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Curt Schilling, Former Sox Pitcher and ESPN Analyst Gets Fired Up Enough to Call Sports Saturday

Oct 15, 2011|

Ryder, Kirk and Rob are taking calls on the Red Sox debacle and get a call from "Curt in the car" who want to voice his opinions.

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We seal lined up there on the phone lines let's get back to a many years burned. In a car a -- I'll cry at how well today. More current. I'm I must say you guys I enjoy it with a -- -- -- man you guys have tremendous amount of knowledge and to me a lot of credibility. Well. I keep up the great work record. I'm -- occurred at the credibility. And a bit of humor -- you like that. I don't say it obviously with the red side lap I think -- imitate an awful long time they're trying to limit on down. And maybe not until later in another situation where that factored into law and they really show or want -- they can I think our product. Alberta if they have a great season if they if they go to the World Series that they win a World Series or even make deep playoff run I'd like to offer much. If you get off to the private start they get off to. Off. Its -- get -- -- the Bible Armando you know what that sultry. -- you'll only be protect -- -- history you know forget about Henry's comments about -- the other day. The of imagine. If Crawford gets off to another bad start next season even if it didn't have these comments about. -- the other day about Crawford and. If it's Lackey got a picture and our carpet pretty much on the highlight. So my question should do mainly is obviously the -- -- chapter and start moving forward and try to put the pieces back together again and try to. And get everybody out of time change based on my question you guys do. You know what the first steps of that charge have to do the kind of start putting things back together -- -- Law I think you have to start exploring Lackey situation. Remains in and it seems like a minor thing by. Now it's I agree it's not just at. Well no it in the thing with lackeys it's not it would is He gonna get booted -- here and opening day yeah absolutely. But if you showed signs that He went could be a good pitcher and a valuable pitcher for the seat this team that you keep right you keep them because if He pitches well next year. Then that's something they can use the fans who say are you know summarize -- -- but but the bigger issue here is that He had showed no signs. That he's can be able beat up. It just sometimes you look at you say listen this is a bad baseball decision to get rid of a guy his lowest guy he's making all this money to bad baseball decision but it's -- it's the right decision but you saw last night that you're in right now you're at the point where you get -- jump like it's the -- move. For the French it doesn't matter for makes baseball sense of just have to cut the -- that's what they are. Well it is a and goes to Beckett Lester and Buchholz is -- to all people you don't criticizing them and they can all of bad things they did a lot of a lot a lot of rumor true right button but the thing is is that they also provide talent that you probably can't get back in a trade. Now joining us on the AT&T hot line former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling -- -- They may come later or Rob Brown -- saying it would only because you -- really smart you have to choke or mixture of erupt extra. Now all I mean we all do I -- I thought you'd just say that went live I recited Texas and it sucked witches -- that's -- -- consensus that they couldn't. So my tribute almost -- to go on camera. So not for nothing -- so what was it is so here's you I don't know if you heard in my taken hold John Henry thing yesterday was that He went in there with selfless selfish motivation. Does He want to clear three guys names and and kick him out of it in the brand was hurt because He basically bury Carl Crawford. Sold so important to people as our proper place in order to get them while they're do another six years but it also my mom -- it you'll. The big thing about it but that's probably one of the few guys. That will get out a little bit harder I don't know if you spent arm and robbed this secured rule. Almost six out of this here you along the way I felt the worst or because I know much. -- -- Peter if you are anybody in the game companies -- papers around them stand there and you know. Does she make money under contract bridge at all not appear there's a guy Google apps would be going to repeat computer. Right. But the flip side that Kurt is I I greeted everyone knows that He works hard. But the problem big problem with him last year was a lot of stuff got his head and this is just another thing to get and said. Public you know what that that's part of some maturation process rootkit. Potentially not to repeat it to -- -- eat eat what