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Tom Brady talks about Ochocinco, his offensive line and the struggling defense

Sep 26, 2011|

Patriots QB, Tom Brady, joins Dennis and Callahan to recap the Pats loss to the Bills

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Our conversation with Tom Brady is brought to -- northeast electrical distributors brighten your day it would electrical solution capabilities that can assist you in saving energy and reducing costs and -- auto trader compare brand spanking new cars and special -- side by side auto trader dot com. I'm joins us on the AT&T outlined by the what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible good morning Tom Brady. -- -- Do you get much sleep after a game like that or you able to compartmentalize. And put her out of your brain and says I'll think about all that tomorrow. I. I don't sleep very well. You're not -- very well our game. And you know when you lose and lose the way that we -- At its -- on the swallowed a long flight home. Sure the along wheat lets you know we're we're the only people like you really do anything about it and we got -- -- -- he's gonna -- we have. You know budget meaningful games so. You know we'll we'll figure out what was it long and and try to try to do a better move forward. But two part question here on interceptions in general Telecom. Do you view batted balls differently than just missed reads or poorly executed interceptions. Worry -- quarterback Richard you're just you're trying to make good decisions with the ball. It'll -- all -- you pretty much all but fortunately thirteen. Which you -- down. You know sometimes they -- it's sometimes they make a play and and then it. On the ball and get -- sometimes you know you could make a better shall go. No like yes they are few the throat and it'd make you pay for and sometimes they catch -- sometimes they don't sometimes ought to stop to the ground -- -- -- not let up in the air and that's. Are playing quarterback you got to feel it rebounding and Eagles are staring. And keep making good strokes so. You're in different ways we responded. Yesterday and -- environment greatly. We had control -- the game but we just we really let it report. Specifically when you get the defensive -- helmet with the ball is -- on you Tom in your mind. Yeah of course Amir you're trying to hit the hit with a lot of all -- yard return sort over the middle away questions. You know got to make a better throw so -- -- well I'll work on it He can get better. And -- basketball when you have to go against a team that's that's tall and you know let me -- guys you break -- -- -- -- -- mop and you play defense just to get. Ready for how you practice how do you prepare. For a defense that's gonna try him he's an -- and if they can't get to you they're gonna try and knock down your pros I know in in practice that probably don't give the best effort to block. Pros. Is there any way to get ready for that because the there's Rich Gannon pointed out you you kind of vulnerable to a dig a lot of crossing pattern -- lot of underneath throws to Welker in the tight and so the defense is really trying to get in year passing glance. Yeah and and there are you know that's something we get to be aware of and and net. You know we're always well they're gonna are we don't we -- -- -- -- have to bat it down so. You know this happen you know. Or three times a week you know you'd you'd you'd think a lot about what we're doing plan and scheme that. You know they make played -- play and I think you just got the credit to him and and you move on you. You're change your whole lot from -- one play. They've made it could play on the ball the ball got deflected into the hands of the defender and and and and that's why it took for the underway about -- -- the place that they may. It would give her credit for making those plays and we. You can't figure -- so -- you know all day and night about. You know when you feel like if -- -- you try to play and they made it then and we look forward we still opportunities -- You know just continued to argue. -- just before you joined us summertime Welker what an amazing game He had when it just wouldn't what a tough guy He is. A reliable guy is you worry about -- in them because when he's going over the middle he's getting popped -- when you make sixteen catches that means you take a lot of hits is that. -- I do you rely on him too much. Well he's. You if you are passing game so -- daylight yesterday we we did have to rely on hand and you know -- get open catch the -- He -- things sort itself. Always folks are getting and the ball I think united. There are a lot of trust in what he's joining -- and here's playmaker abilities. In -- Nortel got to spread the autonomy or BR for example little pink eye catcher and I I gotta get -- the -- -- -- You know he's that you -- you -- where first. I think in New York when you do distorts a Warner -- -- the defense figure that out pretty quick and you know it takes all and Cuba on the offensive. Side of the law says it took place restoration smart in order score points in and out. You know -- Erin made a lot of urge you to Iraq make a lot of play yesterday and and worst hit that I got our character -- what you really got the ball. Were they by and large the bills' defense -- referring to double teaming -- chill and did that have something to do with Wes is big day. Well I kiss our you know it just turned OS was in the right place correct armored and they you have those gains. Or you're armed. A lot of that's what guys don't have sixteen catches. An elderly often you know expelled because you know at some point