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Bill Belichick on the Raiders game, looking ahead to the Jets and Terry Francona leaving the Red Sox

Oct 3, 2011|

Bill joins the guys after the Patriots beat the Raiders Sunday and talks about the good and bad he saw in the game from his team. The coach also looks ahead to the Jets game this Sunday and how he has to keep his teams focus on the game and nothing else. Bill aslo talks about the relationship he had with Terry francona and what he thought when he heard Tito was leaving the Red Sox.

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Time for -- no nonsense conversation with a coach Bill Belichick no Teddy Bruschi did not run a marathon I have a simple no nonsense conversation. With -- SP -- about protecting your team and -- with a portable dependable life insurance -- a neat they give us the outline. A -- running game aren't doing anything in Obama is doing. Running lately it's a little earlier in my -- that I have. It's a marathon is good luck good luck that half marathon within the -- and what's now. I -- get some you get some sleep you all revved up ready to go. You know kind of pushed through today and we got a real early this morning that what's film of the players and tourniquet defeat based on heroes jets in the get a good night's sleep and start -- When you go into that game I mean obviously you play any opponent you what it takes somebody away. What's the game plan against the raiders. Don't let McFadden go crazy -- considering what He did against the jets the previous week. Bush area you know from a there once that running back going to run for 202 incidents. -- earlier -- -- Defense definitely was it a focal point for us the consulate. Now let him outside do -- job tacked on Hamdan and you know -- -- creates a negative plays and get him in some long Ericsson. -- not a second threes and second into those kind of things how how did you feel you guys that against him. Yesterday -- all wrong you know -- -- debt plus the minute the in the four yarder in forty are coming off a ten yard line wasn't played too well the other ones were you know most competitive. Thought we did the reasonably good job other than that and then of course we you know it event planner verse which we. At defended pretty well we just couldn't make the play and the senate in a third year on. Which fortunately got functions and perception but in those -- the two runs -- really hurt us in the game and out of that we play competitively again. It looked like at the start of the game you know things started things could've fallen apart with a kickoff out of bounds. The offense. The raider offense gets three on yet He got a holding early early holding call against Connolly on Seymour. Seamer goal as it goes ahead and you know and that's the emotions get the better and slams Tom after the whistles blown. Was it talked about this week about keeping your poise of being in the black -- and a lot of emotion that you thought the raiders would come with because it looked like the team did that. Yeah well absolutely. You know -- the raiders are are have -- heavily penalized team and and you know we know is going to be some push and shove and and and actually talked about that before -- and a you know where the bullies and hopefully people around things like that so. O'Keefe are -- and try and stay focused on a job market caught up in the you know pushing and shoving after the play and things like that was definitely something that we talked about absolutely. You know we could easily retaliated. You don't see more playing on our -- camera whatever and then. Negated the that the personal -- -- South Dakota south of the second in the second and 2715 whatever was there. And we really keep that drive -- ultimately take the lead with that first corn drugs so I was the force. -- do you balance that out though and that you had to match there. Physical play out there which I thought you did He had to be happy it -- -- how do you how do you balance that out. But He does. -- a personal files. Don't get on the Sarah has penalties don't -- the pass or don't do it. You know don't get those kind of penalties that cost your team and He got there -- be aggressive on the telephone. In -- do all those things but when you do at the expense of the other you know. The 45 guys that are on the field plan and into fifteen or penalties for a that's not really they're productive for came. It I thought you know that physical aspect that -- talking about -- about you know match in the raiders hit them in the -- doing those type of thing that that spikes showed some plays where. He was hit in the people come in downhill in the running game had a nice tackle picked up the quarterback slammed them on his back. Is spike started assert himself a little more especially in an almost being met. I don't wanna say he's the tone setter on defense but He start to make those plays that shall to a man He just hit that pretty good. Now -- is an impact player and he's a very disruptive player inside particularly in the running games at Qatar an explosion. And to be a strong tackler in Point Pleasant -- well respected good explosiveness and He can step up and