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Is Terry Francona coming back next year to manage the Red Sox?

Sep 28, 2011|

We talked to Terry and he left us wondering if he is in fact coming back in 2012 with the Sox. We debate it, play the sound, and take your calls on it.

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He showed you what do you wanna come back. And -- your contract status is they have the option if I'm not yeah. -- know guys it's it's not a time for that. They have ten days when this season is over that -- options and I told them. Well I signed this contract years back but I would never talk about a third season and have tried to keep all worked. I get asked about the other day and my answer was hit pretty sustained. Was -- -- reorganization. As -- always the right bottom obligations. To do completely destroyed and always believed that -- not one person they need to find the right person. What what what I worry about views elsewhere in games. If I spent any amount of energy or time to do about my job. -- Monday. I respect the fact that you don't necessarily wanna talk about it. But do you wanna come back here is this a place that you obviously the Georgia -- great success is is this not a job and play she went back. Your guys who do I think it's the conversation for another time. It's just you know it's it's Obama by by by it. My energy right now there's got to go Dougherty is unfair. And even do that -- -- -- the players some sort of organization does. I -- Divest myself in the industry because there's just too important it is like old old organization and marched to veer off course. They go Terry Francona just moments ago here in the and a picture will -- -- and get your reaction. Clearly He answered dead in a very professional manner right. About. Obviously may be you know promise he's W organization that he's not gonna allow it to become a distraction. It's interesting though that. He didn't do what you normally I think we hear people do and that would be. I wanna come back. But in an unmarked and discuss right now and maybe just -- shalt keep it aside because it's not necessarily. A good thing to be talking about wind. You're playing me lost game here tonight. Was also accused England because. In most cases that. Are at the beginning of the year that this will be the beginning of the year nobody was thinking about -- country. Obviously didn't pick up the option but nobody it didn't cross your mind was on and that's crushed a Mike we all thought yoga and of course is that right it cross your mind that. He's in his contract year and haven't picked up the option option because you think about best team -- -- whole thing. And they're gonna get it -- again. Apple are. Going to be in the playoffs you're up by nine games on September 3 the contract was not an issue now until the -- happened then. When when this slump this this crazy September started to unfold you look at and that it. Why didn't pick up the option should have picked it up a long time ago this is a story it's been a story the entire -- would -- -- Yeah I think you're right I think we. You know they were eight He became so dull. In June July and August because it was -- complete it's a matter of and -- when any fire they're gonna 100 or is Mikey gonna what is that with a 103. And so nobody was really delving into that story but as you hear him talk about it right now. You do ask the question why the -- hadn't they picked it up before this time. And obviously in the last 4425. Days the conditions have changed dramatically. How are they now gonna react over there and you wonder what his desire was in all of this we don't know. It's just one of those Adams. Leo when Tito over the years that you begun to take for granted not that they've been here together for ten years but it's been eight. It's the first managerial hire that this deal was ever made ever in his career. First time GM. Makes a makes a higher in it was oh so you've always -- Theo and -- you've always thought. I guess it had been that law which was Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers. -- always thought in Belichick and pioli for -- and pioli -- which never thought the Belichick was gonna. Fire pioli never. Never crossed your minor -- and cross my mind that deal was gonna fire Tito or not pick up the option just -- it's been one of those things one of those duo. -- your sister is it possible. That the riff is not be tween Hedo. And video. Ineffective -- might team up again next year in Chicago maybe the organization looks at says. This -- all dysfunctional -- video got a year left -- -- deal but you know Chicago thing we heard about earlier in the season you wanna go take it. A -- election out. And maybe they don't want this guy back maybe they want a fiery manager maybe there -- from above this ownership is looking at it differently -- listings getting stay -- -- because on many levels other levels. From an interest standpoint TV standpoint marketing standpoint it is getting -- That maybe they need some new characters