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Dustin Pedroia responds to the Boston Globe article about the issues with the Red Sox

Oct 12, 2011|

Dustin joins the Big Show to defend his former manager Terry Francona and respond to the article that went into detail about personal issues surrounding the Red Sox and their personnel. Dustin also finds out that Theo Epstein is no longer with the Red Sox and talks about what next season will be like with those familiar faces gone from the team. Notice to Media Outlets- You can use this audio if you credit "The Big Show on WEEI 93.7 FM"

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Now whatever not a that was Nomar Garciaparra there are probably it would no mark. Your media guy right now you working for ESP her got her charges that you can't go on me or Nomar and say I didn't read the article but here's my. Read the article when you've got some background and then certainly since you were here for awhile and understand culture Boston. Maybe you can give us a little bit more I do like the fact that He called the globe tabloid. -- -- -- that this. Back to jail love armed guy who doesn't have Harold you let -- -- In just two minutes we're gonna talk of one of the players. We told you we're trying to get a hold some of these colors to see if we get them to talk a little bit about this article on what happened. Second baseman Dustin Pedroia and reading from the article in the globe today portrayed. A Sports Illustrated cover in August as the heart of the Red Sox. Declined to hold any individual culpable. I just know deploying at Boston you're required to play your tail off every day. To try to win ball games for the said He Pedroia says that's were hurt so much as a player. That we not only eagle at each other down in the club house but we let the city down as well he's away on vacation right now. But. He has agreed to join this year on the phone line Dustin Pedroia joins us. -- -- We if you read this article. Yet you know what I actually did -- one in my area -- my different technique -- I'm in -- in Kabul right now. And you know I went online and and credit. I'm pretty. I think everyone I'm pretty upset about it I mean. It a lot of the stuff that was that is it is pretty much not Erin and it hurts and it's not good. Okay what's what's not fair or is it -- The stuff in the or do you believe it's true. Let's listen I mean what I mean I sort of to work every single day you ready to beat the other thing. And several that do great work and you know. You know we -- the best record they've offered up until September whatever you know and then we erratic that we can play well on the end. That have anything to do it with with Leo we're -- CO or any players or. You know what what comical about I mean the leadership but there we -- guys they expect here. It we we can play well again that's it I mean you got it all in an immediate point fingers that. You know always about trying to shake some guys -- it would rank in the car about the guys don't have but and that's that's not hey we can play well that's the bottom line. It ought not let you go all out anybody well we can play well apple T ball we can play along to perform well. We went into doing it that's I would admit that well network because he's an end. -- -- Tito said at one point He felt like He could not get through to the players like He had in the past He couldn't motivate. Did you feel that as a player when you were looking at him -- you you. Played under him for many years. Did He seem different -- -- did it seem like that message wasn't -- across to the players. We have an epic four -- -- here than. -- he's never had never happened motivating. You know when you -- environment like -- that you shouldn't shouldn't -- should not -- motivate you. You know He should be self motivate your team should be motivated they accomplished their goal. And got a -- guys we work we just at the end we we can play well. You know it. -- I mean that that basically get everyone back about one -- -- one World Series you know you have to look at sale of some guy quit the guys you know that let you know that. And in my -- at the -- yet that we don't want it away. You know we just didn't perform well that's that's that's you know not anybody's fault it's not a personal issues or anything like that -- -- the first class people. In the Basra -- or religion. Or topic -- need to be treated you know -- -- brought out that it shouldn't be brought out. You know I agree with I agree with this statement that a professional athlete should be a what do. To motivate himself and should be. Able to hold himself accountable you get -- since you -- the leaders of the team everybody knows it do you get the sense that. Maybe a couple guys. In that clubhouse. Worn out to the task. And and that was maybe that's not the reason you didn't make the playoffs but -- drag it to drag the clubhouse down a little bit that you had. A few guys who weren't on board and not able self motivate. Our guys that -- -- on my -- I actually hurt your question. And McCants -- add to that I mean they're not not really -- mean there's you know we we we try our art that player. The police each other I'm intact at the bat. I mean I I know it up from what I've read I mean are -- victims -- -- Kapanen and how He looked in Italy here. Not all tech X and there He you know things in neat that they everybody you know they'll predicted. The Jacoby to make him a better player everybody. I mean that the leadership. You know I know seven and 20 September. You know look bad and never wanted you know brought all you know and the lack of leadership that at -- we all wanted to went wrong in the right direction -- we get. You know that that's basically it they outplayed us in the and it seemed to be at such -- appear now that. We -- more I'm sorry we showed you last week -- Terry Francona for about 45 minutes. And we asked him questions we try to see. If there were any breakdowns He wouldn't throw anybody under the bus He took to complete bullet as He didn't press conference -- war. He blamed himself almost