alignment and and be strong both stack aren't taken on blockers and plug those holes on it that's the place I. And one thing a district has taken on blockers there was one play at -- He slipped the guy He actually went better back door a yesterday is. It looks I mean it's a game sometimes and you've taken on those lockers at the inside linebacker position and and you don't wanna be one dimensional it's almost like he's he's showing growth and start in the learned that there's more than one way to take on this 300 pound -- -- use my quickness and -- a guy. Right and and you know stalled inside linebackers like Brian talks like pepper. Like Mike spikes. That have that that -- that are able to little more easily you know slip blockers normal Roman and and -- -- jump out of the way can get -- changeup as you know and you know He gets mileage yourself at times so. It's it's good way to keep those guys on some earlier roar off on scrimmage China. Try to not those linebackers back besides that on the just want funds are quick enough to recover some aspects the you know He he's instinctive is a good sense of you know when to do that when not to and and and is an explosive players in -- in his strong -- -- You know bill at one point yesterday I thought of Teddy you know last week He was talking about Richard Seymour anticipating. Seymour is aggressiveness. And at times -- practice out you know Teddy you said you see Logan and see more go at it He has today. It seemed more kept saying it's been three years I'm over it and apparently wasn't -- elaborate at one point the Dolly slams Brady down -- gets. Couple personal files on one drive. Did you ever feel they need to say to a guy when he's taking on his former team. You know don't be too emotional just this focus on your job or is that something you just expected. A player to know on his own name -- Europe patriot now and wherever you were before doesn't really matter. Ultimately I think He. That really comes up pretty frequently am in almost every week it seems like we either. Have a player on our team deals with the other team or the other team as a player that was on marching in the minutes it's pretty common so. And we talk about it from time to time minutes. And of course always wanted to do well that your former team or. Or that player wants to do well since you if you were his former team Weatherford is but minutes this kind of natural but to thank you -- take -- Your emotions out of London and do your job be focused on your job and you know Richard definitely is trying to jump the snap -- couple times early in the game you know results on on one play that. We ended up you know how to along gain on the outside and and decline in it but -- you look like He was trying to. It can often make couple plays that way you know -- that counts so. But I you know I thought overall for its London -- a job not just him but with you know Tommy Kelly and you know Henderson and Wimbley and Jarvis Moss hasn't in all those guys and it's pretty confront their. And that we held up in some pretty well especially pass protection. Can the pocket claim Brady was able to step up on a lot of frozen livable -- is that the. Those important. Billion always said the time throws to the open guy in the first two weeks they were -- to a lot of different guys. Plus two weeks it's been exclusively to Wes walker is he's just that open that often they shut everything else down. And walkers that opened. -- it was open and it was open on several place yesterday that I mean at the Tom also that a good job of on the two minute drive the you do it to bolster gronkowski -- were really close down the middle you know those are good good decisions and we just. Almost connect on those that that could Jonathan BenJarvus over the middle when it was isolated on. On the plane. At several throws the that the Ted Johnson which were good match -- there so. And -- was open you know on number times in the game you know and Tom minimum -- problems so. I still think -- is -- for the opened I mean -- ought to be so you know there was a lot of double coverage in that game surprisingly. Thought that we have we like it doubled it more but they they really didn't double -- election. And lot of times as you saw them they were planned outside that are inside leverage on trying to keep from across the middle. He was on a couple of those outside breaking routes and -- port the source close enough to early. You cover more cup races in tacked on after Mitt -- so. An organ Tom thrown them in those situations. You know sometimes the numbers tell the complete story sometimes they're way off if you look at the numbers they say. This is one of the worst defenses in the league -- yardage you've given up in the first four games. Is that accurate or are the numbers missing key component of something you're seeing and his defense. Well there and our plan is is final score so -- -- three and one not so we are as a team that's -- we are offensively defensively and kicking him so. It's plenty of room for improvement all three -- risen and novel. Or or party get -- -- -- certainly have given a more big plays on defense we wanna give -- Flip side that is our red area defense is