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Curt Schilling says he wouldn't be surprised if both Tito and Theo are gone after the season

Sep 27, 2011|

World Series champ, Curt Schilling joins D&C to talk about the epic collapse of the Red Sox

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They joining us on the AT&T outlined -- it was possible that nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible good morning Curt Schilling. I don't -- bomb. A is the C word in play here -- and I don't athletes hate the choke word -- at at at at -- ordered all the C Edwards and our. David said after the game and He does use that's -- but I think that's what he's talking about -- He said one part of the game people don't understand. Is how hard it is for our team. Told -- and a ball game in a situation like this. Competing against a team like the Orioles -- it doesn't matter what they do. The Orioles are not going to the playoffs they have no pressure on them. All the pressure is on us worst idiot mentality that you enjoyed in that clubhouse the -- Lars of the world who went around after you were down all the Yankees and that don't last win game four don't let happen. -- in the thing about guys like David and everything players' desire -- felt like I'd give them an out. In the in the sense that OK you know what sort of the ball only. Did this this doesn't go beyond right and He just up the ball player aren't acceptable. -- is this is something that as a pitcher it's that the means the only guy that can change that. -- -- starting pitcher right it's the only person that can do anything about this because you can go out due to Kobe didn't -- that double header and it can be meaningless. It's all done on your starting pitchers in the end. Or someone in that rotation because because what you're gonna end up with a given its weakest. John palpable on going -- candidate Daniel Bartley the policies because they're going to be. You know these guys that bit of their policies and that -- that's right this is the worst. Possible opponent. You could possibly out. Definitely a couple of right now yeah honestly and the hard part is that they had a rugged earlier in the year whether everything now coming back the brewers from coming back the haunt them a little bit the common -- number. Kevin Gregg -- -- some comment and and of them and a 180 million dollar deal. Right now an end you know that the when your last place that the -- book that motivates him. Well on the subject of starting pitchers. Two aces Josh Beckett last two starts twelfth earned runs gave up a lead in both games and both against the last place Orioles and this is even more perplexing. Jon Lester last three starts 03 with a ten and a half ERA He says he's healthy. Just a bit of both are things great -- -- some bold first for an endless and I'd. I certainly plan to not beat -- kind of you know patting him on the back for doing the right thing but those two guys. But for the most part of the only two guys I've -- -- it in perspective spent an apparent to us and -- sucked I was that I I didn't do the job. I don't have an excuse I was not good. Period and it ends there. That to me right now it is. Listen if this if this doesn't work out in -- a bit what do tipping point right now to Vista don't want to have to wait. But it could map out by the way someone to do something they win a game they win this thing -- on the -- -- okay wait a minute. We just went through there's nothing we could go through that worked so we just did. And I could do that and then -- -- Washington on turnaround but but but. They're gonna walk away with there at least their heads held not doubt you know idealist -- I do what I can do I could get dot. And when you watched last night -- could you tell us could you tell what was wrong with when Beckett. I execution. Pick came down -- a couple pitches. And and they're not and I'm not making excuses because -- I heard. Like snippets earlier talking about you know what's just it makes me somewhat laps but at the same time. This is a 100% on the players. They've made something like 25 errors in the last 43 games. Not to mention big debate running blunder that don't count as errors or defense to play -- just. Guys either trying to do too much are being -- This is that I don't know if you remember I remember hearing it come on over here. A member Greg Little talking about players that were on the field that I know Kevin Moore was one of them Spezza had I don't want the ball hit to me I don't -- people -- via. You've got guys on the field right now that feel that way exactly the -- they're going to be too much. It's Carl Crawford might drop in left field but was not an air search have been 26 errors in the last comedy ever games they're playing. Horrific defense and -- your pitching is looking for something. That's the last place in the world -- you can you can afford to give it away and -- just don't stop -- -- that the role that was -- last relative to embark on run. About five feet right it just dopey stuff. It was an area there what what do you think's gonna happen now you to -- week ago they're not gonna make the play house that you appear. And crash into self harm but if they're gonna snap out of this if it's gonna turn around who who's gonna make it happen. That's that period and that's the only person to conclude that the large. And of their starting pitchers is gonna take the ball and throw one victory in two innings and -- If you don't get that an honest to god