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Terry Francona Exit Press Conference

Sep 30, 2011|

Terry Francona met with the media from Fenway Park today to talk about his departure as Manager of the Boston Red Sox.

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I think most of you probably saw the statement that was put out. I'll be happy to trying to answer. Any her most -- some of your questions to the best of my ability so go ahead. You can you take us through this last day and a half for you and how are you guys came to this resolution. You know it's been a long the last month has been pretty tough I think is very much better on the club knows. Have been talking to feel prime more than people realize. And so we had agreed feel I've talked once like us and we agreed to talk this morning with ownership. And it's. I just felt like you know all politely what is said in the press release. I think it's time for new voice here I was frustrated was some almighty and abilities. To get some things done here. And after talking ownership of field at length. Multiple times and think it's the right thing to do for the organization them myself. Yet He talked about the frustration is that your statement about regional players to -- Feel like this is maybe just a couple of players -- Check job I don't know about shutting off I just think -- Wednesday you don't just I felt frustrated it was like I decide my inability. To reach. Maybe guys and I've been able to in the past. Or or affect the outcome a little bit differently. And abolishment. Terry you've managed Manny Ramirez for a number of seasons here thank you for brightening my day. I would imagine that. Among player is that you have to quote reach that. That was a pretty significant challenge for. Why were you able to succeed. With the Manny and others who might have been difficult and had difficulty more recently here in that regard to my house. This team was this team and and you don't -- forget you know months ago we were on pace to when about a hundred games. When things start to go. I -- -- early foreign guys to care about each other on the field to think of reference on a few times -- wasn't seeing that as much as I wanted to. I've tried what I thought I tried to to help make a veteran coach is also. Just wasn't. Ever comfortable. You know you've heard me say you -- been -- all the time about going in one direction. And and getting through challenges in meeting them together I just didn't think we were doing that announced my responsibility to get him to do that. And wasn't happy. And into my satisfaction. Tito would would you characterize this as as your decision and secondly would you like to manage the big leagues again. Yeah it's it's my decision it was my decision. I don't know what I wanna do. I know I wanna stay in the game this is all I've ever done saw ever wanted to do. -- no ambition to don't try to real Lamar real estate during this post -- gonna fail the first time. But it's a little fresh to start thinking among other things. TO is is eight years in this environment. Really tough or is it something. You think you -- done forever if the circumstances were correct or no not forever. It was all it was probably ran the extreme of all the emotions. That's probably want to Parcells special while Boston. Meanwhile we accomplished was incredible. Some of the tougher moments are really tough. I wouldn't change it. I feel like I'm a better person because I was here. -- some unbelievable. Bass rumble -- will friends and you know people of war Weston. Have a lot of respect. For that. But it is a tough place to be the manager. You -- -- and at what point over the course a year did you feel it was kind of going down this road. Power in terms of getting through the players or was just this last month. And also last month I mean there. And obviously the first week of the season was difficult but actually don't we did a good job of getting to the players feel spoke to a group and I did and we made some adjustments we start paying attention to detail and I thought we really do a good job. This last month I thought some of the things that. You know when things go bad your true -- show. And I was bothered by what we're showing him. It's my responsibility like us. Tale. What do economists -- managing air pink hair and Boston. Our -- games the competition is for me. You know and in doing -- with people like terrible. Vessels fortunate geared up to coach with skill guys like. We have Brad Mills and John Farrell and come tomorrow all serial numbers you can go on and on. Mean standing with people that you're respecting you admire. Is important to me senators from Sony players have come through here is that you know. You can't help but to I admire and care of Obama just -- voice post big. And just follow up if you had a message for the president is going to replace him especially what they think it was me. Home heights home I don't have a message. Everybody has their own you know just yet to be true to yourself perhaps. That's kind of an easy one. Tito as you sit here may be reflecting a little bit about the eight years here what would be your lasting snapshots of your time here in Boston and have you had a chance to. Speak to any of these players you've spoken about here is particularly the ones on the roster this this. Do you do SARS popular players sporadically because guys take off pretty quick that's you know I'm sure. As things settle down the dust -- all talked -- guys just because. I do anyway that I care about. I haven't had a lot of time to reflect that as you can -- is going kind of well up and down a couple days original emotional couple ways to -- I think the biggest thing all -- number. He is washing the guys jump on file that's my favorite memories for you guys from. All over different parts of the world gonna follow through frustrations. And you see the pure joy on their face that means we accomplish what we set out to do. -- you would you said that the last month of the season this is when all this things -- really build it. It's it appeared that some of the issues that you guys race in the press conference yesterday and they've come out since you know some of the good club house. Condition -- clubhouse environment in. Can not meeting standards. It's not that