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Tom Brady recaps the win vs. the Jets and looks ahead to the Cowboys

Oct 10, 2011|

Patriots QB, Tom Brady, joins D&C to talk about the Jets, Wes Welker and why he is not happy today

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Our conversation with patriot quarterback Tom Brady has brought to you by northeast electrical should be is brightening your -- with -- electrical solution capabilities that can assist in saving energy and reducing costs. By auto trader compare brand spanking new cars and special offers side by side. Auto trader dot com you'll be pleased that I'll talk we go to the schedule you'll have one more loss ahead of you the rest of the year. How good -- -- that prediction exactly group or -- -- is everything more satisfying. In your job and not just of the quarter act as a football team. Of imposing your will on a another team whether that's deciding to run the ball and running yet whether it's eating up the clock whether to thirteen plays 69 yard drive that He took six minutes at the -- is there anything more satisfying in that. Well those are good ways to finish the game and we talk we talk about those every single week and we get those situations where. We call our -- offense where. We can -- essentially. Run run the clock carols and then. Basically about them no time to -- -- to do anything with the that the hand -- hand. Very important situations in the game like yesterday it was six point game we made that nine point game and put it reached with a few -- but I. -- that's a that's a great way to end the game there's no doubt about it. Thomas satisfying as that win probably was or should have been used Siemens. Irritated at the end of the game your ran off the field didn't shake any hands at the press conference you seem a little. A little hearse was something in particular but it points left out there or what -- Europe air on the back your -- -- -- You know I I. I. I expect a lot about our team and scientific approach is to have an arm and all the players do that -- -- going. You know -- -- we are capable of playing better than we did yesterday and even though we want yeah you -- feel great about their -- and know how tough it is to win. And how much it sucks to lose it and you know we played a good team yesterday that. Has been at the top opponent for a it is a tough for every -- time we play them -- north that. You know we didn't look confident we needed to be. Won't lie in and I guess you were serious then all week leading up to the game and then after the game while -- know we a lot of people. Text us com or -- -- suggests we -- certain things and some people would like to know why so serious why why not joking anymore and use that you put it. You don't like I'd say there's a there's a lot that goes into every week you know it's it's. There's a lot of intensity that we bring to practice for the games and sometimes you you're you're just tired as. You know sometimes you don't have to have the energy. You know put on happy face every day sometimes you just it's an important week we -- getting to work there's a lot of pressure from the time. The Oakland game and it's you know the six -- flight home get to -- -- 4:5 in the morning and 6 in the morning -- we did. And then it's a desperation until until the next game so. You know sometimes you just you know your little out of gas -- and you go to conserve your energy and and -- yesterday's game -- -- I was -- Non starter did we look at the big opponent with a lot into it there's a lot of emotional energy that's extended and I'm glad we won and I'm glad the week's over him and -- were to move on to. Another opponent. That Beck create that that creates and gives us a lot of different challenges also so. We know we know Tom when you when you guys on the ball that you know you're looking at a certain thing on. Is seeing a bunch of defensive back 67 defensive backs and thus you react to that and run the ball can you tell us how often you come line. C the nickel dime pack and still bro and -- and often argue always check off to a run if you see six or seven dvds. Well it definitely happened that it that you -- two runs or check the processors that about it. Look I mean there's times where if there are a lot of -- these on the field you still have to throw -- just based on the situation so. Ideally you'd like take advantage of them playing pass defense to run it. And when earned run defense she got to take advantage through it but it. There's also times where it -- you got they know you're gonna throw you know you're gonna throw -- you gotta be a complete passes so. It goes it goes both ways in our offense we have the flexibility to do both. You know and I think we do make quite a few adjustments based on what we see on the sideline. Between series as well as in the series. From the sideline as well as a line of scrimmage so in the world are trying to take it into what we see. Did you change the plate twice on the -- Touchdown and the protection once before the ball snapped. You know you're trying to get a line in the right way and and get don't get the right play called so. You know I have options down there right you know except. Eight there's you know are really -- media options every