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John Henry and Larry Lucchino answer questions about Theo Epstein

Oct 7, 2011|

Sox ownership brass join Dennis and Callahan to talk about the future of Theo Epstein and the future manager of the Sox

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Doesn't Callahan continuing their conversation. With John Henry and Larry Lucchino so after the seventh when He September. You missed the playoffs the manager departs. Another reconstruction process begins with a managerial search in managerial search. Headed up by a general manager who is being pursued by the Chicago Cubs. I'm now for the multi million dollar question the cubs have asked for permission to talk to Theo Epstein will you grant that permission. John. Have you how do you know that. Because. I mean -- does the -- are supposed to be kept private and we have a policy. Of not discussing who is and whether permission has been asked for X -- Y -- -- in fact every year. We did that requests from people we never discuss them publicly we is that our policy. But I never heard anybody could do say it hasn't happened just like we've heard no one denied that there was drinking in the clubs but I position on that is that we don't comment on on. On requests we've gotten a request and every year sometimes one or two or three -- from people we don't talk about them publicly and a few years ago we got a request on another team about Theo Epstein. You heard nothing about that because we didn't discuss it publicly that you have good reason I think there's good reason for it to the serve there's some. Privacy consideration this year I don't know that people. Would want their lives their career development and the job decisions to the debated publicly if people wouldn't know what their what their considering not considering. So and I'm not choose the other team necessarily would like that to be to be made public so are consistent policy and practice. Has been not to discuss whether someone sent a weathered that they've there's been a request made where. Why does that generally work you've been along time in baseball two teams generally -- -- you -- screw you we got money contract he's our guy. I'll tell you what we what we have done we we have done both. You believe we have done both in in the past I mean there there are numerous individuals. The I've mentioned this deal was was one of them. In the past week. And we had. A number of our high ranking people like I was gonna say -- I -- -- hypothetical for you the Dodgers column ask permission to talk to Larry will you grant. I'm going to say well we can. Or how many times does happen but it has happened and where as Larry said one of the things that happens is if if it gets out. And and He doesn't. And in this case where she didn't go. Then somebody somebody looks bad even the team looks bad ass was and no war. Or if He -- if He goes and interviews for the job doesn't get it then. Which didn't happen. Are well ask you to confirm that the cubs have put in a request let me -- the hypothetical question if eighteen team hey. Debut and said we'd like to talk to steal would you grant them permission to do that. There is there is a -- protocol in this game and it is if if someone. Ask permission. For jobs Islam lateral you give them permission and that's just the way it works now I'm sure there are examples where. It didn't happen where somebody says we're still line. I'm sure we've -- do they play games with that says oh gonna add some title comb it and yet why -- that's been -- that happen that's. That is my that is Cano and -- and I don't meet we don't mean to sound evasive on this but this is a once subject when. That we don't think -- and -- needs to be full disclosure -- what our fans have a keen interest in knowing as much about this team. As they can possibly know but there are some things that they'll come up against the line of personal privacy. Where there are some considerations should be factored into it and that's where we are with respect to this thing. Can you possibly pull the trigger on a new manager until you have solidified exactly who your general manager is going to be this year or next year and -- going forward. Well we're actively engaged in that search for a for a new manager we're not sitting around feeling -- -- I understand that there's a lot to be done. The always actively engaged in a day to day in in in that's a tree just at a meeting with them the other day going through. A list of candidates possibilities then charity and is actively involved in that process. I certainly John Tom and I are involved in an as well. And down. -- that processes moving moving ahead in this does not gonna happen overnight the recent time that it will pass so there's a lot of work to be done in and deal on men are knee deep in doing are you interviewing guys. Not yet but I think 11 point means we made it and it is that. As I look over the landscape of what's been set of the last couple weeks I don't think people understand the governance of the Red Sox. When we talk about a manager. General managers usually talk about. Important decisions that are made here this isn't John word isn't. Larry we really over the last ten years. Have consistently. Done things collectively so there's no. You know that this this is -- collective process so we're intimately involved management search it's not just the though it's evolved. It and with what with regard to. What happened with manager situation. Previously. We we do we make collected solutions we get. We