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Tom Brady talks about the win vs. the Cowboys and what to expect during the off week

Oct 17, 2011|

Patriots QB, Tom Brady joins Dennis and Callahan to recap the win vs. Dallas and look ahead to the bye week

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Tom Brady is brought you by northeast electrical distributors brightening your day of electrical solution capabilities that can assist him in saving energy and reducing costs and -- auto trader -- brand spanking new cards and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com. -- with the quarterback is brought to you by Dunkin' Donuts America runs on Duncan good morning Tom Brady argue. Good morning -- I -- I -- I've also got a little rant album a few minutes ago and I said this seems to be the perfect kind of win to get -- to the bye week there's plenty of things to correct so Billups and coach -- moments. It was not an easy blowout -- so that won't be any complacency during the bye week. There was a critical clutch two and a half minute drive at the end of the game to toughen up your team plus an improving defense you'd agree or disagree that Tom. Well I I think that we've we've. Look at why we call it comes at a good time of -- -- -- -- -- because it. -- all the guys needed the kind they get those little bumps and bruises and get the -- -- that. He ready for -- now long push after -- -- we start against Pittsburgh a -- we expect. What was trying to recruit saying that don't think we ever going to come out of the game again did you know we got everything figured out. You know associates a game like yes they where -- pretty proud of the way that we pulled it out it was a great team win the defense release. Stepped it up one when we needed them to it and I think offensively we did some things that we needed to as well so. When you played good football team like that you got to win those gains and that we had a chance we we have an opportunity to do it we -- -- Tom on the offense turns it over four times in the defense allows just six points. Off of those turnovers is there -- stated or implied thank you to the defense when you get the locker room and is that what you mean when you say complementary football. No question no question that coach Belichick has really been stressful. That was -- to turn it over. Not to allow points and when the defense gets to turn over for us to get the ball -- -- -- also. That it complementary football and that a team really working together understand the situation. And brought out there and capitalize and so. Offensively don't think -- necessarily did that. This packed game. So and we got plenty I think we gotta work on. But I -- to turn over four times and still win a net debt hardly ever happens so they were pretty fortunate there. Eight and domino you can't get in the names but hypothetically this. A day and a half fear or not that -- and half a day. -- world trade deadline could could the team could aid team acquiring guys say wide receiver and could He learn and by the time the next she next time you play. Could He learned enough to be a is a contributing member of the offense. Well. I mean that I don't know it the third different guidance like we got beyond last year to trade in and He came -- did pretty well. Whatever position kicker probably the easiest -- too much -- information. Letterman a lot of -- lot of guys twisting in the premiership part of the process legion and you know we're -- You know work. I think the players were just we just have to do our job that's what we need do we need to do better job -- that as we go forward. Tommy and the right giving your fourth quarter comebacks and Super Bowl victories too heavy rains taken off if you win their two and a half minutes left to go. On the other side of the point if they coach takes the ball out of the quarterback's hands when they need a critical first -- and makes it run it. Is that a lack of confidence that quarterback do you say man Mike -- doesn't trust me and does that hurt your confidence going forward. I don't think so and I think their terms -- we've had time on the clock before the two minute drive. It before half and coach Belichick you know we're gonna take many years so. I don't look at it like that in the team and the coach is doing what He thinks is. Would He need to do to win so. You are coached -- elect competent in the US when He when He left -- He usually gone and so if you're on the team -- you know you're expected to perform and play well and into. Those expectations -- -- for a. I know you're going to be self deprecating here so let's just set this -- as -- another hypothetical. What is the dynamic that sets apart a good quarterback in the National Football League from a great one in the National Football League. Who can succeed in the final couple minutes of the game when you need three or six points to win the game. What's what's that dynamic what's the difference. I mean I think there's a lot of things it takes to be great quarterback and it's not necessarily. You know what what you're gonna do with the -- I think a lot of guys have proven that over