you weren't sure. It's not going to be able to general about a dark matter if you are quite a way. -- attached -- haunt him to allow it to motivate Arum or to -- -- -- move on -- street got what last year I mean. Obama child -- I can't do it but a lot of our. Potentially go to Carl Carl was never agree look you'll. Our director Joseph Maddon. I'd want to OT dot outlook -- -- gold -- But there -- It was never try you looked at most sites do not yet whenever it. All current expectations the -- of the -- group game there -- I'd be realistic that's. And offensively. This is not a guy who is our big surge which everybody on the order picture in the -- That respect it only showed he'd never gonna try a good picture or watch report. -- It -- to dig this was all on feel the signing -- you think about those comments. About Carl Crawford. I don't another look probably. Embarrassing comment to make it basically. -- -- which you know what you -- more foolish to learn not strange studio and Sergio and our -- -- -- you'll see. A week for the giants because we always two groups they don't respect other group stretching out ya gonna become comfortable although it was about eight. It just to protect after the verdict is not prepared to comment about about people running stretch. We're trying to the last caller -- we've done much is for trying to figure out what you do coming forward here for the Red Sox and for me I just don't see our John Lackey can throw another pitch. An arrest such unified as -- sometimes like I just said sometimes it may not make the most. Baseball sense. The sort of do thinks of the franchise infamy would Lackey is right now mentally. People feel about him like you said the other day him showing up opening day to you have to get rid of the guy no matter what He has to go. Well I -- rob trying to put reality triggered a commercial and pay but the fact matter it's not a BP. There are -- There's a lot of old stuff that they would like to trade. The -- which are lucky. You know he's easy victor Victoria model money. And but like -- -- it'll take probably -- we're all there mentally. Computer try to check in salt away from from I agree pitcher either PP not. The total project -- out of fuel blaster that'll be nearly had a picture -- -- repeat I was gonna -- fifty million dollar contract. How Abby watched what happened -- -- early -- in -- strong guy. And and that's point away He could you guys -- fit. I always felt like you're never -- my ball never liked your heart you know. A particular -- are probably people really well people -- What you're looking much dropped after -- and eventually got to do well because -- -- girl -- with a long. I don't know how it's out of our -- are gonna get it He will make -- concerns. Don't how -- it didn't end. You know our children and remodeled it going to be able to Munich you know carry out more -- To go along with respect to be you'll be featured at that -- where He was. Or sometimes -- or did you just say listen yet is this costs us forty million boxes cost us 35 million bucks we totally screwed up we're gonna. You know San Diego He can will will will pay you thirty million dollars that they jump like sometimes. Situations are so out crazy I think this is just one of those situations. Well and I brought -- -- because I heard you talk about -- I shouldn't credentialed they're gonna have to do they're not gonna get. Value back for John He committed are you to get back and you'll be completely dependent on the -- Take of the contract and. Lose in the cellphone connection that the air -- that seem okay that is that the must sports Saturday. I don't know the -- the David Ortiz of January's spoke Spanish last last week but. The cart and we week is to Spiegel lackeys who we are talking about okay if you're the GM what's the first thing you do and I think Lackey is kind of the consensus opinion. Other than that what if you are the GM what do you do. Oh. Are you right but He got. Sort of lose -- current and incredibly stupid. Broke -- Does not value back onshore and go to bed area. But dumb in Kabul on doctors first thing -- do him any dart out in did you go straight and are you as well I mean. You know I I don't think -- the guy who aren't -- on the federal and there's an entire game. Physically problem's not a commanding position in about that waste into my David Ortiz decision welcomed. -- Well try to get a better well thanks for joining us curtain call back to check back if you wanna I have would be I believe -- I know that you brought -- the -- thing before but. I I would find interesting for him mobile elaborate on that just because He understands the dynamic of it. Now I can say -- Curt Young is this pitching coach and -- fills -- pitching coach. But He -- he'd whereas with there in terms of understanding how John -- affected that clubhouse.

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