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Mike Lupica joins D&C to talk about the Red Sox collapse

Sep 29, 2011|

Mike Lupica from the NY Daily News reacts to the Red Sox loss last night and their epic collapse in the month of September.

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2000 -- morning. After the collapse the morning of the nuclear winter commencement joining us here in the studio on W week -- -- network and nest in a friend Mike Lupica. A -- on ESPN's sports reporter of course the past mobile columnist for the New York Daily News and author. New book called the underdogs by Mike Lupica and that's an author Mike that means you're a wordsmith. That and that's I kept this little thing off. One word describing what you saw last night in two separate venues on this road to Red Sox perdition shocking stupid fly gut wrenching. Improbable you actually used inevitable as well but what to watch last night different venues how would you describe that. It it was almost biblical yeah I mean that the way that come when things were going well you know. Curious home run is followed by another home run I think by to share at that time yet you think called the tea leaves are good -- But what happened today it really wise this -- it. I hate to use this reference and and by -- by the hour hi guys it's such a festive day to be here. I'm sure I wasn't. Able to come on the morning after the giants beat the patriots in the super yes feels that way at any you know listen I really have nowhere to be for awhile like have to go to momma gets us so I can stay is lines you're not on a this team made -- the only the only image I want you to -- is just imagine. -- that that smoking is ground ball and taken a month. To roll through buckets like -- why that yeah that's what happened over the last four weeks and and and again I can't -- into Red Sox. And friends of mine. You can't be up even level last week you can't be -- and -- Solis and even won a series. I mean it would have won two in a row since two games in a row August and that was a double -- -- -- swept through some in more than a month. We gonna wait till next year for them to put together -- two game winning streak but built vehicles a great word. I think He I think Adrian Gonzales would agree with you He thinks it's God's will. I think that the problem but the gonna go forward is the reaction the way the new guys that -- mean these cornerstones evening themselves. They'll call Crawford John Lackey these guys who aren't going anywhere who are signed in and here for awhile. How does this affect them this is connect these gonna leave a mark. This it any -- I was one of the guys and I told the Yankees to do the same thing ultimately the Yankees didn't. -- okay because they ended up winning. I there's a name that I kept saying all last Warner in the name is John Damon okay. I kept waiting for the Red Sox to sign some. During the season who brought a little spark to -- to the team and I'm not saying -- predicted this guys who play really hard. But but you know what it would have hurt. To have a Jack Daniel's passing -- but I'm I'm I'm -- don't -- it -- trivial is at this point it wouldn't. Have have have hurt to have a free spirit are. On this team and and you know it. Under funded -- and and and and and now the tragically I I have a radio show of my on my own. He's been nice enough that it would I have them on every couple weeks because I I believe. He is finishing -- a hall of fame career -- -- games and applaud -- get up to 3000 hits. In end up. But isn't it funny how good team seemed to follow him around at taser -- out. Three weeks ago I'm talking a Buck Showalter Michelle basic directory is gonna make the playoffs did it. And and everybody at that point thought He lost his money should they -- a good pitcher out there every day I don't discount the the rays I think the rays have a great shot. But but what happened to the Red Sox to me. It it did they didn't address pitching needs at the trade deadline. And they didn't you know they could've gotten underpants and you know they want underpants are an and so they end up. Redick I think seduce them for example and -- about random things you're happened a -- Bard has these two games blow up against the blue jays. But to -- I and I think I think the man is gonna take a fall here. You know I I actually deal I think I think I don't think John Henry's gonna let bygones be by -- but the person in my mind he's got a lot of explaining to do. Around here is the general man right because. He's gonna have to explain away lackeys contract he's gonna have to explain away Carl Crawford's. Contract he's gonna have to explain away how when He needed somebody to give them just five decent innings. That did that what the crown jewel of the of their farm system. Was was this kid this poor -- while weren't they kept front and up there where where was the one arm. It could have gotten them to the sixth inning at any point. Pitching your mind judge -- for the last month they were down five not a right. And when they weren't down five nothing executives like us -- us. Earlier on the air after reading your piece in the Paper this morning that that the most spot on the most -- line Wallace in the end it wasn't one thing it was everything and you're exactly right from the from the general manager. I mean try to name somebody in this organization. Who has not a speck of culpability in what we witnessed this month there is. I would say Pedroia. Would be the balance -- -- -- was there until but He doesn't. Column last night -- got a lot of little blow back up last night but it -- one of the because I started to -- -- -- am I mean I was very Kerry I mean if they'd ever made it. -- probably would have injected himself at a Saint Louis okay so beyond those three or four people there is not one person in this organization and you can talk about the training staff and you can talk about the medical staff you can talk about the pitching coach and hitting coach and manager in the general manager and the and the seventh guy and -- all those guys -- what all that at a -- in this collapse why do you think. Mike that the managers and you're -- -- just from experience gut instinct you buddy Larry Lucchino who has not had a it. I don't know the QB flattered to hear recalled his buddy but. I I I I think that the anger is relentless in you know day just