you know better than it's done and and several years. Certainly way better than it was last year and so some things that -- balance them out themselves out. The it's like I have this question for you every week when -- some type of -- -- said you know down on the red area in the last score of the the Oakland Raiders I think you was more. That was once again no open in the end zone. Look like -- might have got caught up in the traffic situation there is it was that was that the problem there with that wide open touchdown with two more. Once into the when we talked about communication last. No such as a traffic problem no no we -- Korean -- miscommunication with and we -- ago loosely. You know play before they ran a similar play and -- -- -- -- boss about sack dance around. And then they they ran a similar play but often empty -- in motion across the formation we. He or at lake it lined up that -- recognize it quickly and then as the indications so. Yeah that's concern you're at this two weeks and over we've given up early and -- contest the touchdown down there and that's. You know that's what you don't wanna do you know make murder and -- because throne could catch and get their feet down and bounce and -- -- according broke that the two point play on the fade pattern -- pushed boss now. You know Campbell misread the that the receiver on the in cut the the child and upset that that is common in the receiver went back out so He you know you wanna make him make our plays and and maybe you can make samba you're a geek like us -- lose their audience on the you know pesticides and complete and that's. -- -- -- -- -- looks like and and what do you make communicators it's gonna be up in doubt with Jerod Mayo his status still be an uncertain but how to how to the other linebackers -- of the new rotation now without me how they perform once He went out. It was you know I think any -- go to drug -- certainly loosened the former defense both in terms of become playing in and also leadership and and the communication book. You know Gary's pretty experienced player he's been in a lot of men He sees but it withdraw island. And they're kind of interchangeable and you know spices in the second year he's quit or was -- Browser have been done its job force and you know -- Tracy. It also played you know particularly this year pre season -- got a lot of playing time through the year and and so is famed artists. You know thumb injury there and in the late later in the end and second pre season game and in based in as the rest the pre season but now I think those guys all work pretty well together -- draw its practices than a little lemon at the last couple weeks of practices because of actually got a lot more snaps in practice. So in a fifth he's not able play -- -- -- -- -- work through. It in just that this offensive questions something that. You know not used to seeing from the patriot often the with a bad shoulder fade to Welker down on the -- -- a great catch Scott got both feet and something that. Teams like you know the giants worked on extensively the Packers. Is it that violence in this New Orleans. That's new I mean I haven't seen that before used on a regular basis by you guys is that something you've been working on. We know against the raiders it was something none. That that that we did -- more talent just because of the speed of their corners is -- so fast and they're straight -- and he's right straight line speed guys with round and you know Johnson who works in play that. Check won't replace Stan van die you know that they just went once once they get Raanan. The really hard to run by you know like we -- Slater the go -- who you know wellness letter from him pretty well. But you know chuck was right there with them is right that's an -- column that. -- on those guys get run that fast than and they are very fast that it's it's harder for them sometimes to react to that -- work. And commentary throw west really minute terrific place on August body around and also. You know lock in those feet down then and -- He was announced and in on those kind of split cold air in the on the one official -- And in overruled it but He you know He had both and has an excellent cast on west for -- It was only place it could be so it was. I think that's something and you know when your. Like the raiders -- those kind of corners has kind of players on the got to be. You know offensively if you can't run by and then if we fail a chance the actual. You know it's so funny we talk about player improvement. We usually don't focus on the stars and you know Tom Brady passed Joseph Montana yesterday one of his childhood heroes. And we don't really talk about Tom Brady in terms of improvement. When you drafted Tom Brady 2000 shore it is only one Davis guys it's gonna with receivables in the past Joseph Montana on the all time list. As crazy as it sounds how has Tom Brady improved. Not necessarily over his career -- even in the last you know three or four years in your opinion. But Tom Tom works really hard and He He He really concentrate on lot of little things. You know every week there. No maybe it doesn't little things that are bruised -- to that game and it worked really hard