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Curt Schilling calls out Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and reacts to the Boston Globe story

Oct 13, 2011|

Curt Schilling is fired up and he checks in with Dennis and Callahan on the Red Sox collapse and Josh Beckett and Jon Lester

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I joining us on the AT&T outline the official wireless provider of these delicate champion. Boston Bruins. Friend from ESPN former Red Sox pitcher -- -- -- good morning colonel are you have -- and read the story because I know no -- refusing. The story -- when you do it. I did a director and our partner get straight and I hadn't rid I've only listening to record while what happens in them. Your esteemed producer -- got a hold of -- and so it really -- Did it nausea you did it trouble you do that disappoint you how would you describe your feelings after reading that. All. All the above yeah all the above you see somebody's personalized. -- historian. Vote you know you -- -- reporter not use good judgment the computer reporter do things that are probably cost more strictly human you see -- reporter report. Pinkie there's no torture when you wish people would not hold. -- and you're what was your reaction to the revelations that two big revelations I guess for public consumption. About Terry Francona your friend that he's going to marital difficulties and he's got -- issue with pain pills. It did anybody. You know idea of all the things or heard and saw talked about after the after you know chemistry -- anybody put -- marital problems with struggling managing and -- September together. -- I just feel like that was one of those. You know and its people buy this copy so don't put that in there I didn't pay a relative why there isn't. The other bit -- boot the medication. You know I mean that's just. It's embarrassing groups has nothing to do with anything because. That's a writer and all the people involved have been around Quito and you know there were no incidents of him being you know. Off his rocker or or or out of it in there and what thirty days before that article this season ended everybody was OK -- everything. The courteous of the -- disturbing bigger aspect here not that this guy whatever for whatever journalistic ethics you think He He has or doesn't have. That somebody in that organization felt compelled for whatever reason. To take a a giant urination on Tito's head and say these things about it that to me is more disturbing and the fact that He actually wrote it. Way more disturbing and I'm not I'm not I'm not. But the article by other vehicles that bothered me but that's not a problem problem is that it. The article didn't do it live off from me a lot of that I -- happens I know -- -- I can picture He may take pictures situations where they're being talked about the article I can see right I mean it's it's. But at the end of the day that is -- someone that's wealthy someone as powerful. Gets wrong this is what happens they distort people's lives because they tend. Now I think -- I have a difference of opinion because I'm I think you think that it might have come from management or ownership and and I'm the 110 of 1% who is convinced it does not and the reason in my estimation. We've gone over this a couple of times today in there was nothing in it for management. In in particular the divorce with Kerry went absolutely to script it went perfectly. As good as any organization could have could be cherries and now they needed a new voice that is illiterate and I know you do but let me just finish and and and it it it happens -- happened quickly it happened aimlessly in fact -- -- -- they both admitted yes it was sort of mutual we've gone our separate ways. There was no upside there was nothing to be gained by anybody and ownership -- by taking this dump on Terry said in fact there was nothing but downside in it it seems to me that somebody who is. Who is not gonna be with the team for very long who is disgruntled and who now looks bad. Because they've be blamed for Terry being fired on -- some player -- -- look -- is that we -- The problem joke I wasn't just the chicken leaders at the beer drinkers Terry had his issues as well I don't think there was any motivation for format management or ownership to do this -- You're right it I think the problem there is that you're using a logical turn -- flawed. Immunological situation. Do people do irrational things. For the dumbest of reasons I think I seek to win win -- Gotten done. And and didn't throw anybody under the baucus I think some people -- organization were livid. Because the fans were were were pissed at the owners. I think I think for the most part fans are ready for change managerial and I hate to say bright big pit. You know there are a lot of -- about -- I was a great guy but it was part. Good to be spared what baseball winning baseball team. And I think that that everybody was was was bureau. Semi OK with how it ended bid but they were ready to move on and I -- after He took the high road. I think viewership I'd I'd security group of people are very upset about the fact that He made them look bad. Because -- -- comes on and says this guy did this in the united He does throw people under the bus. Then it's very easy -- -- disabled -- that's why. This is why we have to do we do. But I couldn't disagree more I don't think ownership took any heat for the firing of Terry I think by large it was like 95% of the people said the players quit on -- they laid down like dogs and the other 5% said it's very small because He didn't grab by the or slap him to -- -- other ownership got into the end zone free and clear on this deal. I think they did as well to some