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John Dennis has the latest on the negotiations between Theo, the Cubs and the Red Sox

Oct 13, 2011|

There is still some work to be done in the negotiations between the Cubs and Red Sox. John Dennis has the latest.

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Jury I know you and I signed their contracts on the same day they're essentially the same length of the same amount. You included what I include in mind. The cut at the conclusion contract pay off of yeah half million dollars or one of those I got all yeah yeah yeah you gotta conclusion contract. Yeah but it's about to for 28 dollars a great thing that they are having his contract and commotion when you're done we give you three have million dollars just for being -- -- why not just for BM dot. That's the difference between the fifty million dollars just north of fifty million dollars somebody reported yesterday. The eighteen and a half the Theo is going to wind up right. But as our are from a college football today says not so fast. Admired brands not so fast my friends. Your time lot of what's happening over Fenway Park in a sense of where this -- thing is going to help quickly it's going. The cubs are finding out in no uncertain terms. That coming to terms with the deal was far far easier than coming to terms with the Red Sox on the compensation. Think about that decided to pay him eight Q&A half million dollars over five years and figuring out the parameters of his job description. What his role would be what is powers would be. Was easy part of this whole equation. The hard part is going to be satisfying the Red Sox as to what they want to let this great baseball asset Theo Epstein we Boston and go to Chicago. Would you wanna deal would Larry -- Would not know ought to negotiate now particularly angry Larry yeah it's. They're getting kicked around by everybody from coast to coast and border the border and now. They have a little leverage have a little power -- and that is being held over the cubs so. And and and by the way -- liked the way they did let him ago. Let him negotiate let him come to a deal let him be the savior -- cubs and it's okay what are we get right. When we get yeah that's a smart move didn't consummate the marriage that's a -- that's the first smart move that made a while ago and that. You -- call -- posturing you can call negotiating you can call the art of the deal if you like but Boston is seeking value for letting the -- the final year of his contract. Now here's the soft ownership wants the cubs to know what the cubs to know or to think and that is the Red Sox. Need Theo Epstein they value Theo Epstein and rushed to let him goal with a year left on his contract it's going to cost you. Now you can see this evidence a lot of different time lines first of all the chronology of how long they waited. To respond to the cubs request to even talk of field. It was about a week sitting in somebody's desk drawer they got around to last Friday and said okay we've sort of dangle you from the flag belonged to not go ahead and talk that the deal. Theo talks of the weekend goes out over the weekend gets audited Starbucks hammers out the contract it's already to go probably Monday or Tuesday many more like Wednesday. At that point the talks between the cubs and the proceeded make up to the eighteen and half million dollars one source told me the Red Sox are not going to let the cubs won't -- And take the -- Chicago without being compensated. So after that delay of of of giving them compensate condoms aren't giving them permission to talk with him. -- is that what what not gonna go talk to Major League Baseball and see what the parameters are for compensation. Given the history of the stuff like the Ozzie Guillen nor I got it right Arial got -- Policy team in. And they in the competition not bad. The Marlins sent. -- Martinez. Said they wanted and -- yet he's an Aussie and a son Adam they that we demand and Ozzie Canseco wasn't a proxy. And and if Ozzie Nelson was dead. A hot and would you want Ozzy Osbourne really now -- and minor league pitcher. Warm G-8 HA and Martinez so we get to Martinez's one idiot -- my parents spelman and Obama Martinez. And this. Miami Herald -- that which won an infield this -- the past season the Marlins. And the AAA New Orleans whatever Tripoli in the world and so they sort of a dog was a major -- some time in the major leagues. Hot and the other Martinez hard throwing right hander was ranked by baseball America as the fifth best prospect in the organization yeah. Made 56 relief appearances for double -- Jacksonville that's not just got lots of the jets some that's not bad that's not a bad product I mean this to guys that you expected attributed the Major League level yeah. That's more than I thought we should not get for crazy Ozzie who had worn out his welcome. Anyway right so -- so the Red Sox -- Major League Baseball look at this and set the parameters and Major League Baseball was -- -- doing that because this sets yet another precedent when you take -- general manager from a team. From what major Major League team to another major Major League team perhaps to be some compensation and what