week -- try to take it into what I see itself. Develop an important player in the game mainly because -- scored more in the red area so we left a lot of points out there and and that was once situation where it was good but it's the same time terrorists. Other situations and haven't we had quite a few at least that that really heard of -- of course of the game two but that's a lot of guys played really tough. You know some guys were were not feeling you know pretty under the weather yesterday and and that really battled through that guys are definitely less of a percent as little as a lot of teams are. But you know it felt like has really sucked it up made made huge efforts in the game to get out there and and they cannot place so we could we could we can beat those guys. The touchdown pass to -- probably in the conversation of the easiest touchdown throws you've ever made here's my obligatory stupid question of the interview. Is it ever a case where a guy can be too wide open the to look at ago. Don't short -- this don't do anything stupid I mean you won't say it is that can -- you you're shocked by how open He has. Yeah I took off I took some I took a little off -- one went through it yesterday. Five break back to the quarter and I was like oh god here we go. Yeah -- put up there at the same thing for the catch -- -- He knows he's opened the ball floating toward that yeah. You know and then. You know he's able to make the catch so yet sometimes local ones where you maybe you lose -- -- concentration and power. But I. You know deep beyond never really let that happen either either dropped your video and so if so politically played great. Effort by Dion and you know that was -- -- play the game. I know you said time and time again -- that you wanna be balanced as an offense -- week one 68% of your offensive plays were passes week to 61 and a half percent. Week 363%. Then against Oakland 505030 -- thirty passes and yesterday 48 and a half percent passes 51 and half runs why is that. Well I I think we have to. The jets are focused on a quick stop in the past some -- I think they're a lot of what they do is is coverage related it's not. You know a lot of it is -- will stop the run and and they did a decent truck stop in north -- to Burgundy. No they stopped us from one yard gain -- like you it's not seven yards to carry out there I mean there was one yard gains -- They're very tough physical front they they get some good linebackers could run up and linebackers. -- -- -- -- there's a lot of movement on the defense to signal it -- great goals order and other slippery their -- so. You know we've got to be able to run both got appeal to the state Dawson got it would take you did whatever we see and if they need to give everybody a lot of comforted in knowing that we -- people look. Run run on the ball effectively. As we did yesterday and even a game where. You know we. Know -- traditionally divorced -- well -- -- -- -- -- -- pretty -- then and it was pretty effective we threw the ball. You know decently and and we -- gonna decently and you're gonna need to continue to do that. Tom why doesn't it why don't more teams -- every team put their best cover corner on Wes Welker and it. Yesterday what kind of problems did that pose for you with Darrelle Revis on Welker and and Phil Simms pointed out that. When you look at that it hit some things off you knew they were in man when you -- Revis on Welker. Yeah I sometimes you can tip off. You know sometimes they don't care and they put so much more coverage and pretty much altered zone coverage after the routes stay clear they all match. The the receiver can wait so you know it's a man coverage defense but I don't know what they've -- read the file -- We've received a good quarter he's got a lot of good skill you. Smart. He's got great instincts he's got a very good speed deceptive deceptively good -- and He can pretty much run with anybody so. He's tough you know -- -- you know he's fought hard to get open. You know He is very reliable for a studio which is west is. -- the other guys made some plays to sodium had a bunch catches -- -- competitive caucus and catches. IChat that's -- catches so although I that it contributed. The long want to welcome the 73 where where where Revis Cottam. Was that a function of the play action did did did you get the safety -- no one that that is Susie did no one than did have that -- Welker. Yeah you're never torture of those -- -- -- play action so. That we didn't that we gave to run fake and it look like the safety was a little bit in between. No they were flying up there to stop the run. Quite a bit old days from the safety position and and in the west got behind them and integrate -- and a great run. But that was -- -- -- play the game to start second half we have scored touched on -- drive but. Yeah I mean he's. Received -- player in where in west made some plays. You know on the safety -- placed on the other quarters wherever we find -- -- -- -- do so. I know sometimes it's west some resistance within a few catches so. It's just. Every week we're gonna cut final match ups and I think -- -- Will Welker take heat for getting caught from behind. Hell -- they can go to meet the 73 urge that you have an eighty yard touchdown that. He. -- believe