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John Lackey rips the Media for the TMZ report

Sep 26, 2011|

John Lackey rips the media during the post game presser regarding a text he received from TMZ regarding his wife

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Late last night. Midnight. Red Sox get a win split the double header have a one game lead in the wild card with three to play. Everybody was happy that they've gotten this we and under their belts and moved a little bit closer to the postseason. Everybody but John Lackey the starting pitcher who I say had a decent -- we -- -- are more than Alex his. -- and I don't even remember the twelve wins. This was the best I've seen them for two reasons get a best part what did you -- right after the first inning that ours is did you think you can make into the third round. I thought He was a it and didn't have his good stuff obviously but B. Gonna quit and I thought He was gonna roll over and He didn't and I all I agreed to put them. When when president to come out to get him a minute but you have a doubleheader W -- -- I was sent to leave much out there I mean he's -- east. It's -- well -- -- he's battling. We always say He was battling fight and I mean was He not. Fighting hard for the team in this game yes yes and yanked him after 86 pitches I and I don't think He should be -- thrown tantrums on the feel like He did. She'll have the manager again right what does II agree did you think made an issue. I'll have to -- them not I thought 86 pitchers -- a collision with with a double header and all that all these issues I -- have complained about that if you lift them out there is believes that his best game that I can remember the roadside battle it out what happened pre game weren't warm ups -- any time in the evening to get them all fired up and it's as well as He did. While we came to find out in the post game interview. Take a listen Lackey at the podium. We certainly true. The good -- for the game or text message -- form from what you somebody. Talk about personal stuff and I shouldn't you step -- happened to us. Sit and listen to music don't know who. Who got -- My phone number that us. Over the war. Somebody else you know I thought well. We'll find out faster. And. I'd smack that reported just after the first inning. Realtors told you you can text message about personal stuff that's over the line from somebody in the media and you change the subject -- now. You find out whose voice that atlas. That is just unbelievable you remember it with those slick and guys it's. You know believe burned in Mosul on birdie ourselves and you have some eighty pitched that He hit out of the cold -- that what pictures that. It's just I'm not surprised I've seen covered it. But didn't leave little or leave it a little open and yes yes both. More of a volcano erupted reporters said they saw -- having a brief but animated discussion with a club official about the text message that He got from some member of the media. Wanted to know house -- number had gotten out. There were indications Sunday night that the celebrity gossip web web site it's sent him the text message so after what you just heard when He -- all find out who did it. Even after the interview broke up Lackey continued to rage. I can't believe any of you -- get into something like this is going to have a serious problem. Now maybe somebody -- of what -- to keep it in the first day here at that point and let him off the -- if we come to find out on TMC's website. John Lackey has filed to divorce his wife Christa. Who's in the middle of battling breast cancer it was Lackey. Who filed for divorce on August 30 claiming quote the marriage has become. Insupportable. Because of discord or conflict of personalities. Now they just got married in 2008. And you might. -- called reading to -- his wife underwent a double mastectomy back in March and underwent chemo as recently as June. Lackey filed for divorce August 30 the petition says there's a pre nup. Also -- Lackey has separate property. He wants to keep from self. Again Lackey file the divorce papers He used his and Christensen initials which is what celebrities and famous people do. Gotta keep keep EMC's of the world off the beaten path. It's unclear it says on TMC while Lackey who struggled on the field all season long. Didn't wait until the offseason maybe a month from now maybe sooner to start the divorce proceedings. Good question. And I guess if you wanna look at the bright side -- Red Sox fan. You get your answer may be is the what's wrong what Lackey yell and I skit distractions. But I guess I need to know the rules hero. Can you call uncle wolf we have fun with the rules are we allowed to. -- But opinion real opinion on this -- -- or are we supposed to be -- -- baseball writer who said in the first inning yes you know is this awful limits off base. They're divorce situation of this TM ceased. It would be if He brought it up. -- now he's got a personal text message from -- from Ottawa medium member. Yet -- media members He county and Z among yeah having to do is look at Alan Gordon He -- -- know maybe it's a hasty -- John what's the story with your your hair eleven what level and what's his name. Now it seems. He knows that you're going Levine to me -- being. -- the first name mister TM CH yeah it's always with guys know who you ask him. You have to know that anyway. If if this is to be believe. John MacKey is it respectable human beings. It despicable human being -- -- honest to god it it you. Your wife is going through chemo and you're gonna file for divorce. You you can't. What do you calendar -- my question and you can't see if you can get through this tough time and then maybe. If things are working on then maybe even if you separate you. Have a trial separation assignment til you're back and she's back on her feet -- you're done with the season and all this. Mean what was