will the pace of this will set a precedent. So that's why they deleted even further to the Red Sox are having Major League Baseball get involved and examine the situation. What I found most interesting in my conversations last night. Flies in the face of what Michael Silverman writes in the Boston Herald -- Michael the Red Sox still. We're negotiating with the cubs regarding sufficient compensation. For losing -- last night. Not so fast my friends they've yet to start negotiating compensation. That begins today really -- about this last Friday. They gave them permission to talk to them they got the deal worked out by Tuesday or Wednesday. While we talked about by by Tuesday we talked about it on Wednesday and they have yet to have the first conversation with the comes about compensation Larry Lucchino picks up the phone would -- 9 o'clock after the first cup of coffee and says well look for doctor with Stalin Castro yeah. Head and and and work for. There and then ask for some top prospects. I'm not sure of the cubs play this right. Because I mean I don't maybe they did we don't know we don't know what happened on the cubs and we could talk -- -- gumption and probably knows but. Activists when we first heard the Theo Epstein rumors it seemed to me the Tom rickets at some pretty good back -- plans have pretty amigo. Bryant pensions contacts up right yes. He's available for. I was -- -- -- opposition maybe we're zero compensation. And obviously. I mean I think Brian Cashman it's offered. Of 2000001815. When over the that the final prices for repeal. He goes He goes you get Brian Cashman damn good GM who doesn't have. Who knows I'd stack is his -- -- up against the goes any day that -- And and I don't know what the compensation would be for Andrew Friedman. And I'm guessing not more than that it's not more than this for a guy. Who doesn't have this track record and by the way the call for him -- some people are called for him anyway Chicago and mean. They are looking at this Chicago Theo Epstein has had a good run he's developed some good players he's won two championships. There's not. He's been in ninth nine years nine years every year there among the top three of four payrolls. Every year they spend money every at this time guys. The Boston Globe just keeps slandering the -- incas they ran his. -- track record in the good the bad with video. Free agents now we know we develop players made some good trades we we know they they won a championship when He mainly traded Nomar. But He was in nine years and a lot of free agents there's not one not one. Good one not one big ticket freeagent. There it is busts mixed reviews the globe who does this Peter Abraham. Calls J. D. Drew a mixed review will feel so column extra yeah I guess so He doesn't make any calls Carl Crawford too soon to tell. That's given him the benefit of the doubt also -- -- mixed reviews. The only in my Marco scooter -- yeah and David Wells and so these are not big ticket items the big ticket items. Our Edgar Renteria Matt comment Julio Lugo Daisuke Brad Penny jobs malls John Lackey Mike Cameron Bobby Jenks. And doesn't include -- or. Our camera and so Red Sox ownership was hoping Tom -- as a -- to -- them to glow effect and check this all you know what forget compensation and forget Theo -- there is not a single big ticket free agent that worked that was a good move that was a smart move -- shrewd move. By just look at the bottom line summary it's a blog is a number before but it's right 543. Million dollars He spent. 543 since 2003. On I think eight out of eleven free agent -- Honestly he's good GM but does that go with -- that track record we've been read the Chicago. Sun times Chicago Tribune listening to. And guys like Tom shares and others in Chicago they kind of as as ever what's it kind of lost that over there there's there's something to Maine I'm such immense that the minute on the. It -- over the history but I think there's something in rickets mind that trumps all of that 98 team. -- his ninety you know right that this is the guy that did what nobody else could do since nineteen they would. He season and he's abusive successful executive I know He inherited everything but he's got a good reputation as smart guy. He sees a system he's not in his mind He hired a guy right -- a system. He's hiring and the next Carmine. The next I don't know what you call that that in that -- even the bottom of Fenway -- that windowless office with these guys who work you know tirelessly -- play street hockey statistical analytical approach and baseball and go to you know whatever good movement casket flag and it you know midnight celebrated a long day's work and do it again the next day. Tireless young based. All walks He wants. Staff and office -- LeBeau just does not provide that for him while He -- yeah well not really -- engine that is the easiest tied into -- -- -- -- -- statistical analysis -- for a while maybe not ads but I think most -- now are not in New York -- a new breed of these young -- they're not you know -- -- -- -- for real -- analogy to be made here if you're buying -- house what is your real estate -- always tell you certainly when -- in the high -- market. Don't fall in love with