to a fault saying that. It was his fault that He did not get the players on the same page did not get them to do what they want him to deal. That's why I am a little bit shocked that somebody would actually leaked out to a writer in this newspaper. One that Francona had some personal problems living in a hotel as He -- that He moved out of his Brookline. -- home. And second and probably even more significant and dangerous to me. Team sources have expressed concern that -- performance may have been affected by the use of being medic Asian. Which He vehemently denied. Why do you think anybody. Whiff the ball club source with the ball. Would wanna do what to this guy. When He took the kid He was willing to sit here and say even though He probably or worse it. You know what it knew what He did not know this past year. That somebody was going to throw that stuff up -- are you surprised by that shocked how you feel about that. I'm mom. Yamaichi I'm not a part studying art there eat it hurt I mean. I play out they would have liked it got for five years and you're not eat at -- -- backs and they want I mean yeah you might take. You know they hit or something then and you know the way the team plane went up like that but I mean. From they want the guys at my back he's had ever went back you. He's protected every single gun club and -- I don't why I respect them. Like you can't believe I mean at -- at whatever job He get it. Mean if you need it per couple games or whatever Islam inaugural like freedom in the -- I care about the -- Eric Mike and Mike and Bergen. You have to deal -- there -- he's in the best manager in the history of the Red Sox organization He won two World Series. It looked at the -- note that that he's out there I mean it's pretty remarkable so I -- -- hurt them at that whoever the person at that saying that. You know I think -- take a step back in and trying to kind of you know look in the Maryland and understand you know what they're saying about a guy because a lot of guys like guys in the organization haven't backed. I'm definitely one of those so a lot of other a big part -- I here's the one problem I have with Obama denying anything you say it's genuine I saw you court slashed the week. He -- great love and affection toward the sky and people millions -- very special relationship. Here's what's disappointing to mate. I couldn't hear this or seen any of these quotes from any other player on that team I would've thought. That a guy that have been here that long. And had been that successful and seem to be running. And and -- that a Red Sox fan all my life and I've seen a lot of incompetent managers and a lot of -- happen over in that clubhouse. I didn't see here during his reign may be -- missed some of it here the slows the summer but I'm shocked. That nobody else other than you came out. Is strong support of this -- -- what is it nobody else in your opinion came -- supported him the way you do it. I'll probably could other people they don't they don't. Like talking to the media I mean that when the -- and over I like they're gonna pick up their own you know I don't blame on the you got on a -- cycle so. I know yeah yeah I got I mean I have major major so I I thought well I mean that all this stuff up Arctic -- -- -- I mean that on there you know Brett. In other -- not think can watch it play out -- and in the that this hurts man mean that they're. -- think about enact a lot well into that there my -- probably eight mean. It -- at the apartment up. Outlook I've done differently it -- that helpless when one more game to get an answer everyone else they can do it. And pick up there on the at all act and we we we looked -- meant it only. -- Then why weren't more people -- in port and an art. Limit is childish when did you. As you keep on talking about how you care and everything else in the mood back here is from the fans. That a lot of guys didn't care this past summer certainly in September you keep on defending. Your teammates is it possible. Did you feel differently than some of those other teammates and much say all of they're probably a lot of guys that really cared. But could it be possible that some guys didn't and that possibly caused some of the unraveling. That -- you're you're pretty much can't patent of course ninety Detroit on the answer you know I I beat these guys are much and like. I care about every single one or whether. Whether -- don't -- on batter. Are they made a mistake that can make mistake I mean that what we're on it together we yeah we we -- work that we made the biggest collapse in the history of baseball September. So we got to own that come back next you're motivated. And prove everybody that that that we cannot do it together and I mean I learnt from my mistakes and learn from failures looking in April and in 2007 -- horrible. Look at me now. What about players in baseball not -- way to get back to the team we all still together September. We're gonna come back stronger and we're gonna prove everybody that that would Tina -- once talked about being a last year. -- have you have you thought with with -- out -- field going to Chicago. Have you thought about your future here in Boston has it made you question whether you wanna be here or question of people around you at all what what what's your what's your thought process now that. Those guys ago. It did feel leaf pattern here -- elaborate. Chicago Chicago. That by city well from there. There's a lot a lot of reaction. To the top downloads. Now no I'd you know what that it's it's gonna be a little bit different I mean He ought to be strapped me in an act idea you -- -- manager put -- -- gonna be a little bit different by. I mean. An organization had given me an opportunity to play professional baseball tonight. From from my part I wanna play they're my whole career so you know whatever whatever changes that go on. In all night. I I'm sure and they know that and qalqilya I want to -- my whole career wanna. Ought to go to the winning and even even wanna go to the September clot together weren't together. And you gotta you gotta think away bought