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Terry Francona speaks publicly with The Big Show for the first time since leaving the Red Sox

Oct 5, 2011|

Tito makes his first public comments since his press conference on Friday night. He talks more about the issues that were going on with the team, what he felt ultimately led to the decision to leave, addresses the reports of drinking in the clubhouse and more. Tito also talks about the surprise phone call he got from a former Red Sox player after the announcement on Friday. Notice to Media Outlets: You can use the audio from this interview as long as "The Big Show on WEEI 93.7 FM" is credited.

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Coward Robert she'll probably big show every Wednesday it was our habit to sit down and talk with the manager. Of the Boston Red Sox Tito Francona. This week we talked to the former manager of the Boston Red Sox sent this to be the same guy Tito Francona jones' line -- alignment -- right now to I don't. Why don't we don't hide -- via. How the last five or six days been for. -- whirlwind idea I'll probably. A lot of falling emotions. It'll. You can imagine you know a lot of lot happened in eight years no walks happen a week. All tried to. Sit back a little bit look at everything and try to gain some perspective that's not the easiest thing to do all the trouble myself. Think it look at I've done better. Old thing like that it's probably not be used I'd do that. What. Is trying to do but the. Are -- so many questions of Michael and I have for you because so much use has happened here over the last five or six days so much is get to some of them. Larry Lucchino and a press conference after yours said He was puzzled. When He hurt you when Europe press conference say that to be honest I didn't know how much support there was. Where the ownership you have to be all in the Lucchino said that. He couldn't understand it because. He thought that they acted the same way they had acted. In previous years when you said that we you're talking about the fact. That they had not picked up your option or was there something else that you sensed where ownership was not supportive of -- Well I guess maybe a little general and there -- probably should not potential gentle in a situation like that up because the -- looked a lot more. Been need to be I mean what you the first ball. The ownership group here. You are probably second or not I'd -- all places are a lot of places. You know they do a fantastic job and I know that. And I had respect you don't like talk about the all about content to refer to myself. If things bother you didn't use the ball. Well then you know out my responsibility to either triggered out. Or maybe get a different job and think that maybe didn't bother me and perhaps start -- what I had that conversation all the time. Bob restating what the -- -- for restraint. And I'd be an effective leader by bit stay. That this wasn't the last week the I had these conversations from time to time just because we're together. What they had asked Tuesday. Whether it was John Henry Henry Lucchino Warner. Or would feel if they said we want you back would you be back here. I don't know guys got through that didn't happen and they got their reason it also opened an office council meetings. -- and again I all of a lot of responsibility for -- because it -- responsible and not let happen what happened. Regardless of -- should feel or garbled so I'll -- -- or how you'd feel the financial I had a responsibility to get -- done and it didn't get done. So are you aware that and I and I do I guess. So maybe it was just time -- -- -- -- You can't leave -- -- question as well as. But some sort of thing that I felt like I was able to get done in the past a -- able to quite get done this year especially at the end. And it offered me a lot and I live about. And there are a lot of things to get through here and and one of them is reports of -- players drinking in the club house during the game not post game but. As you guys are out there competing. I'm sure you've heard these are forcing these reports. In your opinion are -- accurate. Are they accurate and if so when did you become aware of the drinking in the clubhouse. Will -- -- her footwork warmup for all the work so slow about. But it again what's in the -- per game I would never virtually all of but I but it almost four I'm sure that sort of thrown out. You don't get I won't say in generalities. There were things happen and around the club that I was getting -- -- -- And oil output and I think that's -- -- I think we talked about it. Was I I want to make sure guys do that. Took to -- a World Series team to -- -- -- the best chance we have been fortunate in the same direction. And I saw a lot of guys spending energy. On things we couldn't control. There's nothing to do in order be so many things that are true. Pirates upload -- -- time -- aware. Of the stop was coming from it's like it's it's probably up. The whole being in Boston we're gonna opinions -- -- they don't know the actual -- late summer anyway. You know I want uncle or a lot of single call or treat the polls say that. As far as some of these and -- that I don't think they're very. You know it's