on an. On the next game that it maybe a dozen other things or maybe some of those in some of the things and on. Who were planned with the game plan isn't and you know we're we're trying to attack so. He's he's very conscious of you know again as a quarterback it's. It's like pinnacle for you know you don't stand on the driving range and just wail away you've got a lot of different shots and and that's what quarterback does He makes a lot of different throws based on different routes different coverages. Denver receivers and and so forth and so when you prefer one thing it and He spent a lot of time on at the announcement of time working on sentinels and then that's something else is gonna come up whether it's raiders' third down play action. You know whatever happens to be thrown on the wrong all those kind of things so. As a quarterback -- always sharpen your skills Earl is Trotter finer techniques and in your timing on plays with the receivers are deceiving her own. Timing and He He worked really hard at that so. You know I think that's part of improving as the players is known what things to work with things are. You know the you can kind of foresee happening here in import in the -- and He does a good job that marathon yesterday. He played probably you know his best game of the year and and not based -- on numbers on -- and on. You know that that -- team made the decisions that He made in this location on the bull. Not only that manage in the team you know and make instant checks that line skirmish. Look at this in the right place gets out of a couple bad plays that that could about a problem so. You know that's really what it's about for quarterback is it is movable score points and can put your team that could position get the ball league playmakers and and He did a good job it was he's done a good job that the yesterday at those very. A -- out of the beginning of the game they'll seem like it was -- -- -- there really large US communication issues there so. They're short was you know they scored ago on top early and and you know has some bit in this field position on the first drive and absolutely yeah they were there kicking and screaming down Aaron. And now we get penalties or long yardage and that that got to go on. Publicly room play through that but it it was this -- -- slalom and of course those the very plan on the road in the more gently bit quieter gifts and you know that's all He always on quiet crowd down Italy quite announced the play well and score you know so that's. But He you know a Fella by the end of the game we we had taken the crowd road game you know that that was -- -- -- there at the and a half where we. Got interception kicked a field goal -- we had the session starts third quarter scored. You know held them to a field goal and then scored again you know so those note -- that that. Short sequence there it was short -- that -- hole almost you know fifteen minute sequence but. That was really big in the hole in a swing of them among them in the school Warren and whole tempo of the game. And they take their costumes off go home and so works New York Jets are on the on the schedule here for for Sunday afternoon -- differently here. They've had some issues running the football is seen differently with the jets. Hero in the event on the road now this will be the third week in a room and -- the -- differently from the last couple weeks. It. It might help him. -- course that tough loss against so Oakland dominos a game that was. No basically tied don't of the fourth quarter and and they. You know give up their the halfback pass McFadden ran the ball in the negative reverse that public off. And so they go from inside you know down by two scores you know -- and -- that affected the outcome of the game you know last night's game. Who's who's crazy game hill defense the scores -- kickoff returns and all that so. I don't know if there's any pattern think that they're still. You know her explosive team -- -- excellent skill players at their wide receivers. You know it mason Burleson and of course Santonio Holmes caller's. -- pursue your plan Rombach. To put on the backs Korean Tomlinson. Defensively when there. They're strong team and and they can turn -- ball over and scores that it last night David harris' interception. In a strip sacks interceptions since like that. An explosive in their turn in the Fed and before long returns aren't this year with. You know for Marty in the night on the kickoffs and and currently on the and so. On an -- upon bought -- which was on the Dallas and so. You know the thirteen resist his can't relax on the can hear virtual lot of different ways early strongly kicking game and and office with a virulent good skill players defensively -- Know the dangers they're too so companies can. You know they get -- put. And possibly another week maybe it's for for no it is a rivalry game it is the New York Jets. It's going to be all the players are gonna they're gonna hear about revisit in the playoff loss last year and all the emotion and all the hype but. As you say a lot of times the circus is coming into town probably easier to cover this game so. What's in is going to be experts at the to the players about