the years and and yeah a lot of quarterbacks. Get some opportunity and never really take advantage of it and and the other quarterbacks like Tony Romo who. It'll get few opportunities and really takes -- -- becomes the -- player so. Quarterback comptroller preschool. You know work every site ever played with Flutie who. Grew you know as one of the smallest. I quarterbacks over the place position shortest you know one of the biggest heart you've ever played with so. There's so many things are going to make it a great football player period -- and it's not -- forty -- so. You know a lot of guys have to dig deep they're mentally tough. And they take advantage of opportunities I think that's what you're good football player -- -- when you get into the final two minutes and 31 seconds does anything change does that dynamic change -- people say the game slows down for you with its -- more easily understood or to the last two and a half minutes you'll like the previous you know 33 and a half quarters of football. Well I mean at that point you got a pretty good feel for what you're doing. You got a pretty good feel good matchup the coverage that you're seeing and you know obviously wasn't our best offensive performer -- -- but I. If the school is you know forty. You know 44 to 41 he's delivered -- -- score points so I think the situation where we we have two minutes there and we had a chance to win the game. All the offensive -- does that sit after the game and we look at that every week every single weekly veteran practiced against their defense against Scott king and we're expected to -- -- an excuse so I don't think that. -- that got that off and -- didn't think we could go down score points and and ultimately what we got into a position we you know we're going to win. And you know a lot of the guys everything got a lot centrally excuse in the high level. That's really what it could cause we didn't really excuse at a high level that and that's what I think we can about the game would not score -- any -- -- political. Were you glad that the cowboys ran it three times when they had it with three and a half minutes left just ran it in line and gave the ball back. Well. Look we practiced that situation as well we can't reform -- -- with your head and you got a problem crocodile. I think the first I want to learn. And then they got a penalty of one point rate. So that always aperture and the -- on the Burton law. You know chance to pick up the third on the probably 1520%. Anyway. So you know their bank on the fact that we can go to the score tickets to it and you know they -- medical pharmaceutical almost -- -- -- -- Like easy road obviously it is -- -- -- and that's really the hallmark of that team and especially. Rob Ryan coached team lose a damn good coach and good coordinator. And nearly keep you would -- helped us win Super Bowl so we know kinda. -- that would cut plan and -- equator as great a great game Monday. Well what does Rob Ryan do defensively that others don't due to present problems. It's -- -- like growth like five. Or no and I think that it's just that there's there's just nothing He can get up there there's no. -- didn't give -- an easy throws he'd try to take away your your main -- He tries to double -- -- receivers -- They get a lot of that they get a lot of it put a lot of extra guys in coverage teams typically don't do and -- go to more get our receivers and they they Russian street -- also -- have -- And -- they portion total volume to what those three guys could say they're very good cost structure so anytime you get a couple of guys and covered so get pressure on the quarterback that's. That's pretty good defense and He makes up well enough where was always so He pressure rests. But they -- -- so. You'll back off from our coverage so. It just it just me a cup and I think he'll pull it out there that we certainly could actually Q did I mean we don't we don't need. I could not. Execute the play even if they you do that the reporting it's essential we could've done better job and we got down close -- greater integrity take advantage so. We'll keep you on the opening drive to go through on another drive you know we got in the scoring only turn the ball I don't know the drive so. You know those Olympus point and regular points against a good team you know that have been a close game and you know we've we've made the plays the -- in order to win the game. We we see you a cock and Ochocinco. Says He got here it seem like Cuba guys have the you know good relationship communicating. On the sideline. Is He worried is He worried that it's not coming as quickly as He hoped and you know five and six games in and -- by is He thanked him by now He should've been on the same days with the U. Yeah and He you know look he's working hard that it will work and targeted it. It. I think there's definitely a lot of improvement that we needed and now we're gonna continue to make so. Yeah. You know I have a lot of trust incompetent Michael lack of that girl and He can get more opportunity yes I think that's the reality checking. There are a lot of the guys that were in the air in -- was an airline