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Chicago media insider, Tom Shaer, gives us the latest on Theo Epstein to the Cubs

Oct 11, 2011|

Is Theo gone to the Cubs? Our friend from Chicago Tom Shaer has the latest.

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Our friend Tom share has been covering sports in Chicago on radio and television and they'll correct me I'm wrong here for at least parts of four decades. Disguised as connected as it gets in Chicago. -- Tommy shared joins us on the AT&T outline AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins that would be missed the cup champion Boston Bruins the morning Tom how -- It'd that it would have a cup champion Chicago Blackhawks you report that's true got a -- go to Chicago is that for decades now 80s90s. You know yeah you're right yeah forgot that it for a decade or decades. Played important 1983. -- so let's get this ten questions report we saw recently any credence to the report that the it was spotted at a Chicago Starbucks over the weekend. I think there's a lot of credence to it I do I'll play it's really simple because. For all the guys who spoke police spotted them. -- need to be used in the newspaper and you know sometimes when I get your name in the Paper but I -- people who know this guy believe there and they said he's not some jerk trying to get depressed. And the key here is the person He believes was Theo Epstein. Supposedly said to them no I'm not I'm not that guy and then later and I get that all the time and then later said. Whose BO that's right well if you get that all the time the name be electing than usual name. You gonna eventually at somebody who is still let these guys that this person would've known before this encountered who PO ST what if He gets it all the time. I think it was really feel having some fun with the guy. And I'm not saying the cubs rademan because the cubs have been very. Very secretive about this and not gonna -- float around Wrigley bill in the right around the ballpark. Out of Saturday afternoon He might come in on his -- was -- the check out the area where they might have to live in what. So what is the status of the -- search how far down the road are they Tom. They are very far down the road because they're not only working together field. They are also working on their -- list and they made substantial progress on that list. That I know from people inside the cubs organization. The owner is very careful not to hear names and dates and places and all of this. But there are certain people there we need to know certain things that they can proceed you know the World Series -- -- a couple of weeks and then there's a lot of offseason work to do they get hit the floor running so. -- is their number one target they're doing what they have to do to try and make that happen but they're fully prepared if that doesn't happen. Well what what does Tom -- it's like on share and and would Tom rickets and Theo Epstein. The good match would they work well together in your mind. I think it would be a fantastic match really do know we're cricket is an interesting combination He an owner who is hands. But also let his people do their Japanese Baseball changed. You know back it is that the Red Sox had the first general manager in the history of baseball Eddie Collins and jockey let them just run the club. And Leo -- even decades later when Dick O'Connell was running the club. He He He let -- you don't what was happening after the fact He had a lot of autonomy. Those days are gone as you know I mean viewership their attack heavily involved in and everything Theo Epstein has done. Here -- it is sort of a combination of the two you know He -- his baseball people do their thing. But He also is going to be heavily involved in terms of laying out the plan and sticking to the plan. I think that I think any general manager needs. Some support from ownership and -- Who consult with ownership. At the end of the day He needs to know that you'll be able to make the move He wants to make and I think. IP -- would I be rickets what He would have less of an issue would rickets that He had with Larry Lucchino during the first. Three or four years which obviously -- go to wanna change things a little and take Lucchino a little bit away from baseball ops. I don't think you have any problem I think you'll find -- to be a great -- to work for. -- some of all these characteristic list them you know most important the least important in terms of the attractiveness of the note to rickets the metrics the computers. The World Series accomplishments World Series accomplishments here in Boston or the chance to have this guy and the person Chicago city that. Wrote in -- relate to what's happening. You got four yeses right inroads there yeah oh it absolutely the metrics are very very clear and that's been made clear to anyone who has had any involvement. And in the cubs general manager search. -- I think He does want somebody who can also be a regular baseball guy cannot live and die by the numbers. You don't numbers do not chemistry make. And I I think the Red Sox have found that out too and I think -- it is aware of that. But He has -- He has definitely a lot of respect for what Theo Epstein has accomplished and Andrew Friedman down in Tampa. And some people who are not currently general managers in the game. The thing that that really stands out to me. Is that He wants somebody who is going to understand that there is a business. Component of this and -- and you know 90% of business decisions are based on numbers so that's where again where you metrics command. But there's also a negative and there He loved all the stuff he'll bring to the table. But there's one thing He will never do Monica how much you love whoever is general manager