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NFL Sunday Remembers the Late, Great Al Davis

Oct 9, 2011|

Dale Arnold, Troy Brown, and WEEI.com's Christopher Price discuss the passing of the legendary Al Davis and his contributions to the game of football.

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I know it doesn't feel like October ninth. I know it feels like August ninth. I know it feels like. Second pre season game of the year. They say they will easily break the record today they'll be somewhere in the vicinity of 85 degrees but it is week five of the NFL season. As the patriots get set to host the New York Jets it's jets' week. What's that now I know my rest of this before. Who was who was here your big rival week. You know like like it it's at at Ohio state of Michigan who was that for you. -- it's not knowing -- -- -- -- -- In college it for me. Remorse and who won -- We didn't have been at how -- rivalry for crime and I don't constantly with Virginia. Appalachian State was probably out. The wanting that we hated. It it went like. This again on Wednesday. Nothing like nothing like the well four courses the pro. You know you get played buffalo twice the play Miami twice a year that's all well and good. But we all know it's one week in one week only its New York Jets it's -- week it's preparation for jets' week. It's going to be different feeling around the around the locker room all week is that. Well yeah you do it the attention to detail is much greater and you know as much as the coaches try to downplay it and honest they make everybody realize too that this is a division game. And you know both -- -- and now are are well. It is too into it now and it did music to do and his all of like the Dow Jones is the -- -- get back into the that really mean the there out of it by. You know any means but there's as we've been and get back into going to back you want to spot there on buffalo when buffalo whatever it is. They pay a lot of attention it and you can kind of feel a little bit of the the president. These via an intensity. From the coaching staff these types of weeks because AM ES a big game and obviously. You knew I mean even like which are it was a you know a couple of coaches but He really hate tennis even though they work for him for a few years they didn't wanna be. So the they really enjoyed being the edges and a Paper equivalent of -- -- players only when when it comes on the this week. We'll spend a big chunk of today's snub pro program between now and -- talking about jets in preparation for the jets and we'll talk about last week's game in a moment as well. There is a certain irony to the fact that the patriots played in Oakland last week. Beat the Oakland Raiders looked pretty good deal and at least offensively. And and came up with a win little did everyone know what time that it was going to be the last NFL game that owner Al Davis ever saw. As the long time iconic owner of the Oakland Raiders passed away. Early yesterday. At the age of 82 I'll give you a little story of what happened that we can just have a tiny tidbit of by the respect that the patriots organization as a whole. Owner Robert Kraft in coach Bill Belichick have in particular. Before the game last week. Robert Kraft decided He wanted to go see Al Davis pay its respects say hello just visit with him briefly. And the way it was described to me is that where Al sets to watch the games. Where Al and and you saw the one shot -- on TV just barely see him back in there behind the glass yeah and a Wi fi and it it it is not an easy thing to get to it's not like you know you -- private elevator and who she was gulping and here's Al davis'. Domain. There is only one way. To get to where -- once. You gotta walk up thru the stance. And if you're gonna do this before the game it's where all the denizens of the black holed watch warm up. And Robert Kraft decided He wanted to go visit Al Davis last week and pay its respects. So He set off with Amy Rask the diminutive female CEO of the Oakland Raiders and one security guy. And headed up through the stands at the Oakland coliseum to go pay his respects to Al Davis now. You guys know with the black hole is like you know those people are like you know where. Where guys have other heads growing out of their shoulders and football pads that look like rolled warrior hawk or animal I -- you know what it's like. There was some concern expressed in the patriots organization about Robert Kraft. Walking up -- yes. He went. And ended up having a hard time getting to Al davis' sweet only because He had to stop and pose for so many pictures and with the F. With the folks from the black hole land and they -- stood there smiling with their arm around him and he's taking pictures of people with. You know other heads growing out of their shoulder pads and all that stuff He did get up to see Al Davis. He did get a chance to pay its respects. As it turns out Al Davis had ordered the Oakland Raiders to observe a moment of silence in honor of Myra Kraft. Bob -- didn't know. At the time He visited without He didn't know that that Al Davis was gonna do that He didn't know until the games started in the observed a moment of silence. And as Robert Kraft said when He released a statement yesterday on the passing of Al Davis. He said how ironic that a week later will be doing the same for him here. It if He is a strange. Person in the in in NFL history he's got such a unique history. There may not be anybody while I know there's nobody who ever has there may not be anybody who ever will have the resonated Al Davis had. Literally working its way from the ground all the way to the top of the food chain of with the Oakland Raiders at the. So -- city yesterday He was one of if not the only guy who was a scout assistant coach coach GM. CUO slash team president and owner. This is a guy who had an absolutely trains formative effect. On the world of professional football over