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Boston Red Sox Executives Press Conference

Sep 30, 2011|

Tom Werner, Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein address the media after the Red Sox announcement that Terry Francona will not be returning as the Red Sox manager. They talk about what they're hoping to find in their future manager and what direction they hope the organization to go.

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Larry Lucchino here tonight. I'm corners can open up with a brief statement as wells Larry and then we'll open up for questions -- after that you have -- question please raise your hand and I get the Mike over to you think. So I just have a couple of very brief comments one is that. We have been norm as we says you know written press release we have enormous respect. And admiration for TL what he's done. Don't miss the end of an era and we've respected his wishes and them. We just wanted to say to you and he's a class act and will listen. On another note. John Henry wanted to be here tonight. We were winning this afternoon He had a very minor usually. I'm he'll be fine he's just. Having a couple of tests tonight but he's fine and He wished she could be here -- -- His absence don't read anything more than just yes suffered a minor -- this afternoon. -- -- I would like to make one preliminary count and before you questions and that is simply to express our. Our thanks to our gratitude. -- respect and appreciation to us Tito Francona. For the job he's done for this franchise. -- over his last eight years it's. Plan you know documentation is accomplishments and they say in these statements. But don't we owe him a great debt of gratitude. For the work he's done here with this franchise He was essential component in the historic success this franchise achieved. Owns less than eight years and now He leads with with I respect and aren't deep. Appreciation for his -- This is too. For Larry I can win when Terry was in here a short time ago. And talked about how we felt change had to be made and new voice had to be heard. Asked in the question why did you just say you know what I had a bad year I'm gonna come back to redouble my efforts. And He said some of it is personal I thought it was time but then He said I'm not sure how much support there was. From ownership you've got to get all in and on this job. What was shared that would've raised doubts in your game Tito about how much support He had more. I'm not I was actually puzzled by that done by the comment. We have done nothing -- differently. This year than we have done in -- previous years. And now I think it's a question you'd probably have to ask him I thought He did an exceptional. Job in conveying. The strength that is feelings and his frustrations and so. Have to peak. With the situation and me and in the game here in Boston. But I must confess to being a little little puzzled by. What what is different this year about previous years. Well in the end that you. -- agree that maybe you -- needed a new voice in the in the Carlos. A lot and this is speaking for myself we know we came to this meeting today really wanting to hear. Terry's point of view about what went right this year what went wrong this year. Home and He expressed that feeling when we asked him if He felt that film. We didn't need a new voice and then. After that. We. We tried to slow the train down a -- and just. Had asked Terry did think about it over the weekend as He said in his press conference. I think He made up his mind and so that's how this was -- Give us I think this for you Terry expressed his inability to reach the players. All. Obviously communications two way street so the players have to take some kind of responsibility I would think I don't mean to put words in -- round but. Do you see it that way and Isner does there need to be a little bit of change of culture may be in the locker. Yeah you know that's something that -- and I talked about. Yesterday when when we met him I think we're pretty open about it in our own press conference yesterday as well that's you -- and I had and then. It was a topic of conversation again today. And Jon Tom Larry and Tito and I met. Everything we talked about. The need for a little bit of an improvement in the clubhouse culture -- a little bit more leadership maybe a little bit more engagement. Holding. And the organization and -- players to higher standards in some areas. And and then you know I asked you know separately and then in the group we did as well. -- whether He could be that guy. You know whether He could take a couple weeks off. Go think about doing things that didn't go right this year when we weren't able to get out of this team. And so look himself in the -- as as I talked to yesterday it wasn't my best year wasn't his best year as an organization that was my best year. Put yourself on the merry and I think if there's things you can do different -- if you come back next spring training. With a new voice and and can provide some of the leadership that's needed to improve the culture and our club bounced into. And to meet those high standards that we have and then. -- thought about it and He said that you know He thought it was time to move on thank you thought it was. Best for a new voice sometimes you know He said is that after you Q done for eight years. Sometimes players just need to hear new voice and I think it takes a lot of maturity and perspective to actually come to that conclusion I was disappointed I think He was disappointed. But the reality as I think He felt that somebody else might. Do a better job there broad reaching the players and improve in that clubhouse culture. I don't want you guys to take it the wrong way like -- -- -- she doesn't have I was actually just downstairs and Tito. And now we're just catching up on some things in that the TV was on some of them there are some commentary following his press conference and and someone made the fact that these these players must of been something if -- NT does Tony has got to us and it got us all right I love these guys -- so I was just frustrated. I couldn't get more out of I was as frustrated that I can reach him this year though I have in the past it's not. Indictment of our players. It just didn't happen this year and felt like. -- teed off on him like a new voice is needed and once here that is pretty clear that we didn't need to go on trying to influence. Tom and Larry in Europe the understatement representing ownership do you use the phrase. Higher