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Theo Epstein - Terry Francona Post-Season Press Conference

Sep 29, 2011|

As heard live on WEEI, the end of the season press conference with Theo and Terry.

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How much how -- that to evaluate the seasons because. But it inconsistent nature particularly -- were so -- early so coldly and so it in the middle. I think it makes a little more difficult on this season which we played consistently. Certain level but. You know our hat I think we have to except the three phases of the season for what they wore me out after a bad start. To intend. Correctly identified some reasons -- that in some I never know. -- great great about four months to no reliance He won in 42. Group best team in baseball -- -- that period represented. So that -- our best you know our if you count level without any real -- -- And then obviously September. Seven point. -- you can get. And you'll be dissecting that there's this season forever so we can't say you know they -- that team in the middle. We have them all in all three phases of the season. Including the most important month in September but saga so. That's who we are. And we're gonna. Spent a lot of time assessing what went wrong. Last time assessing what went right in the middle. And and get better from. -- in -- that last twenty -- -- make any kind of excuses for what happened what. Commuters any indication that helped some of these guys and exactly what -- deal. Yeah. You know it's the first party state that if I don't think it's appropriate more excuses as -- we did this to ourselves you know we have to take full responsibility for every opponent. -- certain things didn't go our way at every team goes. No reason we can't run from the -- We want to get better. As to help people who in particular is -- Well. Are you as an area. And calf tightness and concerns of the inning with a calf strain and you play through it and think. It's. Feel we'll being seen as being soft to. You -- you know about. Pedroia is gonna get this group moved. From this tomorrow night. And -- number guys that we have -- and tax on and follow on some some nagging issues and these keys are killed we ought to make sure that they feel completely right now. That process starts now. It which would. -- Here. First and foremost I'd love to if possible we can keep. This press conference direct 2011 season the opposite -- questioner that can go to at some time talking today this contest not but this season. And in talking about what the next few years we'll look like we're gonna. Get together. All of ownership and Larry and I TO. Over the next several days and talk about the season and talk about the future. I think you know Roloson toy car moved. Hours removed from then and this season so we need some time to come down to an objective and you know. Look at ourselves look at look at 2011 and look at make the best decisions for everybody but yeah. I can ask that question about saying that. We've already talked about it on Tom Larry and -- nobody going -- this. What happened September on -- -- -- totally irresponsible and totally shortsighted and wouldn't recognize there -- any means to. Organization and smaller successes including at times -- 2011 so. In particular responsibility for what happened all of us. -- collectively as a failure. On the general manager so I think more responsibility than anybody. But I don't think we believe and I know we don't believe as scapegoats and in particular are known -- you know. For what happened in September we all. We all felt collectively. Fell together in this one and -- that would that. We're not gonna be pointing the fingers at anyone person in particular going to be identified issues. Finding ways to address those issues. And you know in some cases you're getting the right people -- help address those issues. If it's going to be issues -- this -- effects. -- people. It's time. Thank you Rhode. I think every team is obviously different. This team I think. Came challenging. At the end we go factory and Ronald time and prevent Ronald. After the game one -- -- well. -- up out of a meeting. I'm sure everybody knew. There are some things that world I was worried about. But we're spending too much energy on things that war. Put your best foot forward toward women. -- Human -- almost talking about that. That was there were some things there that did concern me. Teams normally. Is the season progresses. There's events that make you care about each other. And this this well it didn't always. Happen as. Much as I wanted to. And I want for certain whether. Over the course of well what your a lot of players are. About rationalizing. It was -- while car. It was stolen bitch. Didn't either do you sense a absence of urgency on the part of players took the lead cut -- -- And future Russian. Well for me I think you have to have a local perspective are. America think it's probably aren't required to put themselves in your shoes these fraud or if you put yourself in player issues the first fifty or sixty of you here. And your -- player. Fifteen different ways of and -- I got to try to remain positive. -- -- I think that's why don't want a lot of credence in what somebody says partners. What I care about his PowerPoint. As opposed to. Somebody worried about the wild -- group. -- in the Yankees things like that I. Think that's not the most important. I think it's hard to discuss urgency and of itself -- -- personal feeling that He players may have man have but they're responsible agency. When you handle that well is increased focus. Together in this intensity preparation. Raising a level playing the most important time so I think -- can certainly say across the board that if the urgency was felt we can respond to the right way we can respond to it. In the Red Sox way no way we can be proud so we -- I do think there is urgency down there. At times we didn't respond to the right way of that together some excellent. You all pointers. -- -- -- Each office. Known on this -- on average were put our best foot forward. Don't give ourselves the best chance to win. As far -- hardware and even with really good plot. Want to make sure that they understood the remote Geithner a Rubin knew what it was like to win there -- some guys in the room that it won't Alter or change. And people -- had. Want to make who were hopeful that nothing is guaranteed. I want to remind him so horrible while. When you're speaking about defense -- looking bond is how much of that can. In the scheme involving capitalism is can be among a group of guys. Problem -- And ultimately. You don't mussina want to block of days -- -- you need to have a team that. Want to protect each other on the field. And be fiercely loyal to each -- on the field that's level. TV talk about being consistent line. -- spots so why was that. Ports. I thought to be it was now. I think the really good teams recruit good players Campbell -- it all. And we are you guys can do that also think I would be sure to my responsibility. If wise you -- -- -- -- -- But to address this and try to at all going in the other direction I just -- the time even though we wondered before. And as follows them from some things need to be said. Shortages starting over again spring training within the team -- to -- John Lackey and also TO. We're burning fiercely loyal in the field and all season long list but so wacky rolling his eyes -- so what field. Is that just my problem or is that -- -- -- so that the interest. I regret -- wrong. I don't think. I don't think weekend. I don't think you can organize contractors -- -- -- -- generals -- I -- we've got the call hospital almost like in order war. I think we certainly wish it would have gone federal in my -- I don't know room uneventful life at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To big priority for obvious reasons and we have to attack it. Physical perspective -- if there's things we can do differently than physically to put themselves -- better position. That's -- -- on the mound. It's attacking a fundamental standpoint there obviously things that we can do differently. -- fundamentally. Two. Get this stuff this command back -- where was and then from a mental standpoint. Those -- three areas that we attacked issues with players so we're gonna leave no stone unturned. Really that all of our players with the organization as a whole -- from those three stance towards. And we'll say this. You hear your comment about -- as one I mean that's that's nothing new you know John -- he's always been more on the mound he's always been. Demonstrative it is and it always count count looks bad on the field. Looks as if he's showing up his teammates. Is that way in Anaheim to renew that only signed them. You know and and and we also knew that He always apologize for the next day is always a great teammate. There's no doubt character except for those times when he's going realize is that. As teammates -- and they understand he's trying to changes as something you can't change is an emotional reaction. We'll continue to work -- -- on it but that doesn't make him about a man behind the scenes is actually well respected and well liked. I know it doesn't look that way downfield sometimes is reacting to it too bad that results. Yes we'll continue to work and on that and more importantly. You know address issues physically mentally. Tito and the other has proposed that you -- and talked about a week ago. In the midst of the of the pressure vote last week of the season about having no and no regrets. To either of you have any regrets or would you have handled anything differently in the last. Month of the season looking back on at 24 hours later. Yet I've progressed as we. That we had a big lead. But we didn't sense that things weren't right. In this a lot of things went wrong and a lot of things have to go wrong -- -- -- believe that they did I don't think any of them were completely and proceed. So we we tried different things Keokuk Bosnian trial actually addressed the team now later on in the month. The board game. We redouble our efforts off the field and on the front office this things we can do lots of games over looking at charts. See if their little tidbits because offered to players and coaches that if you. It was ethical. But time trying to find anything you can do anything. So the bottom line is we didn't you know we didn't find a way to stop. Stop the slide. And then bigger picture here there pioneer dress. You know there was a lot of talent. Now about some reading get the results we can get results may answer that. And this mystery player personnel standpoint. I could've made several decisions. Differently that would have been impacted us and giving us an even bigger He. One way that we wouldn't have to worry about like -- so. Sure there are -- I don't know specifically right now we can. That there's any one thing we couldn't you're welcome to this overtime not because reading as a result we wanted. And we've -- -- issues yet to live with regret. -- talk all about trying to be consistent. And then I think there's a fine line between being stubborn and being consistent. Where things start to not go our way. Just continually want to try to put our players in the position that they were accustomed to and then they could succeed him. Sometimes -- Stewart changed batting order I think there were times we need to change about an -- on necessities festival we lost you. Friday at times to. Protect -- use him as much as we could. Tried to users have as much as we've got about overusing him. I regret the way the month. Turned out I don't regret or. The way we work and kept plugging away I just we spend too much time. And were too prepared. To say that I mean not long sleeves and work -- very well. But no I can live with myself on the on the intensity you know in the world including. -- with diseases that David and Jonathan had and we expect this offseason. Talks ago. Yeah I can't say too much about -- The general obviously. Guys back as a way to do that there. And huge contributors here not only on the field but. As leaders if it's been that way for a long time in the face of the franchise and been instrumental. Figure -- about that -- that He told -- earlier I think