to liven -- is it possible. That the rifts exist. Above three. Or I don't know with both post just this they'll be happy tonight. When NASA gets like seventeen or eighteen. Had a twelve to elaborate of the get a bigger number I agree I agree I got to the phone calls here's -- raised in middle bar bill already. Eight giggle I don't I don't. All of -- to -- I just everybody this fall. I do not to go to your question or not Jerry I'm calmer interview today. The way financial fortunes as strong to me like. You know he's not going to be packed actually. And I got that feel so that's that was my impression. In listening to his answer and then following up and him doing the same thing I will agree. He handled it in a professional manner and is no way that -- organization complaint. And in a way He dealt with it but. He -- It was strange the -- it tonight at the exact same feeling it and here's a question Michael I came up went after the interview was over and we're talking amongst ourselves here. And that is true most of the season was any question. Whether you should pick up the the option on this guy right and of the last 24 days a the last 24 days. Going to be an indictment on the -- maybe they should -- picked it up before the last 24 days. Well I'll tell you order will be too bad they don't bring them back because dvds just. If you had little why He doesn't want to order and law I don't know I it was loud. I tell you what I'll bet you he'll be managing somewhere else if that's the case. He'll get a job in off our. Maybe you may need you to check potato at all. But He sounded like it didn't want come back any flounder like they it Lott the comeback. You know I think well maybe well you know what I think -- might be. The latter -- comes down to that. This is this is that they don't want him back yet this is a tough market. But He likes it here. He loves it He He loves the attention of it He loves the this scrutiny that. That the Red Sox manager gives He has learned to deal with that very well He has learned to anticipate. Where the brush fires are going to be so. Even during this rough stretch it comes down to it may say to him do you wanna come back sure He would come back. I think the bigger the bigger story is do the Red Sox wanna bring them back she put -- look at sort of come down. Here's the one that would what would would jump on me is that. Why did they do for the 244 days where -- was there any inkling now when you're talking about a player in picking up the players such option is a lot can happen. You could have injury in the latter part of the of the season you could have the guys suddenly falling apart. They must've felt during the course of the season there was some serious questions about Terry Francona continuing that jobs. Where they -- picked up that option. It's very unusual that they go that long. I did it with -- Ozzie and you know He wanted out you know and then they -- so -- that's unusual to me with a manager it's different and -- The other separate but. If that date be moved Francona I mean I'm sorry but he's the best manager -- is. -- -- He would go out of two World Series titles. -- I mean what are you walk -- -- if you want. I I I agree and every World Series to three could argue that sort of comes out what more do you want. And we've heard it many times -- -- the sample size the sample size of people calling in. Talking about Tito and how they -- despite Tito is does that rep are -- those people represented a 15% a Red Sox -- fifty. 55. I don't know but I think when it comes down to their a lot of people we re asked what more -- -- -- for people who feel like they should be getting war. Because of the payroll. And because. The players there. Well but that could be that they have done a poor job harder to be an organization of where they probably don't. But they could've done a better job with the talent evaluation people within the organization I think it's an indictment on the alleged. That the Boston Red Sox are out there on day 162. Of your season. And there are actually talking to possibly two different teams about acquiring a pitcher. That would pitch in a possible play in game one day 160 game 163. I never heard of that before and that's speaks volumes. You the general manager and the talent evaluated over the are not getting pitching during the course of the season -- near the. Strictly a pitching during the season. How about. Going back to a guy that you have it would be on short rest. -- a Lackey. Can't because you don't trust them even identity 86 million that's the indictment that's the problem right that's when it comes down to you can say oh -- -- he's gotten. X amount away and sort -- John Lackey has given us innings over these two years you've done this you've done that but when it comes down to. The most important game of the season. You would rather put the ball in the hands somebody who doesn't know maybe half the people in your team as opposed to a guy who's been here from from day one. Kelly wishes question is would play this clip many times in the last