degree but if you listen I mean. When when John and and very -- their press conference and there are -- some time when parliament on probably to the present. Why. I think Larry -- -- cute the question about you know being surprised to through our Q but the problem I'm having is back right. I thought that there was disingenuous at best and an -- -- out -- lies at least. But they knew exactly what was going on they knew exactly how -- -- And and I just thought that it was very chicken. -- yeah right father would suspect cards. That'll others so I just thought that this whole thing was was a direct result of of what happens when you when you (%expletive) people off that are really rich and powerful. So you're you're convinced that it came from ownership. Part of listed counsel. There's -- equipment. I mean the -- stuff do you believe. Have you talked to Francona how do you believe he's gonna react to this is -- if that were made. Current and I'm guessing that were you I'd I'd burn the burn the Morgan park down -- -- You -- I mean you guys know me. I would've acted irrationally over reactive which are it is I wonder. Legally whether guess recourse because. You know the team trainer they have got the team doctor in the Yorkshire TV executive people of humor. I would imagine -- -- want to have enough knowledge of -- medicinal habits. Beat Jamaica to make that comment that is -- to have bad news out there. Room. You know but that's what somebody out to -- disguise what. Because now. Our I look at -- almost like a little sexual harassment case it doesn't matter if he'd give her on. The director to questions about a for the rest. And and and just think of the position he's in He wants to manage again as soon as possible. I mean do you not back off of Europe -- Are you. I think also destroy the chances of maybe be in the field in Chicago. Perhaps a little. That's a good point eight EU every time we talked you over the years. You never failed to sing the praises of Josh Beckett human you like you respect them meant as a pitcher as a guy. I'm guessing you're slightly disappointed in the man now that we find out how we reacted. Down the stretch here. But I think from beyond beyond clearly would be would be -- could reduce we have talked of people and though. That it's not lies. I think that the loss of John Carroll. Had a massive. Amount to do with why this all happened. I spoke to him but the other day in the first thing -- -- of the most well I don't see any of -- -- do you expect. -- that well. It might happen that that there have been there would have been a couple of -- long way in there would have been gone its -- point of him. You know -- Kirk -- -- Young because here's a guy comedy inspections staff tranda. Get to know is pitchers. Didn't and they did this -- -- amount of disrespect. But the players involved -- show -- to each other. To -- organization. To -- To the game is staggering to me then and probably as staggering or some of the names that are there on that list I just. A blown away I'm -- blown away am incredibly disappointed. Started keeping things have changed here now for a long long time amateur and I figured for the workers by it and you know I think the way that this was handled by the organization is pathetic and embarrassing. Why did you wanna -- -- mr. Curtis as painful as losing is in September and the way they lost and being branded a loser it would seem to -- the living worst to be branded as. Would be a quitter. And yet it seems like that's what we're talking about. You're recording -- -- -- -- let's fast border opening day things and change -- in the young manager Jim. This could be the most abysmal opening big ceremony in the history of work. These guys are gonna give boat yeah they are gonna get -- can you imagine. No matter what basis they over the work like you mentioned John -- -- that field new orbit it. They're at but I Saint John Brett on his -- -- and I yankees like reception. It's like yeah I mean and there's nothing from my big fears that that one or more players is gonna come on trying to defend what's happened. Instead of just doing a -- Coppola and saying you know why. While was just wrong what did we screw discard water we you're we talked to. Idle -- that you don't. Let alone restricting which appeared to have to maker's Opel to a recurring patent I don't see anything other than that otherwise you can't come back. And the gonna have to try and move them even though it's gonna cost a fortune you do you think this team. As enough as any leaders right now. No no it wouldn't advocate -- didn't because. None of this goes. Long enough to become news if there's a leader in the clubhouse more the -- I don't mean you know. There are different kinds of leaders and and a bit Vista team needs a a statistical agnostic leader they need a guy who doesn't matter He plays or not or doesn't matter what he's hitting or -- He will talk to anybody on the team about them doing something rotten. In doubt was yards have a couple planned that was Doug Mirabelli that was Mike lol that was those -- with those guys -- that was cute cap work. None of those guys will leave it -- Holbrooke will be archived batting average but they have both built big guys and girls club bounces have immense amount of respect. Forgo. It and in the end and you Orlando Cabrera. Marching back committed his locker and demanding that maybe -- often wind -- Guys like that fifteen doesn't album this -- have a couple guys -- -- Pedroia. Who is gonna play his ass off and expect everybody else -- did do this thing. And entities you know He I don't see it was -- food stands open for walk throughs you'll discover kicker about Cuba yet. But I didn't didn't we did we see Ortiz and Varitek. As those