interesting nobody has denied that story about the the drinking in the clubhouse and you just that you were unaware of it. Are you surprised that one of the players could you have talked to us in the past. About dealing with players and sometimes you deal with one guy that might say something to another guy. Were you surprised that none of those guys maybe the general may be the leaders came do you during the course of the season cemetery we got a problem pitching staff is up there. In the seventh inning guys that are pitching today and you know that drinking. Where did you guys are not saying you know I'm not there are so naive to think that somebody would help beer again I don't you don't know what not there. A pleasure talking about they're probably not -- -- appointed game there again that's what we want well a couple beer. -- again you know that's a leading to a -- it's all about real culture war because I don't -- ought to. And I don't think it's CO the world oil rig -- like being portrayed -- I think it's getting aboard shuttle world the idea. That. I want it. The use the guys that word out about want to be down to match I want to support their teammates think like that what -- -- couple beer not popular the world committee. I just couldn't walk and attitude toward our team that distrust -- You know one thing that surprised me Tito on your Thursday press conference not the Friday one Thursday. You came out and says some things about John Lackey you didn't have a problem with it. Problem with him feel followed up your comment and got it to some more specifics about the eye rolling and how it happened. With the angels what surprised me most about that is that John Lackey was a guy who. Who didn't get it done in two years on the field here who did seem to. Have an attitude when you took a lot of games yet. -- defended him to the NY is that. Well I hope that that's the case that there are feel. It'll lack cavalier -- describe as dual boot to I don't -- what didn't get to -- teammates are really -- If you wall that would affect some tool and what are we had conversations about different things like that that's our responsibility. -- and it until they were like ticket item game. I don't always expect them just to be heard the -- -- You know again I react to everything they do this is gonna be a whole place regardless all I can walk. It just try to get there by the metro without. I want them don't do their job and try to make it before. That are -- Omar Arnold changed maybe. Maybe it caught a -- and all but again. Don't feel I had that conversation took off on by the right person go forward because obviously there need to be made some changes made here. And I don't think I watched it do you think spike awards support a marriage again so well. I'd probably do need to make some changes I don't think it was going to be entirely possible this group. That I RD and trust all this to. It like you -- implicit trust and I really meant that and it's hard to change that beautiful person with the same group about it. Which we mentioned the lucky thing with you and asked that question numerous times during the course of the season to give the exact same Nancy you just gave right now. You know that He wanted to stay in there and that's what He was pissed about because you know he's a competitive guy but do you think. That it was viewed that way. By ownership in which people on here -- that and one of the things that that that kind of surprised me. In the press conference after yours they somebody asked about the culture in the clubhouse. And the answer I think by by Theo was. No maybe it was by Tom -- I forget. Is that we did that today. While they did that today it meant by letting you go and moving on to somebody else do you think that may be. Not being more vocal -- appear in public -- John -- you might have understood that you might have had that type dealing with Lackey. But that ownership looked at that He said. -- let this guy get away with a lot of stuff out there. -- -- -- -- -- Again I remember Scott fellowships salt you know never never brought up to you and all of the -- really didn't sorting out out maybe about what not a follow our question but -- somewhat old are they answer. Again you know of the season progressed. We were spending every waking moment trying to figure out hours -- -- as well sort it out immediately feel bad we will have a meeting structured we control the running game. Think like that wasn't real sure it got out what people were thinking about me at the time. I needed to try to figure out what -- the keyboard at one direction and Portland being terribly successful. How would you describe your relationship with Tito during without -- during the 2011. Season was it. Different from when you first started. Well I think when you force Bart -- dole wouldn't -- that honeymoon period. I think the fact that deal that made it through the years together in this environment. I think show in itself -- formal relationship Walters. You know I think there were days -- you want to read my back I'll blame them. In order to get about marched and you're not situation Morgan all you have to give your opinion. You know again -- -- forward. I think we are proper mark I'm actually