week and a half of steel back in February 18 where He admits. That He sees a holy -- team in the construction of esteem and that He doesn't have ten or eleven starters He needs him He only has seven -- that the keys that aren't so. Going on what He said at that time and looking at where they are right now. I'm sick of hearing the injury thing let's look at the injuries that. The injury bug hit the starting rotation it hit one guy. Play buckled don't give me Daisuke Matsuzaka there are a lot of people that didn't feel He could make the rotation out of spring training. A lot of I don't agree with that I think are you can't go of the dice -- got to include I scared. It was one of the guys were counting that your -- as dark as it starts articulate superstar. -- get the only guy that really impacted us starting rotations and it was a models like all around Major League Baseball -- and find each staff. Who as a guy who was your 1234. -- that you ended up losing because of injury. What friend and it'll say atop the gators -- -- and it will happen again next year to the president is mostly it is very rare. When you keep your starting rotation. Intact for the whole season. Very very there's -- that's in Wilmington -- Again Google -- them. It in Vietnam Olympic and. I ate it and use the Italy double annual gala but chances thank you very much street giddy -- is I -- should be -- back. Seven batters walked -- his comments. That this first -- right so they now are like it. You Yankee -- all actually Vulcan I just -- been around my would be over here and but. -- -- -- -- -- I actually actually -- just looked it up. -- 68260. Lot of power forward. LaMont. Sixty -- marbles or. Play it up a lot alike in them on the road but. About tonight. That okay on the road down the road as a matter I like it for tonight are like are -- getting to a flight tonight like I did you. Absolutely that's a lot and it says He gonna IPO in an and you know the veto effort and they're together but. It's it's a month ago but it has won at least prone knee jerk reaction out of making decisions like that are black I'm Grady Little. Yet -- it is they don't make it. And fire somebody. Yeah -- wasn't there are times you're just they have McGrady you we we -- O'Grady wasn't in New York thing that was that was on the ropes that that really put him over the top. Or put him over the cliff when He made that decision or not decision by. They had issues with curriculum for a moment I think we -- to -- might have been on the ropes there -- numerous styling is on the -- chapters from his first -- -- I -- every game and get my -- -- kept on getting up to throw a punch He was in trouble than I did did we anybody ever bring this up about Tito during the course of the season in any time He was in trouble. That's loud and if you look at it that -- -- got to go I think. And that and I think you should what -- going to -- -- -- to protect -- At about Beckett but look at what. -- and not equally but I am -- -- situation. Or he'd make this Albany -- -- and complete cockpit employer not ordering that. The only excitement that black -- and -- idiot in the art -- then it'll go out J. D. Drew it's been at that point you can't cry for. You know it actually I'm await the went despite diet not perform any act or lack yup every picked eight because. You know -- heart -- as our property act that the other and feel because I eat you're what you're not got. Buick but He liberal Britt said that it on the -- correctly in there and and you know what -- eighty injuries and things are bad but are not. -- the way to get it in -- get a production is not the same or equal to eat each group I'll -- Things. Wait that they cut by the decision. -- -- and deciding that He made and that sentiment brought upon I don't think -- they're all -- know. Accountability. When it looked into the that you get -- that's not reform. I agree with what you're saying on the other hand if you're the general manager and you're paying all of that money you're trying to justify. The talent evaluation you've made whether it's Carl Crawford John liking your sit there saying. May -- to manages not putting him in the right position. And here for that guy's not performing to -- should be -- -- about what I think that's I can't wait a minute hold on I think without any food or they justify it. Because there. Wrong they the right choice it's the manager not using improperly -- in the Tito. It is is this using these guys I think John Lackey is what John Lackey always spent I think he's not a good earnings. Only way the only way general manager. The same general manager could think that is that -- guys struggled here. They went somewhere else -- whether it is. Whether it's John Smoltz. Whether it's. Whether it's rectory at World Series He it's irritability and yes Pretoria. Or let it run in Boston maybe didn't work because of this war Julio Lugo again. Mike Cameron and if those guys go somewhere else and -- for some audio -- you say. The manager at the day. That the announcement was made it Carl Crawford was