high standards that you guys set for yourself and your players. That's been an ongoing thing all season. Did you sense. Concern on ownership is part -- those things even prior to September. No no ownership those numbers have anything to me about. Never voiced that to me before. Did ownership tell you then this morning when when you came in for the meaning that they would like you to come back. No. We talked about lot of different things. I think they wanted to know. How I felt about coming back. Think it's probably fair way to put it. And I told him a lot of things on my mind we talked obviously a lot about the organization. And then the team and you know what went right what didn't go right. And then I told my thought it was time for new voice. And is not an easy thing to say you're always so. But I tell -- right thing to do. It's you know -- human in the end you feel some of these guys what you down. Actually. Felt like I let a lot of people down. Along economic club also mall mall owner and I -- wanting battlefield was a follicle on down it's my responsibility. To get this done and it didn't happen. And I take responsibility for them. Having said that do you still feel some of the what you've done. We'll have to answer that. You know I -- I don't know how they feel like you know. I -- I was frustrated I think you know with I think I've voiced yesterday a little bit that we weren't putting our best foot -- -- time. You know every manager has -- style and one year with players a lot. I probably -- I trusted them. Explicitly. And things weren't getting done the -- I have wondered -- -- -- I was frustrated because if that's letting me down maybe it is I don't know. Tito you've been hearing years and a lot of these players have been here with few for a number of those eight years so. When you weren't able to reach them that last month how difficult was that for you in and why you think that was that players be that experience with just wouldn't. Respond well I think that's that's something I kept asking myself because. But that's the big thing is probably bothered me and feel -- I felt like. If I had the answer our problem would be sitting here right now it was a very fair question and just. And again it wasn't like I don't think it was like anybody was shut out there I just think that I was frustrated that we couldn't. To accomplish some things that we needed to. Exactly one thing work ethic and -- your decision. No I don't think so I just think it. One and always semi came here if I thought it was time to goal I would go. And I think it's time and it is what is not easy and I know it's gonna you know it'll it'll -- -- But I think it's the right time. Did you get a chance in your meetings that they should talk about what you think needs to change -- with the culture and if so do you care to share any of that. We talked a little bit about. And whether I could be right person to help affect our culture. And I think that that's why it you know again I think it needs to be a new voice. I think -- past three years. There's probably a better way or been a person who brought you be more effective than me here right now. You know as the -- was going along and you're playing poorly but still have a chance in the playoffs. -- even -- your mind that no matter what happened another voice is needed next season even if the season and ended -- successfully -- -- think. I mean maybe the players would've. Convince you to stay. More I don't know I didn't think you'd have to be very honest -- get so caught up in what we're trying to do what we're trying to accomplish it really never -- like that. I mean we were scrambled so wants to try to win games. And I only somebody asked me -- always -- about my job status and I met then. I I don't it to the organization to not spend any amount of time thinking about that that's -- charity organization. He's he's talked before about how the season kind of does Amanda Canon comes a crashing halt the -- I don't imagine more -- this here than -- -- and because of that did you think about may be giving up a few extra days to -- I -- maybe through the weekend there. Com feel actually ask me about that. And you all want to make up my mind to think I'm ready we could've waited -- weekend but. It would just prolong keep getting needed what god wants -- to be done. Deal how different are you. From when He first got an introductory press conference back in 2003 and and what kind of things did anything change your life much and don't kind of thoughts on on being a Bostonians and then having your kids. Good point you basically raised here in the city. Well. Jobs certainly -- me when I came here I just thought I was kind of weathered. Now that I look back -- would like a teenager. And analysts tough place and it's especially when you Carolina as we all do. There's a wonderful place but it's a difficult place to be -- manager there's no other way to get around it and it doesn't Wear on -- and it. So that's just part of it and one wears on you to the point. That it affects you. Time to move on. Tito you've you've talked about how. You had explicit trust. In your players. What does it say about -- that trust that these reports that have come on the last morning -- hours -- some of your top player starting pitchers were drinking in the clubhouse on. During games on days that they weren't pitching did didn't they betray your rules. Boy how would say that I think you know I'd rather talk about generalities. Are never. Single auto supplier or an event wouldn't do that. Think of him pretty open about that I was frustrated. And I couldn't. Read some of the things I thought need to be reached -- -- would never single clergy or anything like thanks. Now my style now or nor won't -- -- You don't obviously last month challenge you wish you probably never find these challenges and manager what did you try what. How did you open your minds trying to get creative to turn things around here what didn't work. Well we tried to be consistent. That's so I think the biggest thing you can do not to the point where your beat your head against the wall being stubborn -- difference. But you know -- five managed like I've managed four years to fight doing different the last month that's gonna send the wrong message to his team. I tried to put them