the course of his life this is a guy who thought it would but for the show the first African American coach. The first Latin American coach in in -- the first woman as teams CEO slash president who really. They played his brain to football and we talked a little bit about a -- with coach Belichick. Before the raiders game and He had an opportunity sit down and actually interview for the head coaching job and He said. How is the defense according to fidelity He still has is simply a good or bad He still has his imprint sees -- as fingerprints actually all over the team. In he's a guy who. It's like you said -- singularly unique in the world of professional football. And and at the department opted to -- you know -- I'm gonna have a -- and you destiny. That you I didn't realize how much needed for the unifil and how -- He did the people of color. And I mean. Did -- borrow from here. So many different Garcia became -- code department for diplomacy you on the lower as well as and a person's clinical. You know so many different things He did He wasn't afraid to -- -- and with that He that it continues with it and give people an opportunity. To be successful MacKenzie here is again it is the purpose of them being a -- Debian or the same team you know. And national academic is right there you know probably scheme here among among other what went one of the most disappointing is that we never really heard a lot of things He did you know meant -- no evidence that these -- the way. You know here's some bad things negative things that He was out of that organization. But the gassing within player -- they always great things about they use and look -- -- person what He was it was it was the players poked. Bill Belichick has been on ending in his admiration of Al Davis not just now not just after the passing of Al Davis He has talked. I won't say reverently that probably taking a little too far but so respectfully about Al Davis as long as I've heard him talking about about football here as a member of the patriots coaching staff. You're really asking you really Fuzzy to you she actually issues a statement yesterday independent of that the statement that is was issued by mister Kraft in talked about. This is a guy who. You don't heat if there -- so every part of the statement now is winning his football knowledge his passion for his team. In its contributions to league meet him one of the all time greats in that means something come from a guy. Like Belichick who is such a history buff and who knows who so intimately connected with -- history again. He knows what kind of impact Al Davis had on football in this guy was you know He was -- commissioner with this guy was was. Absolutely integral in in the assimilation of the AFL in the NFL in in the you know the late sixties early seventies He He again -- was a pioneer. You defining topic is more like what did He do that for the benefit net and I think bay and I think Belichick has got to recognize a semi -- has a great -- For the game and obviously you know they -- -- All the mr. Davis over and over and oppressed and look it is it is easy. Over the last few years to talk. Derisively about Al Davis you know from the -- the leather jacket look or the or that detracts -- law. To you know almost like almost like great and powerful laws the voice behind the curtain going to speed and really seen him via. But in -- you'd hear from him now and then I mean. People wondered if if He was -- pulling the trigger on draft picks and at the advanced age that He was. How involved could -- be in the actual scouting of players. He seemed to be a guy who was who was into the measurable. Height weight and speed I mean those numbers meant something doing burst of speed being arsenic. And and lord knows there were some huge mistakes and gaffes made by the raiders over the last few years in terms of drafting I -- JaMarcus Russell is exhibit a of a guy who just was like complete and total Boston flop. But it does lose sight of the fact that over the years this guy has literally done everything you can do in the National Football League and -- and a. Very very high level you -- you only guy I was thinking about the insisted the only guy you might be able to compared to and it's not an exact career arc it's very very similar Red Auerbach. It is is is a guy who came up through the system came up as an assistant coach coach and worked his -- to GM and kind of eventually became -- He was -- -- owner but He was. It He was the -- out on the strings in -- this seems sort of resonates in you look back over their careers you look back over. Read our backs are you look back -- davis' career in the resonated they were able to put together was is is aptly -- I probably the biggest question for both the league office and for Oakland Raiders fans is what now. Al Davis is survived by wife and son. I've never heard the -- mentioned in terms of you know the ownership of the team or you know I don't know what the raiders do on -- Al Davis has made. Our arrangements knowing that this was coming. But I wonder what happens to the raiders at this point I'm talking about the ownership the stewardship of the raiders is a franchise because I don't know what happens I did find a quote from Davis a few years back sing. He said his son mark was going to run the team. After his passing and I can't imagine that his son would have the same sort of dated Dana -- -- with a franchise that now at a tournament and anyone can of the same community involvement with a friend says that -- But it's gonna be interesting to see one of the flagship franchises in the NFL where they go from here where radical from this point because. Again and we talked about this before this is the NFL was a better lead when the readers are gluten when the raiders are competitive and it's going to be interest in this the hobby transition. In to this next phase of ownership.

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