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John Lackey attacks the media and then an explosive TMZ report surfaces

Sep 26, 2011|

Red Sox starting pitcher John Lackey finally came up with a big performance but it was easily forgotten because after the game Lackey ripped the media for receiving a "personal" text that was "over the line." Later on in the night we learned that TMZ ran a story saying that Lackey filed for divorce. Mut and Lou discuss this entire bizarre situation.

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-- -- -- Thirty minutes for the game or text message -- form from what you somebody in the yeah. Talking about personal stuff and I shouldn't you step -- happened to us. Sit and listen to music don't know who. Who don't mind. My phone number that's over the war. That was John Lackey after the game last night and the video is even more powerful in terms of his response to the media there in Boston and look like that you heard about this to what. This morning new word do other stuff when you get up today at -- -- on -- all day long. Watch the Sox went back there was a second half of that path which are mostly tonight knows it get this morning on all about it. It's not I don't know where were came from a mean I don't know that we know where you economic order DMZ and that's where it came from John Lackey got a XT thought it was somebody there and it's dissipating that media with a broad brush enough press conference we find out early this morning that He ends C -- reporting John Lackey file for divorce with the wife Kristen who is in the middle -- battling breast cancer. Lackey filed on August 30 according to court docs and Texas claiming the marriage as well become -- excuse me. Insupportable because of the discord or conflict of personalities. -- and John got married back in November 2008. Sources close to that they and we tell the Ramsey -- Underwent a double mastectomy back in March and underwent chemo as recently as June. So we open text about. But at the time it seems so out of place -- to see him respond the way He did He was so pissed off He was so angry. And out today on -- we don't like is this is out of this world. A lot of play semi -- and we've seen him make this right means very angry guy but after a game like that we pitches that well when He starts talking about personal -- -- -- -- else. -- -- sadly Michigan game you know I think He settled down at the first -- in and you know and we can He do we can you could snowball and be out of their two innings we can do what He did get deeper into the game. A -- not bite through well now. This -- personal stuff and knows He assumed. But gave that somebody in the media maybe to Boston media in the media got his phone number and tax them -- Probably wasn't the case just like we are assuming. Everything that's going on -- his relationship with his wife I I have no idea. What is going on between He and his wife facts we know that she had chemo right breast cancer we know that. We know early years that He said my life sucks we know when the DL part of that was maybe physical part of those mental spent and his wife. We have no idea what's going on his personal life. And with that -- I'm you know I've heard people this morning -- killing this guy I. How do you know really do you know -- approaching you get more details of this relationship between He and his wife. Before you just crucify this guy you don't like on the field that's -- -- like month field looking at what he's been showing in the field the emotion effect is being actually lit up. You know all -- every start. Billick threw well yesterday that's fine don't like -- on the field don't like what He brings maybe don't like personally that's cool well if you get more information. You know it's -- stay out of this whole divorce thing I don't know the -- gonna go. The balls now John Nike's -- He has to make some sort of statement you have to have some sort of press conference. And He has to address this in the next three days there in Baltimore -- have to because I understand what you're saying -- That we need to pump the brakes and get all the facts but a bomb just looking at. The bare facts that you just talked about filing for divorce August doesn't look good at all this stuff. This guy looks like a scumbag I'm I'm I'm just basing it on the information we have right now. What we know through DMZ. The basic knowledge this and hope more comes out. It looks awful for John Lackey right PR stamp what me family standpoint it looks awful you -- do this now in the middle of the season. You know if you do this in the offseason doesn't it get. Swept under the -- to an extent it doesn't this have less of an impact it when you're in the situation where probably 782096. Hours. You might be pitching a one game play in game and you're gonna have this pop up now. And that's what this regarding the fact that if his wife is still battling cancer I think there is some. But. Get your -- it looks awful I mean He looks exactly like some of the people make comments on Texans and of people have called debt. But it does it look all we can go -- I like is battling cancer -- file for divorce though. Yup there's how does that look of course how does it look what it what it to me I don't think of out of all the free agents of all the players have come to this city. Any someone tell me in and come up with someone. Who -- it's it's been worse for as far as Kenny in -- -- we always talk what can this guy on this market no matter what sport it is. You know Kenny Kabul where -- in this market may be brings it -- Randy Moss and bring some baggage with the more Corey Dylan. Or you know John Lackey OK and call Crawford hill AG Gonzales knew it. I don't think it's gone worse for anyone that I can never remember then John Lackey this guy stepped into it. And didn't perform in the field is personal I've been involved in the media now divorced get involved in immediate He realized and in Boston you're an athlete you of your life is an open book. That's -- in -- perform in the field seriously can you can you name me. Another pro athlete has gone worst war. On the field let's say anger and three category three came in here was a disaster this guy was on high caliber player signs in Boston. Could not deal. -- what was going on around him it was out of here after a real short amount of time. But He didn't have the off the field DMZ. Inside track -- bar. In his life on the field here with the Boston Red -- I can't think of a guy in recent memory in my lifetime. You're right there with the combination of on the field and the on the I columns stuff. Has had a worst run of it during his