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Tom Brady talks about the Patriots win vs. Oakland and he looks ahead to the Jets

Oct 4, 2011|

Patriots QB Tom Brady joins Dennis and Callahan to recap the Pats win vs. in Oakland and preview this week's matchup with the Jets

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You're the quarterback is brought to you by our great friends at Dunkin' Donuts America runs on Duncan. -- conversation with Tom Brady brought to -- north east electrical distributors. Brightening your date of electrical solutions capabilities that can assist you in saving energy and reducing cost. And by auto trader compared brand spanking new cars and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com. -- joins us on the AT&T -- brought you by AT&T the official wireless partner of the world champion Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins good morning Tom how are -- -- -- -- -- it would appear that Oakland linebacker Rolando McClain to assessment that the -- patriots are quote just a -- team was either. Incorrect. Or inspirational to your offensive line based on how the -- ran the ball down the raiders' throats on Sunday inspirational incorrect. Well we. -- -- we did a great care about the game panel heard. The first time for weeks to literally. Thinking that I would have been part of what we're trying to accomplish so. We're both -- -- the boy inside outside. You know all the different factory and it may very well so. But that's where you become a great offense is if you keep their kids off balance. You write it when you need to write it you throw when you need to throw it and then. You're you're able. To do enough in both areas where they have to respect -- and that it would have been a great job that. When that happens how much more space do you get how much more time you -- how -- more our opportunity you get as a passer when the offensive line is doing what they did an opening holes for the backs. Well I think what happens is if you're able to the future entire playbook because -- -- -- drop back pass game and -- there goes a lot of the plan. -- -- -- -- Specific. Game -- and I've called that maybe you really like in certain defense that just sent the introspective thought. And but this country have to do that too there's times where you have to you have to do that again. If it's stored -- in an hour on the ball. You know if it's if it's. There's there's fifty seconds left in the half interior of thirty -- behind -- you're not probable or run the ball so you've got to be able approval. -- they know you're gonna throw it in your regular run it in the games when neither Iran so. They're all those things. You know that's that's what makes for good offenses -- street -- was those things. You don't want my theory Sunday was on the they wanted -- they took their cue from Richard Seymour the other guy as a defense and they wanted to get you Seymour wanted to get you and was therefore I'm thinking more aggressive and less. Ron conscious you know his idea come in this game was gonna make a statement get debris. And He did and I I think He found the secret you wait -- after the whistle it's really easy to get the Cordoba. Well they will let limited if it was really let out of that into the field. And that was great to black -- elected ten -- -- first drive of the game and they were going crazy so and I can barely hear the whistle. You know I knew the clock could run out so. Syria. You know -- He can came through He got me in the and I don't think that was a problem but then when He when He threw me on the ground that was. -- for the problem. It was it was loud news release. It was a very there was a lot of energy in the stadium from the time we got -- in the morning at 10 o'clock it was great up there for pregame warm -- the crowd was into it and you know they could then kicked a few local. Opening game. In and we got the ball. It deep in there and they'll -- In their territory. In. Shouldn't -- -- our territory and and I was really probably that we kind of are aware of that situation. In the you know got a little help from the penalties split the distilled -- down -- on the first drive of the game and scored perched on the future for -- You mentioned that Seymour is a good friend of viewers a good teammate lines here. Did did you talk coming during the game -- alike have to play like that are you trash talking at each other. No not really not remember if you could just do record just do. There is a professional out there so. He's trying to do what's right for his team. But there's. There's so much you know they get pat you know pat on the back you know -- decency walking by but I. Put that for the most part you don't say anything. Did did He apologize for being the only guy a 22 who didn't know the whistle to blow because what I want guys knew it had. -- -- you an apology enough. Richard -- would have polished effort like that. Did was do we give the credit to Logan Mankins for making him disappear after that first drive. Well Logan Logan put an old game and in the red arrow up until bluntly here -- -- -- to protect because -- to be a good friend and and it's that strength of that defense -- is is what they have on the inside. But that this -- on the Kelly Evans -- perfect target children Wimbley. Two Brothers and it means you aggressive and arranging. In the the past protection was. What possible also hundred cities they got the media that they barely got me so. In any of the -- situation we protected. With a pretty important third down conversion. That we had great pass protection. So they've done a great joke here all year and -- they're gonna need to get continued to have great focus. -- -- we really need that entire group and they played well together and you know we've really got to keep children. From where we're right now. -- we think we know what gronkowski brings to the team offensively in the passing game but clearly his role in the running game was impact on Sunday. When you ran to his side 42 times. You ran -- rushed for 175 yards when you ran to the other side seven times you only got nine sounds like he's making contribution in the run game. -- that -- -- -- really. You know what they give people underestimate preparedness because he's you know very good -- receiver. -- didn't get a lot of credit for from port going to turn the people out of his you know at the port of attack he's not gonna -- off the ball. It's up and hit a couple guys. That's that's because they're supposed to do so it's it's so good to be able to catch passes. And depositions in the registry -- the receiver. Booed here and there and you -- run the ball behind them and maybe He could become a real -- you can control