they they were like I -- on the cover -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but. You know other guys. You know make -- place yesterday and I don't -- I really are likely stop -- a multiple occasions that they make -- -- big plays but I you know we remove all week you know we. We complete a -- after the move the ball and now the shield is in -- up point and I think -- Offensively we look at and we say you know what they are a lot of good things we're just. Others yesterday for example that the -- -- -- right you know few penalties hurt us but. He can turn them although there we go for receptions and expect to they're just not gonna do. This is our obligatory Ochocinco question He said after the game He said it whiz He -- drop the ball is it just let -- get away from me on the ball but He didn't catch for the touchdown -- it was a good day for me mentally it was really good. I knew all of my stuff. Now that felt good that's step one is just got to come a little quicker -- come away with everything that is thrown my way would you agree that he's getting it better that he's -- he's got his stuff down. -- you don't work hard at it and and I think the last few weeks -- -- early that much more involvement in him and and plane making an and we're gonna veto over -- every single player on the roster. I have a lot of conflict and chat you know you you work hard you want to do the right thing studies. You know and I'm not practiced trying to get it right I'm in -- and a lot of a lot. -- -- -- -- -- in particular that the rookies and further in other veterans streak against. Really taking any sort of at a time that we're making progress each week. And it's showing up and and I think each guy. You know -- -- chatted -- -- you know more expressive and and that support offense they're gonna have to defend it. No matter how many yards you throw for 40500. Whatever the case may be you c'mon with -- us on Monday morning and say it's not just me it's the whole team policy team win team victory team concepts. In the opposite -- said today it was that -- team lost based on not just the turnovers. But the defense does not stop a long drives in 93 elderly yard some blown coverages drop balls mistake with that team gloss in your mind -- we know you like team wins. We have what we netstat social all about it and we all know -- it together. And we always after the game -- You know sticking together looking at bats where it happened I mean you don't look we gotta be more metal it's not that one off and it's it's pretty hard because sixteen you know in the NFL and you know when you're ideally they take you know they. It made a few more plays and we did it hurt if it appropriately and a couple of the plays out to different outcome and you can either that we want yes they use it it would masks some of the problems that would that happen. Oh you know when you lose they're really exploded everybody OK look this is what we need you to do in order to win -- games and that. You know it's it's certainly a -- team lost -- -- I believe much apparent thing on my postings that I wish I had it done better. And look at other quarterback in and you're not get all opinions on the -- -- you like and certainly what those interceptions. If you take -- you take those are. I'm -- I hit struck a stop me from going up there aren't aren't the ball on the field and I don't lose any confidence in what I think -- offense can pull it. You know what should we got to eliminate some of -- -- somebody inconsistencies that we ever showed up the first. Three weeks order to. To really take our football. And are also took -- -- to -- to another level. And now we shall we got a lot of contact your bank place are gonna continue to need to do that over the course of the -- You know we do that I think we're gonna be pretty proud of the ultimate yes but if we continue playing consistent and if you turn the ball over -- -- we were. You know we really relied on last year to -- gains we internal you know you're just. They say they -- -- played out there you got to give credit and the other one where. You know we make bad place. You know we got that we got to eliminate those so that's really what you think about -- -- -- the last. -- eighteen hours or so. Tom Rich Gannon on the broadcast pointed out that never knew and make this point before that. Quarterbacks throw interceptions when they're not throwing to their favorite receivers that top one or two guys because they're not on the same page necessarily with the with the fourth and fifth guy and He made this point after I guess your your second pick the one. Mckelvin made when He undercut Ochocinco and eat immediately blamed the receiver now I know you're not gonna blame the receiver but can you. It just listen the rich -- analysis of this and and give me your take. Watch Chad Ochocinco. As He comes out of the break He starts to fade and -- let's Leodis McKelvin undercut them. Got to take a flat -- friendly angle coming back to the quarterback. We lose Mckelvin -- -- -- -- -- Chad Ochocinco. The whole way could see -- -- delayed Tom Brady is. Got to be able to trust those receivers He -- just that they have enough reps and experience with Chad. It obviously get animated sound like you're annoyed at Ochocinco where were you and is that what happened on that plays -- right. Well you know it it's I think quarterbacks -- protect -- quarterback at a standard a lot of our -- review the broadcasts that out. -- -- -- -- them a bit player fraternity got here and you know which works of art it. At a you know being on the same page -- on the -- in the concentrated -- it's. I yacht and let our Leo Laporte