build consensus that we -- that there's no -- -- Who we signed Adrian Gonzales that's not a one person's vision. It's not just the general manager but that being said we are very good maybe in some sometimes. Who were to change in command we do we don't make Larry and I don't make baseball decisions will dissolve and. Is that this is how -- Tom Warner is a very critical part of this as well. While he's not here today it's just instant He is an active part of this process. And and -- the and the notion and we are better organization because of the collaboration the input if you take on John Tom and myself we probably got something like. 4550. Years collectively running Major League Baseball franchises. So well we take advantage of that experience we collaborate we debate -- question each other and and that's how things. Apple licenses license -- him by the -- the policy on. And He does not yet easy city getting a little while need to address -- tell -- this you mentioned -- -- I blame you guys all the time. Marco Crawford can imagine Theo operated on -- on that -- to major mistake. Does the GM deserve the blame for that as He gets the blame. I I have to thank ownership steps and and it means 140 million dollars. We just outlined aren't we trying to run a collective process collaboration takes place between baseball operations and general manager. And and -- -- for share this success and we share the blame absolutely respect that but how big free like like Mike Cameron is at Wimbledon that. Bobby Jenks or does have to reach your other points. There are certain presumption is of -- regularity that attached to the recommendations account from the general manager of baseball operations you all what Carl Crawford was a good idea. Calm and patient -- it at the time we when we made the decision we all that we all concurred in the decision. Here's a question that a hundred people ask me to ask you John Henry. What does the owner of the Boston Red Sox think about his general manager who on one hand helped orchestrate two World Series wins. But on another hander spent over half a billion dollars on free agents that. Aren't exactly working out with -- -- real Lugo drew may be -- maybe Carl Crawford Bobby Jenks and the others he's spending your money not always wisely what do you think about that. I think that's one of the problems in baseball it's hard to predict things hard to predict -- performance going forward. When I look back over the last ten years and the last three years -- Tito being here the last nine years. That The Who has been here. And I look at what we've accomplished. Every year including this year we felt we were headed for World Series and the only thing that's really. Not the only thing but the biggest thing US every years playing in October that's what that's what we do. As we spend all our time doing is trying to to create. That mystery people talk about -- business stories we're blues historian for one reason this and a tremendous revenue generator for 11 reason. And that has to be able to. Give the right people. The amount of money that it takes to be successful. And you can you can criticize the things that he's done but we've averaged what. I don't know how many -- plus -- 92 sorry -- that you finished third two years in a row we did we were borrowing this year. And we are not I'm mindful that this is a disappointing. Torturers and the season. I mean we we knew as giants that are there we watch every game every man and we suffer we are aware in this because we are competitive people. Go back to December 21. But 2001 our very first press conference the first thing we said is we have an obligation to field a team that's worthy of the fans' support. And we feel that now we believe me -- eat hurts not to be playing right now this kind of weather I keep thinking what -- on the ball park -- city we should be playing. You know it's not it's cold comfort to Shannon's the census show and Freud that comes from the Yankees losing that's not noble emotion I know but that's. But we we have the do we should be out there playing and we want we want Iowa. We want that every year and we had a good a good run and it but it challenges next year are real and they're there and work where we are prepared to deal. Johnny convinced that that field goal -- -- is the got to continue spending your money identifying -- free agents running the baseball operations for you is -- your man. He has bad. I think you -- understand couple things I think -- alluded to this. I think there's a certain shelf life in these jobs you can only be the the general managers you're saying you can only be in general management Olympics He can only be the manager for a certain amount of time. Tremendous pressure cooker here a 162. Games it's a long season and the pressure years 365. Days. So The Who is not going to be general manager forever. Justice as. You know of Tito would come back for the last two years. -- you've gone. Past ten years I can imagine that you -- I think that. That deal with you know he's the guy and now he's been the guy we've had tremendous success. We fell apart at the end of the season we're as Larry. We trust -- were upset about what we couldn't -- No fan can be is. Can -- be more upset. And I am about the result this year but but. He's done a tremendous job for us was He here. Part of still trying to get a handle on the on the final station of of the general manager's job here and I understand that the managerial search is an ongoing process and probably a long and protracted one. When all the