time here in the city of Boston and I'm sure we'll have Texan tweets and it -- all -- -- all. And let's say it's those -- the way handles himself the media's all know is dry air about it but He doesn't do it's of any favors with. The way that He disregards the media that some things that He says the -- reacts in the field the angered the shows up there are put down before any of the stuff happen. The first last night you'll basic -- by diving majoring in -- basic nine times Abbott and no matter who defensive first baseman is and this ice. On the field flipping out. On the field and never seemed angry athlete I don't think in my lifetime that in the way He makes. Look reaction I mean and -- the basic not a lot of that game aired out well but it sort of saying -- Now you realize the state of mind He went that I game with a mean that this guy. -- angry He shows a town of emotion. And some -- that happen -- thirty minutes for the game now. Like I said I know everybody's texting immigrants call me this name and that name. For women in my sticking up for him because I don't I I don't know the personal issue that He has and his wife. I do know his wife has cancer and file for divorce so I know everybody wants to talk about that jumped the gun and everything else you in May be as comeback gave I don't know. But on to say ethnic baby. You should -- about. Not knowing anything about their relationship. Before you pass judgment that's all judge him on the field judge -- what you see what you read everything else but a personal relationship model relationship you and your wife have. Illegal -- of me in my wife people don't. Know those things you wanna go so go right ahead I'm not. With the information we have it's tough not to simply about John Lackey which like the back that He needs to have some sort of state wanna go to Baltimore. Tonight tomorrow whenever. He's got to address this Michaels and Attleboro Michael year old -- Lou. And hey guys good morning good afternoon. Really quick maybe you should have filed for divorce beginning of the season if he's gonna pitch like that last night. You know I was angry He is about the situation seems like you might have some -- say. That's why He did it during their succeeded -- not wait -- -- maybe but really quick about the patriots gronkowski. A little you know operate this guy is it an awful watching gronkowski. It's their first play of the game X interactive guide for five yards and that guy it's yeah. Incredible. And our New England should be happy about you know more than all the you know with you know pro and get ready and all patriots play and then. This -- personal life just by Al. Yet you know I mean is it possible for the having the patriots to have first team all pro tight and in the second team all pro tenant. Like to have both of them make the probable. You -- this is a possible look there's a couple of good tidy income as a footballer Shockey and Olson -- in Carolina pretty opportunities due to Michael Finley and whoever is behind him but. -- it's comical but He can make the argument now. That he's right there were two Michael Finley with gates hurt. -- wanna best identifiable in terms of what he's able to deal wanna sneak in -- in New Hampshire jury -- -- Lou. Yeah I get we got so Lackey. I really don't care what his personal -- salt all over how much money naked. Like -- while we acts on the field. That guy. Either watching baseball for a long time and I means that expect -- acts. Like an eight year old -- -- spoiled brat who -- it is wait. If captain of that team -- grab -- by the slow in the -- policy but don't slap and common knock it off. See that's the -- although that's that's that's the way you should feel I mean honestly. You'll like John Lackey for what it does on the field everything else that's what we should keep them in mine He says he's forced now to address that. I don't think so -- -- she's going through a divorce where yes the know what's in Google and about -- -- now everybody -- gonna let let me talk about my personal audience and say look I know what's going on here the way He addressed the media last night by stepping around it and putting the blame on guys like Alex theory -- -- like -- -- -- -- And -- if they get -- real shame on me. But if this was DMZ and he's taken his anger out on a boss immediate court that is we have followed around I think for the most part this year. Amidst his family turmoil that -- of the John Lackey okay. So He suggested that way or something happened this is going on May be stable -- keep it private that's fine but even as much as that would knowledge that this is going on it's saying look it's a private matter. My family might blow a wife ex wife never -- detail it. Even something like that he's got to address it because He flipped out you're -- a bunch of guys who had no idea what the hell's going on last night there in New York. While big John -- ever shown us that he's able to controls emotions in the right thing after game. Never been able to do -- ever write -- in and post game conference never never able to take ten minutes settle himself. In going there and handle the media the right away any doubt that He did last they let you -- he'll accusing some of those people doing -- we don't know. What you find out that one -- did do. When you have what if it wasn't -- Lindsay what if it was a reporter that covers them every single that every single game I don't know. It all of -- if you judge to guide -- for what you see in the field with you don't like that that's fine don't pretend that you. Hang out with him and his wife and know what's going on. -- him a piece of people out there listening. That have a better idea that we do that actually doing noting his wife are actually doing 020 John Lackey at night over the weekends maybe seasons going maybe doesn't like it. Maybe they see his wife's -- to elect I don't know. But don't pretend like you know there relationship that's all the mean a lot of people out there you wanna jump on jump on that's all you want to do not personally face. The info we have right now it looks awful I think He has a responsibility to address in some way shape or form. In the next couple days in Baltimore a very busy day here today all your calls at 6177790850. Toll free 888525. Zero late fifty Verizon's helpful pound WE -- it's a free phone call for you you can text that any time on the -- text line. At 85850. ICA or patriots wide receiver with a Narragansett had on that means Troy -- -- thoughts of football would toward brown Jerod Mayo. Deion Branch all your calls patriots Monday Sports Radio WEE.

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