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Previewing Jets @ Patriots with CSNNE's Tom E. Curran

Oct 7, 2011|

Tom "The Dragon" Curran stopped by and helped talk a little Patriots football as they prepare to face the Jets this Sunday at Foxboro.

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-- -- holly Mikey Adams on the flash get a million people in it today Jack Edwards are -- third man in. And our fourth man and doesn't mean that we don't marvel even though he's lower on the depth chart today -- just got to be your region. On the current dragons and -- again. -- -- I couldn't get shapely and including those tiny -- Yeah and develop unity and swallowing you look. The -- in the Burger King -- exactly exactly and I -- you didn't like me anymore or something knows Allison a little known -- influence you know that feeling. Look practiced and anything. And in his practice today Saturday and as we've run around a little bit their note would had feel about -- were here to work without their. Without for a moment at his locker when he's seemed to signal optimistic vibes to -- -- interest. It was an interesting locker room in general -- molecular Friday's. Throughout the season Fridays have been uncommonly. For the Bill Belichick -- the -- -- -- This week -- meeting that there were a lot of players in the last few weeks ago when guys have a good time the the most we've seen since the -- days when there pleased there. And play dominoes to a two week. This -- him into -- -- amateur huge spectrum players the world lot of players in the -- but a lot of more. It was which sealed and move pretty quick enough why do you think that this patriots jets game. Doesn't seem to be getting a lot of bus no good to big things this week we had the Bruins to a unveiling the the banner. We had a lot of rest -- material during the course of the week about agree that -- where it was going to be unfurling -- internal. -- Carlin brought unveiled what on Furl Furl mechanic and for under used word on if there -- pearl. Why why -- it is not getting any attention and the attention it is getting everybody loves the patriots. I mean huge I think both teams are a little bit flawed right now you're looking at one week. And an anticipated 24 teams. Meeting up in week five we did -- we've seen two teams that have some pretty good dance. And I think that the ability yeah. -- -- Or otherwise. We import one team any of you can't say much if your patriots -- about -- gonna beat the hell out of the jets. Could you don't know if you stop anybody in -- yet she certainly can't talk about your beat the hell out of the patriots because your office of -- embarrassment. What about your air you know the most north as in like that there are good until -- makes sense obviously for you -- Pataki who will retire at the patriots did defend the problems. For a while -- here over the last couple years. Yet to point to an area that bothers you the most in the defense. Some people say it's the secondary is that He was the secondary check before -- can get a pass threat Robert. What area is the most problematic for you if -- I think you'll be surprised because I've come to this conclusion. In the last. Couple weeks it's the absolute. Stubborn resistance of Bill Belichick to be more aggressive. And play the game defense of week the -- so many successful teams I mean Dom Capers with here. And He spent one season here and now he's in Green Bay and he's the defense would need to pursue global defense it has an explosive outside pass rusher -- Clay Matthews which to Pittsburgh as we see the we'd Freeney and Mathis too we -- to the jets do they get exotic they do wild things -- -- quarterbacks enforcement to. Bad decisions and I think that the stubborn as -- Bill Belichick to send extra people. Is what drives me a little back where is He fearful music epic play killed up I think it's the big play and it's it's it's contrary. To what he's a bit about an if you look the patriots are historically bad and allowing yards through four games. But again there three in one. And they allow the yards and for some reason or another whether repeat Jason Campbell at the wrong team ward the Miami Dolphins. I'm getting stopped on fourth down with a -- charges of weakening stopped on fourth down those a runner trips that don't result in points. Why -- it it's interesting to point you make and I agree with that except all the teams you named with the exception of the jets have a great pass rusher. And He doesn't mean I would take chances to grabbed three Americas yes the eminent African Americans. You know I got I got James Harrison -- now. I got a lot quit now -- reject terror they can't see the Pittsburgh Steelers have some cheap shots and let us it is still our coach -- -- hide it well we can't. Let's see the ball but Belichick. No but that's -- -- so maybe you say. It's -- as governess with thinning -- got neighbors discovered this would go up and interacting go get it ices over whether it's the stubborn this. Overall philosophic. I think that bothers me look if you are gonna play mean in defense in the back and you're gonna enter the 2011 season playing man put people up in the grills of the wide receivers and -- it. You know what we're gonna Jamie at the line and -- pass rush is gonna get there in you know what you're bailing on the GM and to pass refusing get there and not -- store -- -- You needed to get somebody who created Havoc the only guy you trusted. The bullets in the last few weeks really was Jerod Mayo. Classic which are now a fast now -- the players mark when He wasn't one season game if you remember you download -- -- is no idea appreciate it begun reported side. I spoke -- It's interesting because you look around the rest of the league and in very few teams with the exception maybe the ravens last week employing an awful lot of deep. In everybody's doing with the office of the game is certainly going through a change. I still find it hard to believe. And if they continue to play defense like this that -- -- -- -- -- they'll win enough games this year because they have a great quarterback and go to score a lot of points thirty plus every week. But you wonder. How can you go through. 34 teams in the playoffs. Without being able to stop anybody eventually it's gonna catch up last week we asked them about this. He said well are red zone defense is better in the first four games that was all the classes. And I don't He believes this series just. You know and they work I mean they've done to stop -- that threw 24 doubts about societal ones so maybe he's just looking for some positive out there but that's what He told someone via Michael I was shocked that is. I think that he's got confidence in them and they got to be better I think when we're now McCain's worth is involved. They will be better things on Ellis. At some point got to play. And maybe maybe this team will get is attention if any team. Is going to get his attention I would think that this is the game John Ellis finally place the weekly that playoff game which -- much --

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