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John Lackey Game 2 Postgame Presser

Sep 26, 2011|

John Lackey Game 2 Postgame Presser

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Obviously his way through the turnaround after. Personal rocking your personal. One -- -- America I was brought keepers and it managers. -- -- -- -- Let's be honest when one -- You have been. I just came. We started doing okay. We certainly true. The good news for the game or text message -- form from what you somebody in the talking about personal stuff and I shouldn't He step -- happened to us. Sit and listen to music don't know who. Who got -- My phone number that us. Over the war. See you -- talking book. We'll find myself and after. You know -- of toga got. Got some. Ground balls -- just turned some really great don't put reforming that really helped out you know kept pitch -- -- Who is really your best thing. I'm just consider -- certainly you know circumstances into wouldn't it. Took a -- good. Did you go out distracted because of the text message. As I don't believe I gotta do us. -- -- --

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