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Tedys Take on the Patriots-Raiders Game

Oct 3, 2011|

Tedy gives his take on what he saw in the Pats-Raiders game on Sunday. He also talks about the defense continuing to allow teams to gain a lot of yards on them as well as what some of the injuries on defense could mean for the Jets game on Sunday.

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Accurately and show we're live down here at Gillette Stadium club -- way Michael -- and of course Bruschi. Our third man and we sit here with -- with bill -- going over. Bunch of these rules and apparently they did not send down. A memo today. But apparently are trying to make some clarifications. As to what happened in that giants game yesterday. So. And that's the problem He was just talking about it we are talking about it even more so. Off the air is that there are written set of rules here. In the National Football League but then on top of that -- interpretations to those rules and they don't necessarily. Carry on the same page before. Before you -- that -- Share this Bert -- tweet with the view from five minutes ago. The jets have announced that Brian Thomas is out for the season. Look badly with a torn Achilles. And Burt says that blow to -- that teams that wow how that was my thought Achilles my thought that would -- we held in. If you remember last year. The playoff loss to the jets. Rex Ryan implemented various players to disrupt timing of routes Jason Taylor Bryan Thomas to. Line up on me. A receiver right on the line in the bunch formations to disrupt timing of the willing to do the women into the world -- type of things that prevention. Old Patriots defense did -- the colts to disrupt that Tommy because that's what the Patriots offense is all about that's a big -- Thomas who was one of those guys. That's pretty cute. And you wonder how long a lecturer at Mayo is going to be out. Certainly the early reports do not seem. Like he's out for the year but -- -- this before have we not we have recognized going to be out for 456. Weeks right next thing you know they're placing them on IR. But another early is -- CEO earlier indication in guys that I've played linebacker and had those and CEO injuries. Where it's two to five sort of -- thing. And the thing is though when you come back. Yet you -- do they want to Wear a brace that you possibly Wear a brace -- -- little bit clumsy you know you went in around you feel clunky because you got a brace on. And I believe -- a couple of years ago when Jerod also had in CO injury and He came back with a brace and it wasn't until a couple weeks after that. Until He got his legs back under -- -- -- gotta go races got to go but -- the rates is gonna protect you so even when He comes back from the injury I think -- effectiveness. Can be limited based on. I mean it's an MC EO -- don't know how much running you're doing for the first couple weeks. And then. Getting into cutting them back to practice Reynolds and you have to gain but still all the -- -- three to four weeks and you've got acute back in the game shapes that we can be. You back on the field in three or four but then 56 or seven until you fully effective. -- -- I don't think another break what will we get back well let's delve into that a little bit more because you played the position. You can kind of tell us what they need to do right now to shore up that spot because I think that's a big. Huge loss just before the break we -- talking about the loss of -- and we don't know how long he's going to be out. Right now it does not look like it's the season ending injury but. Courses we -- you never know. One. Are you concerned about the defense of what you've seen so -- that they're giving up an awful lot of yardage stiffened forcing some big turnovers which it. -- amount thanks yesterday to Jason Campbell He. He has been somewhat of a more right to progress. They are tired. Of duplicate Eric are you concerned are you even more concern now. Looking at taking you -- taking him. They absolutely I mean when if by any concerns last week they they've been magnified now with the loss of mail because. He's the main communicators in they're not not only the leading tackler I mean just that the best linebacker that they have. I mean He gets everybody lined up he's the communicators in the -- He makes the ships He makes the adjustments. Now. You have to ask someone that's not used to doing that in May be that someone that tightened the guys with the spikes or or the Fletcher is we're the ones that were on the same that were on the same. On the on the field at the same time restaurants of maybe they -- it might or they were it's AM in Toronto making the adjustments from his well position or his Mac position which is the sub linebacker position and now. You're moving somewhat. To play from their money position which is a linebacker in the -- situations -- money. Or you -- moving a Mike or Sam now to play that will to make communication from his spot so. You -- you having different layers of difficulties communique difficulty communicating that they're different players are gonna have to step up and do and it -- your depth as well because if these guys are moving up the -- That becomes a bigger problem. Right right and you saw a couple times where they look like the patriots -- ten men on the field there were call for twelve -- -- field. And that's that's a result of scrambling a little bit within a game to have a week now -- a week to get used to not having -- there. And those problems may not occur again may not they still may but they may not but not having him there He could see there were scrambling a little bit -- time. I still think you know obviously the loss of -- whether it's for a month nor a month and a half the rest of the season is used. I still think they got to figure out away to invent. A pass -- Is that I think I really do that to -- one or or so somebody's got a little secret ingredient are. -- don't like Teddy a kind of ideas that I look at all these teams in NFL and and the patriots are obviously high on the list of good teams that are given up a ton of yards. Whether in the bears gave up 500 yards plus yesterday in a win. The beginning of the season the Packers gave up a ton of yards to the saints in a win. They have a ton of yards the next -- to the Panthers Cam -- had a second 400 yard game. In victory. But those teams. Structures and the bears have. Julius Peppers. Donna jail you decide coming back in the Packers have pass rushers. Four for the patriots they're giving up a ton of yards but the pressure is always going to be there on them because they have somebody. Cool this series that theories can come and -- it seems like it's always -- a little too -- the ball's been favored or -- -- -- free runner and it's a quick release or yeah yeah YouTube even make that move and you get in free but it just took too long you know what -- He needs -- -- dependable. SBA ally Tedy Bruschi toys for affordable dependable life insurance call 888 -- -- -- or visit -- he'll buy dot com where your freak. Today just look at Mark Sanchez the last two weeks Oakland puts the pressure on that front four. You see a different defense with Baltimore do looping people they're coming -- different angles. And they seemed confused. A lot of in this past week. But it was pressure that forced Sanchez because he's not a quick decision maker. It caused -- -- And with Sanchez looked like He lost his best friend out there out of touch with the look on its face is best for in the mean definitely he's not there and then you can tell it's on on all -- percent of you don't of the pass rush are you are not going to just open it up now percentages to do things out there. -- -- Carmine on YouTube ignored the -- game and now Europe that. 99 point 5% primarily on debris we're trying to get a little programming and hearing in between you know works program competent guy -- I've got and -- -- Have to -- does try to help the operation that's -- you go to commercial that it now that apparently there.

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