that. He took his overall game to a new level this year. Not just on the field but again demonstrates on the -- though it never -- time earlier speaker never. But He. He -- monetary you know He grew up on the right side. And approximately take that next step lead by example. And we've looked -- people does because. What speedy guys look -- our preference is. Figure out what was -- -- That that's another. Significant priority for us as with -- isn't getting Carl back to what he's been previously in his career is. A requisite for us as winners so we spent an awful lot of time thinking about it. And -- spend more time thing about it and we'll get together and hand them. Their heads together and see what what can be done. Again I think that He has taken. As as we mentioned that back after one is -- here's He has taken responsibility for which is the first that when I'm. Through its troubled about a player long term who knows -- counted is when a player denies that there's an issue that the united here. And the animals look in American and -- taken. Full and very public responsibility. For having him very disappointing here any day. And that's the first step and then the next step as well what do you do and we're not gonna abandon them and work with them on. It takes off season or it takes back in a way addressing it later on it will do whatever it takes. To get him back -- you know player that He was very important forceful forward. Thought I really don't think so I think early in the season. I would've been wrong to continue to get him off or. Here's Florida team thing so bad. And you want to get on base and it can't protect Campbell if you. I think with what all the colors repel them work when they wherever they hit just point your game -- -- -- -- and -- second night. Just all your game and won't fit into what would be more legal everyone does if you would -- -- those phones went for power would just just play your game. We got enough employers who keep -- lining up at a normal. I really don't think it. You know how credible and Q&A credible that in the reports and in recent weeks it there was some unhappiness with the overall physical condition of this team. Or they suites certain players is that an issue -- -- Well I think we have high standards in that area and other areas and I can't sit here and -- those standards have been met across the board so I'm not gonna my lump everyone and together. Say they're certain instances where we can have to do better and we'll be addressed. Ericsson and things Tito was alluding to earlier about. The way the clubhouse. Evolved enough on this all exclusively on the players -- Connors back where. Almost everyone down there and and and the leadership the show but -- the way the clubhouse culture has evolved. In this fall on me ultimately have to go America -- people we need to be more accountable. You know there has to be. If we require players to be in first class physical condition and and to be. You know look look out across the field and we wanna be in better shape in better condition than our opponents that's not happening consistently 125 on the roster that's a problem. We -- aggressively not better prepared than the other team. 125 when it came time and that's a problem to be addressed that we're not. Doing the little things on the field. Playing fundamentally better than the other team want to -- that's a problem and it all falls on me as the general manager. To fix that. So you know in some small ways. We've gotten away a little bit from. They are ideal what we wanna be on the field and Leo and so it's our responsibility to fix it you know. There's no. There's nothing good thing that comes from the September at all but there's one took silver lining gases. You know when you do make the playoffs and you do you could fall back on track record of success is intensity -- look past. Everything that might not be -- that. But when you go through what we just went through. You can't look past say that you have. Take a hard look at every aspect of the organization oneself included. And it and ask is this is exactly the way you want to be if everything's going right for the Red Sox were exactly who we wanna be because this element of the organization function the way you want him. And if it the answers. No then we have throughout Texas and that's going to be very difficult very painful painstaking. Thorough. Process but bottom line is we felt. And our owners deserve better fans deserve better and we have to fix so every single one of us. Collectively we're all -- Take a look at the -- data file the issues here for the wants to fix it and go about fixing. It's going to be -- elaborate process but it's necessary. So I'm not singling out the conditioning and not singling out a players but that's one of many areas where things. We can do better to live up to the high standards that we cannot. And you don't get too specific about offseason where I was in your community. That the basic core of this roster. Is talented enough. Not happy the overall. And if you think it's significant upgrades you me. Given some of the underachieving performance -- big ticket for you and you certainly -- it can't rely on it but there's. Deter you from trying to -- needs. -- He didn't feel. But I just MS appointment speaking about things aren't exactly -- we want them to be in this organization. Our decision making process on. Expensive free agents of big ticket free agents has. Not been satisfactory doll and and so that's another area that we have to address McNamara and dig deep into the process -- you -- -- wrong with the results demonstrate that that's not an aspect of the organization that's functioning at a high enough level. Immediate community standards. Again that's something that -- -- Can't run away from Rio Texas. Does the roster -- complete overhaul I really don't think so. I think there's an awful lot of talent here I have to do we need to make changes yes absolutely. And we well we always do but. There's a there's a court town here that's. I think gonna make up at the core of a lot of winning teams in the future teams that compete at the highest level and