the way it works. Yet the way it's laid out there okay this one as the big money. And one guy an in the money guys -- -- -- money -- you know a number scratch okay VI I I ate at a live demise of ago the other day. That I'd -- money ball. And money ball was I thought was a good movie that was a half hour too long bingo I pointed out that baseball games are half hour too -- and the reason -- half hour too long is because of the -- of money don't I thought that -- -- you know it's so he's in love with that stuff and I don't think -- does that kind of manager and so I I I. I haven't been John Henry -- of their allotted alliances as why's He doing this because I've got numbers that say that. But I I I don't think people -- I just don't think people are gonna walk away from this car wreck and I I read something the other day for example. That you know they I was not gonna walk away because you know he's gonna wanna make this thing where -- is going to be his choice and I think the big first sign you're gonna see that he's in trouble is gonna say -- you wanna go interview for the cubs yeah go over the Bradshaw herself. Yeah because of these somebody wanna hang on to. Then that you don't let him do that because. You know drama glory to -- wrote a terrific column yesterday and -- -- -- the sports section boss ago. At about now. That these that turned into the yankees' last winner that they started throwing money around like the Yankees and even though they'd always had a big payroll. You know to throw that kind of money a picnic Crawford. And and basically you know it was 300 million dollars with the contacts because you have to -- out. Good baseball. Sound baseball reasoning you know just like he's out there he's flashy he's fun we've seen a Milan scored a lot of runs against us. But cinema and I think I think. We all have this conversation one day on the telephone. Why because I come on the show not just when I have a book because. My philosophy is give back to Tennessee counter and -- -- and I give something -- I told you. Early in the season I felt that the red and it turned out to be cured that it didn't look like which -- -- time I've felt that the Red Sox had starting pitching issues. Every bit -- profile and as the Yankees game coming into season and that the Yankees got lucky because even an incredibly lucky with Cologne and Garcia. But they never got anybody hurt other than Hughes and it turned out to be Hughes who guided fated -- anyway. And then the Red Sox -- all human injuries and Marty did. The Adriatic -- injuries Adrian Gonzales end games in the Red Sox -- auto debit. Yes I agree with that but I would tell you. We're not even having this conversation. If clay buckles -- record of all the injuries on both teams if Buchholz pitches the season. I actually think the Red Sox end up winning look at the team they -- just beat them. -- Michael -- and on the team that let guys like Carlos Pena walked. Carl Crawford Jason Bartlett who is there Hart and -- guy in the middle. Matt Garza -- him that seemed a little weird young treating young pitching. 41 million I'm real stars that they lose six -- that they didn't they have stolen -- line and they built upon that every year we built a player development machine that's an Andrew Friedman has done installment from Theo Epstein and -- rubble that the products. -- developed one picture continues who's prone 200 innings. The the rays were close to heaven for that advocate for over 180 this year for homegrown pitchers over money. That's why when I keep it when I keep breeding feeling Cashman are the top of the cubs that's why did you call Andrew Friedman and they have right now -- -- -- end -- and and you know and it and believe me a lot of Terry Francona I I I admire the way He conducts himself. I can't imagine as is the father of four what it's been like for him to go through this season worrying about. You know his son across the world but He it. If if if something happens -- -- your first call -- and I don't think mad is the type you know they've got him locked out -- but but is that what they've done there what they've done there nobody's gonna make a money ball movie about it. Andrew Friedman and Joseph meant but all my god look what they've done and and I can say about Billy -- I'm sorry -- World Series today play and an armed. I'm assuming that -- never coming out but I'd say when made arrangements done which is that what the Marlins did with a -- and they say that right at the World Series and and won it so. And and that's why keep -- the Yankees clearly by the way they played the last three days did not want the Red Sox that they didn't want the Specter of them. -- you know getting like a fighter getting back up to one He somehow survive in the pressure. Be careful what you wish for. With the race this to change in the American League playoffs we think it's there a year the -- think it's their a year and the tigers think it's -- year okay and and and that belief sometimes can be very profound at them in the month -- -- Take a break -- -- another segment talk. -- -- I bluntly my mom mom will currently breakfast whenever -- get so and again it's such a festive happy to be here and I and I think is -- -- -- callers wanted to -- that -- -- -- you got me as I am here for Red Sox fans -- industry gives that money ball for ten seconds if she is not the that the great misunderstanding the misconception that the Red Sox and deal are the disciples of money ball based on. What engendered money ball in the first place they had no money. So they had to -- undervalued player who could win any particular way right now while Theo and heart mind a little computer program. For those old PP equal those kind of players. -- the idea of let's get them for less money. Has occurred the Red Sox for five or six years now so it's true money ball system throw in cash after everybody out there John -- as He ignores it well the last time Leo got some -- -- say. Wow what about 85 yeah there's a deal it just guys in the organization you know missing in the their. All the good guys just give India Savvis -- those deployed outlaws those those that was a win for the on the Nazi art -- on my second time out -- his new book is called the underdog this is what it looks like we'll talk with Mike -- will take your phone calls on this festive day as Google's.

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