always keeping everything everything about doing their job and not getting involved in what. Maybe that jets players may be through the media. -- well I think -- you know first of all. None of the other games mean -- thing we lost -- there down their last year that didn't mean anything in the 453 and 453 in didn't mean anything in playoff and so. Now they did in those -- really matter. And you know and -- talked before the game and that's pretty irrelevant to you know we needed -- focus on. Oh we need but we need you on Sunday and and -- Georgia silence on the -- that's what matters so hopefully we can do that this week of the week practice. Could we the preparation and be ready to go this weekend. Taylor Darrelle Revis is no Vince Wilfork but. It's a pretty Erica I'm pretty record of quarterback comes what everybody calls were shut down quarterback and I agree but do you think. The way the game's played now and and the entire field is used do you believe the shut down quarterback in 2011 somebody. That you don't throw on that seemed like a pretty big concession to make it has an office -- I'm not gonna throw to the side of the field that guys. Well -- -- -- depends on. Don't know what. Which are doing. You know it depends what what -- -- -- that might be good matchup might not be good matchup and the with the rest of the play is so. He's been thrown this year he's the bulls caught on he's a player mince not easy to run good routes economic it frozen. And -- the right ones. If -- let Lou I mean there's no question it says strong players it's as good tackler. I'm very patient was a very good technique he's very disciplined he's not a gamblers out against her. Policy really got to and you really got to beat him with a good good route He can't. Some guys they'll cover one -- not cover the other around it and -- which when you have on. You know want Monica cover when He doesn't and Arenas is pretty good on everything double loosen. Inside routes outside routes very patient at the lines He plays a lot of confidence on a lot of good technique. And strength through seems to be -- -- -- strong kid -- -- 200 pound guy that uses is a good tackler. Can force the run and so you know even balls and call on him and He makes attack Leo very off NC you know I captions and you know operate at a little long play if they do connection in the down right away. But but He strong -- -- he's it will stand up to the bigger Seaver and press element and get off their route. He's also. In a quick enough to match up against guys who. Armstrong is He has that maybe can get away from that but it's hard to get away from because He is bigger and longer. So that's. And He He is good job. In over over on the -- -- -- the center button field and maybe thirty yards rushing vs the ravens last week that struggle in that department but. Their backs still can be you know very capable receivers like with -- Tomlinson. Couple weeks ago -- via. Vs the raiders He wanted to -- -- ramp tests vs Clinton groves and I think it's Plaxico was and number two receiver went across the middle open it up inside her. LT I think He was out of the backfield. I mean. For for the listeners out their Q can you explain in the -- impasse and really I mean I see Iran impasse and I don't know -- people know what I'm talking about with the rams pass and I can actually where where are we call -- the webcast. Well of course the rams ran right hey they made it famous. Whether it. That's it Los Angeles rams and then alt click on send those programs but you know it's a play -- than a minute to. Where a receiver usually goes in motion and any stars like he's gone outside either in the slot. Or in in the number three position usually in the slot and it starts he's going outside and the defender overruns that He eat under cuts on the sheets right at the same. And quarterback Fitzsimmons strident and even though it's only maybe a 57 -- past. If He gets the stuff on the defender. Like like Thompson don't grows and then you know he's gone and that's a big gainers in the -- touchdown so. There's just some of that they run a lot of different concepts but when they put -- on some on the field. With three receivers and it's sort of like haven't I receivers on the field at Tom Watson have Keller -- -- and he's really like receiver and then they have the three receivers -- -- mason person. And and homes so. You know look those five guys are tough to cover you can double album and -- somebody's got to cover somebody without much help. And or He -- zone and then their spacing issues and so forth so. They they have a lot of options with the skill players and and that's part of their team that's really. You know I think a strength form. -- all those guys are in there at the you know takes choice on their threats in the running game but it it's as partisan as. And Schottenheimer -- that creatively I think He was a slip back spit split backlit with Keller as the other respect other backfield. Made in the and He motioned out to be the number one right and so that He had plaques -- the number three and then that opens up for the ramp. Right right bill when they do is they do quite a bit of that where they they use Keller. Or sometimes