one particular house right right because then we're willing to do anything you're willing to look past the price you're looking to pass that. Hole in the roof and that and the first needs replaced don't fall in love with the house will make your rickets -- fallen in love with the house in the alleged. These are good looking kid that really has good looking guy I mean and He Cashman not know that's true so maybe that was it may be want to look at that front. The globe. That's the the grunge look at the moment to lecture yeah that's. Discount general stance -- Cashman doesn't do that this year and beyond talk and -- -- was short sleeved dress and I thought I'd like simple and -- even though Friedman -- image fuhrman's prevents public eight doesn't have this dozens of GQ look maybe that sells. But you know what else that that source and -- that do allow on the pick anybody I mean it's -- -- -- come. I mean maybe some secretary goes yeah maybe cleaning lady. You can -- -- just as the -- Beckett goes with them but that systems that's from the bottom does it not that system and even Bobby has a million names as He gets humid in the -- Michigan and -- -- -- -- Cashman right of these guys who's got a yearly update one -- meter. Capital all these kids from Amherst College in Wesleyan and in the US sports management department which is very competitive these days all the BD Podesta yes yeah all the young the distance and all the young. Been shared -- -- -- Josh Byrnes all those guys are a week -- work and work hard. And the bars stay open later in Chicago edited and don't even later and there will be if they win they'll be that same charming story. A boat you in the windowless office in these guys on the computer and they you know reinventing game like like -- the protest Europe well -- Boyer. -- and burns the -- in Boston. You know the Billy -- you know -- stories time it's his time -- done yet. It's our time now here and and the -- -- ago -- reinvent baseball Chicago if you Tom rickets is that your. And as long as you it is Islamabad acquiesce to what Larry is going to start to -- today -- start to save today. In the compensation is -- tell me again what you learned. I learned that they haven't even discussed compensation yet that begins today this is all a protracted process by the Red Sox. To convince the cubs at Theo does is of value to them and they wouldn't mind even a little bit. Haven't peeled back. And if you don't and if you don't meet our compensation that we are not gonna let him well. I mean this is again this is called the art of the deal I -- Larry probably pretty good at this. There's a couple things that I laughed at the you know the that they left Pimco because. John Henry really likes the go and Larry He gets along with the other two. -- it to be billionaires by saying. Really like keep your good executive value part company -- like you can go and I really like Jason Varitek and often go. Up too much on emotion you you shouldn't duke I mean if you do his which end up with you end up with Julio -- for years. The -- and spring training that's why I was on the rectory have been you know Manny Ramirez you'd call that mixed reviews which -- a -- 160 million. If if the -- had signed Manny in not into kept that would be the best free agent signing obvious and nine year tenure yet and on top of that. I think. Leo I think we get revealer now the BO. Stole grapes from the grocery store and -- it and I have. On reliable sources stole grace from the groceries was the year I read part together I think He occasionally when He went to dry cleaner park in the handicap just. Back tiger accidentally now no no holding the whole handicapped spot bad karma lousy tipper bad -- -- sources confirm a lousy I boulder weekly. You know what they're there is. And we'll get to -- is a smear campaign against TO. Obviously -- by definition right what you read yesterday what you've heard from everyone from around the world very. Colorful smear campaign that includes. A -- -- failed marriage failed and failed pink shoes and they need to drug habit. But I I I I do laugh of people say oh that's the Red Sox organs this nit wit Nomar. Like -- put himself in analog and Jim Rice nor'easter over the remember the smear campaign when they traded Jim Rice. You members -- here you're there when they elect -- leave as -- -- Yeah not a man I don't remember I remember what to -- -- -- to the demise of a New York -- and then they smeared what what -- and so it's a smear campaign was organized when He left so I can understand why that would still I -- to -- to losing. The and I would do that too. -- your exact you're right it's a great teacher gonna take -- 92 timeout. And would welcome back I'm going to shoot -- -- jury might. The slightly convinced that I'm right on this. -- holes gonna shoot big goals in the widely held belief. In terms of who is responsible for all this blowback. That is all over -- friend called his bald -- this morning. We'll talk a little hockey. Schilling by the way I'm gonna take the task at 9 o'clock -- he's wrong on who is behind the Terry Francona drugs and fiction will be back with that we. In ninety seconds.

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