problem long relationship. -- -- we we would but at some other actors almost two. Well I didn't know what I think it will like your Warrick could go at a deductible area. Number probably -- shall. Did you work with them again. To did you work with -- again. Always good old -- the drop older well our manager he's great and he's rumored to fears and amidst all the the title although. I I don't speak for real that's not our ability to people who think they're pretty terrible week I know all of you know that that you built this. You don't you know responsible. Got to ask you this in the way that you dealt with this today in this interview the way you dealt with -- last Friday. On most people lot of people think He got a bad shake your a lot of people think that you're outright fired Euro was giving the impression. The value it was you know who walked away from the job. Well I think what -- reset it again -- -- -- -- open portrait of the tribe as they awaited much like that mediate go to double L. All the -- salute you know -- your opinion. I think it kind of mutual I think that's what was that. That's why you have ordered -- All of that about you know of those support and a city -- all and I I think the fact though the -- habit of meeting meant that there were some questions. -- older and understand that sell all or strip out volatile the right but they have the obligation. To get the right person. And I understand that and all of which you are probably what you -- prolonged time almost start to Begin to understand it maybe a war that even that we -- whip. That thing like -- typical -- All of that that maybe it'll it bought the fourth and not the case that I need to figure out Merkel oral. You say was mutual but this is what the part I don't understand. They had the right to pick appear here option or your option years both of them. They could have done it in spring training they didn't that essentially made -- real lame duck. If they had picked up your option would you have resisted. The option they've picked up. Now. -- well again that's -- -- and get bigger political conversation well respect that because you know. There are guys who got eight years ago are a lot a lot of respect for them what they do. Again it's -- -- there -- single board meetings that I just it'll end. I -- may -- yet not being supported maybe they didn't. But at your opinion in Ottawa just completely scuttled altered value -- that I feel. Player told me that you always Begin every spring by telling the players that you will never play for a manager coaching staff that cares more about -- Yet the other day you talked about the players. And you wanted them to care more about each other. What fragmented here did they all have individual genders were guys. Concerned about their lack of security going beyond this year. Why did they care enough about each. I'm glad I don't know I again you know. It's surrogate to further questions I do think it's I don't think it's quite as bad as people portraying my point was as the BA World Series game. You know we need to get something done. No this thirst cobalt mine know that apple lot of issues going on that the Red Sox don't we shall spectacular. People now there are also. No one that we've gone through in the past eight years I knew that we work on the same path. It'll -- challenges as part of baseball. You know how you meet those challenges. Use what role pretty. I don't want that always culture all while we were Dolan at all -- for a lot of reasons and again I didn't have the answers or we wouldn't get the conversation. As you said -- certain things bothered you this year. And maybe had brought you before certain things -- and everything get into the specifics are but I do wanna ask you specifically about leadership. Did you underestimate. The leadership the player leadership in that clubhouse. RO. I think we got some outstanding leaders. I think it's more. I think it's more that at this season progresses. Teams take on personality. And in an identity. And we didn't seem to be doing that I thought we had opportunities to do so partly get beat out. Together they form on. And I didn't see that happening at what you want it to. A all we were very we're capable of slob and always through this. I didn't get that triggered out toward that western backed it was the playoffs and all while those lawns and I notre beat up an annual labor law that's all that. But what we're capable figure not a way to get through it and kind of regroup and. And we we know this from -- you throughout the season Tito that you don't bring the stuff to the public any kind of business you do you do in private. Did you find yourself having more private conversations with the players. This year about some of their behavior off the field and on the field than it did in previous years. Call now. All our guys behavior often -- later I don't think there's been many incidents about some very probable. All we actually all the -- -- -- because I thought they were meant that thought they desert -- like it. And they've always and and again that's -- so close you know -- also not all have -- at our guys didn't desert -- like there're a high school kids. We try to give them a lot of leeway to be grownup man and we. -- of -- that we -- able. Hotel that I mean got a lot of instances bought the alcohol but. The play in the game beyond time shoppers vote to it will pay attention that the pale just based -- between right. Eat you mentioned the other day that it and correct me if I'm wrong that you. Had a team meeting after a fourteen nothing win against the Toronto you obviously. Identified something wrong -- was wrong in the score the outcome of the game. I think it can be dangerous -- meeting reacting to a game reports -- games. I'd been taken notes along the way in slob lament or it'll just not a bunch of got to remember. I just -- you opportunity what I want to make them know that I had some things all my mind and it didn't come -- horrible Walsh. In other -- I don't actually go out on a bad game. Want -- -- I wasn't particularly comfortable. With the way we were -- European energy we're expending. On things we can control. And it just want to make them understand that. And for whatever reason it didn't -- would have more -- it didn't seem all but certain segment apartment. All they're gonna do everything in her power all the time. And then there were another player -- just to what double dip into it but I'm not our responsibility. It did I don't know how it happened maybe it's a testament to you in that. Stories that we're hearing right now about a -- clubhouse. Never emerged during the course of the season and they didn't emerge during. A seven and twenty. September. Swoon did you see some evidence of this stuff early on in the season and why don't you think. That it never got out there watching other teams where their -- fights amongst players you know how much media is bring you -- night tonight -- How none of this come out to two days after the season -- Because we are seven or eight -- I mean. Get every team I've ever been around as issues whether jealousy. Petty jealousy it'll reflect that. Might -- -- we've handled that better than any work ever -- I used to say you know 11 parking lot after the game. If they were Matta was because we were map because we lost not because they're hopeful for. I felt a little bit different this year especially at the end that you know possible. -- -- I'll wait some routine goals. You know about our responsibility to change that all on me and I was. Distraught. Little label which they pedal problem. Specifically what bothered you the most so a lot of things -- -- you continue what what what was number one on the list. Why I think it's just that a -- that all people in one direction. You know it again so many challenges. Or -- doubtful struggling mightily yet here we knew that. -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- it's not point fingers it should you know we are are are -- -- -- consistent. All our oil we try to do too much time -- but recently you know we got -- there are a lot of mistakes right again -- fault on me. I want her to -- -- double trying to meet the challenge and burn bartered for and charter. As a whole will be -- -- -- to prepare for all I care about all the. How much should this pitching staff mr. John Ferrell. I think anybody would that shelf well without standing -- let her go what was blocks and I know people may not want to hear about the the bottom steady -- -- and for me it will compound at a stop but it got four. And it's acrylic they have got a problem with that when He talks. To -- the officers opened belt He. How about the personality issue nobody's knocking him as a as a pitching coach obviously he's got the a pretty impressive resonate -- Michael referred to John -- the other day John Wayne might have been a stretch. But he's in the John Wayne movies and and and Brad Mills before that. Strong personalities. That pitchers might be a little bit scared of did the dynamics change at all in which you had the working. Love a good cop bad cop situation and it changed this past year. All we ever had and got. Not for all our Food Network. Are we all -- social and shamelessly with -- no. I don't know what would be a bad -- too much in our game I think up beleaguered. You build relationships and and you could tell somebody what you want -- former what -- -- still. -- vocal support won't know that they're both played out more helpful than o'clock alt. The report roi of all the ever thought. I didn't think that again they're all remember the good. It's old that we were able to cut it with -- with a thousand. Or bad that comes back from the. Do you think you're you're closeness to Dustin Pedroia yeah we know you know He how much respect He has for you and and likewise. How much respect you have for him do you think that closeness undermined his leadership. Or may some players wonder if you were playing favors. Or one. I hope that government book vocal about what his father either it'll -- out of my little dog what are reluctant. I would -- everybody's can -- off all the -- There might work with you probably want people like I'm you know we don't fly like that -- you know. You know it's it's hard not sure you know because the book special kind of oversee -- And that -- until where water is the way He has. You know are you you want but we're not ever been allowed. Which port we're probably makes it harder on him to be an effective