call them are a lot obviously west and beyond have been out there are so. I -- which is primarily the way it turned out yesterday on them. How it turns out the next Norton with the Pittsburgh I have no idea -- they're probably pretty different they're cute so. You know every single person that's on the team is expected to contribute in Arkansas that -- -- the confidence and Chet. I went went into the ball with two and a half. Left you think in three or seven. Well situationally you're you're you're you're gonna rugged in the fuel rage and what we got -- -- ranger taken. Scored. So you you -- -- -- were able to. Get the ball down field you don't play at temple where you're you know -- in -- where we got the ball. What is. The twenty yard line what are currently. Twenty yard line so you know we gotta get to the 35 to get you'll arrange for for a perceived. What we got past that you know we were we were in -- downtrend score optional. Who's the most clutch guy you've ever played with me and you get a lot of credit for being clutch for good reason. And we always lump you in with -- you know Larry Bird in the great Joseph Montana and the greats but. Do you who was who wrote those game who raised his game in those big moments the most. -- we get so many guys over the years. Look at all you know the championship. Get directly with almost championship he's a pretty clutch David patent and they got a critical touchdowns He said. In his career. -- grown Wes Welker and Randy. Kevin -- coming -- -- -- Kevin talked Kevin -- and it is. For the most clutch player play with the it is remarkable player. And you meet somebody big plays in big games -- so. We've got so -- -- until like Matt Light and you don't clutch player He plays his best in the big game against the best opponents so. He. He's a couple the couple also. Of a flock this year will we see Kevin -- do you think he'll be back. -- it's not yet have -- I think you can't seem so you know I know don't you Pete is that we forgot -- -- -- PP so. I don't know coached both checked gonna do this coming week put it it's nice and he'll be out -- and readied pretty good to to be clergyman though he's picture every -- might seem -- He -- -- countdown forms so. A look see them out there and there's thirty -- you on the practice field -- -- I OPEC on the very soon. It's about all of you saw the highlights from Leo Lyons forty niners at the end of the game handshake gate between Schwartz involved Harbaugh wondering. Are their rules for post gave the court to supposed to act a certain way -- shaken the other guy's hand. About the best trick -- -- Tuesday. Expect a -- I don't know but all depend on the -- the player and I saw that I've been around. Jim. You know Michigan man so. He's competitive -- fiery and who knows notes. What you're trying to get across that he's pretty excitable. It -- I -- our money health that's the last question here we're gonna off at ten million for the house we're not gonna go the full asking price take reliever right now ten million. You can't do that to my way to the lawsuit creator of pretty bad negotiator and she's a lot -- -- -- -- have. But that Condo fees kill him Alia. It's like a couple of bucks. Brad do you buy auto trader question of the week -- now compare brand spanking new cars and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com top they wanna know what's different to win and no huddle. And hurry up offense or they want in the same. Not necessarily. No huddle offense but the call for a normal and pretty much the whole game. They don't -- don't totally communicate a line of scrimmage -- not necessarily colony. United they're in a hurry up hey you know that hurry up. Two minute is that. You know really when you're trying to do that either -- situation or where you're just really trying to speed the attempt of the games so. We -- -- what's in the course of the game which makes it. It makes the team prepare for both. Ultimately comes on the excuse you go slow faster -- matter if you're not completely passing indoor. Blocking the right guys -- or you know make an. Economic resilience and legitimate or patient -- in Iraq and be successful. How's the arm okay so you -- -- -- your Olivia David that you can you hold the phone with your left -- -- setback. It's it gets a look at computers so not the word -- -- which is beat up where you back to work in the bye week. Well we will work Jamal yeah -- -- then there were off are from Thursday to Monday so. -- are we going to be good restaurant ready and I think you're going to come forward to it and but it's critical fassel and -- away -- itself. Serbia a fun -- in the second at the airport. Enjoy your time -- double talk talk to next week. You Tom Brady the interviewer brought you by northeast electrical distributors brighten your day with -- electrical solution capabilities that can assist you in saving energy and reducing costs and by -- trader. -- brand spanking new cars and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com copy with the quarterback is brought to you by Dunkin' Donuts America runs on Duncan.

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