standards. In several areas order if you could expand on Bowden talked about what you're referring to. I think some of those things where address those specifically yesterday in the NF press conference that Turkey don't feel bad. Regarding. Conditioning issues. Regarding. Medical matters. There are whole panoply of of items that. That we -- things can be improved. Which is an example. And -- which I think demonstrates that this is not. Any one person's problem any one person's. Responsibility. There is there a sense things throughout the organization that we need to do better and all of us come from the media. Front office. To the clubhouse. Coaches and managers we do things they've done. When you when you finish third two years in a -- as we have. There's some things that I need to be done better and I think that's as far as I wanted to know the specifics. Feel loved you just mentioned a few minutes ago that. Tito mentioned could use a new voice had you heard that before during September earlier or. Was this something that He just brought up the meeting today. No we hadn't talked about the new -- -- -- you guys had talked about. He had mentioned to me is frustration at not being able to reach. Certain players and get him more out of these guys that He would -- in the past. And now all of a sudden they were. That connection wasn't fair person -- there wasn't the same degree engagement so. I know he's frustrated about that but it takes I think it takes. Unique individual to -- to look in the mirror and say. No I'm. He's told me directly on offense and take some responsibility for the -- I was able to reach these guys and they think it's time to move on and it surprised me that it was. It was feeling was that extreme about it but I respect that. And you know as I said in the statement I mean he's maybe maybe after eight years in one place it is time for new toys but you know. Wherever He goes next -- you know as lucky enough to have his lawyers feel one coming out manager's office they're gonna. Gosh they're gonna really benefit from that because he's got a unique voice and He inspires. A lot of loyalty and a lot of hard work from his players and can lead to a lot of success. -- the meetings that you guys that have is there something that you can identify them how to change the culture in the clubhouse. Yeah yeah I think. I think we have some new leadership you know and I think that that certain players we have that are leaders can step up. Reserve raised the level of their leadership even more. -- with a new manager is going to be an opportunity for new leadership in the -- last -- You know I think we can have. More accountability down there we can get it it's our goal to be. The best prepared. Team the best conditioned team. The most productive for this team has -- ready to go out take advantage opponent's weaknesses and go out play fearless baseball. Night in night out and I don't think we accomplished at a cost -- -- this year so. No they're going to be some systemic change isn't it yeah areas that we can make improvement is also gonna take some new leadership you know and have a new leader who has so -- a player new manager will get people followed and and we'll raise our level and then -- those tests and there's every half. And I just wanna answer that that we're all obviously disappointed at the conclusion of the season but. We feel that this is a great bunch of guys down there and dad I think everybody in this room thought that we were one of the best teams in baseball until last month and down. Sometimes it's it's it's appropriate for a change and this is feel and I were talking about earlier might be a good day turn. Terry is egos and who's next chapter in my. We would look for forward to a new leader. Obvious Tom or Larry just -- you don't have indicated. -- either today or weeks from now that He. Wanted to come back. Were you leaning toward. Exercising the option -- which you were fleeing toward. Bringing him back from your point of view. Life you know I think it's something we were looking forward to address at the end of the season and -- I thought today was a productive day and I thought I was looking forward to hearing. Terry's point of view about. How things could improve. But. I think it became clear to us that. We couldn't convince him to to remain and I think if that's best for all of us. We did ask if He would and so I think time he's afraid -- on the train and takes -- a little more time to let some white space. Pats. And now. He was I think He would acknowledge that He was pretty eager to get this stuff resolved. Sooner or later than one reason we're here tonight is in an effort to accommodate. His desire for me yeah. -- -- -- -- -- I guess this would be the best for Theo well what's the status of the coaching staff at this point and how we've been doing to try to get -- -- -- and what kind of person I look for. As for the coaching staff I've contacted. Just about all stuff Estes still on the return calls from a couple of guys that you know it's it's. It's always a case when your iron your manager that you know. Did not remember in the coaching staff's job is this is secure you always wanna make sure the new manager. Has the ability to bring in some of his own guys so. There I told the coaches how much I appreciate their effort and and they're gonna get my strong recommendation in many cases. To the new manager -- every -- -- final resolution on the coaching staff until we get the new manager in place. As far as the process in a timetable. No we haven't even began to tackle that this just came down today obviously we'll do a thorough job. And we wanna get the right guy that's more important than tender him quickly. And respect to our bodies were looking for. This is a tough job you know and I think I'll use the same process that we used eight years ago move for me identified. And I TO. They're going back looking back of that processor eight years ago I think we found the right guy we hire the right guy He did a remarkable job and this organization's forever. Change because of the job He did here. -- -- and some of the issues that have been talked about today -- by. By Tito and that's a preview. Is it fair to assume that. Previous Major League managerial experience is a prerequisite for this next -- -- is preferred but I don't I don't. Think we're in a position for any formal prerequisites on the job. Experience is important but if we found the perfect candidate you hadn't happened. -- had a manager's job for the day they settled I think we could