due diligence in the research and eventually the interviews and -- could be involved in that. But is it possible. To hire to actually pull the trigger and say this is our guy let's introduce in the press conference until you're sure who your general manager whether it's the Ol or or general manager X is in place and walked him. I take its and not desirable to proceed to that way. If you don't know who is this person's immediate bosses. I've been situations where that has happened. But I think the they know more desirable scenario is the one you first outline of the that the does the a certainty. And continuity with respect to general manager. That would be in place before you pull the trigger on manager but I seeing the opposite occur. And -- So it and they remind you that we hired Terry Francona I think. In his sometime in late November may even have been the first couple days of December. 92003. And the ones and so -- You know various there it is time to address this issue this is an important issue. It was the the manager of this team men and manager of this team in this pressure cooker that is buy -- like two victory over Joseph Maddon. Wells. That's the issue beard is discussed that as well because He was certainly had a and any and -- Strong opinion on that they were both good to do different flavors of ice cream both are good but stated that the I think at the time the sense was that the Francona has done. History I was was. Clearer and that maybe they kind of easy writer that we understood him to be would be appropriate forum for that team that was that's my recollect about chilling hired in the arm. Tennessee -- -- was a component of the Schilling was say. Very forceful advocate. For for Franco what what do you look want to -- manager John. And He said you did pretty well last time because the two finalists were tomato and a Madden what do we look for in finalists this. Well I think. What we're looking for the last time which was we have a certain organizational philosophy. And we want somebody that is highly intelligent someone who can communicate. The players and be able to. Get the best players and so. I think we lean in general toward player managers. But the most important thing to me. You know. What is rulers I'd choose one aspect is that -- that He really fits into our organizational philosophy. Would you make a call on someone like Joseph to warrior. Against total -- little busy right now but you know we we hear it we don't Bobby Valentine you know this game works. You kick the tires on guys like that are you saying that's a media thing. Is it pot and write in -- individuals on the radio. Where would rather do is say would we consider experienced. Well established. -- managers who are. In in in there none not -- not young young you know been around that the answer to that is yes. And John Lackey come back can be effective in this environment based on what water's gone underneath this bridge. I think absolutely -- Absolutely did management know the worst year ever Larry and you say absolutely yes -- is there any come back and I and I say yes He can I'm not predicting necessarily when He -- if you will. But I'm saying Kenny do against -- say. He -- he's he's -- guy with the established track record you've got to look beyond the past a year ago or so. And and again it depends on what your level of expectation is for various individuals and -- contributing member yes sir I. And have you noticed how inconsistent pitchers are in general and so it's really hard to predict -- Verlander is running for a company and what it sees a two inconsistent but did the team did ownership know about. The Red Sox pitchers getting involved in that country western video in uniform at Fenway Park that I -- beer. Was a request would western Vivian you know where that now really wanna hear the song. And I don't think it's exactly is -- you're gonna see the video you have four members of the Red Sox pitching staff who got involved in a country western. Music video in the name of the song was I like beer and you have well. Lackey and Lester and Buchholz and Wakefield all lip syncing I lie beer and there were in the Red Sox uniforms and their standing in front of the law while. That is that -- judges -- And it's it's surprising given all everything I've heard about drinking recently it's -- right. It's I actually did but I I have heard about it at least it's accurate you know there -- making them they they like beer moment. -- Back to that. Is there -- fatal flaw and Carmine while it's spits out hopefully accurate numbers and metrics. But it doesn't have the ability to look into a man's solar his heart or his way he's wired determine whether key. Can play in the environment that is Fenway Park might that be the necessarily fatal. But the chink in the armor of Carmine. Now because I think that it began when you look the last two years. To me we broke down physically. And that's not a Carmine. That's the and that's something that we're looking at this point why did this team breakdown physically why can't we why don't we have a problem after 120 games. That to me as a bigger issue then is something wrong with Carmine because. Again on September 1. This team and look pretty damn good. Carl Crawford didn't breakdown He was just bad job black -- break it down He was just bad and the sense is by some people in more than two guys in the team right but. But they're they're two of the more expensive guys and if Carl Crawford is not wired to play in Boston some people accepted Curt Schilling as a great