player because where so much. Having heard a lot heard from a lot of your players. All earned it always do. -- you Gartner dot governor wanted to -- what would have to become obsolete. You know I don't dislike these are below. I wrote that supported my ability to reach out especially light. That doesn't mean they're bad kids that are that that's our local. He ledger but you say that is you -- in a number of times it's your responsibility to reach him but. What responsibilities. Do they have their professionals are being paid millions of dollars. There are expected to perform night after night don't they have a responsibility to do it. To get at that point to get to that that high level on a nightly basis. Sure Michael would all -- on our. Though He thought realm WW very I want it pulled out. On the failure ultimately. And that I feel. I don't wanna I wanna do it probably forty year. I believe that chain W Parker and while there's such awful. It will only ask it this weighing in getting back to what you're talking about it that you. He talked about the players have to be supportive of of each other do you believe that for guide to be. Successful. In professional sports He really has to accept -- He just eat drink. And and sleep baseball that it's gotta be. May be the most important thing obviously with the with family and that if you don't do that. That may be not committing enough to. Now should give an example and in Philadelphia's Kyle all want to be a lot virtual ball or maybe the forcefully. But it reported. You put -- -- united Bailiwick. Pretty elaborate burglar with a result folders. I'm comfortable that the one and you know what -- what ever been around. That one -- coop or call. You want to play -- all ordering a football player party could. Well a lot mingle all I had absolutely no problem that I think other people thought He did and the body revenue that would that a lot of work. But all of -- troops. But it'll be polite company Tucker you know -- -- these other guys get to drop other writers that actually is different for everybody. So I think the -- guys who have the error and third we're probably better all of. Would you like to manage in 2012 to you don't. I don't know guys. I really don't -- Inca. That certainly will stay in the game I know -- ambition Beverly game in order to -- -- march in pencil integrates. I don't want it on the marriage in a long situation. For all because I wouldn't be traumatic. Com again shall there -- into two. To commit yet you desperately picture warrior that the may not happen may about the role models story do is try to take weapon. Our outlook for both the -- out -- that are easiest thing to do. So you have to lower yourself to become a member of the media the broadcast the first two games. Of the ALCS for far. I don't know both doubled under bill. The rock or what He called -- out and would you have approved a move that ball that well the live in Iowa it. And that was a little -- and was about a year ago. And it will probably know there are people and I thought. -- good -- and answer the question of Michael structure about managing. Have you have you thought that maybe you need some time here when you talked about that the situation. Obviously great situation comes up it's pretty difficult to turn that down but you personally needs some space now before you jump back into the game. Glad I didn't know I'd -- so. I think. No I won't experience what march the government has a lot to get energized. Well all over all in all -- wanna go look for adult. There's not double -- that'll be like that I would want your job market. I didn't -- like record got a lawyer you're -- you're drew Weatherford got news they can do better fork -- -- out of it away and the -- a lot of waste. You know rejuvenated. It's got the Latin. Now I feel you know our friends at the very important then you look cool. You know they go through something that I don't wanna call it dramatic and that's over dramatizing them it is sports -- -- go -- something and that it is hard to believe. It keeps coming back to you may be -- haunt you a little bit and I -- some Red Sox fans remember exactly where they were in 2003. -- When Aaron Boone hit the home run ending the season. Seven into when He was one thing in September but the last night of the season was shocking. You had a lead you lost the lead seconds later the race come back from seven our own. And waited an extra innings on a home run from Longoria. How many times have you thought about the seven and twenty stretch that final night and it is there any regret is there any what if with you. You know Michael not not really -- mean the last few blows -- while I think -- not bad it's good that comes out of that. You know -- -- the -- -- in court. Report all of a loser and work -- so -- America -- great news in the -- -- we're not. They want you to build a relentless ordinarily. We're Arafat and without happened. We got that we will we have all wee bit. I don't regret at all like I thought electorate to put other militaries and I think that couldn't afford -- -- about it. Com -- would get his party reported currently all and that I would fop and building we -- com. Karachi and so poorly that we retain all the while walker