get a look past that. Personally think it's premature to -- to answer that question because we haven't. Made any effort to sit down and and listed as we didn't. Anticipate at this point you're going to be in this exact position He made no. And efforts to run. Discuss alternatives. This has -- just going to respond it's gonna happen new rules we will now be. We'll sit down and have that discussion. This question is for Tom and Larry. It's a big change obviously with the manager I'm wondering what position will ownership tape. If approach playing other clubs seeking permission. To speak with the field. Has any club done -- already. Have a full enough plate right now you know raise enough cushion like that. How we're not prepared -- to -- in contention that that question in this press conference about that He contributions. -- keep Tino has made to his senses franchise. So. In the sense that we feel is this time. Under contract with us now. It's just not into Michigan has not been addressed. Don't nor is -- -- joy hope to address because I think we feel collectively that he's one of the best general managers. In baseball and has been injured called him. Successive Mara. Club the last. Ten years. Question for all preview of -- you alluded to the use the process that used eight years ago. Over the course the eight years what have you learned about the job then -- previous how difficult do you guys see that job is. On a daily basis dealing with the players ownership media. And the fans and everything that goes with a. But I learned about the manager's job the Boston Red Sox but make you lose your hair I guess. It's a tough job I mean I think there's there's so many different constituencies that you Dillon and they all expect. A lot of your time and and and and your fault emotion and I think the interest of some of those different constituencies. Clash at times and so you have to be a master. Handler of people. And you have to have strong principles and yes the very consistent and you have to have. The self awareness and can't be secure enough in your own abilities and you're not getting validation from. External sources like the fans and media -- to know. Know what you're doing is the right thing in that -- in the end if the business process is good enough that's it. People you surround yourself when they're good enough thank you the results will show up and I think Tito is. Fantastic and all those areas until the end. First day of the week then -- -- looked at the long term kind of with the franchise and a lot of the decisions He made what is. How did that help. And as you were doing your job and for the organization overall. That that helped a lot and I think. Think that's something that evolved over time. Both ways you know typically the general manager takes more of a long term view. You know worrying about the development of the young player how certain -- might impact the organization over five years. Whereas the the man here is more concerned man who's pitching the seventh inning that night in and doesn't think. That much farther ahead. And I think those -- the roles are pretty much -- -- -- Cam Ward into the perspectives and we had in 2004 when He came aboard. -- we worked so well together and they're such an openness. Certainly from -- go to allow us and we input and we talked about that night's game every night and we talked about the next day's game and and we let ten men on personnel decisions and and -- it isn't but there's such. Such an S open exchange their language is influenced because. Perspectives and and announce soon He was. 86000 the long term view backs us and we were telling them don't worry about who attention something that -- can and has so. He was it was nice to kind of help each other's. Perspectives grow a little bit again. -- were there concerns. Prior to September tomorrow how things -- kind of evolving in the club house. Can think of the way things are trending or is it was just something that really cropped up in manifest it out of September. You know I think there. It wasn't perfect again -- this is. This is a really good buns I guess you just say that you know He likes these guys who loves these guys said that throughout the course is summer but there were. There were some issues and there are some frustration that that TI and I think when your winning. A lot of that stuff gets covered up and and then in September when we started to lose some of our warts are exposed and collectively we didn't handle it. In a way those productive and I think that's -- tried and it's kind of hard to put. Team back in the bottle that and was frustrated by his inability to. Impact the situation impact certain guys and so you know I think we knew along the way that wasn't perfect but it never ends and then in in September and we were -- able to. To stop that tailspin that now. I'm confident this group of players. And their character I think there are guys who are leaders now we're gonna step up and really lead this club. In the face of what we just went through and I think there are guys that are talented enough on this club to be leaders. Who haven't demonstrated. An active leadership in the clubhouse who are moving into a phase of their career they're gone they're really going to do that and I think Tito would agree with me. And we have an opportunity now wind. They're coming off a very disappointing as disappointing a month as there's ever been in baseball history. As disappointing last day this season has served as there's ever been in baseball history. For players just to step up and take take the reins a little bit and we'll have you know now because of the events today ever -- a new manager coming into. And I and that man there's going to be a leader in his own right the -- Tito was -- his responsibility will. We'll -- lead this club and provide. Culture in the clubhouse as conducive to winning and that's that's what we're gonna get up and on and missed Tito. He's not going to be here for that. Or getting it done and it's going to be a lot of fun along the way I look forward to I'm not excited staff to go do commander serves because it means -- does not going to be here. I am excited that we're gonna get the right guy and that's under his leadership his players are gonna come together and form a winning team next here. -- really good team. Immelman -- final comments. -- include this press conference thank you very much. Thanks guys will be experienced tomorrow for a daily press conference yeah.

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