people give any theory as to where they weren't all of this and. -- than most guys. Both guys were were accessory leaders state eight. That I bet they would indicate it was one of those guys who would do would ask me to have a baby here's here's here's what. We need to do this -- He was not comparable. For the most part standing up and talking every night it's and it wasn't. Not a bad thing if He just figured I'd play hard and everybody would fall soon and if not I'd have a talk with the person that didn't. And and David note David was never 88 David stop that got David is is the guy in the club also with some leaders that -- can help. But he's ever been David is that you know -- designated hitter who you know -- -- got blossom and welcome to doubt that David is an emotional guy. He tends to swing way highway of -- based on how always want him about and guys want to be led by guys who doesn't matter where you're -- A we know it's been awhile since they hired a manager less -- that -- one. I'm pretty sure you -- -- right you heard last manager if you could hire the next one polluted the what kind of manager would be. You know I kept thinking. That tomorrow should get this job. You know we're I've -- politicians -- -- a lot of people are not sure it's. If people want him to be set up to jail time. Are these going to be a phenomenal manager I'd be very surprised indeed Obama's short list and Chicago. But I don't know I think the next guy here is going to be a guy right to get them from this time but I veto it and I'm not sure that. There's anybody out -- it is not a Bobby Valentine has you know it's not a big name it's someone that bit players respect -- it resonates. I don't know Tony I'd you know -- -- -- -- a lot of great things about I don't know him Burton did the guy. You know. But the problem that this organization is going to have right now and all of the problems at the end of the year all the reasons state capitals things are gonna be your give the beginning of next year. If that's the case to America year old Lackey and Beckett and and and and any all the guys on the list so mode is gonna be back here. Have you talked to Beckett I have not do you think they will. Export trading him we know it is. Yeah I mean we know the looking at trading Lackey but that's going to be a tough pill to swallow -- I don't know they haven't settled back here I but I can't and there's this bar living back here. And and who has more disappointing the leader of the delta house Josh Beckett on the follower John cluster. Still that that's the one that I think probably kind of makes me bent over double clutched more than anything. You know it and I don't know. I wanted so badly believed that that September late season and by him was. Was just something other -- and you know -- I'd just give all around title I've known him since He was a young player and also including. -- and I don't know that He did that but I I don't have anything to. Look at the hard thing for me is you guys are I think -- meanwhile looked at dog and irrational they're very passionate very well it might name was in that article. There would have been a follow on piece the very next morning. In which I call people -- they would have been able to print. There would have been screaming Peruvian -- to -- That is so why that never have I can do that the stuff that article is career ending stopped and promote reputation and respect. There is appearing not to. Nothing saying anything. -- -- response it is guilt. You're guilty until proven innocent -- especially with athletes and celebrity's. Well have Pedroia did check in with orderly and Ollie but I had. Exactly -- that was -- -- He did it because He was as. And these other guys they're gonna have their career in the reputations ruined by this stop and I'm not saying anything. They're all going to be remember -- never gonna forget September 2011. And it's going to be for him. Forever that we talk about fried chicken and beer in the clubhouse and video games and bill. -- and statistically the B 9/11 that would at September 2011. A shell of vital question beside the chicken in the beer where they -- playing an advance copy of your video game of the club kingdom of -- me somewhat He says or I'm Laura how much anymore. Dot org they -- must submit a motel you guys. That is not a off off the beaten path play video games in the overall server haven't food in the clubhouse regardless what -- news. That happens ever occasionally. Because he's got to remember like drug abuse careful Sunday big game at 1 o'clock game. Somebody you know might be picture of the there could be schedules that change and I'm not making excuses for anybody but. It's such a weird lifestyle that the -- you want the policy viewpoint so political you do find yourself eating -- game every now and better corporate. You know guys have had Beers in the club -- during the game the fact that it got to a point where it was a conversation piece and tells you all you need to know about the people like -- and. Make it worse than it was in September when your team was circling the drain and more than ever that He didn't support and the backing. When you look at what happens when you look at who it happened to blast open -- A bunch of those guys quit on their teammates they quit on the organization they quote on the merits or they quit on the fans and that is something that there -- rapidly with camera so there are lots. -- great talking -- appreciate -- time this morning after a late night -- Curt Schilling joining us on the AT&T outline AT&T the official wireless provider of the Stanley Cup champion Boston as a rule on is that shielded its -- no -- did you turn to now.

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