again. The not to ignore April September that's -- focusing on shed the performance in the middle and they demonstrated. How talented we can be so. Now we need to make changes but there's this -- -- -- here serve raw talent I don't think incest -- on the issue. Respect to the expense to create -- Who is something that we need to address process. He talked a lot of about not over yet small sample size. Situations as you go bouts evaluating twelve game strike -- stretch. Well I guess about. And then living through it must now prepared to dinner on the team and if we thought that. That's what games stretches was just. On an island and didn't didn't necessarily have -- that resonated with the at that point in the season as a whole of that or didn't have issues that were. Represented it. This season as a whole and we probably ignore it -- run off is small sample size I think having gone through all season and haven't been here. It's spring training as the year involvement in September I think you know there are things that coffee. You know I -- guy. You -- we are winning there are things that. Weren't quite right and again sometimes you pass them because you're winning so. I think. Again this that the fact that the and the so extreme in April was so extreme. In the long run as painful as it was in the long run may be -- benefit at least as far as fixing it goes because we have. We have isolated period we can -- data files things. That makes a little bit -- that. -- -- -- You've been here eight years now it's obviously a very stressful job pressurized job. It sounds like this season and it's trying moments for you. Do you need time to assess where your future holds and and whether you like to be back. Human talked table. I think. Will continue to talk to you all. Think -- is best way to. They -- It's still very bright very wrong. But fair. Is rather focus on. You. Fair and and just one other thing man who would you say this was your most trying season. And make that you've been here. Only because it is now. You can forget. There's not a whole lot here it is right. Even in the best of me no because everything -- -- important people here. Good. -- Because there's Gretchen -- What. We just fought through what. -- is curious. Who -- pitched today if if if you're done. To today and and then also -- they're just -- what are you an asset it guys the last few days in the open you know realistically you know how are noted that this kind of keep surviving. -- -- below him. In the office. About. Watching the game or we're gonna rain delay. I felt we ought to feel we're gonna go. All Wednesday. You know what we're kind of realizing that we needed to win that game at the time -- down. Because we ask a lot of guys all right. We didn't have a star of the world of an all around. Again you always do you think you were finally win but our best chance to win that game was. We will figures talk about what you want them. You about it and evaluate the jobs of the -- atmosphere -- I think that this same voted to. It's too early you know its lessons going for hours anytime to things settle -- talk talk amongst ourselves -- an orderly process but. Coaches gave the big effort. Yesterday they were really hard this help get things right and there are -- are ever successful things are going well and that's where the failure the -- that's collective oui on on that this one's -- Have a lot of respect for the coaches and they for the most part did a great job. Q earlier you said He wanted to team that was. Fiercely protective. Of each other on the field and intensely loyal worker works that fact. How close this team come to living up to that ideal or help or wait what's that. I think we don't sort of completely field talking about we we know there's some things are here things -- it -- Not again and I respect him. Bill although along. But to be the very fast. You've got to be really there's got to be extraordinary things. At times we didn't or. And -- -- -- -- There's. Let's get this thing. And there's there's still probably all wrong person really I don't know right now about what or. But. I want enough to handle. Things on the field. At times we just we just didn't get that. And it was very difficult. Hunky guys instrument is this is. And that's fine you don't need giving it all the and that's in the you know three years start of the problem. Yeah and I think from. I think that is an issue. To list some of the writer is concerned that if it doesn't and in the long list that's too big ticket. Baseball standpoint you know. Big ticket creating decision making process -- talk about pitching as possible we've seen to gone backwards. But if you adjust for -- run. Environment the contacts music -- back with these last four years but overall business standpoint so. -- to take a hard look at it infrastructure and its decision making process and doing prepared if -- games overall philosophies. To China to try to rectify that. You know they're in it and keeping players healthy. Millions of small factor -- and they often talk about today. -- find a way -- players. On the field and stronger when we see more. That's it factored. Those those are three broad based areas and then. Or you guys. With a long list of issues to address. Also since via. You use. You. That's just speculation all. I promised myself in the same boat Tito and the coaches and this point priority must play cards -- -- last game so. We all get together we. And ownership and discuss everything I think the process that we're gonna undertake is identifying all the issues continue to of that file issues that need addressing. Taking a hard look at ourselves. And seeing whether -- the people to address them. I think no I believe and a lot of people in this organization including two -- myself. And when when we're on our past. Is the best organization baseball. This year we were not her best. Yes He -- about myself and talk today I think crisis and think about himself and -- a lot of people so. Collectively we weren't on our best we can identify the issues -- sit down. Five planned and executed. To fix it.

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