homes even in the backfield to the try to help -- with coverages and motion mountain. Put him in different spots salutes its hard -- on the move those guys -- quite a bit you'll see. Homes outside in so. Per cent thing mason I mean did they move those guys Keller I bet though lot of the different places that defense of -- it's hard it's hard to say even when they come into the game. -- this guy's going to be here. You know you might be able to get right percentage of the time but but they'll -- plays weren't they they won't the end and you left -- make -- -- -- -- -- just -- incidents that there's going to be multiple adjustments that's going to have to be -- pre -- -- absolutely and and and the -- to a -- -- that -- they -- some offensive -- -- -- -- into -- and -- -- three receiver sets. When Netflix Keller out there really and a four receivers -- -- they'd bail -- three receivers in the game but he's like receiver. That get in -- the bill wants a wildcat with with currently that there is that as a quarterback so. Unbalanced line and they kind of it at the whole you know that whole package. I'm -- changes jobs where you in the next them -- element of it to the head of officials oracle or what do make you an official. And amber for it to this giants cardinals game Victor Cruz products UMass. Appears to fumble to me. The official rule was that He gave himself up and that was a huge player and -- cardinals giants game the giants won that game with a comeback. What what did you think of that play into him what kind of precedent does that set for receiver -- once upon them. Well. -- I mean I'm not. You know look on on -- make the rules that we just in China coach -- interpret them. You know there was a memo sent out earlier today about. You know regarding out of you know. For runner being down a given himself up -- not give himself up and then that was followed up with you know. -- will send you -- further explore business or in some like that so. It sounds like there's there's going to be more information or or interpretation forthcoming on that. -- is definitely. You know a play there that I think needs some some clarification because as you know we know we had a similar play like that last year in San Diego game. We're that the receiver caught the ball He put it down James Sanders came in and recovered it and as usual fumble. Which which we all thought was a fumble. Does the -- -- it looks similar to that. And now -- -- that wasn't fumbles so. And -- I think you know one of the hardest things in officials and one of the things that. You know. From our originality who is a longtime head of officials that more recently Mike Pereira. One of the things that they've always said I think it's a foundation of the officiating is it's harder to officiate in -- It's hard to say what do guys trying to do we're not trying to do that's why the rules are for the most part are. It's black or exploit either He does that and it's a foul or didn't do it and it's not a fell. And so I think you know that the the concept of the given herself up rule is okay if you slide feet first you're giving yourself if you take a knee you're giving yourself up. And if you go -- first then. You know. Well in his Casey's and one Casey's going at first -- more yardage another case is gone the first himself up. None higher risk and efficiently make a judgment of what's He intending to do. You know as opposed to what He actually did it and I think that's one of the things you wanna try to take out of the officials' hands. Let him just you know have a plaque and right ruling. You know it's holding its holding it's not holding its not only not was He trying to hold -- when we knocked on -- you know that kind of thing so. Because defensively you're also sort of viewing that player a year you're reading his intent because when you dive headfirst you can do the role. You -- rolled forward for another yarder to and if you're. I mean if it's third and eleven and He stops at nine yards I mean your intent is that that guy is gonna trying to get two more yards you've got to go down they got tackled therefore gets up for. And I in that case the Arizona Cardinals as they are common to -- him the -- gets up and leaves the ball. And to be seen as a follow Obama and that's -- that's mine -- that's that's my read but the letter of the leave the rule. -- The written rule doesn't say head first -- feet first correct. You know. Like a lot of things in the NFL rule book unfortunately. There are. There are rules and then there are interpretations. That go with the rules. And not all the interpretations are included with the rules but when the rules are presented in a lot of times they're explained as. You know as an example. What's all sides on the kick off well. Of the interpretation of that for the officials as it's imaginary pane of glass. And if any player breaks that plane of class. When the kicker hits the ball he's all side. Is -- foot down -- his foot hit the ground that He there's a pane -- -- okay that's so there are things like that they're kind of if you will. Talking points coaching points for officials on how to how to -- certain place and so again. Not everything's included in the actual