that motivate west you can go after doing lot of -- work and make entry don't get run down against. Hey bill said after the game -- a great week of practice one of the best weeks of practice all year long what constitutes a good week of practice and isn't always or mostly always translated to performance on Sunday. Well hey it helps I mean look we've had great weeks of practices and and the laughter we've had terrible week of practice and wanted and I think for the most part when you practice well it carries over to -- a lot of that's communication. It's not that you not have been blown assignment in this and guys. And protections and and opted not to. Communicating properly to. You know with each other and the defense and vice Versa so a lot of great week practices. Mentally being mean to it's been focused. Making sure we're all on the same page it's overdue because execution but mean. You're gonna hit the overpass in practice you won't have to pass from the game and it's a guy if we -- approach practice you know look you have to throw a week. -- But if you miss a communication that you're going to keep yourself catching -- on the -- based on. Protection call world if someone runs -- route or do we go along well run play. I don't think you can overcome. No because no matter what you do it's going to be a bad place. So. It won't get those things right connect situation importantly we'll take care of itself because the first such titans but the concentration in the game. You know that it doesn't show yesterday. Tom by the patriot defense handed a 73 and outs to the jets including the first four series of the game at the quarterback when that happens to -- What goes on your brain what goes on in your mind when when you grow up during a run three plays and you sit down and you do it and they do what you four times in a row. It's -- up its stuff and I think our defense really rose to the challenger today they were. No child is solely by their Coach -- and it was great to have him get off the field like that in. You know we -- offensively we could have taken better advantage of that we really didn't. You know we only have like one touchdown. -- that they have to communicate if you go on the other one foot in a week we could've done a lot better and help them out and when we get those three and out we gotta take advantage of those especially when we get good field position. I know you guys take it one game -- time to have them according tells us that every Friday to let them. How how do you divide up the season do you look at it as quarter as we wanna get to this quarter do you look at -- -- we can say we gonna get to that by -- week -- X number winds. In your mind how does the season breakdown. For the bye week you know that's an important -- and marketing fees and not not not that that's really the halfway point -- in terms of practices -- way -- -- The halfway point practices. In the world war on the -- the downside of with a -- so we're gonna have -- we played. You know nine games this year so we've got to eleven portico. And so this by we can actually comes right at the -- And and I don't think we sit here and say oh well that's going to be you and that's going to be a lot of that's going to be -- wish I mean. I think you get to them by leaking you're able to really evaluate what we're here that He which are doing right future doing wrong she which you need to make improvements on. You know see the guys that. What individual players are doing right you've -- you really have a great chance of -- which -- off and so look at we get to the bye week with a win this week you know that's. That's huge for a you know to sit there. At 51 that it's going to be huge effort to get the Favre won't let me get to doubt -- That's a great team. And I expect great skill guys and every every position in particular guys that the line and are tough and it's. We talked about briefly after the game when it might it's. It's a huge effort so we're gonna put a lot into it and we don't put everything we cut into we're gonna get to rest after this game let. If this'll go a long way for. -- for what we're trying to. I always think the bye week must be so much better after a win until it to be Miami -- you -- the bye week of one -- old war. And -- obviously coming off a loss. If it can't be as fun when you sneak away for reprieve for days on the that the relax. -- -- know it's tough and -- lot of guys the by -- you you know you get a chance to relax a lot of you know lot of guys just are really trying to get their bodies. Recover -- because that's of that personal break. So. You know we. We're gonna record say we got we got everything. To put into this week and and look at that once they came and that last night the clock ticked up on this week and and they've got they've architecturally to prepare with their bye week the cowboys. And I know the -- gonna get some guys back that haven't been healthy but. And we got to try to we're going into work today it's to try to get up to speed on those guys who have played well either. But -- they're very counted and it was going to be -- -- and they can play a couple of it's fun. The quarterback question of the week brought you by auto trader now compare brand spanking new cars and special -- side by