in a position where they could succeed. Can be consistent with that it didn't work. You know. I would rather do that. And not be the manager here -- didn't start doing things I don't believe in. Now what I'll have a tough time a little myself. Two. Do you think anything's you do after this will be easy compared to this -- what do you mean -- easier. He's been through over the last eight years or -- all the I don't all. Being a manager in any cities difficult. You know this one I have for obvious reasons this places. Although I don't know and that's part of the reason is so good. People care so much you so much interest and his team. That I don't want old girl I come complaining about them out. But it makes it difficult even. At times but it's a great place you're part of baseball obviously with -- with two World Series championships. -- -- certain position in this game now. We can maybe be choosy about what to do next is the is that. What you're going to do William. I don't know are they gonna do next two took two to get a job somebody asked do you think you're worthy of a job. And -- -- spend more time thinking about it but. Don't want the times appropriate if there's interest and I was certainly. You know I do wanna stay in the game that's for sure I love I love you wasteful. -- you should you go -- you pride yourself inconsistency in sort of approaching things the same way. And yet your methods if you will were not working in the last month what do you think changed. About the players or the culture. That what you had done and been successful -- Didn't work I was fall. He would -- Postal trying to get the first one. Well and that's the big question and that's what I was beat my head against so much because. I didn't feel like not talk so much about two players don't have to go out to dinner together but they need to be fiercely loyal to each other on the field. And I didn't always get that feeling kind of bothered him. Because I thought okay we're gonna get to Begin what we're going we better do some things a little bit better here as we got nicked up. It didn't mean it couldn't win our margins where god bless. So. -- -- there were things some things of that again I was frustrated with. -- -- -- Would you characterize. What your sort of talking about as infighting among players or be a lack of together and it's. I think it's more on May be spending your energy expanding your energy. On things He can't control. -- just. Well there's a sense of entitlement. Maybe a little bit I don't know that's right order not. Just want our guys to. All going one direction. And -- -- we got some great guys under don't get me wrong it's just. You know I know to get where we want to goal. We needed to try to do little more consistently pay more attention to detail. We saw in the and are playing you know we. We didn't do a lot of things very well that's my responsibility. -- Along those lines though how rewarding was -- you mention the highlights were watching guys jump on the piles and both born 07 you weren't part of those piles of it and anytime you guys wanna. Wild card or -- the issue kind of stand aside and just watch them celebrate how much did the players means you. You know maybe had some tough times this year but over the course -- -- eight years or Boston coach. There -- -- tough times every year. -- -- -- -- -- There's tough times every year tough times and nobody ever knows about things through -- and I tried to take care of and and then keep in the club also how we do pretty good job about. One of them could Sotomayor habeas moments. Were sitting back and watching the players celebrate because I knew we accomplished our goal. I need to be popping up all the months -- war. You knew what was it about this situation. That kept you from. Going in this morning instead of saying you know I think we need to part ways and instead of saying that. Saying look you know I didn't have a good year but a -- redouble my efforts and I'm gonna reach those players next -- -- it what is it about the situation that. Also maybe personal but I just follows time. You know again I hired to -- else -- do I didn't know -- Or I'm not sure how much support there was formal ownership. -- give us. And I don't know that I felt real comfortable he's going to be all Linda Michel. And -- voice that today. Over. There worsens things are the only guy. Going through things here. To make a warp it's you gotta you gotta -- everybody together like I was questioned -- little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's like those lame duck. I had made an agreement with them I would wouldn't talk about my contract London's. Saying that I think your -- like other bill. Think it would have made it easier but I -- going -- I would have done anything different. If I had guaranteed money or not. Yeah. He until He can you will talk about tomorrow in which you might see tomorrow replay issue. Yes. I think I hope He gets serious consideration. If not here somewhere else. Because I think He has a tremendous manager in waiting is a tremendous friend we talk about this last night. -- The land somewhere and you'll. Be very good. Do you set -- difficult that was for you to manage here I'd just the stresses that put put upon you. Physically speaking do you think some of them. Physical issues you have to deal with here during your term were stress related part of the job or or just something that was you know. Inherent you know in terms of how you approached this job and and secondly. Do you feel though having made this decision Burton's been lifted off your shoulders. First question. I don't think this job helps my health. Wasn't in great shape when I came here but. A healthy enough to manage to not want to go run a whole lot. Turn a lot of good people take care we never fell -- -- animal animal could. Physically I'm fine. The second part. No I don't. It suits you say I'm sure it's gonna take a while it can't just close this book amount lived in this. I come into the ballpark Thursday 1010 Thursday told closes and He can't just close relatives I mean. I want to get to Saint -- And wants it to the weekend sitting on it but no I'm sure a lot of a lot of emotions going for a -- Thank you all. Thank thank you guys very much.

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