juggernaut that would -- bloggers like -- I don't want all that we couldn't work there and what they had -- thought I had the best way to remove it is -- -- -- and we couldn't do that operated at a. Do you think there was frustration with your every day ball players the everyday lineup and that. They knew what time is because the starting pitching which challenged that they'd have to put ten or eleven runs up. Or did get six and it inning and then the pitcher we give it up -- in the next and it did that become -- of a frustrating situation. All right David dug a lot and maybe more -- bubble for Tibet human nature. Note that the guys there in repair thicker more than you know what I thought that the -- because won't want examining every -- You know is that if director. I don't well you'll get to a point World War II -- -- attribute -- And -- CNET when you're there and they wondered that it's unbelievable. What one of the beating does not there. Dragged out our safe desert you know bulk I just felt like could have -- better. And -- more focused or we -- give ourselves the opportunity to win and Obama. Cash of just looking at the whole history here your eight years and obviously phenomenal success. It to world championships but this -- just in the minors and looking at the names of the various players. Who who who played for you when you're talking now about the frustration of not being able to manage these guys the way you wanted to this year was you were able to do it with Manny Ramirez who seems to me. Then may be the most difficult guy. For anybody to manage because He was such a great player you needed some of the lineup getting hit quirks He had while you're on quarks. You able to do that yet deep in your own words you were unable at times to be able to do with this group this the -- Well again I think it's different actually may call ought. -- -- ensure that -- -- all all well urged rather actually burn extra two leopards are a lot. But what we didn't put any water and I don't want because school. Well don't call that you did you know later -- until we had a very veteran came. I don't think outlook. It'll here's what I can do not see what's going on here. All I explain it to David to pass through Mikey lol -- record all -- a moment. Just know it -- do this go it alone this guy. And -- any policy or we can handle this. We know we it would -- and we got Karadzic and it'll take its production. And we know that change and they did a great job over. Then what -- what -- becoming too much. And steal trade deal I think because it would get the point where the problem while wearing a production and about putting more. It to me that that's what stands out. It seems like you've always had those kinds of guys. In your clubhouse who can do those types of things and that's why I asked a question about a set of wrongly to did you over estimate the leadership and in this clubhouse because. Maybe you expected them to be able to do that this year and they couldn't do it or were on -- unwilling to do it. -- -- that are not part took responsibility I think they're going and a -- only themselves. And not about who it was -- you're running. What you know about somebody that does that okay going to go over the years we've had a ordinary people doing now we definitely on the -- What I'd like -- oral. Did you know they want expensive nobody. I appreciate you know there were ordered that the partner -- -- -- -- well. -- -- -- -- -- -- And there are -- it. So are -- -- hope that the media are and make it harder for PD ever. He's a batter and that's what that's the -- that would make -- cut out or being boat that's why we had a war. I think this is a and I -- appear that this is a very difficult environment. For a baseball manager of that specific baseball team far more than the the the coaches of the other team though football is that the different sports you know TO and the reason I say that is because everybody thinks they know was much. As the management of grown up with the -- and have grown up with this team. You seem to have figured it out may be it was you'll pardon in Philadelphia it was a good a training ground for you came here. And you've figured out how difficult. Is it for somebody who doesn't understand the culture here to command and try to do that -- after you having done. -- and don't ever -- for our first you're here. A week or her good the first I was so -- He -- Those are used here. That it will bureau He won't play at fault -- the war it's a little -- -- Overall I just like. You're right I think it's not disagree but on general and more people got quite read all of what they think inaugural Asian spot here. That's our look -- based also special. Probably at my -- would work and -- it and in all but try not to because. I think that's part of the beauty of baseball and -- got to default all of you are such that they got the wrong guy. And I didn't want I didn't want to be wrong. And ought -- at the end of every season takes some time in -- -- Process to season whether or two World Series when a year or a year where you don't make the playoffs like this season. Now mean it not only are you decompression that -- when when the decompression has ovaries you stand or say I'm now the former