over a couple of games will run the ball behind them. Then that really helps him. This setup his opportunity the -- to. So if that's. That's another thing that was a positive take away from the game and -- he's got a -- now also he's got that we've all got to be more consists apparent that there are. Run block was also. Tom do you agree with your head coach who said quote this was may be Tom's best game in terms of some of the checks He made at the line of scrimmage. On the more straight -- to get this in the right place and sometimes it looks better than others and and we knew we and it's always kind of another spread around. And attribute pretty consistent out there so. That's. It's great for the compliment to their took up the impact -- yeah -- it was could give profit that thought. You know yes and the flight home nor really. I think at a particular stable we wanted to do in the game and and sitting on the plane on the way home we felt like we did those things and I think that's the real. Positive wouldn't inserted itself we think begins to play out this is where we're gonna need to win. And then it plays out the way it. You expect -- to -- you did the things that she needed to do so it's very satisfying. Welcome -- well the other last week where we you know we we have lost -- game. You realize how tough it is to win games so you really appreciate. The winning and again and you realize you've got to continue to do the things. That you felt for the beginning of the week in order to win or else you know you lose -- and and that and we can we accomplish. We talk a little inside football questioner who would mind sharing some insight info 61 offensive plays you ran. -- prominent would you estimate you changed at the line of scrimmage if I don't all 61 called war on the way would be. 5% 10% ten plays -- just estimate on the normal day how many times -- 61 plays would you change the line. I'm not a common -- I don't think that's. There's different situation which just. You know I think this from. It's it's the other possible for an offensive coordinator to call a a player on the sideline though because against every single defense that your gonna defeat but for the most part. They are great place. Against what what would you mostly so you know it. When you get to work wouldn't get to let scrimmage. You have to evaluate which you have called and see what they're doing in a lot of it is. Everybody be on the same page and I think that's. Where I really have the confidence. Is that -- producing something that I think we can take advantage of unable to communicate that to the other ten guys from the field. And they're able to get it yen or five seconds short amount of time basically. And it would go out there and execute -- so truly what the entire offensive about it but I can recognize something in the fight can't communicate debt or Purdue communicating and nobody gets it. It would it is but the apparel print speed on the same page. To. It's -- different look -- and to make an adjustment to a place. Either a minor adjustment Michael -- or a major adjustment like him are playing well. Protection. You know that's that's what the -- -- and needs to be effective and we did it in a in a pretty tough place to play so. That was that that's good and it's different you would do we're gonna need to be continue to be able to do that and you know those little place tickets to plays -- -- where you do then it'd be too big plays that's a big part of the reason why we want. We all know forty catches in four games is sick. But I guess the question we ask every week can He keep this up can you continue. To use him this way without -- are now Wes Welker. Well armed. Can keep an -- -- I think -- teams continue to. Place certain coverages. In the west that a lot of opportunity. So. I think in the pay attention to them but it's -- -- we have other guys just continued to also. What is an incredible player I think would -- of the west is when He gets his opportunity takes advantage that it what does that. He has a certain route called pursue certain coverage and then he's the primary read what He if he's open but He gets all. You know sure -- can circular. There really got to focus on -- sure. There -- conflicting jets are reflecting a twenty cent per gonna have certain calls for him and that's just and other guys get opportunities and those other guys hopefully take advantage of those so. You know it will you know forty -- this is also. That's a 160 -- -- you know. Yeah I mean that's. It's no one's ever done that so it's hard to deter distinct. You know keep -- -- -- the -- What what -- never know in the and He just. It he'll be fighting his butt off every single week every single practice. To make it happen but it. You know whether He catches camera catches Warren didn't gonna be altered to work for us to achieve whatever place. That's the best part about web. I know you're heartbroken have you heard that the jets have suffered a number of injuries that there of the get some depth issues here you concern for them. The effect but we did it. Join the club and this is where we're we're all the -- -- we've had plenty of injuries over the course -- fees and they're reaching the full board. In so that's why it's also. You know we ever would do little riled up about the effect of reducing reducing the fourth frequencies and adept at that particular is really important now well. The players can adjust. Certain players or the mayor that's that's what really pleased over the course of -- and so. You know they'll be ready to play they got a lot of good players. They're they're they're so often and a tribute fund gave preference on the. -- do you buy large -- and understand what the jets will basically try to duty your offense on Sunday or do you think it's it's they're wounded and desperate and lost two in a row. They might change some things up on you. Know that they have their style plays they have what they think they need to do to stop us and and we've we've had. I think five games against them since I've been here with with that. Defense in particular. I don't know every game has to do a few tweaks to it I think person. Overriding opinion that you -- Over the course of those five games so. You know what -- Figure out what they're gonna do that stuff because there are real or prophetic you play defense wherever they think they need to do to stop -- At that particular week based on. How they evaluate your offense. You know that's a -- try to do the start that there are trying to take away your strength. And the offense it and and. What if they can do that. To that and do you expect Revis will be spending most of the afternoon chasing -- It'll depend on what they wanna do. In the playoff