this boat guys let's and we got to eliminate turn over like that we're really unnecessary so. You know if if I could throw the ball away in a situation like that -- order another receiver by feel like you undercut it. And -- have to do so. You know like issue and I thought that was a diplomat a joke and He really got to jump audit you know He went through the intersection. -- get big play for their -- and that's what it takes to win the game so you know they may play till we get more place that into account status because. You know when you played eighteen and you plan at all they're gonna make their fair share like a boxing match you know we're gonna get it are gonna get it -- yen. You connect more times and maybe -- -- you know we we -- a opportunity I don't think fairly dramatic gain access Internet. -- -- where where actual walking in the church -- completely played a way to replayed it it'll not going to be very reluctant we're not secure the basis for. You know we know that we -- better than. Thomas the old days before aerial assault football was so in bowl in Foxborough a 21 nothing lead. Would have some coaches some quarterbacks some teams try to run the ball -- little bit more let some air out of the the ball on general and run the clock five yards cloud of dust all that is not a sound approach based on how this team is constructed do you think. Well I think it's great -- out right now are no matter what you do. You know we're trying to we're trying to run it just as well as we grow and vice Versa so it's complement one another the play action game. Complement the running game -- first so. No we don't wanna come out every game. On the ball illustrate -- as we have -- we wanna be out. We get some damn good running backs that are able to. Fit to do some good things. So I'm sure that's gonna get to point out that we're gonna continue to our waste. -- the ball so the guy who could really use something like that. The running back a big part of every game plan won't end up. -- -- yes I'm sure there'll be a lot of particularly out for ourselves. And you know hopefully whatever we do next week at the seminar on the game plan depending on what we see for their defense and we we gotta do more -- it yesterday. It's dominant effort not to just keep hammering on the negatives what was the perfect play. You guys made out there the play that you you worked on in practice complicated and it came up exactly the way you wanted to. Was there one that stands out in your mind. I was -- will assist first touchdown pass. Oh they're great play by west chief. Got it got that quarter move and it and that broke out amid a quarter slipped to collect on a lot in first touched on the west next place. Liked -- easy -- in others so you guys can't look at run route by quest. Allow him to -- the separation. That He. Which allowed him. You know make pretty typical -- look pretty easy so. While the other great local media bunch of -- today. You know -- at some great -- You know we just we just got we don't early got you on the same page are we can forget that so we can be more consistent school. That's what stands out in your mind wasn't for a touchdown -- maybe it doesn't it's just after they had scored seventeen unanswered I believe you would just gone into the no huddle. And it was a third and seven. And there was kind of a great play with a double check in with Welker. Opera 23 yards -- the play very complicated to perfectly executed. Yeah and and I accepted it. -- we do have a lot of content that we can lower capacities. That we can protect we can run routes. -- we get the ball to the right guys. -- You know particular date or will we lose games like 21 not send that you feel like -- -- you feel job we're we're we're not even close all. Do you feel like or where it would make the play he's. You know -- just too many negative placed take away from it directly or make currently may play good place. Let you know that turnovers early negate the positive place so. No we're gonna need it we're just gonna need to do a better job and I think that's. That's sort of you work on all we can practice it's early in the year and a quarter per game with a year. You know not since the I think you're absolutely we've got -- we're gonna cover practiced the work hard. We're gonna take the coaching and we're gonna put the game plan and a return a lot -- -- -- we did the other day. Because it's a it's a pretty crappy tasting your mouth. You know leave in a stadium like we did yesterday it -- like -- -- there are just a few pretty basic -- replaying -- and and it's a different outcome. All right back to the negativity what was the worst play of the day in your mind the one that just made just sick to your stomach. The equipment that it. -- are on grabbed so I don't get a new. You know I had one to be on early in the game come back out on the are sidelined and it's not there really fit in -- You had a third down play that try to look at Julia try to look to sixty -- and -- suitable to our side knocked out so. On the other intersection Vietnam and alert in those those to show off their -- -- -- that. But -- -- I I try to evaluate the decision -- make an. I don't really -- -- forcing them all you know I feel like -- interest rates and get -- so. You know I give them credit they -- it album maker Merck and quarterback but make -- not -- -- so that they get a burger wrapper. A -- long since past the point where I'm going home to the Bay Area is a distraction you'll still have like. High school friends call you and say Tommy about a coming up the -- Now. Not so much. It'll be under two people on the go back there. You know I've played so -- you