in its proper a lot of there's a lot of saying that that that -- -- -- drop a year even in the hot seat and even me on vacation -- and you guys injured there's a lot of things that you know other markets don't have. You know but we gotta do it in and take it full steam so I I hope I get a chance to get my whole career. How many how many different ways and that he's every try to get you to answer the same question what does it was nine. Or ninety out of it was ninety yet okay I'm gonna ask you one other hit -- -- not I'm not gonna ask you about anybody else. Amassed about yourself in your leadership style. Is your leadership style. For people to just followed you followed your example. Or are you the kind of guy do you feel comfortable going out to. Anybody or whether to big time star the 25 guy on the roster are you one of those -- you need to get yourself together is that just now how would you describe. I don't know everyone different you know -- bad guys we have a lot of leaders -- if you know and and I think that the thing. -- what I read you know that the target you know kind of get in because. You know attacked the type were eat lead by example but you don't get -- line gonna come say -- think He would. And there's no question that there's no there's no barking back do I mean that's -- -- -- you know. In a very effective I mean he's he's pretty scary at all they're. But on I mean I I mean I get the feel that wanted to and I I go to work or not that's what I do you know on -- not -- -- -- I don't ever I don't ever have a chance to sit down and think. About what I'm doing you know it always try to open a tight whatever -- did -- help and I got to do I gotta work on. In a bit in batting practice Serbian bogged down earlier turned double play so it'll actually get more by example but. I mean -- most popular -- the -- situation like that so you know obviously I'm approachable and you know I'll -- talking -- Got a problem shut out by the other a lot of different types of leaders are -- that you know do at a certain life. In -- spears story has taken on a life of its own it's got a lot of coverage. What would be your stance if if ownership came to your next year to -- -- approach to team He said guys. We are gonna take beer out of the clubhouse would you be okay what that would that be a problem how would you approach. What -- I mean I don't I don't I don't drink so I'll have appear want want to mark -- ever went on the about you. You know I had it all my life based on my -- I mean that's basically -- so I don't during. But we're all grown man made him in my head that way tactic called it -- it's coming out. We're all grown man you wanna have a few Beers after the game. That's fine eagle four punch out and need you a couple -- have a couple Beers. But don't bet after the game all I mean I'm playing -- I didn't quite regain it here one of them -- back the -- my checked out I don't know or comical about you know a lot of guys. And -- so. You know my idol. I don't look down towards the people that you are saying now we're doing that by any means I just hope it doesn't affect their play on the field. I mean it it expects the plan field and we need to make an adjustment but it to other. You know I I don't really care what you do out of our future's so bright for the game some. In our I remembered. I think that Derek Jeter to -- the McDonald's Amal I'm for a game when He was younger old. Anybody could you know a lot of different I'd do it certainly felt you know -- on the corporate reform won't help team went. Are are really -- what you do. A lot of people are fans are brought the stuff that there there are leaders on the team you being one of them Varitek being another one. And that they're wondering as this thing was falling apart what was going on with the leaders what you're doing anything different. We you try to motivate guys and and is separation. Between the guys that the everyday players and the pitchers who have their own routine is it very difficult for any leader on the team. To actually have influence on their pitching staff because the pitching staff really kind of separate entity. Are you we have built those guys -- -- -- -- their job a lot different mind you don't mean dominate the pitchers are -- Aaron stretched. You know at home earlier -- in the position players duke. You know they're gonna get their strong program and -- started up yet they're they wanted to victory work -- and they got to do a lot more different stuff and AM I'm Robert Ingram all the reports are now stretching so. You know audit that found that it can't -- those guys you know that much because. They have their own routine and I have my thirteen hundred and the batting cage and at 6 o'clock an -- before the game you know what a certain that my time to get focused and and you know I -- beefed up with mag and he's got this game perhaps so they're probably a -- you don't Al Brett got. Doctor they have. -- get them ready to go play so. But I mean to be honest with your eyes that are are starting pitchers I mean they they -- 888 or strike got makes them all the all in all its. We just which has been quite well that's it -- -- keep it at the right time we make the play when needed to get peculiar about it. Okay but how much of this conjure there's no question you're not only competitive guy. You are self motivated you're the type guy that they work and you would die. You'd be out you're doing this and doing it every single -- everybody doesn't -- the same make up. That you have does it ever issue -- -- -- watching other guys probably not doing their conditioning not doing all of those things that you do every single day because. Most people with your size. Which is skill set were a lot of people that never thought you could make him but the weight and that you just talking about lot of people didn't think you can make it but every guy doesn't do that. Does it is she wanted other guys don't play at that level don't work out what. Are -- and I'll address everybody but I mean that not -- I'm looking at now in baseball life I mean it. You know not a Ramon made