game are sure they didn't know there are certain -- -- you -- you mostly went to -- mostly with the deal. But you know you never know that this is. And it really doesn't matter because if they got to cover everybody and if it -- possible to read -- and left -- opportunity -- -- let's -- -- the -- so. -- -- -- -- -- The approaching game like we always get organized in all five guys who -- eligible receiver you're gonna ever opportunities. We're trying to run the ball as they balance. That's that's that's -- return delivered weeks so. Obviously couldn't do this you know they play them. But -- you know -- got a week to prepare for a minority leader and nor indifferent to play with -- -- and so what president replace them. Time now for our our obligatory Ochocinco question on west has touched down He ran a slant. Those sort like a -- was it was He supposed to be as close as He was to -- does that work beautifully it looked like they might even -- jerseys that they passed in the night. Yeah I think Chad what's so put on the plate. If you're -- -- route to get open. That in a lot of time to defenders are a lot closer so they -- whether there's personal pick intended. On that you're you're really not allowed to. The finding is wherever we run play perfect -- -- closer we -- called for like a legal -- as wherever you're looking in the league doesn't it in the that we -- running real shaker headlights you know it's. You know we never we never give in those place. That there was no it was just afforded by Chad and then you know quick little back -- route to western. West had leverage on the cuts right through it and Chad was actually get no conflict so both those guys rule that was really -- -- -- me on that one and the western great catch and run in -- a toward it to Chad you know you -- -- and possibly as well. -- before let's go to Tom I have to ask am reading in the in my Exel was piece on Yahoo! that you were. Planning to attend a high school game you're high school game your old high school. On Friday night but the flight got in late we we really gonna go see several play and you think people would left alone and let you watch the game. Yeah well I was. We restate that Sinclair which is right near San Jose and and our king ironically was playing in -- and they detonate. At 730 -- look like a six mile ride from our hotel. In I've never seen -- place. I -- you're going to Michigan and then there's been here before -- Serb entity for the last. 1617 years so I it would have been fun for me to go and you -- or are true or not our program that you don't like. Forty terms of the last 42 years. So I -- gonna go check we got in late but they want anyway so. It was there was the it was Friday -- Texas coach after the game and second -- I would second that they're definitive. And and it's it's a great tradition. That I was a part of it and and I love that's cool so just being there would have been informed -- that didn't work. And this was your first time being back in the Bay Area first win. Which is hard to believe after all these years but you according to the story and it went two year old route went year old favorite sandwich shop online and all that and didn't get. Didn't it distracted your parents to care all that ticket requests. Yeah electors to carry everything you can it was nice site on Saturday gets spent time in -- home. With the mine with one of my sisters and one of my nieces and in my parents so they actually have a great weekend it's it's great that we won that output -- but it. Just to be able to. You know to be back home would be in the Bay Area and to win a game and had a lot of friends and simulator support direct or after the game. And but it -- a couple of the field and and fear level and so it would you know through the great -- -- -- I hope we get a few more of those. Start this weekend. Our latest update from New York near Madison Square Garden where the gigantic thugs billboard hangs on a building it is yet to be defaced palm now depending on what you do against the jets on a Sunday it it it may look different come Monday morning. That's possible. -- flexible enough they're right on top of it. As a pitcher wife's and press she's never been on available no job it's not. Never ever they did did dead in a mutual friend -- sneak up on you when you're asleep. If He did at any of Truman -- -- is what happened while. And horrific Gagne he's got a little oh well what I told the governor first hybrid in two years to get really excited. -- -- There rootkit would just I'm saying. Yep yep there was. It would cut and that's at the season just gonna. I don't know how to promote -- meant. -- cornerback question of the week we wrap it up it is brought to you by auto trader now compare brand spanking new cars and special -- side by side at auto trader dot com probably say after four weeks the quarter all the NFL season. What you now know about you're doing the patriots football team you didn't know prior to opening night in Miami. Well that that I think you know we're more about profits were pretty tough that's. That's really look at what we've taken from the wording is that the we have the ability to move the ball practically -- formal for the most games. And we we if we show people that your score points we didn't. When we get close but it will we really need to do more consistent basis is zeroed out. It would do we do that I think that's that's what our best. We can run it. Play action. I'd drop back screens draws try out. The deep -- short and that's that keeps the defense talked about -- -- have to cover the so I -- -- collect Wesson a forty catches. Nobody -- it has been a big part of -- -- and Robert are you could be part of it gently to play you have to cut appointees. -- you're doing it if you at all these these are -- Israeli. Sure that we can we don't make plays when they're out there you're going to be someone that'll look in port so. It works and to build on it we're so early in the season still. You know we got it we gotta get you twenty this weekend as stupid and we got to go get. It was this weekend for fifteen and I guess most people say the not to be moved up at 415 just hydrated -- kick -- costs will line. I don't know crowd a talk to next -- down. I -- Tom Brady Dennis and Callahan brought to you by electrical distributors brightening your David electrical solution capabilities a constituency having energy and reducing costs. And by auto trader compared brand spanking new cars and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com copy with the quarterback. Brought you by Dunkin' Donuts America runs on Duncan He joined us on the AT&T outline. About DNC would be right back.

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