldn't get over how many calls out you're hearing from Tom Brady I remember watching game here and quarterback make as many calls yet. For all over the TV the other guys Manning because they -- -- that no huddle pretty similar what they've got a call out -- offensive line not that the protection scheme. How we're gonna help out -- -- governor just in the mile wide receivers -- -- the Rodham general. That is part of it and it was a good win for the patriots but there was some things that stood out as maybe not so -- we talk about that with short brown Deion Branch and on recorder. And the not so good might have been. A lot receiver who who tweet in more than He played. A leading up to that game yesterday apple -- on -- get your phone calls in ninety seconds.

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