side at auto trader dot com the question is problem. What makes BenJarvus Green Ellis so effective -- it running back in the system. Well he's. The very decisive runner and keep He runs with a great pad level he's slow he's powerful He runs to attack -- run through arm tackles. He really knows -- -- that it linemen up. And thought the Latin. You know they'll tell -- tell the running back if you would like to don't have lies and Specter has developed. If you can set these blocks up. I you know basically you know stretch in the ball to the edge in getting the -- defense still -- and cut it back inside of a particular Bloc's so that He does a great job that He has. You know he's he's the whole field factors -- running back. Let's talk about it definitely takes advantages and opportunities undrafted free agent. Don't sit behind. The -- -- our roster for a few years -- want to get the opportunity. To become the damn good sort of beckoned and it felt so. You know he's run an apple hard for us and don't know -- today did a great job -- -- yes -- in the it was great to his great He felt like. Where has He ever fumbled in practice. He's so he's very reliable means. Like -- that you there's not much to hit he's so strong and physically and you this specimen he's. Because that's not an answer to -- that we need to -- it as everyone knows he's never fumbled in his career -- sex is amazing 406 carries no fumbles. In practices have reported on the ground. I don't know I think and I think they'll. -- open it's rare you know it's like their starter Garrett just by the way date they run the ball at their pad level it's. There's no ought to hit it rained so strongly -- supplement He could -- stuff. And you never even see the ball when He hasn't you know you don't see it hanging out there. He's he's he's a tough runner and I think when He when He. It's his shoulders is palpable down -- run through tacklers. You know I know that those Packers they're not they're not too excited about coming up an old tried. Trying to attack. It would -- like that and Rob Ryan looks at the film from yesterday's game that makes his job a lot harder does that not. Rob Ryan's job. Yeah I mean because in the data that we're gonna run the ball. So a lot of what they're doing have to be focused on the open game well it's hard that's come up with a bunch exotic coverages on defense when we -- offer your. So. -- you get to -- if you if you would stay on track mean early in the game I don't think we get a good job of that but it. If you go first intense second four. That another first down and then the second -- I mean it's tough on defense but if you go first intense second night third -- -- -- -- That's that's a politically benefit and we will run the ball yesterday. That doesn't have happened to -- All right Tom congratulations on the win good luck against Ellison -- you next week. -- -- -- think -- it's that Tom Brady coffee with -- quarterback brought to you by Dunkin' -- America runs on Duncan also by northeast electrical distributors brightening your day with electrical solution capabilities -- -- assist -- -- saving energy and reducing cost and -- auto trader. Compare brand spanking new cars the special offers side by side at auto trader dot. We don't buzzer -- that would have been brought to buy a remote call 866 call Ira or log on America thought. It was just left points on the field that's it was just about why was this before the you know He said I'm not joking anymore yet on when I was getting ready for business that was get rid of that they think you're right it's the game -- and as you can change that now -- at least that they can be very friendly and the doubt if they beat Dallas one of the bye week but we traditionally on by weak ask them. An offbeat thing yeah idea. Questions about news fairness bicycles. It has by kayaking and going home then all the ones that they continue to live from Joseph let. With us right. Morning boys are you a month on month we're gonna find out from the outbreak which won the wide receivers was the first to bust on Wes Welker for not forget it caught on that touchdown plaguing -- like yeah right he's right leagues and take crap from that blog Deion -- down your show on Ellis. Will be down here Troy Brown will join us in studio to break this thing down and I cannot wait to get back in studio. Meter you better barricade yourself and that flash -- after the mark blush on story or read yesterday where your boy Jean people who oppose and it is is this -- his choice to keep you can't. Out of the ACC that guy's a joke and I'm going over the on you in Boston also just his decision but that's what you get when -- the big -- on the blocked all but certain or make the pussycat. -- -- the -- the -- ICC congratulations -- you guys are the worst team in your -- is afraid of you are you. You're afraid that it -- to serve or else gets a vote over there god it's bad or is fine and will be on the college just a blip on the radar could not dominance -- -- -- Troy and -- Alabama Alabama and tighter tighter steeple -- -- doesn't say what that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks to Boomer Esiason Tom Brady I'm Dennis he's Callahan. Talk tomorrow morning it's six.

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