is He will not spend. Anywhere nearly as big as the Red Sox payroll and the payroll. That don't know Romania already spending 125 million is spent to win 71 games. Is that already spending a lot -- Oh yeah but He didn't do it see that's the big deal it is had a team for two years. And if you if you added money they're paying guys who are no longer playing in the -- that they -- the -- spent about a 140 million. And you know they don't they want to get they were stuck with three bad contracts when rickets but the team. Quote you Fukudome who they eventually -- to the Indians but you know they had to keep that money for basically two years of -- ownership. The Alfonso Soriano deal is an unmitigated disaster. The previous ownership authorize the previous general manager who got fired this summer Jim Hendry. To give Soriano. Eighteen million times eight years. I might be -- a million or two but who -- the point that they got three years left. There -- only five years into this thing with Soriano three years left that 18100005055. Million total for a guy who can't play the outfield. And is inconsistent on offense. That's that's been a disaster and it can't get out from under it. And now they have Carlos Zambrano who makes seventy million dollars a year. And He has been a problem and they don't want him playing here anymore we can get rid of a guy you're gonna have to pay his salary nobody will take. Most of that salary. I -- to think rickets is attracted enough to -- to compensate the Red Sox for him. I do but not a major player. There's a lot of talk that the Red Sox would after the cubs shortstop starlet Castro. They won't part with them now that doll that's not gonna happen but He received compensation at the part of that he'll do it. How much they -- Theo speaking of compensation we've heard outrageous things like five years at three or 45 million -- what do you think the numbers. I think he'll give him five guaranteed years and I think the figure will be somewhere between two and four million. I don't believe temperatures here are outrageous not at all. The you know Rick it is very successful in the bond market investments and all that business. And in of these guys make obscene money. Corporate America is the salaries are out of control but it doesn't hate the guy like I'm Rick it's he's seen it. He realizes that -- management costs cost money. And he's planning that He hit a different approach you're not gonna gonna pare back that payroll guys they had fifteen million dollars coming off the payroll this year. They're gonna spent some of that but not all of it He values management more than spending gobs of money he'll -- -- management. What nobody thinks -- he'll have to spend 8590 million dollars. Are they'll be they'll be a hundred million dollar plus payroll. I -- is a question about that but not not cradled the over it. Is it if they have to do well but cricket has spent a lot of money into player development and he's investing in you know Dominican Republican baseball academies and scouting the civic. Previous owner the Tribune Co. a mega company with lots of money. Really cut corners and didn't spend much their front office that -- small did appeal comes in here I want just the word if He comes in here. He's going to find a small steps small facilities inadequate facilities. This is YE. You know He has a much better situation -- Boston right now that He would have coming into Chicago right now he's gonna have to do they're gonna make a lot of changes here for -- which they will do but it takes time. Does district gets a look at Boston as a model does He wanna. Model that the cubs organization after the Red Sox. From top to bottom. Including. -- boards include Fenway Park -- love the fact that they get 4045 million dollars a year from stadium signage. And bought the cubs don't do do that here they're they're blocked by the city because this stadium is historic landmark they have to get permission to go to the bathroom around here for the from the city. The cubs so even even within their four walls he'd like to do everything the Red Sox have done in baseball ops which is to win the he'd like to do everything they've done in terms of generating revenue from the old stadium obviously because of threats such as the only two that at the stadium. With the role be different I I guess that -- to be a vertical up promotion to president or vice president in addition to general manager to go there. Well that's that's the tricky thing the answers that the bunch of baloney in in the Chicago media there's this thing about how. They're gonna make feel president and he's been through a ballpark renovation like sent oil the additions and everything He can help them do that here which the cubs. Desperately need it desperately need to redo the ball park and make more money. -- That they will not give him any more power. The general manager. It'll be strictly baseball field now will they give him a title absolutely. You know I heard John Henry on your show last week that the collateral if it's more than a lateral move okay -- -- -- -- -- the title of team president that would shock me if they did that. But they might make him you know senior executive vice president. And assistant chairman. That the promotion right there it is the chairman you never had an assistant OK you know my assistant chairman well. I don't. I don't think title is that it is important the any lead to a title separate from. Vice president and general manager I think anything they -- separate from that would be just to be able to call it not a lateral move. With the old want to -- -- to that is yes and be allowed to hire his own manager He gets the GM job with the cubs absolutely and -- just don't play into that. Out of group -- -- -- our efforts like Ryan