written part of the rule there also other parts of the interpretation. That. Are part of the rule and and sometimes those that modify and or change. Jill one more thing on intense. Can we plant the attempts in to Vince's mind that the next time He gets an interception He can lateral the ball. Can can we get that content plated him because it's I mean it seems like he's getting those interceptions can we get him to the end -- They want to use them fumbled that call. It a wanna be too loose without fault that it. The company particularly. So I think you're gonna have to go. Or about an hour again and I don't -- -- I don't know and they come down -- -- Actually. Some. I wanted to ask a question about Terry Francona because you guys had something unique for coaches managers here and down. That -- all won championships. And still held their jobs. And now obviously. He does not hold his job. How difficult do you think it is to carry out what you guys have to do for such a long period of time. And being able to control let's say the culture of a locker room. Or dressing room work or clubhouse. When you're dealing with a lot of different influences when you're dealing with guys who have tremendous success and sometimes maybe. Maybe not you -- but some others. Sat back any kind of enjoyed their success and look for from afar and didn't continue trying to take it to the next level how difficult. Is that to be able to maintain that over a long period. You are out there in Oakland and that's a that's a hard question and answer I don't know right. I couldn't get -- an evaluation -- percent nature. Literature looking for I think. Don't look every jobs challenge in and as a coach you have challenges every area challenges every week. It challenges every day com -- as a coach you make a lot of decisions on. Just little things you know what disabled player what not a single player. Who to play well played Iran how to run it. So forth and so on so that's the you know I think you as a coach you try to manager team. Try to manager player -- a manager staff to try to manage all your support people and do the best they can to give your team. The best chance to win and I think that's what coaches do you know and and obviously you know we all make a lot of mistakes. And nobody makes more than I do but. The intent of what I'm trying to do is -- always do what's best for the team and at same time I think you know for players generally their intent to do what's best for the team too and sometimes that comes in conflict but. You -- think players you know they go up there and they. They do what they think right at the time you know sometimes it's not right sometimes are it is not right but you try to do the right thing and and so. And as long as that's way to as a thank you respect that you try to get on the same page try to learn. One when you're not quite consistent how to you know how to get on the same patient and you learn from those situations but. And a -- challenging and it's a very competitive sport football baseball. Hockey basketball -- a whole bunch other -- trying to do the same thing you are with basically the same. You know opportunities. Unveiled a good players they got a good coaches they go you know good facilities -- you know they're they're working just the party war and so. You know it's it's very competitive they have their challenges you have yours in Trenton this camp with a. I sort of -- quickly Doc Rivers that earlier today it losing Tito from -- alaskans and brother and He says there's. The good fraternity and in Boston pro coaches here you guys all learn from each other no audio a lot of respect for all the guys and now Boston sports what were you able to. -- learn from Tito and and what was that connections like with him. Most great I mean I think -- He was a great friend to me was a great supporter. And and analyze you know I spent quite a bit time with -- it for permanently training camp and whispering but. Also it in the game Syrian gone over in gonna clubhouse and in Qatar went on time. You know exchange Texas and you know talk on the phone things like that so -- absolutely I would reiterate with talks. And he'll Venus personally I mean on this and personally not in here. Loves his his managerial style. Thought that He was you know very fair honest certainly have the respect of the players all players that I ever talked to. Talent and not so and it just the you know the polite or anything but I think there was knowledge and respect and admiration for the way He handled the team and and how honesty wasn't you know. Know how -- put the team first in it was never about him was about the team to -- did things the right way and and you know total respect. Tito won. And a job that He did here and He had a terrific record means how many managers like that has records. You know 400 and some years of a championship then and Boston and then it puts to promote their so. -- that pretty much says all right there -- -- I feel good luck against the jets on Sunday we'll see you back your Monday -- our goodness well Michael -- thank you Bill Belichick right here patriots Monday the big show live the July.

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