example. Other people can't handle it. Publisher computer program discern one from the other. I don't think it's concerns so -- Wired News. Welcome to Larry I don't think that's the deal and handle what we do we we and you know I realize the money able films. Popular film great film but that's not. That's not what defines -- necessarily. The if you if you look at what we've been successful. Look at the look at who's come through the system. You know our scouting. -- player development. Our. So it's not just. Carmine and it's not just about free agents but I'll be the first to say that there at the free agency route over the last few years. Over a number of years hasn't been that great -- something that I think I think baseball's changing something going on. And we can talk about what the reasons for -- Republican. Manifestations would. It was actually going on young players are having a much larger impact on the game in an older players. Older players used to have. Much more impact than they do these what are the reasons that we can discuss but the game is changing so. I think there are clear statistical studies that showed that the signing of free agents. At a certain age. As they've they've already -- and anchor and historian -- is counterproductive so those are the it's not this isn't just about -- lines about dynamic baseball is all sportsmen. And we've. We. Where on. Are you reluctant to give in on TJ Wilson -- CC sabathia even. Because if all we can't talk about -- vote way at this point I -- you don't go freon pitchers we are not. Can new who. Turn off any avenue improves his team particularly this year. Where I can say no we're not gonna dive into the free agent market because the recent record has not been as it's as successful as we might like. Now we're gonna explore free agency -- explored trades. We're gonna explored -- waiver wires minor league free agency international signings we -- look at the whole panoply of possibilities because the challenges are very real. But this stuff for the for this next year. And so yes we will explore free agency month. Do you find your heart getting in the way -- when they were teases free agencies 360. Or thereabouts -- like come right duke on the greatest clutch hitter. That doesn't make perfect baseball since you let your hard in the way NC but is David Ortiz we keep them. If I did the you wouldn't allow Larry. C'mon. Larry wouldn't allow. She says well why anybody dollar again the collective price send the wrong person to Larry doesn't -- now so I can ask him that actually -- -- this these are your affection for a guy like Ortiz get away. It would as far as general managers is no doubt about it to be a general manager. You you can't look at He can't look at the world He can't look at players that way you'd have to be dispassionate. Given the recent history of guys who have -- what's that Carl Crawford and haven't necessarily hit the ground running. Does that give more leverage to wait Papelbon or an Ortiz who you know Ken. Can thrive in this environment at Fenway Park and they have accomplished it and they have Bennett -- is their leverage increasing in that regard. Well those. Those plays you identify have have leverage because of their performance of the performance has been. Has been so substantial ear and neck and with that comes -- comes a bit of leverage to be sure. But does that does that. Mean that we cannot find players -- elsewhere they can't fit -- we think we can. -- does to me were always right that we we we think we have a process and that and it Leo and our. Baseball operations department. Takes into consideration. Make out and ability to deal with the services the city. And Carl Crawford has had one kind of -- this is one year of long term commitment. I think it's two too early to say this is a guy who cannot play in Boston. We'll see of we we were convinced Adrian is that we at least a doing results looks like can be a great player going forward but. After the last game said you know tall but injuries and they said this was God's plan and then He said -- likes and I games was -- disappoint -- And He didn't like them in nineteen -- reaction that reaction yes I do like them much do you think it was God's plan that He has lost the noon on the plus 162. Game. Different people have different religious beliefs -- and you and I don't agree on not much of anything and I suspect. And we shouldn't be. Diving into what motivates Adrian Gonzales on the religious practices those -- his comments the make and applies to him. It I make to look at it differently John. I'll run for recession you have to. So. They don't ask for permission in her. That's I'll wrap up mind John with this what happened on the year -- What happened yeah Terry pushing down its -- No you can't joke around this business can -- Whether it's on Twitter. -- You know I've. Larry was all -- we're -- of comp we're setting up press conference another mysterious press conferences. I ran upstairs to find out what time can we make it there I ran back down you know when you hit when you hit sixty should be a rule. He can't run down. And and I've felt pretty hard and how many steps did you skip. Three or four on the way to get yeah elect you know -- down as Ryan was skipping and running. But it fell backwards. It. Thankfully Richard automobile. European. During -- of the planet trust game -- finally. Larry can you got. John and a regular Latino thing for the tiger thanks imitates yes Dennis and Kalla will continue after this.

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