it -- of all that you know I mean hell when He married this year air in -- That's got no hair. About a month and a half ago we spent a better part of an hour. Discussing the moral dilemma of the guy whose girlfriend. Up pushed in the pool at the bachelorette party. And broke her neck in -- confined to a wheelchair will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. We discussed whether as an engaged person. You ready moral dilemma to say why stick with her I'm not married yet have a -- yet -- -- the finger there's been no miles exchange we promised to get -- She is now going to be. Hospitalized in incapacitated for the rest of life not what I signed up for not personally felt a -- -- Don't wanna be a caretaker of her for the rest of my life. Is very moral dilemma in walking away from that person and I think generally most people -- yet there would be and this guy to his credit stayed around is similar to that moral dilemmas that you. Accept that guy city stick around probably isn't. But -- -- while He isn't he's gonna marry her and -- and and everybody who said what would they do said. Well I would stick with that forever. That the crypt I mean of course she gets a stick whether. But He is sticking with the four -- yes he's gonna try. I don't get if you Lackey why He can't. Make it through this for a while yes. I mean maybe she doesn't want a man has been okay except maybe she doesn't want him driving to her chemo appointments maybe she doesn't want him supporting her. But for now you just kinda you know we will leave it alone will revisit it -- of the season. None of us knows what's going on behind closed doors whether they're fighting like cats and dogs so that the cancer situation has taken its toll whatever the case may be but even if it were bad. Even if it were untenable even if you couldn't stand each other wouldn't at the very least from public relations or perception standpoint. Just to get through this season the whiteness of the offseason deal with that that just doesn't that make a lot of old just logical sense. Yes yes and maybe this more or not maybe they're just open or more to the story. I guess I if I had to ask my question which you would never answer would be like like could you wait. Mean why couldn't you wait -- you know maybe marriage so bad before she got sick and he's like. -- don't start. Pretending you love me now get Palo -- fine and called his lawyer in any start the proceedings. Still don't get why can't just wait just wait. Went to -- to listen better about it if you found out that they both filed that she wanted to. Divorced and He one of the -- they filed jointly for this divorce yet He filed for divorce yet on August 30. And I don't know if she's upset about it maybe she's glad about who knows but there's -- thing -- We we could sit here and say oh you know we don't know the whole truth and I'm sure you -- -- lot of people in the media -- -- that or may be staying away from the completely sort of state the obvious isn't it. Of course we don't know the whole truth precisely right point. Out tell me this is those six million Red Sox fans. And they are following this little and -- closely. And most of listening to us right now they. Gonna withhold judgment now is your average. Man on the street -- your average. Indian on the street is -- -- Murphy once said. Is that guy is that girl gonna withhold judgment. -- -- know my opinion I think what are limited and all the information flows and so you just. -- it's a miserable human being. I can't imagine I can't imagine. Thinking you know I mean the idea of maybe this marriage isn't working out who say yeah maybe not. Will wait and we'll talk about it you know at Christmas and new years or -- -- win you're through with me she's got. Years of follow up appointments and ultimately -- hopefully. Yeah. If she finished chemo in it and you do -- right I mean she's Colin week who really maybe every other week for full appointment she still going through stuff. I don't know for your fellow -- the group back but she still going through this and it's a life changing thing. And I can't imagine -- husband even if it's not everything's not on great. Not being -- side not driving it to the chemo appointments if He can. We know He went through the He said his life sucked in his season yes we know this can't be easy. But your answer is filing for divorce and -- I want I want my stuff. It is a patriot Monday's 6177790850. Toll free number 8885250850. As with most patriot -- the quarterback -- is the 8 o'clock -- camera sizable -- shortly after eight Tom Brady after that. Others more stuff we have to get to people just off in the post GameStop Michael Vick is sick of all the hits and He doesn't look like they're keeping an eye out for him. -- BO said. Friday. No said Friday when you do that press correspondent dug round and He -- on people wanna turn this into a soap up yes and we're knock him let it happen right I don't think they -- -- -- choice when there's a server. Serving papers to Bedard for -- or court. -- in the clubhouse when John Lackey in the big news today in this is DMZ this is big news national news. Is reporting -- divorcing his wife was going through hell. It's a soap opera Leo and you know what the you know it takes. More mental toughness that takes in -- more and more guys like Jacoby Ellsbury. Who and Jonathan -- guys who can handle the pressure. We will see I know three games in Baltimore doesn't sound. Like pressure packed atmosphere it is now it is now. And and they better be ready this will be fascinating these three games who -- these three games in Baltimore. Ought to end the season would be would be playoff games it's essentially what there. We'll take a timeout hatred money will continue fault lines are open we'll talk with you if you haven't checked out 93 point seven FM do so you'll love how it sounds.

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