signed by the Boston minutes we hear the under 42 million dollars real shook her head. I don't think too many people that was at this and they just acquired state. As He didn't think it was as nobody thought it was a good play nobody thought you were vastly overpaid I was maybe ten or twelve million dollar or -- of what I want out of Chrysler now I told you want that day. I told you on that day that on the most important game of the season game 162 and a must win game. But Carl Crawford would be batting in the eighth spot. In the line. What would you have told me that somebody else really stepped up eight. Everybody else their line up personal -- That Karl cross. It is it's forced the bad eighties and a great you know you think that in a major and -- out front office I would think that. We are going back to what you was that -- the 2003 guys you've got 32000 foursome partner where Bill Miller. Regularly with was batting eight in was crushed in their lineup with just don't go there and back into it was 2003. Was adding I would think we were going back to 2003 in the lineup with sales tactic broker opportunity Joplin. Source everybody most important game of the season game -- 62. Ryan -- born -- is batting in the fifth -- Most people in New England had no idea who we was two days ago. Carl Crawford spent a quarter and 42 billion dollars for the guy he's going to be here for the next six years. Can't bat higher than the eight spot and you could argue unselfish thing I -- -- number nine right now -- at least. They better hitter right now -- -- -- realist is nice little international play nice little ominous number field -- -- -- -- -- Characterized the relationship with the and older who were under it was you oh yeah hey it was increasing disconnect between him do it. A bomb on this has some good connected to upload it. But no I think you'll actually played pretty well He spent a little bit more. And we've gone through together. And we have had -- been difficult on everybody's safe to say -- -- the other different ways. Involved. -- back here -- a big show adored way and holly Mikey out of Somalia on the flash that's from Terry Francona. In the last hour some fascinating things to say will continue to play. Or more of it during the course of The Today Show -- the way the text machine lighting up. Once. They heard this conversation with Franco and talking about other possibilities Joseph -- is one. That's popped out there -- contract goes through 2000 and well and I sure as much as I love. Joseph Maddon and we probably would have fun with the with Joseph on on Wednesday here -- -- segment. No we would actually -- wanted to join her programs that generate that we would actually drink -- here's the problem Ida and have -- Joseph Maddon. If the organization right now does not believe. That Terry Francona is tough enough on the players and they wanna see a little bit more tough love. Joseph Maddon. Is not your guy might affect all of the people to complain about Tito on how we deals with players and current -- just sent. Privately MIT want to publicly I'm never gonna burn a player I tried to bring up the fact it over the last month isn't -- anybody that's been out maybe a starter. It's been able to go out there and it just put out the fire started answering it shut out whatever and He said I'm not gonna get I'm not gonna go into an amateur I'm Margaret my guys -- there right guard Matt. Aetna's net is the same way met that -- is more sophomore. Maddon has been called -- a light on road trips they were goofy clothing. They dress in costumes they do different things -- don't it's almost like high schools you know what I wouldn't college sophomore -- -- college. Knowing your team. Because he's got a team we we talk about the payroll why why does Tampa have a payroll of 41 million dollars. Cavs got a bunch of kids on that team. So -- you know David Price hasn't hasn't stepped into that contract he's gonna get yet he's not had that big contract. -- and hasn't stepped into that big contract and so when it happens. If they were able to keep that team together which there will be able to do. They beat the Red Sox the Yankees that's how much money these guys were command so we've got a team. Where nobody in the rotation is thirty years old yeah. You do that you wouldn't do that with the Red Sox with the war veteran team would have a pitcher for the -- I think yet it is skinny jeans and a whole thing and they David Ortiz who -- -- letter -- picture. -- I think it's what you do it's knowing your team got a young two I didn't. Alex then you go here's your yankees' lineup are here is the Yankee line out today. A Derek Jeter league leading up didn't play lust and -- on personal address him as the captain and the excuse me the captain I can't take it would do the same elected to a Yankee Stadium. -- -- they build on the end I don't think granderson batting second. Teixeira text message -- message in a batting third a Robinson could -- cleanup hitter A-Rod will bat fifth Nick Swisher six. Jones seventh of Montero. What