watch this for another police -- Cisco. So. I guess those strips in 08. People injured and it'll be on the beat back all it'll be under took place. They're lecture on our travel cross country that you replay will be nice little -- pretty happy about that. Did you grow our -- pay did you hate the raiders as a kid. There are real hate it and you know a lot fewer than much of a rivalry but I -- the other at different conference and here are going or a lot of those insult. It was and it wasn't a huge rivalry. But I. You know I've always. I've always thought achieved solid down because you know you're either registered here I I would just how -- -- get out of there. Is there a chance that yesterday's loss might serve itself to be sort of like the Cleveland loss was last year where everybody just gets. So galvanize so hacked off so focused that you put a run together. Every race to be seen urged her. We hit it's pure character Korea leader the duke of -- that we have to come back a really tough losses. And had not lol -- such a large amount they go forward with more energy and enthusiasm. And electorate fluctuate you can go you can. You can complain and point finger and make excuses and and and really allow one -- to become a string of -- or you can say you know what. We make mistakes were not all -- on the play -- ourselves and individually. Felt there's nobody to blame but myself and that. Actually approach you take all vote and you play with competency playlist. Which helps this and you play with you understand that you need to that we need to play better and if we can that I can't say we're gonna that the outcomes will be different. You know if we doll which you know who -- because. This is this the 2011 birdied thirteen and and we're gonna luck there this week of practice and -- out. Have a great week to repair her trust in milk and cooking -- that's. You know they beat it checks to all who -- that we know we all know how look at the jets are. But we got good luck -- and proved ourselves so we went on the road another thought -- wrote. You know the last time you lost to buffalo you guys on the Super Bowl that year. There -- back -- it a bit and a little -- I was reluctant. Ago I wish to repeat it would be like that throughout -- make -- corporation Gulfport it. Or worse so far from where we need to be as an option and as a teen. Individually or were pretty far from where we need to be and they'll we we we could make those improvements that. You know the margin of -- and social. But. No we're gonna -- fuel made up this week I think -- -- can't wait to strike at our practice field went into world. Were you what the moss Halloween party where bill -- as the pirate. Yes wouldn't go as. I know it. That it's -- it's good I got a three week out here that I really stepped that up that your yeah yeah. Wrote a particular I mean you look like Jack Sparrow and -- -- -- occupier I think He -- that's costing you did that outfit. Did they tell you not to roller skate they'll need to fall under right elbow violation -- -- it is believe. Well you know let it come intellectual might for my but sort. Part what was that I would vote not right yes all night guerrilla. Now I might need yeah I -- restaurant -- I'm. I'm not as athletic program the director through the bureau gate site. Drought since the -- that's kind of where I shtick pure on ice and water at all that a great -- from. Are we wrap it up put this question of the week brought -- you by auto trader now compare brand spanking new cards and special -- side by side of auto trader dot com wanna Texas wants to know hate Tom. Did you explain the role and the relationship between the radio helmet the wrist band and how that all works together for you to call play. Sure the radio. You use. Other coach pipeline. Delete able to communicate with me. Up until fifteen seconds left. That. And I have the Irish band that it kind of looked back up for the radio goes down. And also there are some play call up front that India. I have a lot of verbiage right. You know that it's quicker to say hey -- number 62 rather than. Read our you know and -- who -- No words. That He get the Vical Arnold what does. And break the -- as much time possible so you'll trying to get break startled get a lot of traversal that much time that we can out. Sometimes you do and over there -- it the most effective way you. And it always. You know it it's. He radio malfunctions are we and the past. There's a great sport that we have on yeah sideline. They can write that number pocketbook. -- it and number. Are related to -- -- You need to save Billy says 52. In your radio helmet your phone you'll know at 52 is you have to look for. Yeah I look forward yeah we have probably a 110 call to may change -- right yeah. I eat your honor and new calls every week at Stanford and all we try to crack. Or nominee for anything else. Our Tom good -- open will be watchable talking expatriate Monday. Terabyte I'm ready to Dennis and Callahan brought you by north east electrical distributors brightening your day with -- electrical solutions capabilities that can assist you in saving energy. And reducing costs. My dollar trader compare brands. -- new cars special offers side by side at auto trader dot com. Populate the quarterback brought to you by Dunkin' Donuts on the eighteenth line -- possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T rethink possible. For the final hour Dennis and Callahan not a patriot Monday we'll revisit the fireworks that took place last night after the Red Sox won a game in New York with John Lackey right at. At the center.

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