like economic -- made you know like like anybody else so. You know whatever in my opinion whatever it takes for somebody to get motivated to play do it. You know whether that's the in the music for the game war not look in their core. -- I don't know I don't know what I'm gonna do you know it it doesn't bother me -- it yet wait one in the right direction trying to help bought direct up went. All I care about. And we went so. Give it a shot next year we will be we -- that you get everybody on the right direction and will do that. I repeat we are what one more question for you for me. In the article that you read by a -- -- He talks about a lot of players. Are protesting a doubleheader on Friday August 26. You guys swept a doubleheader. And quoting here from polar -- Sox owners who suspect -- the team's poor play was related to lingering resentment. Over the scheduling dispute. Owners responded by giving all players 300 dollar headphones invited him to a -- enjoyed. A players only night on John Henry yacht one where did you stand on the doubleheader. We're you one of those angry guys into what to do with the 300 dollar phone. You know I didn't mind when you double letter it it'll I mean I mean it basically up to the position player could want back. You know I got to Beijing that that you know screw my foot soul you know -- outer border and he's got a -- you know late in the year so world beat up. It will look aggregate -- -- to get you to adopt the -- at -- I think -- lot of guys are that even including myself is the condition reporting and during that game I mean it would. It would it would back in order to the point where some watchers doubt. You know look now worry about one in a lecture out of here I'll be especially me I -- remark or. -- -- -- water secondary -- -- -- the are over there so I'm I'm thinking to myself in my head. I -- point seven we gotta go we got thirty gains over 500 time. No I don't want an angle to pitch and one of the game I don't want to lecture or growing market and you admit -- six weeks and -- -- accept so I think a lot of guys aren't happy with. The condition reporting and and and what -- we start the game nobody was upset. That's the way you don't we that we had to -- it never can't comment -- -- game and or. Or we get appointment the end don't know happy I'm happy about that we're unhappy about the condition because there was danger. Can I ask you -- somebody tell me that you guys were more interested in playing. A double header back to back as opposed to a split doubleheader date night was that brought up. She I don't know I'm -- barred the player -- in the directory is a lot smarter than that though as. -- -- And it did not -- -- a lot of guys on the in Pate thought about their money into the lineup for lack. -- that that's that's basically it I'm at you know headphone that they. I think against it. Again the McNamee -- BP electric heat thrower and -- -- on. Better bet on that thing I know. It it's it's pretty sick. Tomatoes it would it would also -- following up there and about our team we are struggling and give back rupture. And -- when we needed that but we and we got back we just didn't play well now that's basically it. I don't think the butcher did any good to space that's right I bought it it's yeah. You know. Well I never seen a boat like Abbott or my my feet by two a lot of a couple date I think while. It would now not all -- are not so -- period -- I -- three weeks and I guess right after the World Series will be doing this and weekly basis we used to call the ways you should know it's the -- -- -- -- Will do them at about three weeks. Good talk good -- and you once again. It went to combat the town you'll find it's a little hostile back here little hostile act. What about others about our September yet the fact. You know I ever separate you know what does and I would say they're upset about September you know. And beer dispute this this feeling that the players you set in your in your interviewer to amateurs abused at. You know we gotta be better in and you felt like you let the city down to is so much passion well I think the fans feel like that a lot of the players who they perceive to be slackers. Let the city down by by doing things during the game -- nothing to do a baseball so that's what they're angry about -- in the playoffs and they guys not given a full effort. Our will or won't come back motivated a prompt -- I talked about three weeks enjoy the kitchen. Our guys -- articulate. Hart got us into bags -- -- and we apologize for the line but He said the dollar down in Kabul and you know forms on as great on the -- that's great. We'll get your reaction next 6177790850. It's obvious. He wasn't gonna throw anybody under the bus He was gonna take the high road and all of this stuff. And I certainly was very. Supportive. Foot Terry Francona and obviously disappointed some of the things reported that column today about Francona but of -- He clearly. Was not gonna throw anybody else under the boss and I think. You know in all fairness you want that from a leader I mean He still has to deal with all of those players. When He gets there in Fort Myers in the spring that's still isn't He you know He does know who's gone who who's not. The the one issue I would -- is that I just don't think everybody has. That same attitude that He. And he's probably -- he's right this that a lot of guys on a team He just not gonna run about right now he's not gonna say it it's it's obviously not the entire team. But some obviously -- -- but I Vicky realizes as a leader. It's not in his best interest disappear publicly but privately you might. -- probably saw it around among approximately what he's trying to figure out is and He probably has figured out some of it. Who set up to doing just that you break it down you like you to do and in grade school you're diagram and all these. They insist according dead -- you're breaking it down is okay this game from here this came from there here. I got it I know did -- disreputable right back to your addiction.

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