is a friend from Gloucester column. -- this will bat tonight hello noon as. And there was that does India pitcher beyond Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce baby will be pitching tonight and it. Control room. That's I don't just Google -- as payment -- right. Dan thank you friend of -- vision is starting lineup for the Yankees today H a pitcher spent portion of the season in in double leg. Put your lineup pretty much in debt -- -- house of -- -- about the via. Come my probably my car my star crossed our mind wants to comment I don't know if they do that of -- -- comments and yankees -- That's right because -- of the -- I was paying attention to Brian Cashman. Remember last week yes and was saying hey we were just that your plan -- Carl Crawford and -- and I don't think -- I thought that was classic so he's right I've. He makes it this wanna sit wall only in Cambridge on wall. All. -- -- but it was one. Whether it's not what you think you know I just talked either. About a money it's only on news and are already art. Dodgers secure quick opinion and -- like you guys. Are. Once I got the -- are much did you learn about veto. And I was on global war that the other end. I can't believe is in any way shape applaud IE trying. -- check our -- one game. Demand ultimately it'll play in -- -- BER one game to give -- a couple of prospect. He's -- well yeah he's one of those guys. -- -- -- to keep a balance between management and a quiet day -- anybody on our. What do you say a Lackey went do you like much like my weight you know I -- not good enough and I know lately Bob plays records and business. You're not about the traffic into it and apply it. We need you get we could win the game it took -- -- -- championship and maybe article want to the world here. -- whose fault is that Bobby that you don't have a pitcher that you field. That you can depend. For game 163. Whose fault is that. General -- full. I absolutely -- -- gonna pick up made at the beginning of September but we need that again in my opinion this -- and a lot. Date of oh wait -- night. And what they had to go to Amal are you telling -- -- what you might -- -- -- in -- back on it and birdied 11 o'clock at night. He -- in my got a tomorrow might not gonna -- Well you don't want that's fascinating senate because normally would you not if Lackey was going to be guy would you send him ahead. The Tampa Bay suppose you have rain delays in the game tonight bush you don't get until 4 o'clock in the morning 3:4 o'clock in the morning. And then -- got to go up here between normally you'd wanna send the guy I would think under normal circumstances. It would be Lackey and not Wakefield and -- tell -- -- Because against Tampa Bay you've got a -- team and aggressive team in the basement all they're gonna do was move around the bases on which. Feel. Absolutely He he's you can't put him against him but this is still on its at the top job money is typical for him and even more difficult were -- say. -- got all of our quick action to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can't do of the front -- -- -- academy that was Saltalamacchia can do it but yes -- you'd worry about that Michael you're right passed balls while pitches but even more so the way Joseph -- place. They're gonna run. Running today and -- to -- question about who and what you save your Francona and you got John -- you're trying to massage. The situation is very -- Right now if there's no weather situation to -- John you're you're you're not on three days' rest. -- one of which -- in a position to be special. And I have been special on regular rest this year regular this -- -- have been spent on regular days in the division so I. How how I expect you to Gartner data down a three -- for a division -- to me that open -- Nasty look like somebody just forwarded -- the room. When I tell you John Lackey that. We want you your best at four days in an open liquid of the -- like Greta Van Susteren to the side of his face. You know and into the nose is -- up like somebody just. Right exactly so we just started in the room music. And -- and if He does pitch tomorrow. About a short leash He may be out -- inning and third but the housing and looked like when. Tito goes out there and get some in the second and -- for all those people have jumped on Lackey for the way He. I'd just stipulates when He leaves the game -- what would you rather would you rather have. John lackeys. And -- it mainly comes out of game Europe that. Erik Bedard. Looking to stars stoically looking looking up -- skip -- You don't want Michael I would say upfield hard -- would take easily consecutive start condemned I would take either one. Of their actions going off the -- providing they gave us something on the phone right sits bolt them on the giving does not think on the mound. It's irrelevant both of their reactions are goofy. Carmine predicts that there is a 62 point 85%. Chance of the Red Sox making the playoffs. You know what -- to get back yep I said. It is and I have a problem. Not all I think Carmine -- of moderates. Are in trouble now. That was the problem win now. When a Theo said -- you don't want would have dropped 86 million Euro on John -- That day Carmine had a virus edit -- out some bad information with the operator might it. It's about what He had to come back and -- what went wedeman. Is going on and what do. I I don't UK government why I think that quickly taken -- -- There. -- -- Arabic showed six point 77790. If it wasn't like He acted. And other small print another smoke break it. Is if you should get blame me nervous. Is -- more nervous than ever he's like a that's how important it is like an expecting father down as possible -- again but. He smokes now more than He actually isn't the studio for Michelle. He knows look at his smoking habits before September 3 and since September 3 minute the dramatic difference I don't wanna throw this one on him because He loves throwing the injury. Blog -- injuries. And in you know everybody did that -- questioning its substantial injuries aren't. This year probably more normal injuries right. Philadelphia Phillies. Had more injuries and more substantial injuries. In the Boston Red -- And you've lost key players for good portions of the season just want to list of all the guys that have been on the deal Jimmy Rollins Cole Hamels. A lot goes been on the DL for a long period of time. Roy Oswald on the DA twice during the course of the the season of course they all Brad Lidge Shane Victorino. Talking about quality actually if you guys that you see what you're doing you're on the straw man argument I haven't heard many people complaining about the entry if you are complaining about the team. People how to edit excuse people haven't said no they've lost and dying game lead because there anyway you're going to be -- bodies that optimistic Camelot -- might. He has been smoking at an increase of at least 46 point 87%. And that's just the pot you -- You know it's it's might be dismissed I ran up the entries for the Philadelphia Phillies. Phillies had more injuries in the Verizon have -- -- have you used injuries as an excuse for the Red Sox lost the nine -- of course -- -- you have to do is simply part of the mix are not are you guys got colts coming out and was replaced by Wakefield but it gives the Phillies were. Here's the difference the Phillies going to get her underpants the Phillies go out and get lawyers when they do during the course of the season all the different guys they just picked up for couple coffee to see if the guys could help out their front fourth pitchers were hurt -- a couple of brief. And you rich Hamels -- in the look but David. David and I don't aren't gonna let you keep your 'cause you lost -- for the whole year. I mean he's like caught and same with you clueless I mean he's your -- easier for huge cleanup hitter -- -- didn't lose you close or not but don't -- and now he's in September is around. We're selective memory on Tony's. -- look at the Philadelphia Phillies look at the season. They had a better constructed want a better constructed pitching step is no question about that. But they did better management -- they're roster during the course of the season with those in -- but as of these guys here did not as of September 1 the Red Sox were three of four games off the pace they'd set so -- what major injuries they have from September 1 -- -- -- you bet that's a big part of the tree hitting attack is -- One guy. With that lineup that lineup most players hold until the best team are you take one of the -- I Asus come up -- -- -- -- players fail you guys yes they never make an excuse your article 500 absolutely. Let's go to John he's down McCain what's up John. I just wanted to car crook like on the you have frank on the situation. -- the problem is it. But when He leaves and it's not on his own accord it -- are ways and -- option at the tech got picked operate and get -- signed. It's going to be disaster and a ripple ripple effects will be felt for a couple of years at least follow. I mean look what happened when when Girardi replace -- New York He missed the playoffs that first year. To me and -- can't call birds had the only it is out but winning the World Series the next year -- unless the guy you replace him whip out some big name ignoble would be. She named what's the big name -- Darling I I I I -- support describing. It's -- somebody with with credibility if you don't replace them with somebody who was instantly credible and who's got a a great resonated they're bringing in bringing in the town is can be very controversial move. Even if they do they're not Terry Francona that He an outbreak at 86 year Ers beat people up and it sounds Roberts collected that began lowering Allen and John Elway you know. Deal saying that you don't -- -- the quarterback that replaces John Allaire are dimmer and not a long term answer. But what you're John John dumb dummy of if you if you disagree with this I think. That no manager of the Red Sox will be universally. Beloved and I just don't think. It is that it we're not that kind