that I I think I hope I was wrong. This -- the exact -- device -- went -- last week I -- dot C one of their pitchers doing this job in the last ten days. -- -- -- -- -- I assume jobs could be the guy bit. But I you know I I hope I am not sure that that is a little personal reasons but -- -- -- around light up in not excuse to Toledo's first they called for five innings and in -- get I was -- lead but it's not something he's been able want to let you start but not I mean. He gave up twelve -- to last two starts and He carries up to date and category. -- know and I think He gets squeezed a little bit less Clinton let it bother him. A. -- And that's the kind of thing right now. That indeed are not a factor you hate it because everything you're thinking about is it on the popular pro 135 pitches and I'm in the eight data I don't care He is. It's some of the other issue for starting pitchers right now Everett base runner is the game losing rock. So they're pitching you're you're going to little while I was the city like you go to the -- twice their time I was Dodd you're ball so well in the first and second innings of these games now. Because of the way He everybody's defense of and everybody's playing defensive in the end -- again this is a 100% on the player. Debit -- you know how it works I mean you know I agree that this is on the players. But can a manager survive. The worst collapse in team history. I don't know quite -- bit more -- and build on Hedo anyway. Got a much longer list and sure sure and end. And I would tell you bet the environment. Around what they're doing now big guy managing this -- as the only guy that could keep them together. I would argue with another manager in this position right now you'd have some infighting they try to infighting going on. Given what they're going -- -- It is something in your estimation fundamentally flawed in the way the Red Sox. Evaluate players that they were interest and I give you two lists guys they've brought in and failed and guys they let go and succeeded. Proper Lackey -- Lugo J. D. Drew Bobby Jenks the list goes on and on all here at about 515. Million dollars that's half a billion with a B. Yet Beltre Victor Martinez Johnny Damon Bronson Arroyo and the list goes on and on who -- -- play in this town are let go is very fundamental flaw in the evaluation process -- How much you know I mean. I don't know about a fundamental fly just always believed they were a whole lot better evaluating amateurs and professionals. That's hard to use a Lackey -- -- Crawford in Tampa Bay -- you see rent to Rio and and and you've seen at a Major League level aren't. Part of this the fact that you get fifty shots to be right for -- aren't right -- in the big leagues you have to be right every time. When you're spending that kind of money it's it's it's one of the person that that that both the Yankees or Red Sox and then now the Phillies go through that sometimes a lot of money can be a problem. Can cause you to move a player another team might keep. That is productive and bring it -- player. Who is currently a one -- the hardest thing to account for is the market the hardest thing. That's the one intent what you can't figure out before I contemplate here is how he's going to play when He -- right. And that changes people wanting you know you're the guitar much easier I mean you think about this is -- -- targets over a hundred years old and he's having the worst seasons in the history of. It's hard to do a at eight million dollars a year. Do you -- do you. And things like Erik Bedard being served papers. From a woman who's trying to get more child support on -- and Lackey I'm -- off from the media biggest TMZ. Reported that he's seeking a divorce from his ill wife. To those things affect the other guys in the clubhouse. Now you know I mean I always. The guys -- played with those things always causes them to throw shut out. -- -- -- -- Right I mean that was the -- never this is why we're doing but I always I've always thought I was on team with guys who built those were absolutely you know. That that fear of failure saying it he'd just put yourself through W didn't happen and and there are they're playing those make no mistake about it. If you watch the way this game was played. And in the way Tampa's plant during the playoffs right now every pitch every out every move. Every ball is is October baseball right now and and they're just I just can't fathom that that they can't. They have not been able far and away. The prospect of the Red Sox acquiring a pitcher for one game allowing Jon Lester an extra day of rest of -- 163. And bring somebody from the outside in the -- 162 tomorrow night. Talking about Bruce Chen Chris apple about Ted Lilly for her telling her chilling sound idea or the sign of a desperate baseball and bloodshed and. You know -- reckless and make it a Chile. For a guy who are the better your organs listen to start again because determine what do you make the policies are not you got that is but that's where Barack. Mean that's that's just what are their -- and and you know it doesn't it doesn't do anybody any good to belabor the point why they are when they are but the fact of -- matter is they already are all of their own bullish and they did -- And they and they and most of the guys were called to tell you I mean most of the guys. Who will stand up and today my -- our fault understand the -- the -- you know does mom do it anybody but the fact of the matter is they're not acute on the field