Sandberg for instance. Yet the cubs won't tell him who'd -- -- twenty rickets is very good at. If you listen to the baseball I expect to get to the detriment to the cubs they made might -- the general manager this past year that was really a bad decision. He'll be allowed to hire his own guy. I don't believe it will be Terry Francona. You guys know even better that I what's up with the relationship there. I don't -- that I've I've been able to confirm that they were sending lineups down from the front office you know into the Red Sox dugout. I don't think that Francona appreciated that I don't know what that was coming from ownership through feel ordering -- to do that or BO did it on his -- as baseball people. Francona was not happy with that. It was one of the -- the I don't believe he'll cut now would would -- -- like to have Terry Francona I think a lot of people like that here Franklin including the cup I think that a lot of respect for. But. If it be elected have been here it says this is the manager I want. Unless there's some major issues that rickets is going to have to. In the insert himself as a -- every owner reserves the right of final approval. He'll get the guy you want I don't think -- be different -- Its -- -- final question here. If both teams trying to deal with unwanted contracts. And Sam Brown -- comes to Boston and Lackey goes to the cubs who gets the worst of that deal are. -- they're read back by Ariel here. Don't have Ronald -- I know yeah it's a one year left the elect he's got three -- I didn't speak about the money period -- point in -- like lunatics. Lunatics are good. It will happen relative renal comment to be out of Fort Myers he'll say. I'm 99% sure the back and having problems with -- this year I've got my act straight that -- keep my statement anger management counseling -- you know it's it's ridiculous. And you'll have no problem with me. And then run about may 25 you'll have a problem and then in June 10 he'll have a problem. And then in July everybody will be hoping the guys just you know. Jumps off the mystic river bridge yeah. And always keep your eye on the prize He got rid of -- even -- yet put up with this guy -- obvious here -- the time always informative to talk with you gives exists to get back in the area. All right you don't -- Tom share from Chicago. Mr. media out in Chicago we'll take a quick time -- I don't I don't. Understand why you wouldn't jump at that joke if indeed. -- Tom -- offers Theo Epstein fifteen million for five years -- prism the chance that I resort manage and run his own baseball ops department. What would hold you back. I think just from a time standpoint nothing ultimately I don't think will but this might take a little bit longer based on what Tom said the facilities -- the small staff. How primitive and Neanderthal the cubs would be vs the Red Sox -- Theo is going to have to negotiate all that in he's got to say before I commit to come and even for this -- Are you going to support me with you know my own -- with a larger staff -- more advanced -- -- with nicer offices all that sort of -- animal. Nicer offices in the basement and -- -- an animal that you might get a window. But I think He will promise and I don't think that. Will be a deal breaker you know tough no I don't need to let it be talked about negotiate already has a foreign directors got endurance of -- just extended image so he's gonna I think -- the -- Which might be a problem that's fine one you'd think that He He hates those guys Ali I wanted to know those -- One is don't go well it might unknown but it might like Google -- it's like I wanna -- -- catalog or -- assured that wasn't his guy who stand to cats cat writes in Amherst College guy you forget about it read that today in your column 1997. He was hired by. Gates Leo and these videos age and He says the nose is is vital in his role model which and the Stan. But they are still at 37 year old going to be enough for fifteen million dollars a year a guy who's went to San Diego law school. You can't tell me that He sizzle while -- analysts talk about the size of office. Any 37 you'll -- a lecture you know some trust fund kid. You know who's inherited network Daniel like he's worked hard where He is right now. -- fifteen minute you're gonna say wait -- second I don't know this bomb director he's not my guy or whatever I mean you gonna. Look at that and say in this opportunity -- like it. As I didn't -- turn it down I said this is gonna take maybe a little bit more time He has the leverage now He can use that leverage to fashion this and for this in the way He wanted to form on the sloppy -- and Chicago leverage and leverage to -- the federal license after I got Andrew Friedman on the other line son you're talking credits is a powerful Miami's you know. Does that then please nobody can say how fierce a plan BO is the first choice by far and then there's a make sure that we're gonna do this in this in this in this on this and markets and sure I'll support you anyway need supported. Then He signs a deal now question viewed here in her column today. When you said. John Henry revealed to us in the lavish WEEI studio last Friday. Was shark -- the coliseum. A man of simple your minimalist discount should. I thought that was not that was sarcasm. Sort of it's obvious sarcasm. Dom. And you know and we can -- that exists is that ours is a little things come on TV -- look at that -- -- TV now you get let me just get to got a great view with the Tom Brady bill -- and do identity is shoppers those shot a -- of shoppers volatility today. I think -- the good news -- creature comforts here. It's an. Analogue on the door so we don't let any of the national animals and with the real post it we got now.

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