of city it's not it's not like at a position you think you think Tito. Who championships is a universally beloved manager and is now. More than anybody else and that it had a moment maybe you -- the -- -- things -- so that month you don't like them. The other -- -- the -- except without her but. At the end -- career I have -- -- by a mile down again and eat it yes I mean I think for the most are really really love this town. I don't wanna I don't -- dismissed. The callers and text we get as a as a small sample because you're caller and you're saying. That -- that He should station that perhaps by -- in this town again but there -- other callers. Every but people call an -- you're guaranteed who say He should be gone and he's overrated. And if anybody can win when you got David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez Carolina got Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling got. Josh Beckett and Curt Schilling in at in this barrel sold their a lot of people. Port or texting and calling who disagree with -- completely. I think importantly I think it's more 5050 -- and it. Go out let me get this one I'll give you the last word John lets you bring in a big huge name let's bring Tony La -- -- -- -- its extensive. Have the answer and after an abort. He is a guy who makes a lot of different moves probably differently any of managing an American League then in the nationally. You don't think based on the palate they have on this team with a lack thereof specially with the pitching staff. You don't think the people are not gonna -- your question him every single day. Of course they they alone even though don't. And the ultimate point is that the -- collars and doctors or or calling in giving their opinion. Thank god beat on. They want to a year from our thanks so wrong about -- don't -- -- -- Perry wanted to get -- I agree it -- that and that because what you'll you'll end up being one on so. What I mean the guy is what is -- about -- about manager in the game but I am by by an anti. And I and well remember what dot YouTube and it never won another championship. -- -- buy another meal again and good luck finding somebody who's going to be. A lot to knock out mr. Francona is -- and they allowed back -- -- will -- -- -- -- the train tracks it's a great job like I mean. I agree wholeheartedly with you I think it would be the dumbest thing they can possibly do not guarantee they'll back. In in you know what if the ownership believes right now if anybody over the of the ownership of the general manager believed what you need is hard -- Then forget about being a big market team. Because if you gonna spend a 180 million dollars you're gonna get guaranteed money. With these guys at forty million bucks a year and you think you're gonna bring some hard -- who's gonna tell them what to do -- -- tell you some these these players will shut you down -- You know that's that's generally the case in Asia all in all sports that the next big guy. Who follows the dismissed guy is usually the opposite that the I agree though that if -- dismiss guy was a hard -- and -- new guy in the players' coach and vice Versa. If it goes in cycles goes round and round but I think in this case it might just be. They're not looking for different personality. Personality. But for different person that -- one. Change because. Change every six or seven years and He had a great eight year run here but it's time for somebody else might bring in a similar personality and to say. We've been here for years so got to -- with your or. Have a guy. That is proven humble poll and granted this is -- disastrous 24 days and he's obviously has to assume some of the the accountability responsibility for what's happened in the last 24 days broad overall. You know what you've got right now. You going to make that change just to make change. Could you need to make changed now whether it's because you've got to change the perception out there. In the in the marketplace or you think you've got to make changes in that clubhouse right now. Doesn't always necessarily mean it's gonna be better. It could get worst and it could get a lot worse. -- the players might not react well to it and you've got guys over the NL was long term contract making an awful lot of money that could sit back and Arafat doesn't say you know what. I'm just gonna is the Mike Tyson would say. I'm just gonna keep your gonna keep on AMA. -- -- Well I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do during the break I'm gonna talk -- Carmine and see what managerial candidates. Carmine has on the list because. I'm pretty sure and get some information and thought of that actually hiring your computer. To tell us what to do -- -- show exactly. Mean you should do that maybe when I'm just stupid we don't know what to do we know that we could have made that we according to your computer to tell me a stupid Indonesia and the other guys take its cigarette breaks it down for a minute well NASA NASA hired a computer. --

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