in fact I I just. -- like everybody else they had too much talent would ever get into this. Do you think as a result of these on the guys -- -- struggling here in Boston in this environment do you think a guy like palpable on. And a guy like Cortese is more likely to be back with the team next year because they've proven they can do. He -- you got. I mean then that's becoming more and more valuable if this goes back to back here -- well I rite I eight. I can see a scenario where neither of the general manager -- the manager was here next year and now and then and then. They'll probably one of them by his own choice and the other one. Just by being associated with it you know -- idea I think. Again I I think partly to would be be the ultimate mistake I think you'd have to start all over here. With this group of players and new -- and let you know indeed the only guy I can see potentially. Even -- also because -- would be the moral tale. But I don't know what they're gonna wanna have anybody associated with this I don't know I don't I've no idea. Do you senior. ESPN colleague Bobby Valentine like updating his resume do you think he's. -- They just all that would I'm not sure that Libya. But it's Sydney Olympics products that motel that would rule that might be of the media in my bureau excited. While where hope and Ozzie Guillen doesn't we're we're -- we really Ozzie -- or white America hey do you what do you buy into when it comes to managing the Boston Red Sox the Machiavelli and quote about leadership since love and fear can hardly exist together if you must choose one it's far safer to be feared than loved I think Eagles lost. Yeah I don't I don't buy that you don't buy that now Lockheed -- look router doesn't mean. You know that that weren't very different time and place in professional sports now you're seeing it right I mean. You know very few coaches to get the bill Belichick's place right where where there's so much respect I think I think honestly I think -- from a baseball perspective and a column how'd that respect from the players. They they do wanna kill for him and then that's why you're gonna have guys making unforced errors because they're trying to do too much the same time. You know you've got again you've got some guys that that are looked around -- you know it's not me. Does that -- -- like right all right you know I did a good job is it doesn't work anymore and and this is about playing better than you've ever played in Mexico and -- I mean you allowed yourself to get to displace you'd still have a handle on where you're headed. An and so this becomes like look at -- -- somebody americorps about giving the speech that we talked about before the Cleveland series down 31 million down real New York which is. This is about -- happening. You win the attack you when the pitch you win -- of these that they do that you know it's happening game now every yet to win the pop the first. When the bottom person player and and and play it like its policies. You know besides the fact that that there's a lot of people are in that clubhouse I think maybe I've lost up there where. We're not. On but that's speech but the one that said don't let us win game four when you're down 03 for the Yankees but the difference was at that point there was nothing for the Red Sox to lose coming there was nothing for you you can almost bought playlist that point no. -- -- But I think we went in very -- -- -- get a clear answer politically what we were supposed to win the World Series right here I thought -- you know week week. That was -- the police felt that I don't know -- people by the -- -- the -- Salt -- -- talk about that. Our Cleveland being beaten by them in the policies order huge failure right but but knowing the level pocket now though. They are currently wrapping up against a week ago with seven games left I said I don't think they can win two Tuesday over under on -- one under they've won one of my gonna be rightfully win another game. I you I hate. They might I I don't -- an -- invoked in the -- capital right I think we're gonna be you know a 163 game here which is. With John Lackey on the hill while he's in no baseball find -- -- Curt Schilling thanks for the -- always a pleasure -- Hollywood doesn't tell him on the AT&T outlined by the what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T everything possible. How many. Tex was that it says it can chilling pitch Wednesday idea 10000 I asked him that when a text of the 200. I don't see one not this is in better shape and -- it I don't think it's Tom's of ago you know 5% -- did you attitude about this -- -- Buchholz come out of -- is it tonight and not a sign of moderation right it's there Thursday. I don't think bullets got desperation it was it was stupid to let them take -- whenever it was three months. As somebody said a week ago they were awfully conservative with them because -- in that they needed them they need him now does He come out of -- and tonight now tomorrow they'll though. Well there you can come out of the pen tonight because He pitched through eighteenth it is just yeah -- -- Although both the wall today. -- the plan is article stretch tomorrow admires the planet is -- but it doesn't matter tonight tonight is one of those games you have to win you every ones available back it's available. Everybody got everybody on all vs -- knuckle -- and Papelbon lifted and all hands on deck tonight tomorrow and obviously Thursday.

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