manager of the Red Sox has that. Settled in for you yet. But the times. You know that it. It'll probably not that are Berger got the compressing your. And argued through our artists are obstacles for sure. -- debacle wall -- it -- and done very well -- we know interviews. Because I want student walked that site. And then not obviously -- but I didn't help that want every writer catch you looking for an angle. On provide dual ought to respect this organization a lot of the operation there and it'll because it ended the way yet. Doesn't change a lot of that -- and they gave me an opportunity. -- the -- years from now -- all be grateful. -- -- -- I know we asked you last week about the conditioning and that keeps on popping up people wanna throw that out -- that this team wasn't condition properly that's -- off to a slow start. That's why they wore down at the end but was there an issue with the pitchers specifically. Because you look at a couple of look like maybe they've gained a few pounds that maybe they didn't work as hard as they needed to work down the stretch. Yeah I don't know that -- assessment I think -- about the I don't want -- -- it will look at worker could for your -- -- Big a wealthy Arab AJ Burnett will CC sabathia is CC sabathia is obviously the one that -- in order. I think it's -- that the gets pretty impressive body but that's me -- Paula Newton that no reason sometimes. No god but there -- it will be a lot like that -- Supervalu leader. I think they'd they'd do well by all the way I would I thought. All we weren't sure what I don't -- -- -- they don't work out that some other reason this happened we want to look for the right reason that we. And I don't ever think you're like march. I think I'm a little bit avoid that well they've played. Our opinion that these guys aren't yet is that earlier in your own little five and -- -- -- wasted that the guys that I let. It's a couple -- -- -- dialect guys out there were -- though. And and and Robert alt well all the -- but I don't want to micromanage everything else does that help Sony and. I'm not gonna sit here and ask the question of what was your favorite moment here it's been a great ride you've had eight years to championships. Lot of other deep playoff runs. Fortieth what are you take away from all of -- -- world -- no doubt probably will biblical could get it straight. Opening the thing that happened. You know. I hope that the one thing I'd take away god gave everything. And you know are really -- I hope that there'll. Well right while we're recording all -- I could put it in an hour try to put the community organization at a mile post or well. I hope the belt -- -- belt where. You know good luck and thank you for all that you do it every Wednesday to. To jazz up this program all the public this week we desperately needed it so. I always -- -- certain -- restate what -- don't talk to me and not. You're gonna do okay. I don't screw up this broadcast our job Knox is a pretty big now what you have to do is pretend to be timber carver can you panic and -- it to people's thoughts and. Help or it doesn't -- now it's gotta be McCarver year I'm looking for. I I teed off great talking to you don't. Have to you know thanks. Tito Francona right here Olympic show will -- it was willow looked awful lies will let you react obviously. He's willing to take a bullet is there any doubt about that Michael there's no doubt about that blood it was interesting He said. About the options would -- it would He have. Resisted. If they offered to pick up the an option year or the option years on his contract here to. He said He wouldn't that was a quick answer to no I wouldn't resist right Joseph. You can say it's time to move on. But if you would have taken those option years no it's not time is not time to move on from. From your own terms if somebody else's terms. So what he's doing is he's not gonna rat out the -- it gave you a little bit. Insight into some of the stuff that was going on but there weren't going to be any players named and we expected including John Lackey who. I think anybody probably gonna sets up -- about John Lackey right nobody was going to question him -- one. But He wasn't gonna do that there was no question about that that's probably why. You'll manage again and players will love home again and you'll have great success somewhere else again. I would take a bright. -- -- -- the phone calls and is that many. Managed calling us want -- anywhere America's next 61777908. But the toll free 888. 5250. -- it to could you imagine the book that you could right. If you did. Get all of these guys now on the record to talk about Andy's experience and if you get one -- it's -- to do him any couple guys drop off the hotels storage. It's like it's. If you could that -- sort patriot -- patriot drizzle paid for it duck. -- -- -- -- You -- of them would be able to match up. To a Manny Ramirez in the side of people and guys telling stories. Of experiences they had within it already was here that is the board should be your partner that is the book and you gotta do it pretty quickly because China sees banking about it. To the phone call 6177790. Wait 158885250850. Phones next.

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